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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu lillahi wa Kapha wa salatu wa he was Salam ala Nabi demon Mustafa Masha Allah ilaha illallah wa Ala Wai shadow, Mohammad Abdu, who were a pseudo husana sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Walid Sleeman kathira Amar Baba come to the second dose. Going to deal Li Shan lies with gela with two points that the chef brought concerning the affairs of Ajay via that the Prophet came Salah Lavoie, he was setting them in opposition to and to change it and making haraam for the Muslim in Ellis lamb to support it, or to be on these things that he mentioned. So we come to the beginning of the book, we won't go through every single line and everything, every sentence, some of it is

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repetitive. And we can get the gist of the chapter without always going deep into the book. So the book is on the internet you can get it doesn't cost you any money. But the book needs some explanation because the translation if you would have read it and you didn't have any background knowledge, you may not understand what's being said due to the translation May Allah reward the people try to translate the book, The Imam Rama to lightning to Allah He mentioned whining that these are the aspects that the people of Ajay via the people have a j havia. Meaning the arrow key Todd, as we mentioned last week, Jews and Christians as well as the polytheists, the mushy kin of

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Quraysh. And other than that, these are the ways that they were upon the ways in which the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was opposed to they are from the matters that every Muslim is required to possess knowledge of. And this is since with understanding one side of the opposite. The goodness of the other side of the opposite can be made apparent, like that sentence will be hard to understand. Someone just picked up that book and read that point. It's not clear what he's saying. He said that this is since with understanding one side of the opposite. The goodness of the other side of the opposite can be made apparent. what he's talking about here is the concept in Islam that

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things are known by the opposite if you know something, you'll know the opposite of that particular thing and as shall be did the tour of

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Allah radi Allahu, to prove this point. He said that the religion of Islam is going to disappear. The aroma of Islam, the institutions of Al Islam, those things that make the religion of Islam what it is Salah, zeca, song, Hajj, and Umrah, the beard, the Yvan, the member those things that identify the Muslim, the circumcision, all of that. He said that the aroma of Islam are going to be lost one by one when the Muslims become a group of people who don't know Jackie Leah. So if they know and they know about Jackie Leah, they'll have a greater appreciation for Alice laugh. That's what is being meant here. So the chef is saying by bringing these issues that the people love Ajay Haley,

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and we're upon once you know that they were upon that, then you know that you have to avoid that thing and you have an appreciation for the opposite of that particular thing. The Companion of the Prophet sallallahu it was setting them for the feminine Yeah, man. He said that the other companions candle. Yes, aluna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam angelfire will come to us Allahu Allah vana sharp Maha threatening to direct me. Abu Bakar mountrath man IV Billa Okasha, Zaid. rhodiola they used to ask the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the good things. He said I used to ask him about the evil because I was afraid for the evil hit me. That's the meaning of the statement

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of shaking the slam that things are known by the opposite so for they would ask the Prophet sallallahu wasallam about the times of fitna, he went x the Nabi sallallahu wasallam about the time of fighting and how he would ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the time when al Islam is going to be weak. What should I do with that time, God also the law when the Muslims are divided and things like that. So in asking him about the evil, he'll have knowledge and appreciation for the good. The chef he mentioned that

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these are the matters that every Muslim is

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required to possess knowledge of. And he didn't say that, because he's the one who's making that claim because he wrote this book. And every Muslim has to have knowledge about what he said and what he's bringing to the table. And the amendment berbahasa, he does something similar to that. And he was criticized by people unjustly. mamil berbahasa say, anyone who rejects what's in this book, his book shark has sooner. Anyone who rejects what's in this book is not from people The sooner and so forth is one way he didn't mean that we cut the fat he brought in that book. He didn't mean the issues of he had that he brought that book, he meant those things that are clear those things that

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the scholars on agreement upon. So that's what the Imam is mentioning here, that every Muslim should be aware of those things that go against your religion.

