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You welcome to the deen show, which is a way of life we try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand Islam and Muslims, I like to thank you for coming to the source. Today we have a special guest. What enticed me to do this show is on the D show.com. website, you can go onto the video page under the download category, I really recommend that everybody take take a little bit of time and watch this lecture is by a Dr. Bart Ehrman. He's a renowned Bible scholar. Now, I watched this lecture, and this is a man who had a devotion for his creator, he went in there and he's, he was a devout Christian, he finished at some of the top Bible schools. And what happened was

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he went back to manuscripts, which many Christians aren't able to do what he did, he went to study the Hebrew, he went to study the Greek. And to find out that this actually couldn't be the words of God, that this was man made, because there was a lot of additions, the things that were taken out put in. So now the man he's in a he turned, he labeled himself as an agnostic. This is I guess, somebody who really borderline atheist doesn't really is unsure. So I've been trying to talk to him. So what I wanted to do today is to talk about the Quran now, because we have the original, we have the original has been preserved for 1400 years. So I'm bringing on somebody a special guest. All

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right. And he's going to talk about how the Quran was compiled. All right. And at the end, we're going to summarize that there's no other way, there's no doubt that this had been written by any man, that this is indeed from the Creator of the heavens and earth. Let's take a break. We're going to show you who he is. And we'll bring him out in just a second on the deen show.

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Is his messenger

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guesses? He's

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very young.

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How are you? Thank you very much for coming. I would

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like to thank you for coming onto the show. You know, we're about trying to educate the masses on this beautiful way of life, which is the fastest growing way of life in the in the world today that I let tell a lie. I'm telling the truth. No, of course it is, is what the fastest growing religion and in the world right now. And even with all the

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Islamic bashing that you have in the media and so forth, like the Muslims, the Muslim population is still the greatest. I mean, the largest growing population, anywhere in the world right now. Yes. And yes, this growing religion would entice you to actually go and study overseas. You graduated from the prestigious Islamic University of Medina. Yes, I grew up in Seattle, and my parents

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came here to America

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in the early 80s, and

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I pretty much grew up and I went to

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elementary school, middle school and high school, throughout. And then after graduating from high school in Seattle, I went directly to the University of Medina to study about Islam. And where else would you learn from the source? The source of any with anything? You want to go straight directly to the source to learn the true Islam? Of course, yeah, that's the source. Definitely. And I'm surprised you from Vietnam. Yes. I am from Viet Vietnamese Muslim. Yes, I am from Vietnam. Wow, this is my first time. A lot of Muslims from Vietnam. But I was told if there was Muslims, if there was people living on the move, they'd be Muslim on the moon. All over everywhere.

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Everywhere in the jungles, in the jungles of Asia, to the to the jungles, in Africa, in the mountains

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of India, wherever you wherever you find people, they'll always be Muslim all over the place. So you should get to know us now. We're not going nowhere. All right. So we're fun people to be around good peace, law abiding citizens, people who want like, what everybody wants to live in peace and harmony, you know? So we were glad that you know, we tried to educate the audience, educate non Muslims and Muslims. All right, because Islam, the fastest growing way of life yet most misunderstood, right? Yes, of course. Now, before you came out, I mentioned a certain Dr. Bart de arm. He's a renowned Bible scholar. He went back to the original men, which many Christians aren't

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able to do. So you know, they, you know, they quote certain verses. They're not really familiar with the Bible. Some are very sincere, but this they just aren't able to

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We have the cron in the original, okay, millions have memorized it.

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So what I wanted to do was, I want to show this gentleman along with the whole world, I want to go into glimpse just to give him a taste of how this cron cannot be from anyone other than the Creator, the Quran and is very unique. In

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all linguistically, the word Quran itself means the recitation. And as we know, the Arabs before, even before the revelation of the Quran, they were known to be people who love poetry, love to they memorize, the they were used to memorizing. And they were pretty much a people who really took care of their language. And the language itself is very vast, it's very, it's a very vast and very strong language.

