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AI: Summary © The transcript describes various examples of technical errors and their consequences, including "has been" and "has been" in various language. The speakers discuss various interpretations of the concept of the sun being wrapped up and its potential consequences, including "will" and "will" being used to describe actions and events. The transcript also touches on the return of animals to their origin, the potential for wild animals to gather in a rush, and the return of animals to their origin and the importance of being excited for them. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a music video.
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do you

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think Maddie Wani Oba

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam. I don't know the author metallian al amin Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy edge nine. So we just restarted the live stream just because we're going to start sought to quit. So for that reason I just wanted to have a marker so that we can separate the videos into the end of sorta lynfit model and the beginning of sort of tech. We're so easy it's easy to find it next time when you look for it.

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Even Okay, see, Rahim Allah to Allah begins with a hadith narrated by the Mohammed from the hadith of Angela neuroma, robiola and

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the Hadees, also narrated by telemovie

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men Sarah who and young vada Isla yomo Kiana can hora you Ain folia para either shim so cool we are not what either summer or fall Talat, what either summer or shortcut.

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Whoever wants to look at your milky armor, as though they're looking at it with their eyes. Let them read the three solos. Either summer either shamsul cool we a lot. Either summer or fall fall out, either summer or Schuchat. These three solos describe yo mo piano as though you're looking at. And the main topic of sorta techweek is the description of yomo kiama and the events leading up to yamapi ama just before the coming of the hour and then what happens after that. And the end of the surah which talks about the truth of the revelation and refutes what is said about the prophets lie Selim in falsehood, that is also part of the same thing. Because if Allah azza wa jal begins by

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talking about Yamaguchi, Amma and about the things that will happen, and then tells you that what the Russell's lie seldom brought is the truth and His revelation from Allah. Therefore these things you are told about about your piano will certainly will certainly happen.

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Allah azza wa jal said either Shem su who we are not. Now here there's a really nice

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there's a really nice way of or a really nice example of applying some of the rules of tafsir. Here are even Abu talha narrates from evening Thus, the evening a bear said of the limit is a sham suku will not when the sun becomes doc this will even add acid

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and olfi but I am allowed to Allah said the habit the sun goes away

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cortada Rahim Allah He said that Hubba Bo the light of the sun goes away. Sorry when he said cool we a lot means who we are at Apple Cider he said we'll get

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all of these meanings even okay theater he said at Tech we're a gem or shea butter Whoo hoo eat about

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gathering part of something when something is all gathered up together.

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When something is all

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wrapped up together. So when you say tech we're an Amen. The turban tech weird when it's all like gathered up together, wrapped up together. When something is all wrapped up as one he statements of the scholars of Tafseer here

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all of them are close to each other in meaning and none of them are contradictory. They don't contradict themselves. All it is is just each one is an example of explaining the meaning of tech we'll at some point or another.

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For example of the limit the habit, the habit will have we wrote all of these

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come back to the same meaning is that what will happen if the sun is all wrapped up and he when the sun is all wrapped up. When the sun is all wrapped up and part of it is wrapped into itself. What will happen first of all, it will go dark.

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It will go away.

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Some of them said it will be thrown some of them said it will be thrown into

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it will be thrown into jahannam some of them said and in the sun that they used to worship besides Allah.

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The point here

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That the sun will disappear, the light of the sun will disappear.

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Some of them said suck up, but it will fall down.

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All of these meanings are close.

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All of these meanings are close together. And so when you see all of these different meanings in a book of Tafseer, it doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't necessarily mean that these are all contradictory. Just because you see 1012 different statements doesn't mean that they're contradictory. All it means is that you have to ask yourself, are these all talking about the same thing or they're talking about something all different? When you see actually all of them are talking about the same thing, the sun goes away, the light goes away, the sun becomes dark, the sun is wrapped up, the sun falls down, the sun is thrown down. All of them are talking about the same,

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the same thing.

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In the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a Shem su will come through you can we Ronnie yomo qiyamah the sun and the moon will be wrapped up your milky Yama

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will be wrapped up your milky Emma

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mentions here, Rahim Allah Allah Allah, that there's no contradiction between all of these different statements, but they are all atha a taquile they all the consequences of the Sun being wrapped up, when the sun becomes wrapped up. And part of it is folded into parts like that. Then when the sun becomes like that, the consequences of this are all of the things that the scholars have seen mentioned.

