Is It Allowed For A Man & A Woman To Get Married Alone In A Qadhi Office

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Answered by _Shaykh Abu Eesa_

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In some Western countries there are offices called the offices where two people can walk in and just get married, no other permission required and that's it is that actually allowed to do a man nor woman just go in and decide to get married.

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So the purpose of the law it was seldom said in a very famous Hadith, a rigorously authenticated lanica level. Wali, there is no marital contract except with the permission of the Guardian, the Wali, the one who takes authority of the female, the female here, the daughter or the sister, she needs a father or an older brother or an uncle in the absence of the father to step in, and to ensure that her rights are protected that her

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she's not manipulated, that experience of men about men is brought to the fore, and ensures that the right only the right marital contract occurs, the right relationship develops the correct foundations are there that this is not an emotional love decision before it's an intellectual one. That sense has been followed, and that one has not been blinded by silly love. And I've given detailed lectures on this before I have a lecture back in the day called boys and girls, you should check that out as well to understand exactly how men and women or boys and girls think and that's why it's so dangerous to try and do this alone. And so No, this is completely unacceptable. Yes,

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yes, it is true to say that amongst the scholars, the Hanafi school are the most liberal, if you like or relaxed. When it comes to the issue of the well he made the day they don't consider it to be an absolute necessary condition of the contract, they recommend it of course, they'd like for it to be there. But if it wasn't there, and there wasn't a Wally, then the marriage violet dimension contract is valid. But this is rejected by the vast majority of squatters, because of the presence of this head is because of common sense, because of the fact that we have so much shot, especially in our time. I mean, I know many Hanafi scholars who are colleagues of mine, that despite not

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believing it from a method point of view, they implement this principle in their in their diaries, or in their offices, when they're given fatwa, or when they put in marriages, they insist upon the windy because it's being abused to a whole different level, there are men and women who are in society now is putting men and women in so much more contact than ever before. And so the you know, at least back in the day, there was always a certain degree of separation in all cultures, actually, especially the Muslim culture. Now, of course, there is no separation, everyone is within everyone's grasp, everyone's in each other's pockets, everyone is on the end of a phone, they have so much

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contact, so much chat, so much love and so much passion, so much.

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illicit ness has been developed. And this delinquent kind of kind of reality has caused or needs a reaction even from people who might not consider it to be a condition for a while he so Frankly, I'm very comfortable to say this is an untenable in an untenable situation must never be allowed to happen to a man and woman just go and decide to get married, the woman must be protected, the family should be made aware. And I just want you to know that if there is a man and I'm speaking to the women now, if there's a man out there who's trying to get you married, or trying to marry you and saying, ignore what your father says, or whatever, what not, that's the guy to run a mile from,

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because a real man would not want that a real man and he wants everyone involved and wants it to be as open as possible, and clear and strong. And there's something that he's trying to hide, and he's shameful. And likewise, a man who is in a scenario where you want to get married to a woman, but she does not want to tell her father, this is going to be a disaster for you in the end is going to be a bigger disaster for her and the end that we know about, Okay, in this the contract will not be valid, and is something that should be avoided. So this practice, forget that practice. And in whatever country, whatever method, they follow Good luck to them. But the position of the most vast

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majority is that there is no marriage without a guardian for the female. If two people just can't rock up and get married, and Allah knows best. Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to get the rest of the videos I don't know when someone will be here, there, whatever whatnot. It's beautiful. This this series of videos space IQ, and we need your support. And that's by watching it by sharing it and then by donating towards us we can continue to make more videos that deal with more of your issues does that Kamala Harris or Solomonic Rahmatullah?