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Let me just give you an example, which is

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just the word line and the Arabic language, you know, you can say it, there are over 25 words, which one is the word line word line, just to say the word line, but every single word that you use,

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every word that you use gives a full picture. And this picture of how the line is, for example, if you said, the word Asad, this means lion. Also, if you said, A swara, that this means this is a lion, a female lion that's chasing you. And there's a word for lion is that sitting down, and we're and the lion that has its main, you know, coming out, and so forth. And so the difference between the Arabic language, also to start with one before speaking about the French to speak, what is the vastness and the richness of the Arabic language? Was it just something that is,

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you know, only those who really know it can really appreciate it. And when the Quran came down, since the time of the Prophet Mohammed made peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, the people knew the Arabic language, and they prided themselves concerning the Arabic language, and they were very eloquent. But when the Quran came down,

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even the Arabs themselves, when they heard the Quran, they realized that itself is the in its eloquence, and everything, it was a miracle in itself, the beauty and this, the meaning the vast meaning in it. And the beauty of the Quran struck many of the hearts of those people just because of the beauty of the language.

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And, and so, just to start it off, just the languages have the power of the language of Allah Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah and God Almighty, in the Quran, has given a challenge

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to the Arabs themselves during that time to just bring forward one chapter of it's like, and they weren't able to do so. So that so this cuts out the argument saying that the Prophet peace be upon him would have copied it from the Jews or Christians, because the challenge right there negates that, doesn't it? Yes, of course, the challenges of this, this is just the beginning, the challenge, the challenge in the eloquence of the Arabic language itself, from that time, until now, then Allah told them, if they could just bring, you know, the Quran, a Koran, the likes of which, and then they of course, they couldn't, then a lot this challenged him and to ask them to bring just the likes of

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one chapter. And then in the end, just one verse, they can just bring one verse of the likes of it, then this itself would have proved otherwise, like the the Quran was not the word of God. But from that time, until our time right now, of course, you have many Arab Christians, even an Arab Arabs who are non Muslims, who are very eloquent in the Arabic language, from the time of the Prophet Muhammad, until May peace and blessings be upon him until even to our time. And that challenge still stands today. It's the it started from over 1400 years ago. And it still stands today that nobody can bring forth in the eloquent in itself, just the eloquence of it. Nobody has ever come up and

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brought some some, you know, verse, even just a verse of the likes of it. And anybody who brings forth a verse, or tries to install what they themselves give up, they know it's not fail. They just fail miserably miserably. Like everyone who would listen to would know it. It's not exactly it's not the same thing. So how could somebody say, you know, a skeptic, he says, Okay, how is something look at the Bible we have, you know, compare it to the Bible, where you have 1000s of different manuscripts, no two are alike. There's this scholar, Dr. ermine was saying that there's more errors in the Bible than there are

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Words, something to the sense. So now how is someone when he studies this and he sees all these errors, countless, countless, there's no way that, you know, back then that man was able to preserve didn't have a kinkos you didn't have, you know, the computers or whatnot. How is this? How is it? You know, how is the cron able to do this, the Quran itself

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just the simple fact if it was from a human,

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you would find in consistencies. And you would find contradictions, especially the way that it came, and the way that it was a compiled and the way that was revealed. And so if I wasn't revealed all at once, it was revealed in steps and it was revealed, according to the, during the times, and according to the situation and circumstances.

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When I, or once or a little bit from the time from, from the time of revelation at the beginning of the time of Revelation. And when the Prophet Mohammed was in Mecca, all the way for

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10 years after that 13 years after that Nintendo the next 10 years, for 23 years, the whole time, it was being revealed in steps and an eye and so forth, or verse at a time, versus at a time. And so, you see with all that time, and if a human would have done it, there would have been contradictions.

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If it was, if it was done by any human, you would see that there would be contradictions. But from that time on till now, if you were to study the Quran, from the beginning to the end, you don't find this contradiction. There's no contradiction. And another thing is the Quran was preserved and memorized by the companions of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May peace and blessings be upon him. When it was revealed through the archangel, Gabriel.

