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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative consequences of allowing individuals to do voluntary activities without their consent, including causing health and mental health problems and causing problems with social media. They also discuss the negative consequences of giving money to others without their consent, including embarrassment, loss of friendships, and negative consequences for their health. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding harm and avoiding confusion in one's worship and avoiding giving money to others without their consent. They also mention the need for people to transform their behavior to pursue their interests and avoid negative consequences.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. Our analysis whenever we're presented with a business venture is meticulously thorough, what are the startup costs? How many partners are involved? What's the likely return on investment and so on? Thorough

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in many cases, however, it may not even occur to all of us to ask the most important of all questions in this business venture. What is the Islamic ruling of it? Is it Khaled and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had prophesized that such a day would arrive. He said the island nurses are well known. Now you barely allow

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me a name in a minute. I mean, Honey Island and Manhattan.

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time will come where people will not care regarding what they take from whether it's from halal or haram. And what is interesting is that when the Quran spoke of Xena adultery, it elaborated on its consequences and denounced it with the harshest of expressions. The same can be said about other sins like alcohol and theft and backstabbing, false accusations and so on. Yet when the Quran approached the topic of finances, specifically, the using of rebar interest, the language of the Quran changes to a completely different tone. Allah said for inlanta value, then will be hard to be mean Allah He was truly he that if you do not desist meaning if you do not desist from interest,

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then what then take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger

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commenting on this, Abdullah him, as he said, You are due to that he actually Reba who see now how can it hurt me? On the Day of Judgment, it will be said to the user of interest. Go and fetch your weaponry and prepare for war. Imagine how embarrassing how humiliating the disgracing This is.

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Such as the seriousness of finances, in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. And it's important to mat clarify a matter at this point. What is meant by prohibited wealth, haram money is it exclusive to the obvious sources of haram like through alcohol drugs, gambling theft interest? No in reality, the concept is far wider than that. It encompasses Count with me, it encompasses number one, earnings that are sourced from the impermissible avenues like the selling of drugs and alcohol tobacco. Number two, it includes the impermissible products as well for where the money is made, like pork and alcohol, even if it's purchased from Halal wealth.

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It also includes number three to permissible products, vegetables, fruits, beef, right when it's purchased from haram wealth.

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So the concept is, is wide. In fact, the concept of private wealth is so far reaching that the squatters have even discussed the ruling of an employee praying voluntary units without the permission of his employer.

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So the obligatory Salah there is no problem in this. Okay. As for the relative the extra sunnah, prayers associated with the obligatory ones, scholars have two opinions. There's a group that say there's no permission required

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that because they're very emphasized in status, and then you have another group of scholars who say that no permission is required. And as for the nonspecific voluntary units of prayer, Imam Muhammad fatwa was of the view that one shouldn't engage in them, if they will minimize the employers benefit in any way. Why? To make your money Hollyanne.

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So those lectures, for example, who purposely arrive late to lectures that they're being paid to deliver,

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or those who use their working hours to do their shopping,

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to recreationally surf the internet to engage in business ventures, to take their children somewhere. So on this money, in many cases that you've aren't, you hadn't worked for it,

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and may come under the same heading of prohibited wealth. So do you see just how encompassing this expression is of prohibited wealth? And how serious our Sharia if use it.

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So if you've allow this type of money into your account, this means that you've unleashed a weapon of mass destruction against yourself and your family. The danger of this weapon is that its effects. They're not always noticeable.

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It doesn't make sounds, doesn't tear down buildings. Doesn't really

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is no toxic smell. Nevertheless,

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it is so ruthless in its effect that it has the power to single handedly devastate your dunya and your deen and the casualties are beyond count. And I just want to share with you for the sake of this video, a few of those casualties. The first casualty of prohibited health, in the life of the believer is your heart. The same way that certain foods are damaging to the physical heart, fast food, burgers, processed foods, cured meats, deep fried foods, so on foods that blocked the natural passage of blood through its arteries. There are certain matters that also damage your spiritual heart, causing a blocking of the passage of Eman happiness and sekedar tranquility well being inner

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well being

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on one of which is prohibited wealth. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said either now in the lab that either ask for a copy at a new key that we will be looked at to Sudan for either who Anessa was done for our tab, Sookie la al booboo

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that when a servant of Allah commits a sin, a black spot is placed on his heart.

