If Allah Is Almighty, Why Did He Create Us To Worship Him

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If Allah is Almighty, why were we made to worship Him? What are the mysteries behind the wisdom of Allah? What were the angels told when they too asked the same question to Allah SWT? What was the reply they received? What shall be the reward from Allah for following and obeying and worshipping him unconditionally?

Shaykh Yasir comments on this very difficult question.

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If Allah is almighty, why did he create us to worship Him?

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This question was asked by the angels themselves the Quran tells us that the angel said Oh Allah, why would you create a creation that sinful doing all of this and that's, you know, shedding blood. When here we are worshipping you and praising you. And Allah azza wa jal did not rationalize Allah did not attempt to explain. Allah simply said, I know what you do not know. I know what you do not know. Even the angels question the wisdom and even the angels were not capable of understanding Allah is wisdom. And Allah responded to them by saying, you will have to trust me, I know what you do not know. Really there are things that can be said Why did Allah create us? But in the end of the

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day for every why there's a why not for every if there's a because for every and there's a what if you know it's an infinite cycle? At some point, we're simply going to have to submit, look, we are created. it's it's it's a done deal. And we have to deal with the creation. We might not understand Allah's wisdom. In fact, let me rephrase that, do you think you will understand Allah has wisdom, we have to deal with the reality and that is that we are created and we have to put our trust that Allah is merciful and loving, and all wise and all powerful, every attempt to answer this question and there are some attempts, they fall short because in my humble opinion, there is no way that this

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answer can be fully grasped and understood. However, just a tidbit here, if not, I am said that one of the wisdoms of the creation of a species like human beings, is so that some of those names and attributes that would not be manifested on the angels will be manifested in the humans. For example, Allah being merciful and forgiving, a lot overlooking the sins Allah covering the sins. These names are manifested in a sinful creation like us, we're the ones who commit sins. So we have to ask for forgiveness. So Allah will forgive us the angels will not ask for forgiveness. And there are other wisdoms that some people have mentioned. But in the end, really, this is something that I believe no

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human can ever fully comprehend. We'll have to leave it up to the mysteries of a law and we will have to have that trust and faith and inshallah Tada, the point being, when you do have that faith in a law, the rewards will literally be infinite, infinite rewards and that is everlasting, everlasting, Janet and Jim and Dottie has