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Immediately the Messenger of Allah would tell some of his scribes to write it down. To write it down into each one, it was written down from his time, and it was memorized. Also, most of the people memorize the Quran until this day, there are millions of people who memorize the Quran. And it has come down to us in a way that it's there's no way it's inconceivable that all of these people have,

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you know, it's memorized the same way, it's inconceivable that there there will be any mistakes in it whatsoever. So right now, like right now, if somebody were to get rid of the Quran, some way somehow get rid of every single column that you have, every single must have every single call and that you have, and just get rid of it. In one moment,

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just in one hour, the Muslims are less than that, even the Muslims would be able to bring it back, because so many people have memorized this. And it has continued from the time of the Prophet Mohammed until our time. And it's not like the Bible, where you have different versions, you know, like, you have the different versions in terms of, you know, the version, you know, the King James Version, or this and that, and now even you have like modern versions. Yeah, even I don't know what they what they have hundreds or hundreds of versions, different types of versions, and everybody memorized it. And it has stayed with us until, until this time, right? Now we're, there's no, if one

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person would you try to add just a single word, a single letter, change a single letter, people would correct them right away, because it's memorized. You can never, and it's not the same way with the Bible. It's not the same way with the Bible. You can even though the greatest Bible scholar if you told them to recite, or you know the verses, from the beginning to the end, when nobody memorizes the whole Bible, but we have 1000s and 1000s Even kids that 910 years old, who have memorized the whole plan, every single letter have it by heart, so and just you know, just this just this fact itself, is a miracle in itself. So when we say version, just so our audience knows

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version, meaning that in what's in one Bible is not in the other, there might be two paragraphs taken out, there might be a whole chapter missing. There might be as you know, certain things the Quran is not like there is one version, and there's different translations, but that's not the Quran. Yes, the translations are not considered the Quran. The Quran is the Arabic text Arabic versus the Arabic words. That's the Quran. And the translation even translating the Quran is not permissible. you translate the meaning of the Quran because you can never get the true meaning when you change from one language to another. You will always lose something. You know, for those who

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know languages, when you translate, you're not going to get the full effect of that language language especially with it. Of course, especially with with Arabic language, you'll see that maybe that might be fun.

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five words, but you need a whole sentence or a whole paragraph just to explain that, because it's so rich. And with the boat with the Bible, you see, it's different. The Bible, first of all,

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Jesus, he didn't speak English. And even the English version was not translated. It was not. It was it was it wasn't translated from the original language that Jesus spoke. First of all, it was it came from the Greek Mmm, right? Yeah, yeah. Translation is the Greek. Of course, he didn't speak Greek. He didn't speak. He spoke Aramaic. I mean, it's a dead language. Yes. And remake. And the originals aren't even in there make? Yes. And even the originals are not in Aramaic. And so

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when you're translating from one sentence to that you How can you say that this is the exact word of God, when so many translations, and even that even these translations have versions themselves. But what to call and it's not like that. It's the same, the same way that was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed to the Archangel Gabriel, it is the same, and that we are reading. Now word for word for word, say, oh, Muhammad, he didn't leave that out. Yes, you told me to go a go tell him to do you're not gonna say, of course, it is World War One, it hasn't been changed. And God preserved it because it's the final religion. And it's going to be preserved from the from his time all the way since

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since it was revealed, till the Day of Judgment, it will be preserved, and it will never be changed, and it cannot be changed. And even if everybody if the whole world wanted to change it, if somebody wanted to change, it's made such an effort to try to change it, change one word, they would not be able to do so because it has already been preserved. And it has been preserved, to the point where there are so many memorizers of the Quran, from that time, from the time of the Prophet on all the way till the time, it's just mind boggling to start with, if you were to write, if you if you were to connect the chains, you know, all the way of the of those who memorize, you wouldn't you wouldn't

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be able to do so because there's so many people, there's so many people, everybody memorizes you know, from from that time until now, but what the Bible you have? You know, first of all, you have people who are narrating things that happen. And even those people themselves, like, you know, you have the Gospel of Luke, the gospel of Matt, and all these gospels, and john and so forth, all of these people, who are these people to start with, you know, who are these people just start with, with Islam, it's different, even with the, with any information that we have, we have to verify. And we can trace back anything that the Prophet did not even just not just the Quran itself, you know,

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there's, it's just, we don't even need to do that. Because there are so many people who have memorized and has come in the same way. But with the, with the Bible, you have, for example, Matt, john, and the Gospels and so forth, who are these people who put who put them down, we don't even have their last names, we don't have their histories and so forth. You know, and,

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and you if you're going to base your whole life on something, then they sit on something, you can verify that you know, that it indeed came from from God, and you know, what the * and we can do that I want to cover in the remaining time that we have I want to go over some of these points. Tell me if and I'm sure you've heard some of these arguments now. So we covered Is it possible that the Prophet peace be upon him, he got a lot of this information because the Quran, which is a verbatim word of the Creator of the heavens and earth talks about things that happen in Moses time, things that happen in Jesus's time and Abraham's time. So they say, Look, he got it from the Bible, he got