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If he then withdraws and seeks perfect forgiveness and repentance, his heart is polished clean, he said, but if you return to the sin, it will be made to increase until it is covered. His heart is completely covered. And he said this is the Iran the stain, which Allah mentioned can double rondalla Columbian America and we actually wound there there is a Iran on their hearts because of what they used to do. So what happens as a result of such a covering? Well, you fail to enjoy the sweetness of Islam, you failed to benefit from advice, you struggle to engage your heart inside. You struggle to activate your heart in Doha. In the recitation of the Quran, mercy and kindness is taken

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away from from from a person's heart patients and positivity. They're stripped from a person's heart, your heart becomes hard. And as a result, even though you may take your body to the places of goodness, mosques and Islamic lectures and, and gatherings of remembrance, you feel like you've left your heart somewhere else every single time, like a car that simply fails to start.

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And you ask in desperation, what's wrong with me?

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Have you heard had the ability to speak it would say to you, you're prohibited wealth that's suffocating me. It's your money that suffocating me. That's the first casualty your heart. The second casualty of allowing prohibited wealth into your life is your sadaqa at your charity.

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Due to the prohibited wealth that you refuse to investigate and avoid, you have successfully managed to close the door of charity between you and Allah. And the fact that you're Zeca comes under this category category should terrify you and terrify me. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Benjamin Allah Allah and haram and tomato sadaqa de la mia Kula, houfy agile Wakanda is who Allah He, whoever accumulates prohibited wealth,

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that gives it out in charity, he will not be rewarded for it, and will have to bear the consequences of the sin of it as well. So Hannah,

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so you may ask, how is it that my charity will not purify me from my sins? So if he had authority he answers this question. And he says by calahonda fifth pa de cada Campo Hara soba will boldly will sell Bula Yoda hero who in the law was Dambulla you can you know who in their hand. He says whoever spends prohibited wealth in avenues of goodness

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is just like a person who tries to clean his clothes with urine. He said clothes cannot be purified except with water and sins cannot be erased except that the 100 Allahu Akbar, that's the second casualty, your sadaqa your charity. The third casualty of allowing private wealth into your life is your DUA.

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What good is there in the life of a person when the rope of Doha between him and Allah has been severed? Such a person will be left to himself. His voice of dua has become of no interest to Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made mention of a man who used to suffer and shatter algebra. You have to do it in a seminar era Dr. Rob will knock out Ohara Wabasha boo Hara wallbuilders Ohara will be able to haram fandangle stage Jabali Danek, a person who was journeying a long distance, but he was disheveled, dusty, and he's spreading out his hands to the sky in Doha, saying My lord, my lord, my lord, the Prophet said but his food is haram. His drink is haram. His

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clothing is haram and he has been nourished with the Haram

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So how can the heck do I be answered? How could this not be answered? Look at this hadith, Allahu Akbar, all of the means of accepted dua were with this person. Remember he is traveling. He's at a humble state. He's raising his hands and dua, he's repeating his dua. All of these things usually produce a accepted dua. Yet, all of these elements combined did nothing for him because his wealth was haram. And it's well known that Sadiq who cause

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his dua was answered by Allah every single time that he was asked the question that why is it that from all of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam?

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It's your dua that is answered, how come?

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And his answer was very clear. He said, the model of how to Illya Thermae look, but then, in our other olive, with a major ad, I mean at Rajat because in my life, he said, I have not raised any bit of food to my mouth, without knowing the details of where it was sourced Allah. That's the third casualty

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of someone who allows haram wealth into his or her life. The two are the fourth casualty of for someone who allows haram wealth into their life, your acts of worship at large.

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So the harm of prohibited wealth is not limited to dua, but extends its cancerous roots to every aspect of your worship your Salah and your fast and your hedge. Your worship in general, is all of the money in the world worth it.

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That's why Allah Zadie he said that a better to buy a clean Harami can be easily avoided behalf that a person's worship whilst consuming the prohibited is like constructing a building on top of the waves of the oceans.

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Foundations no base

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and the badass you would say like Badulla who saw that debris in Fiji ofI Hara, Allah does not accept the salah of a person who has prohibited within him meaning the reward is rejected. You still have to carry it out, but the reward where's the reward? So how tragic it would be to have your 1000s of pounds dollars that maybe you'd spent on say Hajj.

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And the weeks that you'd spent away from family and comfort? Rejected?

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what a what a calamity. So how accurate were the words of a poet who said either Hijjah be bad in a slew Denis firmer Hydras Dawa Anakin Hagerty the hero Lai Akbar Allahu in the Aquila for you. But in the cooloola debate Allah Hebrew.