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Because we're living in a time right now, where people don't want to be in good shape didn't want to be rough and tough. But in trying not to be rough and tough. We allow things to come into the religion that's not from the religion, for example, in trying to be politically correct. People won't say it's not permissible for Muslims, to celebrate any celebration of non Muslims. Whatever celebrates, you can think of Christmas, New Year's, all of that, not permissible. You can't do that Diwali, you can't do any of that. You can't receive gifts, you can't give gifts. You can't say the word. So in trying to be politically correct, not be rough and tough. A person can't and he doesn't

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want to say that. And then as a result of that, you find people doing things that are diametrically opposed to the religion of Islam lasme, that people come to know what Islam is, if you know that, by default, you know what Islam is not, you come to know what Islam is not by default, we know what Islam is. So that's the meaning of the statement of the Shia Rahmatullahi tala Ali, he went on to mention that the most important of these aspects of what the people have in jahai were upon the most severe in terms of the danger was the absence that they had of an E man. They didn't believe in Allah. And they didn't have a man on the tongues, they didn't have it in their hearts, nor do they

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have a man and what the prophet brought sallallahu alayhi wa it was sell them. And if approval for what the people of the days of Jay Leno where upon is further added to this absence of faith in the total ruin is achieved. Again, I think that's a sentence kind of difficult to understand what he was saying using the word estate sign. But now Muslims, when the Prophet came sallallahu it was sending people in jahai they weren't upon email, they wouldn't accept an email be laggy when my last getting wakatobi he was sorry, he will, he will, they will believe in the cutter. So he's saying, If added to that a person now a person now he has his son and he says Yeah, what those people of jahai were

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doing, and this thing that that thing when it goes against the religion, then that's okay. They shake said Tom might be and

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then the total destruction has been complete. And he bought the item, the Quran to prove that statement of Allah subhanho wa Taala livina animal bill Barton, those people who disbelieve in the battle, or they believe in the battle capital Billa, Allah, Farsi rune, whoever believes in false hood, and he disbelieves in Allah, and those people, they are the ones who are the losers, he went on to mention and then we'll explain it from here and not read any more in sha Allah. So the first thing that they didn't do is they didn't have a man. They didn't believe in Eliza. And then he said that they used to perform worship, and they used to make schicke they used to worship Allah and the

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righteous people and their dough. Are they a supplication? And they used to do this believing that Allah loves that and allow wanting that and also the people who they may want to they thought and believe that they wanted that. So from what the chef began his book with clearly as the most important issue, most important issue is those things that conflict and oppose a toe Hey, listen, honey, right now.

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The most important superlative and characteristic that the Muslim has to have, he should be patient, he shot courage, he should be truthful, it should be upright. The Muslim should be an individual who, what he says he follows through many things, he should praise you fast. But there's nothing more important than the characteristic of a tawheed. Now the Prophet told his companions someone loved while he was selling them around the law and who asked what format or software and eco

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Ria affiliate wire ship asker the thing that I'm most fearful for you

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companions is the small ship. They said, What is this small ship yet also law, he says, showing off doing things so that people can see that you did those particular things. If then the BU Salallahu it was sending them was afraid of that force companions, then you can rest assured during our time where the culture that we live in is a culture of showing off. Look at what I did is on the Facebook is on what people are taking pictures of themselves, the way the culture is, if you get something I want to get something similar to it or better, we show off. And we have that mentality of doing things that it can be said, he paid this, he did that, and so forth, and so on. So as it relates to

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the issue of his shift, there are quite a few people, they take positions out of fear of what the people are going to say, who's going to be upset with him, who's going to be happy with him. So based upon what people think about him or her, they'll take the position. They don't take the position because they believe this position is the hack. And Allah loves it. I'm going to take this position, let the chips fall where they may like it, who like it hated, who hated. And that's common. People take positions in order to please people, people take positions, not because they believe in it, because they don't want any drama themselves. So they don't like this brother, I have

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to say make it appear that I don't like this brother as well. Although I don't agree with what they're saying. And if they're not around me, I'll give them stamps, and I'll be nice to him. No, that's a problem with the issue of making * with Allah. I'm not saying the person's and we shouldn't. I'm saying that I hope people should be afraid of Allah and Allah alone. What is Allah's outlook and view on that thing that you're going to do what you're going to say, and this is something that is ramped, picked with the people. So never allow yourself to think that we have escaped making shifts from what the people of the times of Ajay helia used to do as they used to

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worship Allah. But in worshipping Allah, they also used to believe in other than Allah, and they thought that there were partners along with a lot to please Allah please. Those are the things the Imam brought some III like the statement of Allahu taala We are the dueling, dueling llahi ma mala you

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follow him? While you're cool Luna ha Allah issue for Allah, Allah, they worship along with Allah, those things that can hurt them and it can harm them.

