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AI: Summary © The use of Islam in solar tools and technology has impacted people's lives, causing harm to society and our bodies. Jesus Azport claims to have successfully delivered the plane in the US and is confident in his ability to deliver the stormy air. The importance of responsibility and balancing it with the rest of creation is also discussed, as is the need for people to develop themselves and become more virtuous and decisive. The segment also touches on the impact of Islam on people's lives and how it has affected their relationships.
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Today we will continue in sha Allah to honor our series on solar tool Sr. Beginning with verse number 66.

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Previously, Allah azza wa jal told us the story of bliss and warned us of his tricks. Allah subhanahu wa Tada how to end it by saying that the devil does not have any real power over us. All he does is make suggestions. It's up to us whether we listen to those suggestions or not.

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The natural question to ask next is, what if I can't resist? What if I get deceived by a police and his power of suggestion? What if I'm not strong enough to stand firm? And it's no accident that Allah azza wa jal then begins talking about his power and his control over the entire creation, encouraging us to rely on him. Allah azza wa jal says, Rob welcome Allah the US Geological portfolio caffine battery interpretable Miana family here in Nanaimo, Canada before makishima It's your Lord who drives the ship for you through the sea that you may seek of His Bounty. Indeed, he is ever to you merciful, ye the mess of Komodo Phil Bathory Bala manager, the Runa INLA ei Furla, mana Jaco

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Mira, Valerie, Roberto O'Connell in Santa, the full role. And when adversity touches you at sea, last are all those who call upon except for him. But when He delivers you back safely to the land, then you turn away from Him, and mankind is ever ungrateful.

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Now, I've never been on a boat during a storm, but I have flown it on airplanes quite a bit.

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During my time in Medina, I would come back to visit North America every summer. I also have family spread out here and there. So I flown domestically, and anyone who has flown enough knows that sometimes you run into turbulence, and sometimes you even run into stormy weather. When you fly through a storm, your entire world changes just a second ago, in the cabin of the plane that you felt completely sheltered from the outside world. It's a pressurized cabin, it's climate control. You have snacks and you have entertainment on the screen in front of you. It really does make you forget that you're hurtling through the air, high above the earth at high speed.

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When you fly through the storm,

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and reality really hits, you see the wings of the plane out the window and the ceiling of the plane above you start to shake. You wonder, can it really hold up? Is it going to break? The entire plane can be tossed about in a bad storm. You feel the sudden changes in direct direction and elevation you have to strap in your seatbelts. All of a sudden it's very scary. What can you do? You're trapped in your seats, there's nowhere to go.

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When I've been on domestic flights in North America, everyone is just usually off in their own world. You close your eyes and watch anxiously you might grip the arm of your seat a little more tightly. And then once you pass through the turbulence or you pass through the storm, everyone kind of exhales they relax and go back to whatever it is that they were doing. One time I took a flight from Mexico to Austin, Texas. So most of the passengers on the plane were Mexican. We passed through a storm. And once we came out the other side everyone started clapping and cheering for the pilots who had brought us through the storm. I thought that was that was pretty nice. But one time I was

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heading back to Medina and I had a layover in Jordan. Most of the people who got onto the plane in Jordan, they were pilgrims from Jordan and Iraq. And on the way to Medina we pass through probably the worst storm I've ever seen. As everything shook and lightning flashed all around us. I actually prepared myself mentally for the possibility of dying on that plane. But then something amazing happened. Well

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One of the group leaders of the pilgrims stood up and started chanting the shahada, though, Allah,

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Allah and everyone on the train Jordan, we all chanted that

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together until we passed all the way safely through the storm. And that's really what it's about at the end of the day, where do you put your trust?

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We can put our trust in the engineering that built the plane. Out of the latest materials, we can put our trust in the pilots who train for hours and hours to deal with turbulence situations, or we can trust in Allah, almighty Isaiah with gentlemen, the master of the universe, the cause of all causes, Allah subhanahu wa taala will deliver us through the storm, there is no doubt that he is able this verse in salt solace rock. When we read it out of context, it seems like a fairly standard reminder about Allah's blessings. And yes, this is true Allah azza wa jal gives us safe passage. He protects us. He makes it easy for us to go to work for us to go to school for us to come to the

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masjid and pray. We don't have to climb mountains, or risk our lives to do so. Which means that whatever it is we gain from school or gain from work or gain from the message sheet. Whether it's knowledge or money, or our own salvation, it means that it's because of Allah, that Allah subhana Muthana facilitated it for us. And when we read this verse in relation to what came immediately before it about the bliss, and his swarm go to manipulate us through our fears and through our desires. We realized that Allah subhanho wa Taala is also talking about his ability to deliver us from every type of harm, whether it's harm to our bodies or harm to our souls. If Allah azza wa jal