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He said that if you've performed Hajj from wealth at source from impurity, then you didn't perform Hajj but your animal did.

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He said Allah did not does not accept only that which is pure. Therefore realize that not every Hajj is mobile or meaning accepted. That's the fourth casualty, your acts of worship at large, the fifth casualty of allowing private wealth into your life, your Baraka, the blessings.

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With this devastating weapon of private wealth, the baraka in your life will begin to experience the throes of death.

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And the true extent of this loss can only be appreciated when we understand what the concept of Baraka is. So, what is baraka?

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We translated loosely as blessing what is baraka? What is blessing Aradippou Allah's finding, he said albaraka to hear Cebu to say the inner he Sheikh Al Baraka is when Allah allows goodness from him, to reveal him something

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to remain this concept of Cebu remaining is integral to the understanding of the word Baraka. Something that stays

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that's why when a camel kneels down in the Arabic language, it's described as doing what Baraka but I can buy it. Yeah, but I can buy the Campbell Hasbara kit because it's staying where it is, and an area where water is collected. The Arabs would call it a bill cap, why because water remains. So Baraka is when goodness stays in something from Allah subhanaw taala take it as a rule in life, there can be no happiness in the absence of Baraka. Because when Baraka mixes with something that is small in quantity, it causes it to grow. And when it mixes with something already, huge and profound, it makes it beneficial.

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So should Baraka become part of your wealth, will your health or your time or your children or your knowledge or anything else, it becomes far more productive, far more beneficial in its effect, it becomes a means of your success and happiness. And on top of that, their effects remain.

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So we need Baraka in our lives. The person who has this will be able to achieve far more

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Those who do not, despite the hours of the day being identical in the lives of both,

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I mean, think about Saturday evening wife.

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How old was he when he became Muslim 30 years old. And he died just six years later at the young age of 36. Yet his life was full of Baraka saw blessing his life was that when he died, the Throne of Allah Almighty would shake what must he have done within those six years to achieve the status Baraka? So we need Baraka in our hours. A person who has Baraka in his time is able to visit parents, able to pray in the masjid requires few hours of sleep, and more importantly, has the opportunities of collecting good deeds during the day as well as others who have no Baraka in their time. However, they need endless hours of sleep, they still feel sluggish. During the day, there's

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hardly any time to do anything productive to visit family to make money to worship Allah did we also need Baraka in our money. A person who has this feels pleased with what Allah has given him or her. The car tires, they don't always need replacement. Appliances at home, they're not always breaking down.

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Although the income is not great, but the baraka of this money means that you're able to suffice yourself and your family that you're able to spend on charity as well, and everyone has content.

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On the other hand, so may have millions coming in each month.

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Because the baraka is missing, they find themselves in debt, or spiritually lost, or experiencing inner poverty, afraid of being poor, unable to solve the jigsaw puzzle of life spending their money on medication.

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We need Baraka in our knowledge as well. A person who has Baraka in his knowledge finds each Ayah or Hadith, transformational in terms of what it does for him or her us conduct worship, appearance, hijab habits, and so on. Others, however, who have no Baraka in their knowledge, they sit in 10s or hundreds of sermons, lectures, reminders, watching videos like this, but then when they assess their inner and outer state, no change,

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no change, there is no bottlecap knowledge. Baraka in children. A person who has Baraka in their children finds that his children are inshallah righteous, they're dutiful. They bring happiness to themselves, they bring happiness to their parents, they bring happiness to their communities.

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And this person may be an only child, but that child grows to become a reformer or revivalist a worship of Allah or their lives. On the other hand, a couple may be parents to say 10 children, but because there is no Baraka in them, their behavior is deplorable, they neglect their parents, they Worse still, they lack the motivation to be proper Muslims, they're always at the rock bottom.

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So the point of mentioning all of this long elaboration is to say that with prohibited money, Baraka will be your casualty number five,

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the sixth casualty in the lives of those who allow prohibited money into their lives, the door of halal, the doors of Halal begin to close. It's a bitter reality, but it's true. It's one that states that whoever rushes to bring his risk as provisions via a door of haram. An equivalent door of how to Halal will be closed in his or her life. And what's interesting in that many cases, for those who opt for the prohibited sources of income, they are actually the least in need of it. This person may already have several properties to his name, several sources of income, a reasonable saving, it doesn't stop them from pursuing the impermissible. How do you explain that? Honestly, how do you

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understand that other than saying the doors of Halon have been bolted shut before them tofi has been taken away.