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He said was so albumin mineral coli and denta Fie Dallek, an attack wira gem ashay an attack we're a gem or shade Babu Allah about women who attack we will remember what gem or CRB Baba Illa about well who an episode Nana Oh, he said sorry up to that as a call of injury. He said the correct opinion from us is that taquile is gathering part of it together wrapping part of it into to the other part. And from this is the taquile of that of the turban and gathering the clothes together when the claws are all wrapped up together.

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What you then know German cat art. Here's another one which is always amazes you in the books of Tafseer. Where you get one pet one idea the Tafseer of it is explained as the other idea and the other eye is experienced the Tafseer of the other eye. So they say what you didn't know German Cadillac, what do they say for it?

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In test a lot and when you go to the aisle or when you go to the iron Intifada, it says in karate and each one of them explains it with the other. But we said into thought

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and interact.

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Both of them mean to fall down. Mutharika

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and Tesco motiva record, they fall down each separately not in a big knot. Here. We're not talking about tech, we're here where they all come together into one is wrapped up into one rather, each one of them falls down separately.

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Each one of them falls down separately.

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An IndyCar generally means it's about to fall down.

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To fall down and to fall down on some of them said to fall down individually. Some of them said in Canada, right? It means that the light of them goes out. What do we say about this? That this is again talking about the consequence of what happens rather than talking about the meaning of the word because the meaning of the word incredible. If you look at the meaning of the word in Arabic, it means to fall down.

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It means to fall, or it means to fall down separately, like some of them said

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disperse to fall down each one separate from the other. However, when some of the scholars they said it means that light goes away, then they're just talking about the consequence of it and when all the stars fall down separately, the light of the stars will will go away.

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Some of them

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mentioned here even look a few he mentions it

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he mentions an aeration from obey you have no cap

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that he said six I art will be before the kiama

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here what he's talking about is that is that these I art in Florida Takuya some of them are before the hour and some of them are after.

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So, here either Shem suku we rot when the sun is wrapped up in darkness, what even new German kadala and when the stars fall dispersing, what LG burn will sue you right and when the mountains are removed, what either a shower or toilet and when the full term camels or she camels are neglected what he then will horseshoe Hershey a lot and the beasts are gathered what either will be hot or Tsujihara, all of these are before

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the pm any day or the as the hour comes, before the people are resurrected.

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Then when the people are resurrected this starts from

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what he then new forces will reach out when the people are paired up.

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The people are paired up what you didn't know who that was. And when the girl who was buried is asked by a thembinkosi lat What was she killed for? What either her photo shot and the pages are made public way this Mr.

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cushie thought what is Lj masroor a lot what is the agenda what was the Fed all of these after that pm so six of them even Okay, he mentions from obey vocab robiola one

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these things

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happen either and the scholars differ on this either they happen after the first blowing of the horn

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or they happen at the time of the blowing of the horn while the people before the the the outcomes some of the mentioned this in some of the mentioned.

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So there are two blessings of the horn which we mentioned the first blowing of the horn everyone one of you coffee so the horn will be blown in facade aka Memphis Mr. Tillman fill out lemon sha Allah except the one that Allah wills every one of the heavens of the earth will die

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from manaphy okra for either home to me and then the horn will be blown again and the people will be standing looking around. So here these things that will happen will either happen just before the horn is blown the first time or between the first time and the second time As for what comes after those six in the surah those are all after the second blowing of the horn what you then know fossils we get when the souls will be brought

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up paired up

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so let's go through the ones that are going to happen before the second blowing of the horn

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whether it's before the first orbit but the main thing is before the second

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we said that the sun will be wrapped up and in darkness and we said that the stars will fall down

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disperse and separately they will fall down separately

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what either g bellows so you're not

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even okay theory he said Zara let an Anna Kini her will not see fit.

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He said they will go from their place they will be removed from their place.