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is able to deliver us safely over the stormy endless sea, if he's able to deliver us safely through the turbulent air, and he can deliver us from the plotting of the devil as well. You don't have to hide away in your home. In order to avoid the devil. You don't have to rely on superstition, or magic, Allah azza wa jal will protect you if you trust him. And the verse tells us that ALLAH SubhanA wa Giada will sometimes put us into stormy weather,

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to see how we're going to react, not because he doesn't know. He already knows, but he wants to show us how we're going to react so we can evaluate ourselves and fix ourselves, if necessary, what either Massa Komodo will feel badly bottle amounted aroma Illa ja, Villa manager comida we are on tone

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SANIKA photo. And when adversity touches you and see lost are all those that you call to accept for him, but when he delivers to you to the land, then you turn away from Him. And mankind is ever ungrateful.

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Whether you have ever stepped foot onto a boat or not, we all have been lost at sea. At some points in our lives. Some of us might feel like we're lost at sea right now. It could be your spouse, you just can't get along about anything. You don't feel heard. You don't feel respected. You don't feel loved. You're always on edge. You can't sleep at night. You don't see any way out. It could be your children. Maybe they don't cry, maybe they left the dean, maybe they don't listen to you. Maybe they're ungrateful for all your hard work.

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It could be your health, maybe you're in constant pain, you can live a normal life every single day is a struggle for you.

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It could be your wealth or your livelihood, you're out of a job all your savings and resources are exhausted. You have no idea where the next meal is going to come from. It could even be your faith. You don't feel motivated. You don't feel close to Allah subhanahu wa Tada if you don't feel like coming to the masjid or reading court

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or doing anything, but the bare minimum if that

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lost at sea. When you're lost at sea, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to do two things. First is to trust him subhanho wa Taala to rely on Him and to wait it out. Allah azza wa jal, the Almighty will deliver you. Yes, he is able, he sees what you can't see.

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The second thing that Allah azza wa jal wants from us is much, much more difficult.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala delivers us safely to that shore, or safely to that airport or safely to tranquility or to health or to prosperity, whatever it is. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to be transformed. He wants us to be transformed into different people. He wants us to be transformed into grateful people.

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If you're like those people on the plane who just exhale and go back to what you were doing before, that's not being very grateful.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has something to say to that type of person in the next couple of verses Allah azza wa jal says, I'm into a UFC fabric for journeyman gunnery Oh, you'll see there are a compacity about the military do the Commonwealth healer

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so what is it? Do you feel sure that Allah won't cause you took cause the lander to swallow you whole? Or send a storm of stones to rain down upon you? If that happened, what would you do? You couldn't find anyone to save you an integral and you are either completely tablets and Luthra. So you will see that on a common pacify. Men are waiting for you for dinner.

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For you read Lacombe America photo film Mala taggi Do the comb arraign behave tabby?

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Or do you feel so sure that Allah subhanaw taala won't send you back into the sea again, and send upon you a hurricane or drown you for that which he denied and were ungrateful for if that were to happen. You wouldn't find anyone that could take revenge against the law for you.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us he doesn't want us to go back to normal. After he sends a difficult situation our way. He wants us to change. He wants us to transform He wants us to keep that proximity, that closeness that we achieved when we were lost at sea.

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We should always be that close to Allah. We should always be that aware of Allah's control. We should always be that dependence upon Allah.

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It says if Allah subhanaw taala is saying Don't stop now. It was the closeness and the trust and the reliance that got us through our darkest hour. Allah subhana wa Tada doesn't want us to wait until we're lost at sea again to be that close to him after he had washed up from Allah He by the company said it was leaving them equally Daniel best off in a world of all right.

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Sophia Thank you auntie nanny worship

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Allah. Allah said he could even be shot in Washington and the vn was eaten and Mohammed Abdullah Watsu at that right in the recliner. So love it he want to add he also hobby whatever wherever you are suddenly want to see him and give you a rock.

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Someone might wonder

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why is it that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us go through this in the first place? Why does Allah azza wa jal want us to go through hardship? Especially when there's a chance when there's a chance of failing that test?

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Allah subhanaw taala says next what up on top of rung, Benny? What feminina feel battery while battery What does he mean by a battery laptop bonobo Monica theory in many follow up on Lita and we have certainly honored the Children of Adam and carried them on land and seed and provided for them of the good things and privileged them over much of what we have created with certain clear privilege.