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And that's why he was narrated that Hollywood why labels entered a mosque in Kufa and requested a young boy to take hold of his animal whilst he prays inside. When he finished his prayer, he put his hand in his pocket and he took out a dinner with the intention of giving it to the child as effects but he found that the child had stolen the saddle and run away with it.

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So Ali instead gave the dinar to another person that he said go to the marketplace for me and buy me a satellite or get home.

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The man came back with a saddle and i Lee said Subhanallah This is my saddle.

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The man said Yeah, I mean, I bought it from a young man in the marketplace for one dinar.

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And Ali said, Subhan Allah,

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Allah to add oil to Yahoo, Hana and in Feb 11, Yehuda, Harada. He said, Subhan Allah, I wanted to I wanted to benefit this young man with this dinar in a permissible way, but he insisted to take it in the prohibited way. So that Allah doors of Halal will close in the life of this person who ends

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sis on prohibited wealth, the seventh casualty

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in the lives of those who allow prohibited wealth into their lives, their safety underground. The moment of soul and body separation will be for a lot of people, the beginning of a brand new phase of peace and comfort as angels rush to spoil these people in their graves, others however, the grave represents a new episode of unimaginable suffering

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and the companionship of angels who rush to apply the cruelest forms of torture on them. One of the factors that differentiates between these two outcomes is how a person had sourced his or her wealth.

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Should it be from the prohibited source? Even martyrdom will not intercede for you imagine? And that's why when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard companions congratulating the soul of a Muslim midam,

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who died after receiving a straight arrow to his body during one of the battles expedition to paper. They said congratulations for him. He has entered Paradise, and the Prophet said to them, Canada will lead fcbd No, no, no, no, I swear by the one who possesses my soul in the sham letter, and let the Alpha Hi Ramona Maha Demi. Lovato Subhan. Allah Qasim, the Shiloh honey Cynara, he said No,

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I swear by the one who possesses my soul, he took a shoal from the spoils of high bar before it was correctly distributed. And so it's flames are now covering him.

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People were horrified to hear this and so one man came to return one or two leather shoe laces that he'd also taken.

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At he said, I took these on the day of high bar, he gave him back. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, she raccoon out here aka if Indar those were one or two shoelaces from hell.

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So if this is the outcome for someone who added to his possessions, something prohibited on the off chance. What then do you make of a person whose day to day is like that? Day to day? What kind of surprises await such a person that's casualty number seven. As for casualty, number eight, in the lives of those who are now prohibited wealth into their lives, your home engender? Imagine the tears of regret

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that some will shed on the Day of Judgment when paradise is within sight, but they're prohibited from walking through its gates because of prohibited wealth.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the companion gab

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Yeah, God boo boo, oh, Jura in the hula hula agenda, la Mon. We're double data Allah so within an hour I will be here Okay, maybe not Audra any person whose flesh and blood was nourished through the impermissible cannot enter paradise. The Hellfire is worthy of them.

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In conclusion,

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easy returns and quick turnovers. We are maybe this is the type of money that the prohibited sources may bring.

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But beware of convincing yourself that this has anything to do with success.

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It is simply impossible to disobey Allah Almighty and then succeed.

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Just as it is impossible to obey Allah and then fail, whilst noting that success and failure are not measured by what you see in the hands of people today, but in the outcomes

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and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said either right Allah your Athena abdomen the dunya Allah the house he he now your head boo for endeavor who has to do Rajan been Allah.

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He said Alayhi Salatu was Salam that if you see that Allah is giving someone from this life or what he wishes, whilst this person is engaged upon that which is wrong. They know that Allah is baiting this person to their destruction. And then the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited the verse in the Quran which confirmed this meaning Bulama Nashoba look up for him Abu Allah coalition when they forgot our reminder. We opened for them the gates of every good day they're very hobby mount auto until they became proud with what we gave them a continental Dakota. We took them away suddenly, for either home Mobley soon and lo and behold, they were plunged into destruction.

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Now if you are given the option between two paths, one that's downhill and fully paved, scenic, safe, and fragrant, but it ends in a bottomless pit

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Then a second path that's uphill, dark rough in its terrain. But you know what it ends in a top class chalet. It ends with a swimming pool ends with an all you can eat buffet, which of the two paths with people opt for? Are so clearly and evidently success and failure are there to be measured by the eventual destination, not by the ease or difficulty of the journey to that destination with these types of casualties associated with prohibited wealth, what good is there left in the life of a person we ask Allah subhanaw taala to inspire us to make the correct decisions