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And this we mentioned it before as well that the earth will either outdo mood that we said that the earth will be replaced yoma tilba dello arboviral, out on the day when the earth will be replaced with a different earth

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and the statement of Allah azza wa jal when he described the earth power and soft software in solar power right.

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The earth will be completely without any of the symbols that is known by

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anything that the people know the earth pi. They will not know anything on the earth, the earth will be the mountains will be taken from their place.

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Why either a shout or clear at

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crema one Mujahid, they said a shower will even

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Mujahid said Tory ket

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torey cat was to bet

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when the fully pregnant camels normally the owners of those cameras they will be given them a lot of attention because of the severity of the hour

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they will leave them

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and this we can find the also mentioned similar in sort of hedge right in the beginning of sorts of hedge

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in the very beginning of sorts of hedge in a sell sell at a sir at SRT, shavon Alvin, that the shaking of the hour is something great. And then Allah azza wa jal mentions that the that every woman who is feeding her child, she's gonna leave her child water cooler the cooler that he Hamlin Hamlet, and every one who is carrying a burden will drop every woman who is carrying a child, she will miscarry the child, she will drop her burden, what our nurses will care about when our home be Sakaba and you'll see the people like they're drunk but they're not drunk. Well, I can either have a lunch at eat but the punishment of Allah is severe. It seems that this is

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this is the statement of eczema and Mujahid here

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will be able to cap the hack, even cap on the level and the hacker are him allowed to edit. They said men who her or they said mela her

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their people will just forget about them.

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who time

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he said are him allowed to Allah, they will not be milked

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their owners will leave them

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all of these like no caffeine, he said well man, if he had a cool Li motorcar,

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he said all of these meanings are very close together, each one is given a different meaning of something similar, they will leave them they will not look after them, they will not take care of them. They will not milk them, they will not ride them they will not look after them.

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from an evil a rehab, well, how many Minar?

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Or how will How will How am Illumina the best of them and the ones they owners give the most attention to and the ones that are expecting from among them

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then they will not be taken care of because of the severity of that day.

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This year,

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no doubt this is an example which is really really worth worthwhile bearing in mind. This is an example that the Quran was sent to talk to the people in the in the way they understood and sometimes many times we read some of the examples in the Quran we don't understand them properly. Because we are not people who raise camels for example.

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We mentioned this in Surah

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Surah two Harsha Didn't we have CF Li on Verona lol a billy k for wholecut.

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And this is something that you have to look into to understand. And some of them say that the the people who have these camels, the she camel is expecting, they will not leave the old you know they will stay with it is for them and the most valuable of wealth. And the one thing they would not leave it ever they will not ever be away from it or not give it attention.

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So the Quran came down to a people who these examples were understood by them. And many examples, the majority of examples in the Quran, they are general everybody can understand them. But there are some examples that are even clearer for people who live in that way in that lifestyle. They are people of the camels and so on. So for them, they understood the severity of that day for us if you want to understand it, and you read the beginning of sort of to hedge. This is very clear that even the woman who is feeding her child, she will drop her child, even the woman who is pregnant, she will miscarry her baby, because of the severity of that day, or the severity of the hour.

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This can be understood. As for the camels, then this is where you have to go back and read what did they do with these camels? What will Why were these camels

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So important, like when the prophet SAW I tell them he said, the NIT Allahu bica Roger, Roger will and why then I will let him in humbly now that for Allah to guide one person through you is better than the red candles person says what does it mean the red candles the red candles were the best of the wealth of the Arabs had that for them was the best of wealth you couldn't get anything better than that. You cannot give an example because you can't take one example from a culture apply to another but if you imagine the best car that money can buy

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whatever it is for you say Ferrari your Bugatti wherever you need the best that money can buy. This is you know if someone has one of these they are really really wealthy and really, you know, they have reached the peak of what a person can own in Estonia. That was what homerun Nam were for the Arabs so when a province is set for a law to guide one person through you is better for you than the red candles that that's what they understood that's what they understood.