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And they say these are our schufa are intercessors along with Allah. So when you take a position

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for someone or against someone, because of what people were saying, when you take that position, you have to understand the people you're trying to please they can't hurt you. They can't harm you.

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It's only with Allah azza wa jal. So that was a statement from those kuffaar Quraysh. Another Ayah very broad and the Quran was a statement of Allahu taala one lady in a tackle room and dude, he

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those people who worship other than Allah and take Alia along with Allah, and they say, Man, I bought a home in LA Lu curry buena, Illallah, his zilpha They said, We worship Allah, we worship Allah alone. But we make dua to these other things, these idols and whatever we make worship to him make dua, because they get us closer to Allah, similar by the Lord of the Kaaba, of the poor Bori in the people worship the coborn from the Muslims, is go to Africa, Egypt, go to Africa, West Africa, go to the Muslim world, people are worshipping dead people in the great if you said to them, Hey, don't worship the dead man in the grave. He can't hurt you. He can't help you that persons are not

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worshiping the dead chef and worshiping Allah, but I'm going through the shift so that the shed can go through Allah because he was religious because he knew Allah because he was a relief from the only everleigh. And this is something that's not permissible. So someone comes and says, is no benefit and learn in this book? No, Allah, he and the Muslim world, especially these types of issues are the best hoto the best hobas that you can relate to our community. People make dewata it and they say yeah, Ali and medical medic, Ali helped me helped me. Yeah, chef at the cause of Jelani and methoden. Magic, and he's buried all the way in Baghdad, and the person is right here in Birmingham.

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So this is what people of Ajay, Leah were upon. And they thought that Allah was pleased with this. And they also thought that the dead people were pleased with this as well. The righteous people from the dead

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People but in reality, your mukaiyama those righteous people are going to free themselves from the people who made this blind people made this shift and the Quran the iron, many iron come with the word I traveled with Tavi for maniac for a bit taavet where you biLlahi factor the stem setubal are lemon feel sama? Anybody who disbelieves in the tall gold and believes in Allah, he has grabbed the hand hold that never breaks never. So this word toggle toggle, and in my mind said the toggle is called Lucia in Yoruba men do Nila everything that is worship, other than a lot is a cobbled. But you got to be careful, gotta be careful. That's talking about the things that are worshipped along

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with Allah and they want to be worshipped along with Allah. People like for our own people, like some of these preachers, people like these shale theme who insist that the people worship them. They are the terroir, he asked for a submenu Merriam salewa to lie he was saying I'm wanting No, he's not a target. Because I heard with my own ears. Someone gave the definition by what an Imam Malik said, pa vote everything that is worship along with a live a question. Do people worship Isa along with Allah?

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I love him and now they worship he said when

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they worship Jose will cognitively hold Rosetta Manila. Bay said that Rosetta is the son of Allah. But those Olia prophets and messengers Salawat Allah He was Salam wanting money. They were not pleased with that. They didn't ask people to do that. The sun is worshipped along with Allah the moon, but we don't say that the sun is a terrible, the sun is a word of worship from the worship of Allah. The toggle is the one who he wants to be worship. So yo mo pm Allah will say for an example to those people will worship when he says to a sibling, Miriam, enter poodle inasa tahini. Mia, Ella Haman do Neela Lisa, did you tell the people take you Me and my mother's two guys along with Allah.

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This is gonna say supernova. I never said that. Was wasn't for me to say that. I never said what you told me not to say. And if I said it, you know what say myself? I don't know what's in you. I don't know what's in yourself. Yeah, Allah.

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So the question will be put to those people who are worship, especially from the old year, so that they can free themselves from what those people were doing, and that we have it consistent in the book of Allah Paulo. Suba Hanukkah, and totally you Lamin dooney. him? Belle can we are both doing a gin at Thoreau who beat him on the righteous and via the Rasul they're going to say when they asked that question, did you tell the people to call on you to worship you raise you to the station, those prophets and messages gonna say Salawat Allah He was Salaam, wanting as my Korean to you.

