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The speakers discuss the importance of the Sharia and how it addresses issues such as addiction and abuse, including force and the potential consequences of committing it. They also touch on the history and culture of Islam, including the influence of religion and the use of color in behavior. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a mention of the loss of a man in a gun battle.

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In Alhamdulillah Nakamoto who wanna start you know who wanna stop

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when we let him in the show, Rory fusina amin say you are Melina Maria de la hufa Malala when a little fella her de la well actually her to Allah Illa illa Allahu Allahu la sharika Ala Wai Chateau a na Mohammedan Abu humara sudo Yeah, you're Latina de la haka, Ducati wala tomato.

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To Muslim moon. Yeah yohannes otaku hora de como la de la Kakuma. nevsun wahida wahala caminhada salmon humare Jalan Kathy are on one is

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what de la la de

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Luna de Waal are Haram in Allah haka and Allah Kumara Kiba. Yeah, yo holla Dena mano de la kulu Colin sadita use La

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la Koo baucom la hora Sula, hufa differs FL was an Arima about the nos da Cunha de la Mola maharal Howdy, howdy Mohamed Salah. Lavalle he was early he was alum

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moody mcdata to her wakulla modesetting bidda wakulla datamined Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah ting feanor brothers and sisters in Islam sunnery him. Yeah, Tina. Phil flt Wolfie unfussy him

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obion Allahu Allahu

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Allah Mia, Phoebe Rebecca Anna who Allah Galicia in Shahid, Subhana Allah,

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we shall show them, meaning the people who do not believe in Islam. Our is Phil effa

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Lemma hammer Lu Lovell, yet Allah ma de la jolla to Laconia lakonia

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aegir Well, guess what I have to put on Li l qurani. They said the meaning of the Iet here, the universal the I add the science pertaining to the creation of Allah subhana wa Taala that these days with we discover things, whether in science, or we call it me.

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And we find the root of it in the Quran.

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But the second meaning of will I add is the area actually in the Quran, especially as

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the verses which talks about the legislation, the word which America is so much afraid of the word cherry on

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the vine lose of Allah subhana wa Taala. And if you look at what's happening in America now

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they This is a time they need to look at this is

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Savannah law brothers and sisters in Islam. They only take out one segment of the Sharia which is marginal, which is the penal code,

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the cutting of the hand, the execution of the killer who killed unjustly the adulterer.

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And they say this is the Sharia No.

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The Sharia, the religion of Islam

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to protect the human life

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to protect the religion before that, to protect the next generation. They call it the brijuni

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that the next generation is entitled to be born into this world into a house where there is a husband and wife. Not two individuals who felt like sleeping with one another or boyfriend or girlfriend No. You see if you produce a child out of wedlock,

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you are committing injustice again is the child

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Is the child. As a matter of fact, we can go beyond that just to show you how the Sharia addresses the issue. If you end up choosing

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a wife for yourself without considering that wife to be a mother for your children in the future, you're committing injustice, your children.

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If you go and marry somebody on the basis of figure,

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exclusive Jani that can be included. disregarding the religion, you're infringing for the Sharia, like I talked about the punishment.

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It addressed how to avoid these punishment. I tell you something, if this officer

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who sat on this man

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for almost 10 minutes

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that his punishment is execution,

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I think he would have thought about it.

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Well, that's the issue. And recently, we got one of the brothers who came out and saying, actually, the whole dude in Islam or scare tactic, know that I mean, scare tactic if they are executed, then you will be scared of them. But he actually his notion is, they were meant to scare us. That's all. It's like, Listen, no, you see, knowing knowing that they will be executed is the scare tactic.

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You see, when I know that the consequences of me committing that sin is this punishment, and there is no way out of it.

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And this is how Allah Subhana Allah worded this in the urine in a way out of this world. Look at this. Welcome, Phil psrc hire

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probably ignored me while I come in sauce. Alka sauce is the retribution of someone who kills the sauce there is higher in it. There is life in it. Why? Because you will save so many lives.

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But when people feel like there is no

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punishment that you can run away,

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having a good lawyer having a you know that then it's gonna be a jungle and that's what's happening brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Just to show you how important this is.

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A Mullah masumi very much zoom is a noble tribe in the Arabian villages Iran and Mecca. So this woman stole

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she stole money or stole something that

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and the matter was brought to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam for Benny map zoom.

