99 Names of Allah #15 Al-Ghaffar

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Tonight marks about 85 days until the beginning of Ramadan. And the name for tonight is a love

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Allah is an off.

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What does Elif R Thau mean?

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It means the most forgiving,

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both in the sense that Allah forgives more things than anybody else. And Allah will continue to forgive and forgive and forgive long after other beings would think about forgiving. And there's a story from the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in a hadith that he told us that really, I think shows how a lot is off.

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Once there was a man who was so afraid of meeting Allah, on the Day of Judgment, that he told his children to

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burn his body after he died, and take the ashes, and scattered all over into the ocean.

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He thought if he did this, that he would be able to escape Allah's judgment.

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Now, what is going to happen? Of course, the prophets a lot when he was sent him, he said,

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Allah is Able to do anything.

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And the fact that his children spread his ashes didn't make it any more difficult for Allah to bring those ashes back together to reform that person

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for judgment.

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So when this man is reformed, and standing in front of Allah subhanho, wa Tada.

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Allah will ask him,

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Why did you do this?

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A lot is not asking because he doesn't already know. But he wants the man to admit what was in his heart.

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And the man will answer truthfully, he said, I did it because I feared you Allah.

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And I feared your judgment.

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And Allah subhanaw taala will forgive that person.

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This is an amazing Hadith, because the man doubted something about lost pounds on he doubted allowes ability to do something. And that's no small mistake.

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But despite this doubt, the person they didn't know any better.

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They had a good intention,

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even though they did something that was wrong.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala will forgive this person.

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That is a foul.

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We might forgive people when they do things to us.

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But we have very little patience when it comes to what other people do to us.

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If someone does something to you that you don't like, maybe they break a toy that belongs to you. Or they say a mean word to you.

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You might be able to forgive them once. You might be able to forgive them twice, maybe even three times if you're very patient.

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But eventually, you're going to get tired of forgiving that person.

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Allah subhanaw taala doesn't get tired of anything. He especially doesn't get tired of forgiving us. And that's part of what makes a law a little far.

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That's all for tonight. I sit on ya.

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