For Better Education Can I Send My Child To A Catholic School

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Answered by Shaykh Abu Eesa

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The speaker discusses the negative quality of education in certain regions of the world, citing the example of the transfer of religious denominations from Christian schools to Catholic schools. They emphasize the importance of avoiding the harm of sending children to schools where they are not properly educated and the potential for negative consequences. The speaker also mentions the potential danger of "risk."

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The quality of our education is very poor. Can I send my kids to a Catholic school? Because they have better education?

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No, of course, no particular school of a religious denomination has better education per se than another. There are some incredible Muslim schools out there, but they are very far and few between, frankly, and that's just being honest about it. And yes, a lot of the Church of England schools or Catholic schools, or certain type of very kind of Orthodox schools do have high levels of education, and achievement, but then at the same time, they're very poor quality ones. I think what the question should really should be is, if my area is surrounded by rubbish schools, and there's a really good school, but it's a Jewish school or a Church of England school, or a religious, another

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denomination school? Can I send my children that? And the answer is that,

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obviously, you are sending them for the education, right. And that's very, very important. And all the levels of education and quality are important, and we should aspire towards that. And that's fine in of itself, the province of lies lm actually allowed the non Muslims to teach and the Muslims to benefit from non Muslims in certain areas that they were not proficient in, especially when it comes to math and writing. And there are headings that cover that.

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And that there's no reason for that ever to change. Of course, it's the transfer of secular knowledge. However, of course, every school does have an agenda, even if it's a secular agenda, or religious one and a Roman Catholic school will want a Catholic ethos will want religious rituals and practice to dominate the day. And that, of course, is a major concern. You see, one of the things that I have realized in recent times, especially taking groups on religious pilgrimage is for example, to upset when we go through the Via Dolorosa, for example, which is the roots of the 14 stations of Christ, the crucifixion of Christ, of course, which is not true. But according to

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Christian theology, it is, and the 14 stations, the moments and pauses and the foot with the fallings and the getting back up again and episodes on the way to the final crucifixion, okay. And

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what I noticed was just how emotionally involved Muslims became during the presentation of the 14 stations. And I am convinced, convinced that there's a latent impact of our childhood and our exposure to Christmas, and all positive Christian values and all that other kind of stuff. And then the Christian culture as well. So not necessarily positive values, but Christian culture, Christian ideas, throughout school as well. And the like, that slowly and gradually, they they, they have an impact upon the heart, a latent one, and delayed one, but it's there. And a later stage, if it's activated, it will come through whether it comes through in a minor way, with, with people becoming

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soft hearted stories which are false, which are Christian theology, but they're false, or whether it becomes a serious one where passengers have doubts in their own scripture and starts to gravitate towards other cultures and and books and theologies. So I just want you to know that never should you belittle the impact of an assembly every morning and prayers that are said, and the Lord's prayer and this and that. And, you know, ritual practices. It goes without saying that sending your child to a school, a secondary school where they're not going to be a child anymore, post pubescent accountable for the actions, and that being made to take part in religious actions is not

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permissible, that's something that should be avoided. But I want you to know that it's very difficult to send one Muslim child amongst 300 non Muslim kids that are doing one thing, and your kid is the one who sets out an actual fact, you have the reverse impact, there's a greater sense of wonder and a greater sense of curiosity, they're going to want to know more, they're going to feel really more of an outcast, that is very difficult, difficult to deal with socially, and there will be some impact. So it's, unless you're a scholar, or you're really religiously involved, or you're really just involved with your child's education, you filter them every day, and you go through the

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things that they did and studied every single day. And you're aware and they're strong in their identity and they can handle all the the the deviant ideas or the Islamic ideas that have been taught to them every day, then in of itself is not impermissible to attend a Catholic school or an x y Zed school that is permissible, but I want you to know that there is a risk there is a danger there are clear haram parts and then there are other parts are gray, which might be leaving an impact upon your child. And therefore it should be avoided if the answer is that it should be dealt with on a case by case basis. It's permissible in principle, but maybe caution is the better

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