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Which comes First, Humanity or Religion?

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Zakir Naik

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The question posed by to fail five from Kashmir

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and from the WhatsApp just came,

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which comes first,

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humanity or religion? Regarding the question which comes first humanity or religion depends upon which originally talking about sub religions, it may come later.

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As far as Islam is concerned,

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a Muslim is not a good Muslim unless he's a good human being first.

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So in Islam, all aspects of many they are covered. So if you ask the question which will come first, humanity or Islam? I would say Islam, because Islam encompasses

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humanity. It's like asking, Would you like to pass school? Or would you like to pass graduation? When you pass graduation is understood that a passing cool also

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without passing school you cannot pass graduation. So Islam is far superior. It includes all the aspects of humanity. There is not a single teaching of Islam, which is against humanity. People may think it is. But the moment we realize the logical reason why the drule has been prescribed Islam, there is not a single teaching of Islam, which is against humanity as a whole.

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So I would say, between the two between humanity and Islam, of course, Islam is number one. That is the reason it clearly mentioned the Quran in surah Imran Chapter number three was number 19. In Medina in the light Islam, the only really acceptable in the sight of Allah is Islam.