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it from Is it possible at all? Just anyway, another thing that a lot of Christians don't realize that the Prophet Mohammed, then this is a miracle itself, the prophet Mohammed, first of all, he was illiterate. He did not know how to read, nor did he know how to write non bias historians even confirmed Yes, they've confirmed this, of course, even on BAE Systems, he did not know how to read, nor Didn't you know how to write, and the information, just the information that's in there. First of all, it should it should be, you know, similar to what the Jews had become, and the Christians also, and their Bibles and Torah, they said the stories are because they are from the same source.

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Yes, the only difference is that, because Islam is the final religion, God has taken upon himself to preserve this because it's for, its for us to live by, from, from that time until the dead that day of judgment until the end of time. And that's why he preserved the Quran. And he didn't take it upon himself to preserve the, the Torah and and,

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and the, the Bible, which is the Bible in the gospels, because why

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the Jesus and Moses, they were sent to the children of Israel, the children of Israel. And so that's why

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God did not take it upon himself to preserve the scriptures. Because the core and that was to come was to abrogate all that was before. abrogate all that was before. And Muhammad, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as I mentioned,

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he couldn't have taken it from the Jews and the Christians, because, you know, if a person doesn't know how to read, in person doesn't know how to write, how can first of all, how can you come up with something so eloquent that nobody has even nobody's able to,

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you know, imitate or copy the likes of which. And secondly, just the details and the the consistencies that are in the book. And if it was by a person who, you know, it's inconceivable that would be by a person that's illiterate. And also, then the science that's in

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the steps, if you were to read it, you read about the evolution of the fetus, or even astronomy, like, you know, God says,

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and in a chapter called unhappy about the day judgment, one of the, one of the chapters, one of the iots, he swears by follow opensim will be my walk in the gym. And I swear by the position of the stars, the position of the stars, you notice this itself is, you know, if you look, if you think about it in scientific terms, you know, the stars that we look at, you know, why did he say I swear by the stars, because when the stars that when we when we're looking at the stars, the light that has been emitted by the stars, okay, the light that has been emitted by the stars, they have been emitted millions and millions of years ago already, but it has just reached us now. And that's why

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sometimes we hear in the news that a star has just exploded, but it exploded 200 million or 200 billion years ago, I thought, you know, a long time ago. But that in the light from the explosion that he was emitted during that time has just reached us now. So sometimes when we're looking at the stars, we're actually not looking at the exact star, we're looking at the position of those stars, because they're not actually they might not be there right now. So just some of these facts, and there are many others about the ocean, about the depths in the ocean, the depth and the darkness that's in the ocean, wherever you took your handout, you could even see your own hand. And you know,

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and this is just the fact simple fact the miracle and the miracle and the Quran is in the science also in the science and scientific facts. So if anybody would like to know,

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to disprove what's in the core, and all you have to do is just look look at the facts that are in the court and try to disprove that you're not going to be able to do so, and to make sure because there are people that try to point out a so called contradiction so called Yes. Now you want to go to the person who knows the Arabic and sit and now as gets explained, not the layman come to the person and say look man, you say no contradictions will explain this. And then let that person who knows the Quran, okay, explain it and everything has been, you know, the so called if somebody tries to bring some be funny and try to cut and paste a verse or try to do some of this is failed every

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time. Yes, of course. You know, of course. First of all, as you mentioned that the Arabic language is the real the true core and is the Arabic language as why there was a doctor His name is Maurice Prakash. Okay, I'm West, okay. And he's in. He was a French physician. And he he accepted Islam because

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of because of what he saw about the evolution of the fetus and so forth. Because there's no there's no way that a person who, who lived in the desert of Arabia lives in Arabia during that time. could mention anything like that, because these are just scientific facts that people have just discovered recently. And how could somebody

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that was living during that time mentioned something so in so much detail, and so just this is just one of the one of the things, one of the few things that you can find, okay, we're gonna

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cut out a few. I want to just cover real quick, just give me a brief someone says, okay, it's from Satan. Well, how would you reply to this? First of all, Islam teaches us to do good.

