Qur’an or Nasheed

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Do we need to take time out to listen brothers and sisters, more time to listen to the Quran the listening to the news or listening to the radio or even listening to I may say this maybe you agree or not to religious talks and maybe not just talking to importantly, that's the explanation of the Quran. But definitely more than machines.

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That's perfectly fine to listening to the sheep. We have machines in our programs perfectly fine now to know them. But the amount of time we spend on machine our time listening to the Quran should be double.

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Because most of this is entertainments nowadays, we don't even understand sometimes the meanings. People just like the beats and the issues and the iPad and the iPad and the eye phone and this and all that I'm downloading everything and it's relaxing. You know, I'm in the car and listen to the Quran. First and foremost, give Quran more attention. Listen to that more than you listen to the sheet. Because it's people are like this not Why do you make it for Is there some spiritual meaning maybe for some people? Yes. But for some most of us is entertainment, you know, to understand like one brother came to me with a CD is a child you know, I want to know, this is how long the drums

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okay in this, you know, can you check it out for me? I said, Okay, listen to it. I put the CD on.

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And you know what it was? It was Arabic but you know what he was a Lebanese singer singing about music, about sex, but stuff like that. And he said, I'll be listening for the past year. It sounds beautiful. It has alone you know the gospel from Allah. Allah and he's thinking about Love of Allah himself about his beloved and about sex and things like that. Now, anything that sounds the guy doesn't know Arabic, anything sounds Arabic, for him is like a machine to do with Islam that had nothing to do with Islam, who is a Lebanese singer. You know, by the way Lebanese Government three times they love Danish dancing and the music of the Arabic tunes come from the Lebanese. I love the

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Indian and Pakistani and all the tunes coming from the Pakistan songs. But okay, you can listen but listening giving more attention to the book of Allah, listen to it, read it, recite it, ponder over it, reflect on it, understand it go to the scholars and learn the meanings that have seen the commentary of the book of ALLAH SubhanA Medina, and if we do that, then the Quran will be a cure for spiritual