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knew the status of zeta zeta haritha

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about Osama a bluesy and hip yBnL hip

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Jani, the beloved the son of the beloved

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father insensate

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they sent to send I'm sorry, they sent to salmon outside the St. Lucia.

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To work to intercede Rasul Allah can you let her go?

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Can you let her go? oma alpha, alpha dude, either j at Ll Kabhi lasha.

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You see when when you have an issue between you and somebody you can choose to settle it but once it goes to the judge, it's done. He has to take care of it.

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And that's where it scare tactic.

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Yeah, you can by the way, there are other ways you don't have to be executed the person who is killing he can possibly take blood money. We call it a Double D

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for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam looked at Osama in a very angry way. And he said attached for ofI had the means to do the law here. Osama.

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That's not your place. Look at this here is the statement I'm looking for. Well let enough cvad by either one in whose hand the soul of Mohammed is. Low Soraka fell clean Mattoon big fall crema to been to Mohammed la kata Mohammed onida shuffle deleted. A Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed with steel. Mohammed will cut

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had our Shara Diem.

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You know, and the world is in need of this. Listen. Allah is the one who created

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Allah Allah woman Hala.

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Hala Latif also be

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the one who created doesn't know what fixes us. Allah knows what fixes us. You go and buy a car

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to your Honda, you name it. You name it. They give you a manual. Have you ever found a Mercedes manual in a Toyota?

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Have you ever found a Honda in a Mercedes manual that never Honda decided to make the manual for Mercedes? No. Because Honda made the car, a lot made us

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a lot knows what fixes us.

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And that's the shriya

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jazz with the Sharia, for the dedicato one of the

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evidence for the existence of Allah, a good luck a tertiary

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that somebody whose life is messed up,

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messed up.

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This is an individual level. And then when he begins to implement that in

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his fixed

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Take, for example, Omar Omar.

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Look at the 27 years Omar lived prior to Islam

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and the 30 plus years he left he lived after Islam compared to

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what crapola mean

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we had a Shia, our man cannon eaten

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a hyena.

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Watch Hulu Run DMC v finesse commando Bulu methylase kanima Salou Mattila de Bihari Jimena amarula, Sham Abuja, the two because the Prophet May Allah give victory to Islam with or with Omar Buddha.

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Allah shed look at on a national level

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on a community level look at the Arabs before Islam and after Islam.

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Look at the Arab and RPA in significant we know that superpowers they normally what they normally

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pay very much attention to real estate superpowers like okay This place is ours. Regardless whether they they may appoint actually some bobbitt but this place is ours. Imagine look at 30 and look at the Romans they are fighting over Earth.

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They weren't German, a senior but they are

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never insignificant nation.

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But look at what Islam made out of them.

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made them an omega one oh local hobby lobby be real Islam. America can

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be any era without the religion.

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Mass wishy

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washy *head brothers and sisters in Islam. We look at the world around us.

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And we see injustice every place

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and we realize the need for the presence of Islam in our lives.

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Look, we spoke about the protection of the human life.

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Imagine these people who go and loot and go and steal I see pictures people walking into a store and

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if you know that the punishment of this is stealing is likewise you can apply the same thing for us Allah Subhana Allah Ayase Medina and I'm wondering I mean, I'll fit in motherhood. I mean, how about an akula hold your head

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa we'll handle Hassan was Sena Jamil Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika yaku la Cava

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shadow a na Mohammedan Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was hired as well. Meaning Allah Manitoba home Yes and in line with the brothers and sisters in his

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Two points before I close

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the color

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did you choose your color?

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You know,

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I have no idea. These individuals who look down upon another person because of their color

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that one of one of Allah Subhana Allah and surah two room listed

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signs. Look at this woman area T. Han Kusama, where it will have the word Tila fu Elsener te como el where nukem.

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One of the things that can show you the kuwa the power, the mind of Allah, the ability of Allah, that he created the heavens and the earth, and He created you with different colors, different languages, different tones.

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When you look down upon another human being because of this of his color, you really believe in Allah subhana wa tada

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dial alumni of Kowloon

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You know, when you have a paint method,

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and you don't like the team, I don't like that paint. Who are you? insulting?