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The Quran tells us to be kind to our friends, be kind to our parents, to be nice to, you know, to people, and Islam teaches to be nice to animals, and you get rewarded even being nice to you know, be taking care of an animal like the Messenger of Allah. May peace and blessings of

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Have a lobby upon him and told the story of

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a prostitute who entered who, who gave water to a dog who was thirsty. After that person after she went into the well, she brought out the water and gave water to the dog and the dog drank from it because a lot because of what she did, God forgave her her sins, and another generation entered her paradise, because she was so nice to the dog. And, of course, Islam teaches us, you know, to be kind to people, and it teaches all you know, to the to have respect for elders, everything good, everything good. And in this, if you read it, how can this from be from Satan, Satan tells us to be good. Yes, that's all the things are good are in there were ordered to and every time we recite we

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recite one of the chapters We seek refuge.

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From shaitan, we seek before we even begin, we say it was a bit like him in a plan, which means I seek refuge from the in God from the Christian thought. So this kills this argument already from the beginning. Every time a Muslim reads the Quran, immediately he seeks refuge from Satan. So, I mean, why would you say to tell you to seek refuge? So if it was indeed from him, okay, so that comes out. All right. So basically,

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tell me in your studies, have you come across any other scripture that goes into detail? All right, like an instruction manual on how the human being should live.

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Talking about past events that have that have happened, scientific evidences like this, and making, it's like me saying, Okay, this is making a claim, there's, you know, say there's 10 people in a room, all right, and nobody's saying that that's mine, you know, whatever, you know, a piece of an item or whatever, but one person whose trust where he said, No, that's mine, he's making the claim. Is there any other scripture where God Almighty says that I am the Creator of the heavens and earth? Okay, I have revealed this book I am your Lord worship me. Is there any other quick

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scripture as the Quran making these vast claims?

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Well, in any other book, like there's like, there's, are there 1000s of books in each one saying that I'm, it's from the Creator, you know, talking about the universe, or the development of the human being, as the Quran does. Look in detail then with all of the aspects that you have mentioned. There's nothing, nothing, that there's nothing I studied.

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There's nothing like the Quran. And there's nothing like the Quran. So I don't understand. It's very simple. And we're trying to simplify it for the people. The Quran is, it's a fact the only book that is verbatim speaking God directly speaking to us. Yes, it's, it's a manual for us to live in. And it encompasses everything, you know, Islam isn't just a religion, that you practice, you know, just on Fridays, or certain days, but it's a it's a complete way of life. Most people don't understand it's a complete way of life. And not only does it cover just our regular daily lives, it covers everything from the social aspect, from government and social aspect, and everything, everything is

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covered in there. And

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even you know, the etiquettes of cleaning ourselves. And so if there, if it is from God, and then it has ended, it is like a manual for us, that it has to cover everything

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about us which the ground on which the Quran does and that no other scripture, no one covers it like it. So we broke it down and make it very simple. Okay, in closing Now, we know that this is a fact anybody can verify it, let's say 80% of the things that the Quran that God Almighty, the creator that heavens and earth talks about in the Quran,

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for example, the creation of the human being the creation of the universe, many scientific facts, they were only recently discovered. It's all on point. Yes. All right, now there's a 20% left. It's not wrong. It just hasn't happened yet. Tell us what are these things, the 20% that haven't occurred that the Quran is talking about, that they're coming these coming events. And first of all, we in Islam, we have the Quran and the Quran speaks about this, some speaks about the signs of the day judgment also, concerning the past events, you know, there are many things that you mentioned that already happened, but prophecies prophecies and that have already happened. And they didn't happen

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during the time of the Prophet Mohammed. Or they happen after the revelation even of the of these verses, and then they happen later on after this. But the remainder of course, about the about the life in the grave, about death and then about the Hereafter, paradise and the Hellfire and everything else.

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At the end of the world, and so forth, all of these things, also are mentioned in the Quran mentioned the Quran in.

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if these things have already happened, of course, you know, and we can verify the things that are that have already happened, of course, then what are your experiments?

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Also, exactly as I like to thank you for coming out, I like to thank everybody for tuning in. And is there any closing comments that you'd like to have for anybody who's out there who's thinking about investigating Islam, the Quran, any kind of advice that you want to give these people? In truth, anybody who looks at the plant opens

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with an objective objectively, you know, without, you know, without any previous, maybe adulteration in their minds, or thoughts and so forth, just open? And what have you got to lose? You know, you just open it is this from God? And you, yourself, just read through it, read through it, and what's the message is trying to get through to you? What's the purpose? Why are you living in this life? And is this, you know, is this the Word of God, and you read objectively, you will find, if you are truly objective, and you are truly sincere, then God will guide you to the hora and you will see it and those who those people who those who are guided will be those who are sincere and look at it

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objectively, what do you have, what have you got to lose? And what have you got to lose?

