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Is Hajj An Obligation Despite Having A Physical Disability

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Episode Notes

It is known that Muslims has a great impact on algebra in the past. What about other fields of sciences? Did Muslims have any impact there?

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick answers.

Episode Transcript

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Those who have a physical disability prevent them from going to had

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the wajib upon them because minister by Elisa bill if you have the ability to go for Hajj and ability is to be able to walk into go. If you are a person who can't walk and find a wheelchair, it's not obligatory for you to go but if you want to go and wheelchair

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there is a lot of commendation for such people with disability in modern days of hamdulillah available, it will become an option for you but if you choose not and your excuse not to go, in this case, if you have the money, but you do not have the physical ability, it must upon you to give the money to someone to go make Hajj on your behalf.

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But if you don't have the money nor the physical ability to go, in this case, You are excused