Is It Haraam To Cut My Nails & Hair If I Am Giving Qurbani?

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If I'm planning to do the Qurbani to give a sacrifice is it haram for me to cut my hair and my nails

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My goodness, this is a juicy masala a juicy issue. And I've written a very detailed article on this that you can find a little nugget of but on the source website for the full back and forth because it's a really detailed issue. But let's just quickly remind ourselves about this Qurbani which is actually known as the old here, the old here is the animal that is sacrificed. That is a done as a poor van to Allah, Allah in order to get closer to him as well as packs call it up or Bernie is a sacrifice of our of our wealth and our and our time and the effort that we put in to try and get closer to Allah subhanaw taala who of course, recognize that sacrifice. And of course, the earth

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Here comes from the same Arabic root verb of evil is what makes even the Big East of slaughter and all the music and a yarmulke shinnick that follow was actually the days in which we can make jerky out of that meat. Because there's so much of it. So there's, you know, there's a whole thing the whole, you know, big ego, the second part of our of our year is really built around the sacrifice, so we should offer it absolutely, in fact, the minority of scholars used to make it an obligation, even semi is considered to be an obligation the Hanafi school considers considers it to be an obligation, but the vast majority of scholars consider it to be assumed as a highly emphasized

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student at the promise of life, Adam said that whoever does that, after the Salah, Papa 10 Min, the Super Bowl Yani then he has completed his rights, while also of a certain Muslim, he and he has, you know, he's firmly on the way of the Muslims. And so every adult that can afford to should do this, a husband or wife, they're working independent financial, they can do it upon themselves, you know, for themselves individually, or just the head of the household can do it on behalf of everybody else that that he is responsible to feed.

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And it should be a sheep per person, or per family, or a seven share in a cow or a camel, the animals need to be healthy, not some lean sheep ones, starving ones, you know, disabled ones paralyzed one, we've got to be fit healthy, expensive quality mean, it's the type of happiness. There's other certain aspects that you try to get involved with, or just do it yourself to eat from the meat as well to share with friends and family and of course to feed the poor as well. Is this a great actor? Should we try to be done locally? But of course many of us aren't able to do that local laws allow us to do that the need of the poor abroad many also pushes us to try and look after them

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as well. I'm not a massive fan of that. I think that we should do separate ones in charity for abroad. Because the reason that we don't rate the second eat as we should is because we're not getting involved in the the huge act of the sacrifice and eating format. And people did that they did feel it. Let's get to the issue that we're talking about though, you've probably all heard that you're not allowed to cut your hair, you're not allowed to

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trim your nails from the beginning of the hedger which comes as absolute nightmare mega shock the only a couple of days before even when you realize, Oh, hold on, I need to get myself fired up. But he and now I can't even do that. It's always a killer. Right? So what is the truth in that? Well, my personal opinion is it's not obligatory. And this is actually the position of the majority of scholars. And I want to give you a little indication of where the issue comes to where the difference comes through. It is a valid one, let's first of all see the number of scholars that said it is haram actually, it is completely haram to cut your nails, or to take your anything from your

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hair to shave or to cut or to trim or anything like that. And they and that of course would be in a kind of like an analogous way to what the judge are going through in their neck when they're in their arm. So they would have their animals with them. Of course, when you're making Hajj you wouldn't sacrifice those animals and until those animals a sacrifice on the day of Hajj, which is the day of sacrifice, that's when that's when you come out of your home and in the home of course you're not allowed to cut your hair and nails and so it's like a PS and there's a hadith of M Selamat er the aligner narrated in Sahih Muslim no less, where the province where she said that the

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purpose of life Selim said that when the moon of the hijab is cited and you want to give a sacrifice then do not take anything from your hair and from your nails. And the magnet school the Mad Hatter took upon this headache very clear and they sat upon that and he said therefore, it's very obvious what this position is. So many of the setup of delivering our best or the alarm of the lightener Mr. rhodiola and my two mega heavyweights I'm also have animals of Papa here also follow this position, a lot of the contemporary scholars epitome of modern scholars, the birth of a meme elimination fee. This is a very strongly held position and you can see why the headings are super clear the heading

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is super authentic, and many of the companions acted upon it as well should be cut and dry. However, the majority of scholars actually saying no, it is not haram to cut your nails and your hair if you want to offer a sacrifice. And by that I mean all the rest. Amongst them. There are companions

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And amongst them there is a sell off and the emails as well. Now the people who said it's not haram it they split the two camps. One camp said that it is completely okay for you to cut and it's nothing any, there is no restrictions upon you his own restrictions upon those who are doing Hajj. And there are others I said, you know what is best that you avoided. In fact, his motto is disliked actually. And that effectively became the official position of the Maliki school and the shepherd school with a little bit of variation. But in it to keep it simple. This is the two main hubs position as for the Imam, Abu hanifa, he was very strong on this position, and the Hanafi school

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followed him as well that no it's completely okay. And that's what my heart is, by the way, that's where my heart is. And by the way, this is the position position of eyeshadow de la, we've got heavyweights here, folks, unless you've been medical at the level of delivering this through that ideal level, as a veteran in our world, on your level on a number of the number of the center. And where are they coming from? They're coming from a hadith which is written in Buhari, in which a little bit of bass narrated his position that is not allowed for this to occur. If you intend to offer a sacrifice and OSHA Upon hearing this, actually, no, he's got that wrong, because I prepared

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alongside with the purpose of life and animals to be sent and to be sacrificed. And I saw the purpose of life and not hold back from cutting hair and nails. And so he didn't stand with an analogy to those who are in a harem. So this would seem a very clear evidence. Now. I haven't got time here now to go and explain the back and forth. But I want you to know that the way that the scholars started to understand it, and the humblest called therefore that's why they split upon this there's actually an original argument that follows this position. And there's another an original form of magma that follows the other position. But even when in his statements in explaining this,

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he said that I think what this indicates is that it is disliked to therefore take from one's nails and so on that the the statement to prohibited is not actually making it haram but trying to recommend that you don't do it. I hold this to be a good position. Even though I do not think it's sinful. I think that we should try our very best to be in solidarity with those who are in hajj who have gone are going through that difficult time, you know, when you're on Hajj, you know, you know what he was saying you don't use a few and you're kind of disheveled. And

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as far as a headed says, you know, when making the on the dev alpha. And, you know, being in solidarity with those folks, is more akin, if you're not, you know, getting feed the night before and looking more trim and whatever, you know, bit on the extra nails bit extra on the hair looking a bit rough. That is the true solidarity. So I just want to say that, that Hadees would also support that the actions of the companions would support that, although I'm not going to go as far as say you are 100% doing haram if you cut your nails off or your hair if you're offering the sacrifice, I think it's best to avoid that. Now of course you'll be able to see this next week or in a few days

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time with anyone you see this video is when the residuals start, you should all be trying to offer that that sacrifice. So just maybe do it early before the festival hedges so you don't get into the area of doubt is best you need to be in solidarity best to be on the safe side of the opinions of the scholars. And that's what I believe so make sure you actually offer the sacrifice and great act. Avoid cutting your hair and nails not her arm if you do and by the way, this is only for the person who's offering it if you're offering on behalf of your family, they don't need to worry about this anyway so they can do or they're you know getting ready for the guys. You this just take it easy.

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And Allah Subhana Allah knows best.

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