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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of reciting the Quran in a respectful and appropriate manner, even in the quietest of times. They stress that reciting in loud voices is not acceptable, and stress the need for making sure each letter is pronounce and given its right.
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realize that when you're reciting the Quran, whether it's out loud, or even in the silent prayers, you still have to read it in a methodical, respectful and appropriate manner. Just because you are not reciting in a loud voice that others around you can hear doesn't mean that you fly through it. But it means that would not be appropriate. That's not acceptable. Even when reciting silently. Make sure that it is fairly loud enough for you to hear yourself and that you are pronouncing each letter and giving it its do right

Learning the proper tajweed is an important aspect when learning the Qur’an. During the prayers where the Imam or yourself recite out loud, we tend to automatically read with tajweed, if we know it. What about the prayers where we don’t recite out loud? Is reciting with tajweed necessary?

Shaykh Mohammed Mana explains

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