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I just wanted to finish the things that happened before the piano and then we stopped that what you then will throw her shot even okay theater he said jumia at they all brought together

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here even okay theory quotes the iron solo tool and

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what I mean dab button fill out your laptop any three rubies Hannah Hey in Oman. amsa lucam now for Ratan I feel kitabi me Shay somebody darabi him. You Sharon. Then on that day, all those animals, the birds and the animals that walk on the earth, they will all be gathered

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in a bus probably Allahu Allah He said he said your shadow collusion in Hector. He said every single thing will be gathered even the haters do that even the insects and the flies everything will be gathered and that was narrated by Bobby Hart him from him.

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analyzer which I said what player Mashallah installer site a that the birds will be gathered?

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The reason he brought it here Matura is he wants to prove that what the word what the word hash up means? The word hash out here Mashallah. It means much more and

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much more.

00:22:34--> 00:22:48

Because otherwise this idea will tell you I'm sure isn't narrated about yamaki Amma right. The idea in salt Assad is not about your piano. But even Okay, he brought it here. The iron salts in an arm? Yes.

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When I'm in dead button, fill out the laptop eating your clear OBJ nahi. And then Ally's was just said some eat out, I'll be him, your shuttle on the they will be returned to their Lord. But the idea in sort of sod he brought it because he wants to prove that mash all that means much more and they'll all be gathered together.

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And so here

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what do you sell? We're Herschel hotshot.

00:23:21--> 00:23:24

Is this meaning yomo kiama or it means in the dunya

00:23:26--> 00:23:44

the narration of obey immunocap What does it indicate the dunia right, because he said the six things will happen before yom Okayama. And the first of them to happen year after your piano or at your piano is way then the fossils will be jet when the souls will be paired up.

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And some of them they said yomo Kiana because of the IRA in Surah two and I am from ala Robbie him your Sharon

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what is the wash?

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any animal which is not domesticated, any animal which is not domesticated. So, you have animals domesticated right like dogs, which are domesticated, you have donkeys which are domesticated as they are, you have horses which are domesticated, and they are kept domestically with an people look after them and feed them and whatever. And then you have wild animals or wild animals. any animal that's not domesticated, this is called a wash.

00:24:40--> 00:24:46

And it doesn't matter whether it's from the animals that is hunted or the animals that are not hunted

00:24:48--> 00:24:50

or whether the meat is eaten or not eaten.

00:24:53--> 00:24:57

So one of the meanings is in the dunya and one of the meanings is yomo pm.

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For yomo kiama

00:25:06--> 00:25:36

as for your mocchi ama, they will not enter Jenna or the fire and the animals will not enter Jannah or the fire rather they will be gathered yomo piano and there are some different opinions about why they will be gathered Yokoyama, some of the scholars said they will be gathered yomo kiama for the issue of Abraham, Adam to show the justice of allies origin So, even the animal that hurt the other animal, they will take each one will take from the other until justice is served even among the animals

00:25:38--> 00:25:55

from the narrations which is which are mentioned is that it will the the animals will be sent yamaki ama among the people that when the people are resurrected yamaki ama also the animals will be among them and this will increase them or increase them in fear some of them said this also

00:26:05--> 00:26:08

immunogen he mentioned both of these two things are him a lot

00:26:10--> 00:26:15

so this is what either were Hershey Hershey alot, it's possible that it refers to the dunya

00:26:17--> 00:26:23

and it's possible that it refers also to the ark era and we have evidences for both the animals being gathered

00:26:25--> 00:26:55

and driven Gainey at the time of the hour. And we also have the evidences for the animals being gathered Yokoyama, but they will tend to dust they will not be sent to Jenna or sent to the fire however Jenna has its own animals which are reported from the Hadith of the Prophet size and like the the bird that has a long neck that sits upon the upon one of the rivers of paradise. I forgot which river it is elka is co author maybe

00:26:56--> 00:27:04

maybe I'll call them we'll check it inshallah, that there is a bird that sits upon it and so on there are there are narrations regarding the animals that are created in Jenna.

