The relationship between aayat Al Kursi and the aayaat before and after it

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I'll explain to you exactly and briefly Lakita Anna you'll understand the relationship of this AI to cuccittini I had before and the after it incredible something really amazing before a little kursi Allah assertion encouraged the believers to give in charity and to donate. He said yeah you have Lavina Amano and fuku mymail Rosa Kinetico min camellia yet dear young will be your on fee on a whole lotta wala shefa well careful Luna home of volley moon, Allah azza wa jal he addressed the believers, he said Oh you who have believed spend from that which We have provided for you before a day comes in which there will be no exchange because there's no money on that day. When hola and

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there is no friendship, none of your friends will benefit you on that they will lash out and there is no intercession for anyone at all, except with Allah azza wa jal gave permission for and the disbelievers of the wrongdoers. So, this area Allah is encouraging us give give us so the

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next area is AYATUL kursi.

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It will cool see, speaks about Allah azza wa jal the entire message of Ethel kursi is information about Allah nothing else. And it has five of his names in it. Hola, hola. Hi, Alka you and Ali are loving.

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Then there are a couple of eight that come after that. There's about three stories that come after a little kursi that prove that Allah is unhappy. And that is the story of Ibrahim and an emerald. Remember Nimrod he said, I know he will omit I bring life and I cause death. Then Ibrahim Satyam, my Lord is the one who causes life and death and the argument.

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And then the story after that, about the man who passed by a town and it was all ruined, and then Allah azza wa jal caused him to die 100 years and then he resurrected him. And then the story after this, Ibrahim alayhis salam, and the four birds and how he chopped them up and put them on the mountain and then they are resurrected and come back to him alive.

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And then after this,

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the topic of charity continues. Allah azza wa jal says methadone Levina una Umwelt visa vie de la kmfa Hubbardton Ambattur Tsubasa Nabi Allahu Akbar, even there is a secret here. There is some wisdom here we need to understand the first part, Allah azza wa jal commends the believers to give in charity,

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then a little kursi, then stories that Allah is truly unhappy, and he's the only one who gives life. And then we're back to the charity topic. So giving charity then there's this continuation from the topic of charity for six out and then the topic of charity continues, what is this? What is the relationship? How do we understand this? Listen to me very carefully. We'll repeat this once and I hope if the light sticks in your mind for the rest of your life,

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look at this when Allah azza wa jal commanded us to give in charity, and feel, Oh,

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he discontinued this topic of charity. And then six, eight came. And these eight, Allah gave us a nice eight, the greatest encouragement as to why we should give in charity. Yeah, and what is the greatest and the biggest motivation and encouragement for why we as believers give sadaqa and give in charity? What makes the believer spend in charity from that which he loves, this is not limited to money. This could be giving your time your effort, the knowledge or forms of giving and giving is to give and you don't expect anything in return.

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What is the greatest motivation for a believer to continue giving and continue implementing Allah's command and football? The members are critical. It is only one answer. And that is the believers continuously give because of their belief in Allahu La ilaha illa who Allah you will pay you and because of their belief that they will meet Allah after their death, which is the app that mentioned the of resurrection and how people will be raised after their death. And this is why in recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said a sadhaka to bald head to South Africa, the charity give us a proof. It's a proof of work. It's a proof that you believe Hola Hola. Hola. Hey, Leah who and how young are

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you? This is what it's a proof of. It is a proof that you want Allah and you desire what is with Allah azza wa jal and that you have detached yourself from the luxuries of this world. One more my brothers and sisters in Islam, the one who is in doubt concerning Allah, and the one who is in doubt concerning the afterlife will not give you will not give

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only someone who knows Allah and believes in Allah and knows that Amar is for your later hoo hoo hoo similar to what I know, anyway until this idea you believe in these qualities about Allah, such a person will continuously give without fear of poverty. And so I asked you a question, who from among mankind knew Allah the most?

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is why he was described as your pre alpha amenorrhea auction focal he used to give the giving of one of the one who would never ever fee poverty at all. You would seem the bizarre Salem and you could see he's been worried that he will go broke one day, isn't he? You would say that about him.

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Then he can ask whether Belhaj remuneration Myrcella he was more generous than an uncontrollable wind. You know, the uncontrollable wind. You know, when when the wind blows, it does not leave anything in its path, except that it touches the trees, the people, the houses, the sand, the rocks, the evening anything it touches it when the sun Allahu Allahu wa sallam who was more generous than that, what does that mean? Meaning his sadaqa each and every single person in the community would see the goodness of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the giving of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the old, the young, the children, the poor, the rich, the widow, the

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orphan, everyone would have something from the generosity of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam why the more you know Allah, the more you know anything kursi the more you will be giving and giving visa vie Lila Masako and we set out to go see is the greatest amo Quran you know what that means? Meaning there is nothing on earth that will ever, ever, ever teach you about Allah azza wa jal better than this area.

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This is the area from now until the Day of Judgment, the best best information about Allah the greatest information that you will ever ever hear about Allah is inadequacy. Nothing else is better than that. Luck, Michael. So look at this beautiful transition of the if the understood now. Give entirely Allah says, What is the greatest motivation and encouragement? Because Allahu La ilaha illa one Heyoka you you remember ALLAH, that's going to encourage you. Then comes the aid that Allah is going to give life after death, which implies that you've given in charity, then you've died. So you will be resurrected, and you will stand before Allah azza wa jal and when you stand before Allah

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azza wa jal, what is the result? What's going to happen? I told you that the aid of charity continue. What's the first area when the charity topic continues? Allah azza wa jal said nothing will Lavina young Fiona AmWell on visa vie de la QMF and Hapa and bethard Sebastian Abbot, frequently some Buddha,

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Allah is speaking about the type of reward he will give you when you meet him. subhanaw taala The idea is saying Allah azza wa jal is saying the example of those who give money or those who donate and give charity feasable Allah is the example of a hub. What is a hub? A seed, a seed coming from the hub and bettered savasana Ville. What does that mean? Anyone know?

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Yeah, Nick, this is one seed, we put it in the earth, we water it. As a result, a plant grows and seven spikes grow. This week, these things that come the little branches that have the greens on it, they called spikes or ease, seven of them grow. And on each one, there is me add to hub, there is 100 greens 100 greens. So what does that mean? Meaning that seed you put in the earth was that sadaqa you put that sadaqa you gave on the Day of Judgment multiplied, it became seven, and each one of the seven carried 100 That 700 Each sadaqa you give is multiplied by 700 times what what and then the I would say well, Allahu Akbar, I fully make your shirt and Allah azza wa jal, he multiplies for

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whoever He wills how much he wills was

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incredible and beautiful and