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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala even Mussolini Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala it he was it was salam to Steven cathedra because you know, my brother,

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my brother sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered us the ayat which we hear in practically every Juma hotbar

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practically in every Masjid in the world, more or less.

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And that is in the La Jolla, Morro Bay. San

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Benito is in Cordoba and Hanifa shaver Moonga girl Bobby, yeah, he's a hula hoop to the Quran Allah subhanaw taala said, Allah has commanded for you to be just

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to have justice in the law. Yeah, Morrow.

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Bill added Allah has commanded you I'm the amount of Allah is that you should be just, yeah, more we learn one lesson and then do more than that.

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What is more than justice is mercy is forgiveness. Right? Somebody did wrong. Justice is to punish or to seek retribution or revenge. But Assad is to let him go.

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In the law, yeah, I'm horrible, ugly. I believe so. But he tried to recover and be nice to your close relatives.

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Well, Jana O'Neill Vashi Wellmune kirribilli And Allah has Varga has privated, all shameless deeds and all disobedience and all rebelliousness knowingly doing something which is wrong.

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Now, I remind myself when you

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told us, especially when you go on a journey he said make I was here

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leave something advice for your family and so on. So you are my family. So my this is my Basia to you. I'm going to borrow Allah Allah.

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I was here is this in the LA Yama without divination Let us remember that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala told us and commanded us to do either to be just

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now just as as a very broad and very wide and very rich meaning in the Arabic language the word Agile is not restricted only to some crime and punishment.

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Either means to give something it's due

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whatever the thing is, to give something is do for example, these carpets, they have no life this is a an object.

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But this is the carpet of the masala to walk on this carpet with your shoes which you come from outside wouldn't be injustice, it would not be just for the good this is not the right of the right of his carpet is it should be kept clean because other people are people are being sued. They're putting their face on the carpet. So it is the duty of every one of us to ensure that we do not do anything to make the carpet dirty.

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God will not walk in here with your shoes. But May Allah forgive some of us people walk in here with socks that you can smell from 10 feet away

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that's dirty that's just just plain bad. You know there is injustice injustice to everybody because you come with those dirty socks, smelly socks and you walk all over the carpet. And people are making such that they're how nasty is that?

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Even if you make sense the on your own socks that nasty. Forget about other people, right.

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when we have our feeding there, I love my brother Salahuddin. He has nice views. He says this is not your mama's house. Right.

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Put everything in the garbage. That is true. It is not your mama's house. If you dump stuff there

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and leave stuff I have seen where May Allah bless the ones I'm not going to name the names but we know that I have seen people

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in the cold

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cleaning up and putting everything together and so on and so forth. And those people are not one of them is not even a member of the Masjid. He was visiting here

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in the court because everybody walked off. We had your meal every everything I meant.

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This is injustice.

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This is injustice. It is not the job of any individual here

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to pick up after you and do something after you like Rosa says whatever was

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the meaning of justice is

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vast. Similarly, we find, sometimes the harder is going on. And you have our brothers who will sit there in the back and they will chat to talk to each other and so on and so on.

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Now I can see them I can call them out.

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I don't do it deliberately, I have no desire to. First of all, I've no desire to insult anybody. Secondly, I don't care frankly, believe me. If you don't want to take away something beneficial, what is it to me to go? It's your I want to waste it wasted.

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I'm not living, I'm not living your life for you. Right? You will live your life if you don't want to take benefit from something. And not only that, you want to talk to your neighbor, what's the what's the problem with the neighbor? Why does the neighbor tell you Excuse me, please shut up. I don't want to listen to you. I'm just sitting here to the Satara if you don't want to go home,

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go home.

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That's injustice injustice is disrespect.

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Please understand the purpose of this beautiful Deen of Islam is not simply for us to just talk something and listen to something and shake your head and go home this is the whole point is to bring about change in our lives to do something different every day. So as I said, if two days are equal, you have wasted one day.

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If two days are equal, you wasted one day

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to day was only equal yesterday, today should be better than yesterday than tomorrow better than today and so on so on.

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So we need to monitor ourselves and say what is it that I can do which will improve my life?

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Because one day we will stand before Allah subhanaw taala

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it's nothing is a coincidence, everything Allah subhanaw taala arranges, but

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just two days ago, I was speaking at the best at hospice. And they wanted to know about the

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death rights and last close to death times in terms of Islam as well. So I spoke to them and so on gave a long lecture. Today I get an invitation to speak at Springfield College, one of my co professors there. Catherine Dugan. She's wrote to me she said I'm teaching a class on religion on Islam and so please can you come and talk and if I said what do you want to talk about? He's especially about death rights.

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And what happens what is Rob's view on you know, last last moments of death and so on what happened thereafter? Something new I said this is the reminder so Allah subhanaw taala to me saying remember the day that will come when you will die?

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Remember that a day will come when you will die.

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Allah Raja is it good to have seen Zagato mouth for in nama to a phone I will do Roku over pm for 100 and in Nadi Whoa, Jana forgot verse. woman had to do a lower down row.

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Allah said every single soul will die everyone if you're if you were born, then you will die.

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only on the Day of Judgment will you be given your reward in full

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and Allah said, and the one who is saved from the hellfire and enter into Jannah only that one is successful.

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And the life of this world is deception.

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Remember that,

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it is justice remember death.

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Because only if you remember that then we can live our lives correctly because we remember remembering remembering dead does not mean just dying it means I will die and I will stand before Allah this is the our concept of death is not it's not just dying and fit no dying and resurrection.

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So I remind myself when you let us think about that, let us think about the fact that one day I will die

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and then I will be raised

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and then I will start before Allah and I will be questioned.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us

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to not to waste our lives.

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Everyone sisters, remember the day when we are dying.

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When molecule both comes for us

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at that time, we will realize the true value of of time. Realize

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because if we get five minutes or two minutes, even one minute, at least we can make us the foreign Toba but we will not get there one minute.

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What Allah subhanaw taala has degree

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We will have

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today we have that one minute and may and many more minutes.

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And it's up to us, we won't use it or we want to waste it.

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The sooner we wake up to that

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the further we will go.

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In America Hillary, when he was a little boy.

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See the way people raised children that is why those children became those children. Today we take his name with respect mizzima Malik Rahula, la Malik bananas.

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When he was a little boy,

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maybe six, seven years old. His mother used to send him to Majid Nawaz Sharif because Majid Nawaz was a school.

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She would send you to pretend it wasn't enough. He says he use us to dress him up. She used to tie a turban on his head.

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And then she would send him not just any any old way no with other that is justice to treat the the learning the place of learning as a place which is sacred and holy.

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And she would say learn his his teacher's name was Roberta right. Now jewelry she used to tell him learn from the other the lack of Robbia before you take from him.

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Learn from his o'clock, learn from his behavior, learn from his manners before you take from him.

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Little boy

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I can tell you any stories but that's not the purpose of sitting here and telling stories. The point I want to make is that the sooner we start with other with learning with treating our own life with respect, this is Adam This is justice.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah della della to give us the TOEFL to do that which is pleasing to Him, and that which helps us and benefits us and to save us from the service of shaitan

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into doing things which are of no use no benefit to us, or Salalah Hannah will carry while he was named erotica.