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sapan Allahu Allah subhanho wa Taala addressed Rasulullah Salam Salam addressed this issue in a very profound eloquent way. And he made it actually one of the elements of his farewell sermon speech.

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Listen, there is no difference between an Arab and an Arab black or white. Except with one variable, one variable

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which can make you better than me and can make me better than you. Which is what

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in kurama, calm

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in the law, he at call calm.

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The most noble, dignified, honored of you in the sight of Allah, or those who have higher levels of taqwa now. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, taqwa is.

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So this variable, which I may look down upon another person because of his wave

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at Aqua hoonah

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taqwa is in the heart.

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Who knows what's in the heart?

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was there when the

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NASA said it Saudi. The Prophet was sitting next to him a companion

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for a very good looking noble man riding a horse.

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Morocco, Morocco.

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What do you think about this man

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Rasul Allah.

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This is a noble man, look at the judgment of people now look at the

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tunnel vision.

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Kind of

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this one if he speaks, everybody's gonna listen to him. If He intercedes on behalf of somebody, his intercession will be accepted. And if he proposes to a woman,

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he will be given this woman and marriage

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did not say anything.

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Moments later another poor Muslim passing by looking for

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metal poofy hair. What do you think about this man?

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Oh Rasul Allah.

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Allah, Allah muslimeen.

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If he speaks, no one is gonna listen to him.

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If He intercedes his intercession will not be granted. And if he proposes look, her the end the law high mill in this one in the fire of a law is better than Earth filled with the other one.

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shahadi maka is Casa La

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Islam treats these issues.

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Well, they like we have this brother, the African American Malcolm Malik Shabazz, Malcolm X, right. When he went to hatch.

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He came back and he read that statement man, Islam solves the issue of race in America. Because if you look at has ever been, have you ever seen far off the colors of people are

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The thought and I'm not talking about just the African color, no different colors,

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Russians, Caucasians, you see some interesting colors there. And we're all aware.

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This is the first point the last point before I close your brothers and sisters in Islam

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Subhana Allah.

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There were four officers standing by the scene.

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One of them is killing the guy. I didn't know if he was killing him or not, quite frankly. But why would you sit in the neck of a human being, regardless if you even consider that human being insignificant to you? For 10 minutes, and he is begin to breathe.

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But there are three standing.

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You see how Islam looks at this and Subhanallah amazing. I found out just today that they actually somehow got them also charged to some extent, because they are guilty.

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You see,

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that the concept of enjoying good and forbidding evil in Islam.

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They didn't exercise it. That's an Islamic principle. They did not exercise it. Three standing while someone is killing another person, and they are not doing anything about it. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in an authentic hadith on Sol a haka. volumen, our maluma

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grant, aid you brother,

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with victory aid them whether he is an abreast or whether he is an oppressor

00:21:46--> 00:21:55

your rasulillah we know how to aid an oppressed brother. But what about the oppressing brother? A brother who is oppressing

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you stop him from oppression you tell him this is how long it took you to

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feel alone we can do that

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had a whole salary him Tina

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Islamic principles

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slim yet working to make life fun

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for people but when you put it aside and you come up with your own man made laws there will always be a defect

00:22:34--> 00:22:39

like the cars sometimes after they manufacture a car what they do they do something called What

00:22:41--> 00:22:42

do you call right?

00:22:43--> 00:22:47

recall one of the pieces what recall there was a defect with Allah know

00:22:48--> 00:22:52

with Allah, Allah man look at this as

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the trophy I just feel that you design the manual before you create normally you come up with a manual. After you test the car. You go like this Okay, and the car smashes Okay, let's add this. Allah created the manual design the manual, the Quran and the Sunnah before

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Allah Allah woman hallak

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Allahumma furlanetto novena sorafenib he emelina was a bit akademin on Chanel COVID Catherine love meridional haka Hakuna Matata Marina Bella Beltran was openacc Tina, Allahu manana. How do we come in? alphington na minha obatala Bella mean Allahumma salli ala to have Watada would be Nawaz Sina Ll taqwa Allahu Allahu

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Allahu Medina, Divina.

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alameen Allahu Modena. Illa de Nicaraguan jameela Allahu Modena. Illa. De Nicaraguan jameelah a hula hula that was stopped from LA you welcome