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Instead, they used to worship the jinn. When they were doing that shaytan told them to do that they used to worship the jinn. Most of them believe in the jinn. So those righteous people will be free from that issue. There's a practice that those people had. So the Quran is replete with those iron. unlevel Shoraka Chateau melodien mallam yet they'll be Hilla to the people of creation. Other than that, Andrew keytab Do they have partners with Allah who have legislated for them in their religion? Those things which allies with Joe never gave them any right for so they chef he brought some condemn about that. But that's basically the issue of the people of Ajay Hillier when he they fell

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into *can Billa. But the shirt that you shake brought first was the shape the shape of raising people above their station and their rings. Big problem. stay balanced. Don't be one of those people who you go overboard with Adams children, no human being. Don't be overboard with yourself. Don't be overboard with rich people. Don't be overboard with people who are popular and famous. Our TV should always be allies the greatest no matter what we see people doing and accomplishing. We should connect our hearts with Allah. And we're proud to see people accomplish things. And we also respect people like Mr. Ravi Alon. Omar was a man of respect even the Prophet have respect for him. So the

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lady was said, Mr. told the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam at a dream last night. Yato Sula or the prophets Oh

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yeah, remark.

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I had a dream last night, and I saw my dream a castle when I came close to the castle

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I asked the people that Jenna whose gas Who was that? They said it was Irma, even apart. He said on the side of the castle, there was a lady from your hood or in an agenda she was making will do and her parts of her body where you can we have to make will do was uncovered. He said when I saw that, I rushed away. I got away and I walked away very quickly. And I wanted to know more about what was in the agenda. his castle we say out of Sula, why did you walk off? Why did you leave my castle I wanted to know more. He said I remembered your jealousy or my

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I remember your jealousy that you have for your women. So I walked away. He said Yara sola prefer that you would have stayed and told me everything about what happened in the castle. Point is the Nabi sallallahu. wasallam have respect for the man's jealousy because of his personality who he was. So we look at people with powerful we respect that.

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But don't be afraid of people. And don't go overboard with people, especially especially religious people. This calendar scholar, the rather marvelous LAN Allah rats will we respect them? By not the way we are finally being done today.

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The very thing that a selfie makes incar against the very thing that as soon as against people have a Hello in personalities, we fall into that stuff. We fall into that stuff. So stay balanced. stay balanced. The Imam he went on to mention Rahmatullah Italia for information. shirtless lamb mmm not Doha have another number of books. He almost always never seems to fail to put this point in his books. How people have Hulu and righteous people the silent theme because of something prevalent during this time, and it's something natural with Benny Adam.

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With Benny Adam, it's just natural people go overboard and it's booked and collide an hour but he brought same thing. He tabuteau his tremendous chapter about how we should introduce to Benny Adam, how did Adams children make sure the only send that Allah doesn't forgive his ship. Any other thing you can think of, as long as a person doesn't make a step lol and says hello, whatever thing you can think of a person is doing those major sins, and he's doing a lot of them to the point where his sins reached all the way up to the heavens. But he comes to a larger job not making ship, Allah to Allah is going to forgive him sooner or later, he may go to the Hellfire and burn and then come to

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the Jannah or Allah may forgive him. But the one sin that Allah won't forgive is

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not the minor or the major. He says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Allah said in the hadith of Potsie men, Amina Amman and Ashoka.

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Anyone who does an action, and he does that action for me, but he put someone else in the action, I'm going to reject what he did, I'm going to reject the one who he did it for, and we're going to reject his action. So how many people come to me PM, after given the hug after given the lesson, after leaving the salon, after doing whatever he or she is doing, and then that thing is going to be thrown at him because it wasn't for a lot. It was so that people can look and people can point and people will look and people will point. So if it should asker it's gonna be rejected and he's gonna reject it. And if you shut up Burke person then go on to the agenda. So now the question is, the

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question is,

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if Shrek is the only sin that Allah won't forgive man killed 100 people, the law forgave them.

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The lady was a prostitute, a Chroma Kamala, and she gave some water to a dog and Allah forgave her.

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Allah will forgive anything other than ship.

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So the thing that opened up the door for ship and Benny Adam was people went overboard, and the religious people and the righteous people, so respect righteous people have a good opinion about them because they have a position our religion, but don't go overboard. Second point the chef brings when

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he said from the times of Ajay via that the people they performed worship by mixing righteous people into the supplication the virtue of the law. And they only did this desiring that these righteous people act as intercessors for them before Eliza Joe, based upon the notion that a law title of this that these righteous people also loved it. And a lot of Tyler mentioned the idea that we mentioned and then the second item that we mentioned, and he closed off the chapter by

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saying that was impermissible, they divided into sex within their religion. So that's the second point.