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Allah azza wa jal is

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He's telling us that's a be human in the first place is to be privileged. We are privileged in our mobility, we can travel all over the earth by land or by sea. Now even by air, we're not limited to one type of habitat or one type of climate zone like many of the laws creatures, we can travel. And Allah subhanaw taala gave us the minds of the bodies, to be able to invent new ways that make travel possible.

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Allah also reminds us that we are privileged in the variety of things that we can eat. Think of all the fruits and all the vegetables and all the dishes from our various cultures. What other creature has so much variety?

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These privileges are not by chance.

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And they're not for free.

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Everything has a price. And the price of our privilege is in the responsibilities we have and the expectations upon us. Who here are not like the plants, nor like the animals. In this way. We can't just spend our lives satisfying the needs of the body. That's not enough. We must develop ourselves, we must improve ourselves we must become more virtuous and more righteous as time goes on. Because we are responsible, as Allah's would have thought as Allah's stewards and representatives here on Earth, the rest of creation depends upon us.

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The rest of creation depends upon us to be just and responsible, who will take care of them. If we don't take care of them,

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who will show mercy to them. If we don't show mercy to them.

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The tremendous privilege we have is balanced by tremendous responsibility. And every responsibility has consequences if it is abandoned, or neglected, which is why I will also count on Tada that says, Yo Munna Darrow could level nursing ve Mami the min OTFT turbo who will be a meanie Heath hola que una kita bajo wala even if

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one day we will call forth every people with their email, then whoever is given his Record in his right hand, those will read their records and injustice will not be done to them. Even as much as the threat of a deep seated woman on Montana if he had he Aetna, who was the one who said Vida and whoever is blind in this life.

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He will be blind in the hereafter and even more Australia.

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Allah subhanaw taala didn't blame someone who goes out of their way to harm other people here. He said whoever is blind.

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That's because the entire creation is dependent on on us, the Muslims, the faithful, the orphans depend upon us to be looked after. The poor and the weak depend upon loss not to be exploited. The plants and the animals that are becoming more and more endangered every single day are dependent upon us, the air and the water that are being polluted or dependent upon us.

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And the times like ours, where evil is widespread, when everyone is telling you to think only about yourself, when we are told that every whim and desire that we have is sacred, and every sacred thing is oppressive

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in this environment. Even being a bystander even watching from the sidelines, means that you're abandoning your duty to stand up for what is right to stand on the sidelines is to let down the rest of creation. There's a lot at stake which is why I lost the pilots honor then gives us the example of the prophets of Allah body he was so we can see what it looks like in practice but to fulfill this responsibility, Allah subhanaw taala says what you can leave at noon ago and in the Wii U like the traffic area Aleyda era was set up who kind of foggy indeed they were about to tempt you away from that which we reveal to you in order to make you invent something about us that was not true.

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And then they would have taken you as a friend. This is referring to an event that happened if an event is going to be a little more on who as recorded by a thought said that event.

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This verse was revealed about benefit beef. Benny 15th came to pledge allegiance to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and become Muslims, but they had a condition.

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They said, let us worship our idols for just one more year, so that we can benefit from them a little bit longer.

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Now, benefit Peeth was a very, very strong tribe, and their support to the Muslims would have put an end to many of the profits problems. So the Lavoie, they have some.

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So we see there, there was a moment that requires great character. If the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam compromised the integrity of the deen, he would have gotten what he wanted in the dunya. And not just for himself personally, he would have gotten security for the Muslims and straight for his son.

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On the other hand, if he rejected their offer, they would be less safe. Who knows if they would have to face them and bow later on down the road? Who knows how many lives would have to be lost?

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One could definitely justified compromising. If they thought long enough about it. How does the prophets of Allah while he was suddenly able to resist? How was he able to try and philosophize? While lodo and third, that's naturally not on the tip to Tibet can really lead him astray. Quite ILA, if we had not strengthened you, you would have almost inclined to the just a little the prophets of Allah why he was Sunday was of such high and refined faith, that he barely entertained the idea of such a compromise. But Allah subhanaw taala also points out that the power to resist came from Allah. Allah is the refuge. Allah has the strength,

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whatever type of strength that we need, Allah subhanaw taala hazards if we need the strength to face the scariest circumstance, or the most broken relationship, or the most alluring temptation, Allah subhanaw Madonna has that strength and he will give it to us. If we trust Him, if we rely upon him, and if we prove that it's not just a one time thing, that this is the new life that we have chosen to live, to live in hardship and it is the life of faith, the life of reliance, the life of gratitude.