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There are so many Muslims in the world, you see them everywhere, at least know what that what they were living by. And also, sometimes, you know, when you open up, and you read it, and you know, a lot of times some people, you see a lot of Muslims and some Muslims, just like any other with any other religion, some Muslims are not abiding by the, so we don't judge us. So we don't judge you. So you don't judge Islam, by the actions of some Muslims. Because if you want to judge a religion, then judge it from the source itself, because the personal anybody can claim that he is, you know, it can claim that he follows a religion, but if he doesn't follow it, like for example, you see a lot of

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priests, you know, a lot of priest and so forth in the news, we hear them, molesting children and so forth. Now, just because these these bad people are doing this, does that mean that you know, Christianity is bad? Or you know, and so forth? do you blame that on Christianity? And you say that, you know, like these people? You know, look, look, the Christianity tells people to molest children.

00:32:34 --> 00:32:40

But with Islam is different every time I mean, anytime something in Muslim does something Islam goes on trial. Yeah.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:57

So, you know, be objective and open it and you'll see and be sincere, and you will see that it's, it's a true Word of God. So in closing, if you can get with this, this very basic

00:32:58 --> 00:33:40

message, to worship your Creator, not the creation, that's the main message of this Quran. If you can dig this, if you can get with this to worship the Creator, not his creation, then from there, everything else will fall in place. I like to really encourage you to watch this video lecture. It's on the deen show.com. It's in our download section. And this will for the Christian who sincerely looking for the truth. He has some doubts. This is going to explain a lot for the Muslim it's going to increase your faith you're going to see that this is really indeed a miracle that we have the Quran today in its original for 1400 years unchanged. And

00:33:41 --> 00:34:14

if anybody now has any questions, please continue to write them in I'd like to thank you for coming by May God Almighty reward you for your efforts. And I'd like to thank everybody that's been tuning into the show since day one. Thank you very much continued thank you for all your support. We've been getting I've been getting emails from all across the world. It really helps keep me going. And hamdulillah that we've been able to put on some some great shows for you guys. I'd like to thank you. Tune in again next week as we bring you another show a salami comb piece we have to you

00:34:35 --> 00:34:36

are you still live

00:34:39 --> 00:34:45

live in adjust for me. I had no idea this law.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:49

Judge my eternity

00:34:51 --> 00:34:52

no one

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

has opened my heart and opened my mind.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

And open my eyes to see.

00:35:04 --> 00:35:17

See the existence of one surrounding me. It's more than just chance. It's more than just to win sets and to look around and see

00:35:19 --> 00:35:19

the sun

00:35:22 --> 00:35:27

a beautiful creation of love. So how can you deny?

00:35:30 --> 00:35:32

How can you deny the oneness of

00:35:34 --> 00:35:35

a loved one?

00:35:37 --> 00:35:40

How can you deny the oneness of Allah?

00:35:43 --> 00:35:47

How can you deny the oneness of Allah?

00:35:50 --> 00:35:53

How can you deny the oneness of

00:35:55 --> 00:35:55


00:36:03 --> 00:36:12

and you see, so clearly, the stars that later on around, the birds are flying over me.

00:36:13 --> 00:36:25

The rain fall from the sky and see you see become mesh tree. lift the veil from your heart worship below and you'll see

00:36:26 --> 00:36:28

a little sexy

00:36:31 --> 00:36:39

existence of what surrounds in me more than just chance. It's more than just

00:36:43 --> 00:36:53

the food that need the plants and trees, the sun and the seas. You win me everything you see. So how can you

00:36:55 --> 00:36:58

How can you deny the oneness of

00:37:00 --> 00:37:01

a loved one?

00:37:02 --> 00:37:05

How can you deny the Oneness?

00:37:09 --> 00:37:11

How can you be neither one?

00:37:16 --> 00:37:18

How can you deny either one?

00:38:04 --> 00:38:05

How can you

00:38:11 --> 00:38:13

How can you deny them?

00:38:18 --> 00:38:19

How can you be nice

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