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The people of Ajay via

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they were

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sex schisms and chisels. And the famous Hadeeth. I think everybody knows he said that the Jews broke off into 71 sex and the Christians into 72 sex, this oma is going to break up into 73 sex. So those people during the time of Quraysh when the Prophet came to them, so a lot he was telling them, that he believed in a lot of stuff. And as a result of the different beliefs, they were divided, some of them believed in

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the idols, different idols, almost one idol for every day of the year at the Kaaba. So they divided your worship in the idol that's made out of Ned ajua dates, he's worshipping the one that's made out of copper, he's worshipping another one that's made out of gold and on and on and on. So they were divided. Some of the people worship the sun, some worship the moon, some worship this star, some worship, a cluster of stars, like Pegasus and stuff like that.

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Like the Big Dipper, they were worshipping clusters of stars, some of them worship rocks, some of them worship trees, some of them worship them, and

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some of them worship the jinn. Some of them worship the prophets and the messengers Salawat Allah he was sent him while he edge mine, and some of them they worshipped the religious people. So that situation their reality kept them divided.

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And then the Imam brought all of those III like the statement of Allahu tada describing them kulu has been the malady him fairly own. Every group is happy with what it has. That's how it was. Whatever your guy was, you go, you take care of your guy, you clean them, you wash him, you do your thing, what you do. And when the Arabs used to come from other parts of the Arabian Peninsula, they made sure that they showed the outsiders A this is how beloved and well positioned. Our particular idol happens to be, and they couldn't come together because of that state of worship. Same thing with the Muslims is not possible for a person of a tawheed to be united with a person who is making

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* with Allah. When he prays he's praying to other than Allah when he's making the Salah when he's making dwis making dua and you know, he's making daughter other than Allah. How is the person going to worship and pray with individual persons that companions that man who was killed recently, may get from Allah when he deserves the Messiah of Ajay helia that man was responsible for killing more Muslims than the yahood killed Palestinians since we've been born right here.

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Right here

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so when a person understands Islam he understands the opposite of Islam. But when he doesn't understand Islam everything is Haifa baser. We don't know how to develop positions and opinions. So that was their condition. Allow Tyler mentioned the number of either the Quran again the Imam he brought those III like the statement of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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sha Allah con men a Deen ma was saw be he know him? Well, Larry Oh hanaa in a while I was saying I be Brahim or musawah, Isa and akimou Dean will add to the pharaoh poofy. Allah has made an obligation upon all of the prophets and all of the messengers who went before he gave them the command gave them the war fear gave them the the action item that he said it to nor and it was revealed to you and was also said to Abraham Mussolini's and that is you should establish the deen and not have any photos. Don't divide yourselves in the day. So this is not a new concept. This is the concept of Al Islam from the time of Adam, all the way to the time of the Prophet sallallahu

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sallam, to the day that Allah inherits the earth and what is on the earth and that is the own marvelous land those people who are Muslims, they have a religious obligation to be united. And the truth is, they're all over the place. It's impossible for them to be united. The one thing that will unite them is again, the Quran, the sooner that oh heed of Allah azzawajal this Salah that we make the Hajj the rumor Ah, all of these things are unification we get up to mix a lot. The Prophet sallallahu was sending them would not just say oh

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Akbar, he was sitting down one side of the line bowed down the other side. And they made sure that the people got straightened. He said, If you don't straighten up your lines, your hearts are going to be divided. It's not permissible for a Muslim to come and make it his intention, his goal and his objective that vide himself from people who it's not permissible for them to be divided from, like, your relatives right here in this audience. I don't know. From my experience in this audience right now, I have a lot of people in hamdulillah right here in this audience, they are people not connected to their family members.

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They're not connected and not because of religion is because of personalities. Maybe your mother's difficult, maybe aren't is difficult, you know, his personality issues, not the religion, and we're not connected. Now in our Deen. We're supposed to be connected to our family members, and we're supposed to be connected as an oma. But not just unity for the sake of unity. It's just a calendar. Allahu taala mentioned in the Quran from those ayat that the chef brought in a lady in a federal codina who McCann who Shia, less than a non fishy one, Muhammad Allah, those people who split up their religion and their different sex and groups, you have nothing to do with them, honey, even if

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those people are screaming, I'm on the sun and the sun is with me. I'm selfie and a selfie and I love Rasul Allah, if you are an individual that is unnecessarily divided your religion, your religion, you're not that person. So it's not so much the claim. 28 is the essence of what's being said. So as we mentioned, number of times, the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they came, they got united, because they followed and they submitted to the GitHub and the sooner and they showed us a blueprint of how this can be done.