00:27:13--> 00:27:15

The question then comes

00:27:17--> 00:27:20

why specify the wild animals

00:27:22--> 00:27:28

why specified because a lot of xojo will gather all of the animals while mom and dad but every single animal

00:27:30--> 00:28:13

and every single bird will be gathered to Ally's origin so why specify a rush some of them said the reason for this is because of the contrast that the wild animals are not what you expect to gather if I say I gathered together the domestic animals for this is not surprising right there is nothing shocking in gathering together the domestic animals and if you do gather together the people's horses and the people's donkeys and the people's camels, this is normal. This is done every day the shepherd gathers the sheep together and puts them into the you know pen. But when you hear a rush, this is something which is not normal for someone to fall for the animals to be gathered the are

00:28:13--> 00:28:26

wild animals, these animals normally run for them to be gathered in one place. This is something which is from the Hawaii the not the unusual and are not normal things that happen yamaki ama

00:28:36--> 00:28:37

and from the names of

00:28:38--> 00:28:39

yomo chiama

00:28:41--> 00:28:47

is a hash of the day when the people will all be will all be gathered together.

00:28:48--> 00:28:49

So here we took

00:28:51--> 00:28:57

also where they'll be held so God What did we hear about the behalf in the previous war?

00:28:58--> 00:28:59

What is lb Harold

00:29:01--> 00:29:19

Fujian right in certain in Fatah, I personally always remember this by in Fatah has a fat in it. That's the only way I can remember in Qatar has a fat in it. And this one is Fuji a lot in tech we have doesn't have a fact this one is sooji rot tight. What did we say for Fuji? Right?

00:29:20--> 00:29:36

We said they all mixed together into one. They all mixed together into one and they became like one C, right? All the C's they exploded one of them into the other until they became like one see here what does Tsujihara mean they become on fire.

00:29:37--> 00:29:54

They became on fire. So not only do the seas come together into one sea, and some of the scholars said there's no more salty water and mix all the sea just becomes one cowboy hat in wide like one giant sea and it becomes on fire.

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

It becomes unfair and this is extremely

00:30:00--> 00:30:23

extremely scary when you think about it because when you see the water on fire and the water is something that gives people what's the word rest bite right water is what you know and we found water even when people are running away from you know they're running away from the fire or they're running away from something they jump in the water The water will save us What do you do when the horn is blown and the water becomes on fire?

00:30:25--> 00:30:37

This Subhanallah really it is exactly as the Heidi says if you want to look at yomo piano right yellow line, then read surah attack we're and saw it in Fatah and salted in Chicago

00:30:38--> 00:30:59

inshallah to Allah next week, we're going to continue with that and we're going to go on to the points that are mentioned from those things which happen after the second blowing of the horn. Starting with why then within the fossils when we get when the souls are paired up and everybody will be raised with the people like them

00:31:01--> 00:31:29

and Maru BAM and the person will be raised with the person they they love. So all the people who are similar to one another and they have similar they live similar lives to one another they will be raised together. And this I just want to mention it because of how serious it is just as not to get into the Tafseer but just to mention how serious is this hadith Elmo Omar um and the person will be raised yamapi ama with the person they love

00:31:30--> 00:32:10

so many of our kids alone stand they've been raised to love footballers and raised to love people movie stars and raised to love singers and so on. And the person you you will be waiting for so so we get your your soul and so you're going to be put together you and then you're together because you are like each other you're similar to each other. A person will be raised but with the person that they love. A person really will have to ensure encourage our children to love the people who will be yomo piano in a good place and those people who are guaranteed to be in a good place yamaki I'ma do those who Allah mentioned them

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manda bien was Cydia pain was shuhada was solid Heywhat Hassan la karateka the profits

00:32:24--> 00:32:58

the Cydia clean the truth for people like Abu Bakr Siddiq, Miriam when he said we're omo Jose De Luca, his mother was a Siddiqa, the Shahada, the people who were martyred for the sake of Allah and the righteous people, they are the people were hassled that Allah cut off your car, they're the people you want to be with Yamaha piano, and not to be with kuffaar and the fudge jar and people who Allah said we're in for Java latvija hate these people are in the punishment of the Fire analyzer. john was best

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to have anything on the YouTube. Okay, we said we were not going to go on this long and we went on this long alongside that. Okay, Sharla next week in Allahu taala will also still stay at the moment between marketing and Asia, but we don't try necessarily to go the whole time inshallah. Let's see what Allah makes easy for us. And that's what Allah made easy for me to mention Allah knows best was salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali he also happy Ah, mine