Is It Permissible To Have Cartoons On Children’s Books and Toys

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Shaykh Abu Eesa explains


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the art of creating objects that are stylish and represent the creator. They believe that these objects areuismatic and are used for educational purposes or entertainment. The speaker also mentions a caveat about the lack of discomfort from holding them in certain areas and advises against praying towards them.
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Is it permissible to have cartoon images and pictures on children's books, toys, swings, and whatever.

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As you know, now, pictures are everywhere.

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Human beings are very visual people. Back in the day, that kind of desire, or that kind of intrinsic appreciation of art and visual signals, was effectively serviced by statues and things which really could be problematic, especially if they're stored and then whatever. But now, it's done in a cartoon form, in video form, in images, which not are not real. And I believe this is permissible. I believe that the people who do this do not do it for the reasons that the people who want to try and challenge the creation of the creation of Allah and him suparna I believe that playing with these is permissible. Yes, the operations were these toys that had some form of facial identification was

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used. Yes, there are some opinions and identity and Jani Athar alterations that go back to some of the heavy rain, and the early generations that they would remove things from the face and make it defaced, or to make it look like not a real face. And I think that's okay, if someone does that. I know that's bit macabre and a bit kind of weird, it looks a bit strange. But it's it's it's an opinion that definitely removes any doubt. But I think even with the eyes, and so on so forth. You can children, compare them, they can be around and whatever. I will add one caveat, a personal caveat. Do I feel comfortable praying towards that? Or in the area? No, I don't. I think that they

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should be away from those areas where everybody is being carried out, especially the prayer. But in children's books and in children's play rooms and in a garden, I think that's fine. I think using it and drawing with them and helping them whatever. And this kind of big focus on avoiding the face when it's really clear that it's just the kids drawing whatever, I think that's a bit over the top. So I don't think you need that stress that the the ruling is not connected to to kids attempts at drawing. Rather, it's connected to a real arrogant form of stubborn Shirky and that I think is very rare to find now, in today's graphic designers and people who deal and work with art, and use it for

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educational purposes or for entertainment purposes, and Allah knows best. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you can get notified of the new releases and consider donating to this worthy cause.