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Now, I think I will speak just for myself, but if it wasn't for the religion for the deen, most of us would not find things in common with the people sitting in the religion that makes it so that we have a lot in common to the degree where we say to each other, I love you, for the sake of Allah. And you say that I may Allah loves you, love you for who Satan love me for, to the degree that we we we are sensitive to homosexuality, stuff like that Muslim sees his Muslim brother, and he hugs him.

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Because the dean made it that way than didn't mean it that way. This is what we found. That's the affection of our dean.

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Allah mentioned in the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as well, a number of is that the chef brought, in addition to that will allow me to prohibition of prohibition. The first idea that we mentioned, it clearly says that a lot made every religion every profit that came, he told them stablish the deen and don't be different amongst yourselves don't have at the federal connect the last number two from those a dilemma is that Allahu subhana wa Taala mentioned in the Quran. Yeah, Mohammed, you have nothing to do with those people who split themselves up. So Hanafi, Maliki hanbali Shafi. All of that is from our religion, someone wants to get fit and learn his religion in

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the systematic way of jurisprudence, no problem. But if the Hanafi doesn't like to shatter in the Shafi doesn't like the Hanafi more than fit, like creating weak Hadeeth there is a man who is more harmful on this oma then Iblees And verily, his name is Mohammed ugly dryish A Shafi Mohammed bin Drees a Shafi Mohammed minidress, a Shafi Hanafi is made that up against Alabama Shafi, and then there Shafi used to make stuff up against lmm Abu hanifa.

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So the way some of the ignorant people practice these muda hip, russula has nothing to do with that religion. That's not his religion. And then we have those sets of ayat that make it a prohibition of not being like them people like the statement hammock Allah that Allahu taala mentioned. And the chef brought this already but he brought the end of a taco taco. Taco Newman and Mishra came in levena federa pudina, who McConnell Shia Paulo has been the malady him for the horn Don't be from the polytheists people of Jackie via those people who break up their religion they dis by themselves. Each group is happy with what it has. And then another iron will add to Kunal colombina,

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

tougher Roku telefoon embody my jungle beginner. Don't be like those people who have the knowledge came to them. They divided themselves and they broke off, and there are a number of III. So those are the two issues and points that the Imam mentioned today. Two points recap very quickly, the clear danger and hauteur

00:35:00--> 00:35:47

of making shipped with a lot whether it is shipping, I bought a shirt and a skirt and make a shirt with a law where people are raising up their amens I heard. And I don't mean this because a lot of people are doing stuff like this, but I'm saying people have assumed you should be last people like that. I heard that everybody is naked. Everybody is naked, except the one who shared rugby, clothes, everybody else's naked. There is a hadith and kotse that Allah subhanho wa Taala say, Adam, also love Adam, all of you are naked, except the one that I call them. So as for me and I clothe you, but the person goes overboard, and he says everybody's naked except the shape of the beast. He does, he

00:35:47--> 00:36:29

puts clothes on him. That's Hello, hello. And it's not okay for people of the Sunni to say stuff like that. And that's just an example. That's just an example. The example of people don't have any knowledge is even worse than that. It's even more than that. more amazing than that. But if people assume they say things like that, then clearly, people have innovation. People don't have knowledge. They even go even more than that. Don't make if they live with people unnecessarily. There is a natural fit life that happens as a result of people thinking differently. So check this lambda blue Tamia came he wrote a book in which he explained to the community why is it that some of the

00:36:29--> 00:37:06

scholars have left the left and people not blameworthy because of those reasons. But if the left as being referred to here is if the last of the people of Jamia had when the left was not determined it wasn't okay to do it. And when they laugh was in the origins of the religion, those people are making shift and that's from the assault of the religion. So there's going to be if the left okay brothers, if you brothers have any questions about these first two points, or about last week because we didn't take any questions last week, you could put your questions forward now and in the come shape.

00:37:11--> 00:37:18

Have sallallahu wasallam Mubarak and and a beginner well. as heavy as mine, said Amari Cooper.