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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of a toilet in various countries, including the UK, America, and Europe. They explain that the toilet is a private area and is not the modern bathroom, and that it is impossible to make a toilet in a bathroom without causing harm. The speaker also mentions that people may feel uncomfortable making a toilet in certain areas, but it is flexible and everyone can make their own toilet.
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Should we say Bismillah was making mobile in a bathroom that has an attached toilet.

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So you need to know that when you make although it is a student, according to the majority of scholars and actually considered to be an obligation and by some of the humble is to say Bismillah. At the very beginning, before you start, you're washing your hands and the obligatory acts of law. However, we know that the purpose of life and limb would not speak whilst on the toilet. And in the vicinity of the toilet one does not the only say, other phrases, especially that which revolves the vicar under praise of alliander, and so on.

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But the misunderstanding which is coming here is in the definition of toilets, now, the toilet is the actual place where when you go back to the sources, it's not the modern bathroom of today, okay? The toilet is a exclusive area only for identification or for urination, it has no other washing facility or aspect, it has no clean aspect to it. I mean, doesn't mean didn't can't keep it clean, but it has a unique, only small area for that. A bathroom, on the other hand, is a place of washing and cleaning and drying and x and y and it's a different entity altogether. And yes, it might have a toilet in the corner, but the toilet is not giving it the ruling. When you're standing at the sink,

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at the full set at the top cover the American and the UK audience, you know, a couple of meters away or even a meter away or even very close, you're in a different area, even though you are sharing it. And so I do actually hold it permissible, I understand that some people will feel uncomfortable making Vicar in this area. But in our time these areas are not considered to be the toilet. Okay, this is a bathroom, if you were to enter into a place that you would call a toilet and you would avoid it. Even if that toilet had a small sink, you would avoid it but if a piece has been called a bathroom, and it's been understood in that sense, then I think it is permissible for you to make

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that as Carabobo which by the way, if you felt really difficult about it, you could step out and you could say Bismillah and then when you enter into the bathroom with your left foot Alabama in the area becoming a habitual habit is something that you say was entering you could make your withdrawal and then when you enter when you exit after you've made what you could make the various add air and as part of that you say afterwards as well if that's a solution that makes you feel more comfortable but is it permissible for you at the sink or in the bath or washer even naked making a loosen and you're making the dirt out once you're making Moodle? This is permissible because the toilet itself

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is the problem and you are not on the toilet or near the toilet and enough to affect the rulings of the car which are legislated for mobile.

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Shaykh Abu Eesa explains

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