Yasir Qadhi – Quranic Duas – Ramadan Khatirahs 2019 – Episode 09

Yasir Qadhi
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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a woman with a hammer Berg. Today's rod we're going to do from the Koran is Surah Allah and Milan verse eight sort of earlier and we're on verse eight, where Allah subhana wa tada says he teaches us to drop or abana love to zil Kuru bonobo it had a tener will have an Amiga don't kurama in

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our Lord, do not cause our hearts to go astray do not cause our hearts to be misguided after You have guided us and grant us from yourself mercy, indeed you are the one who grants you are the one. This is the first dose of soda earlier in Milan it is on the first page of soda in Milan. And in the beginning of sort of Milan, in the very first section, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that this Koran that he has revealed, it is composed of two types of verses, there are the clear verses he calls them were commands. And then he says there are the with the Shabbat, the ambiguous versus the versus that can have multiple meanings. Then Allah says those who have a disease in their hearts,

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they will look at the ambiguous verses and find incorrect meanings, and they will then end up rejecting the Quran. And then Allah says but the real believers, they look at the ambiguous in light of the clear and they say all of it is from Allah, we will believe in it. And then they make this to up or up down to zero Kuru panna vida de tener Wahab, Elena Milan kurama. So this

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is a very, very important one for us not only to be guided, but to not be misguided after guidance has come to us. And my dear brothers and sisters, there is a very worrying trend that we find in the Muslim communities, especially of minority lens. And that is that quite a few, especially of our younger members, they, for whatever reason ended up leaving Islam. And one of the main causes for this is they find verses they don't understand, they find verses that have they interpreted incorrectly. And I have said many times I've given a hope a few months ago about this whole topic, there is nothing that is illogical or irrational in Islam. But there are some things that are beyond

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human rationality, there's a difference between irrational and between what is beyond rational? And what happens? What we find is that some people they question too much. And they question why and how when the mind cannot go over there. And Allah says, Don't look at the ambiguous versus trying to find fits in a fitna trying to find difficulty No, rather make dua to Allah for hedaya. And I, myself have spoken to a number of you know, your youngsters, especially they go through these phases, and some of them they find verses that they misunderstand. I'll give you one example that just coming to mind right now and it really shows you how superficial and by the way, these brothers

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are not even trained in the Arabic language. They're simply learning this from websites that are trying to convert them to agnosticism atheism. So they say oh, the Quran preaches that the sun sets in murky waters with a gap as a verse that the sun goes down in the murky water. And I said to him, Subhana Allah, this is an expression even in English, we say, the sunset over the water, it doesn't mean the sun is going inside the water. Do you really think that even if the Arabs at that time had written the Quran, do you really think they believe the sun is literally going inside a pond? Do you literally think this? He ends up rejecting Islam because of a English mistranslation? And this is

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exactly what a lot is saying. They take them with a sharp and ambiguous verse, and they end up rejecting the entire faith. And it is truly mind boggling for me. I don't understand that certain people because they don't understand all the wisdoms of Islam. Why did Allah say this? Why did Allah make this How long? Why is there five Salah Why is this they end up rejecting any faith? And they end up creating far more difficult questions that they don't have answers for the biggest questions of our existence, Islam solves who created us? Why are we here? What will happen after death? How do we worship Allah? These are the questions that you decide the validity of faith, not Oh, why is

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there five set up? Why do we face this way? Do we pray? Why this why that sometimes our minds will not understand why simply because we don't understand why you will end up rejecting. But as Allah says, well, there's been a few who beat him azael those that already have a disease. So in reality, the rejection of Islam is not because they misunderstood the Quran that the sun is setting in a murky water. No, it's because they have a

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problem and they're projecting the problem onto the Quran. Why is Allah allowing this? Why is Allah forbidding that? Maybe you don't understand but Allah azza wa jal knows best. So the point is this verse or this, Dora, what it shows us, never take faith for granted.

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Faith and the man is the best blessing that Allah has given us. We should never ever take it for granted that help us we're always going to be guided. No, as we all know, we experienced we go through phases. Sometimes we're more religious, sometimes we're less, we seek a less refuge. There are some people, they don't just become less religious, they leave religion altogether. And we are all familiar with all of them living in this land, we know of Muslims who are would have been that they have ended up just leaving the faith. So this reminds us of what is important, or not been allowed to Zulu Bana. Bader it had a tenor or, Lord, you've given us this blessing of faith. you've

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allowed us to come to Islam, you've guided us to Islam, or Lord, we beg you we pray to you or Lord, do not take it away from us after you've given it to us. You know, it's one thing you've never tasted something so you don't have it. But what if you've tasted it? Now? You don't want to ever get rid of it? What if you've tasted what it's like to be healthy? You don't want to be sick again? What if you've tasted what it's like to live such that you don't have to worry about bills, your money is taken care of. You don't want to go down in poverty. It's so how about knowing what is he Daya knowing what is Islam, knowing who is your Lord and then turning your back and walking away. And

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this is, of course, the classic example of a police of shavon himself, the father of all evil shavon he knew a lot. He knew the creation, he saw the creation of Adam, and yet he turned his back and walked away. So don't think that it's not going to happen to anyone. On the contrary, we see this time and time again, that sometimes somebody might appear to be rightly guided might appear to be outwardly a person of good but then Subhanallah something happens a tribulation happens a trial happens and they fall and they fail that test and they turn and they walk away when to be loved. So this drop reminds us of what is important and it makes us pray to Allah Subhan Allah to zylka

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lubaina enthusiasts means to be misguided to go astray the English word zigzag that's exactly what Zack I mean, to go here and there Robin Allah to zoom Kuru vana, or, Lord, don't make our hearts go here and there after you've told us the straight path after you've guided us. And remember Allah says in the Quran, another phrase in the Quran that Alhamdulillah he lady hadn't and he had this isn't the Quran were supposed to say this as well. We thank Allah Alhamdulillah why, who guided us to this guidance, one could not deny the Lola and hidin Allah, we would never be guided unless Allah subhana wa tada had guided us. How do you know you would be a Muslim? If you weren't born into a

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Muslim family, some of us many of us in this audience were born into those families. So hamdulillah we are Muslims. And we're thankful for that. A few in this audience are Converse and we are jealous of them that they discovered the truth, and they will have a double reward as a prophet of the law. Why do you send them said but all of us we are here because Allah chose to guide us it's not my choice is not something I did for myself. Alhamdulillah Hila da da, da, da, da, da da, how many are the people they don't have a higher guidance. They're living their life without a higher purpose. How many are those who don't know who created them? And they don't even care to ask the law. How

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many are there they're living their lives like animals in a home in LA. And so we thank Allah He has guided us, but once he's guided us, we definitely don't want to be misguided. So what do I do we make robina to Zoo bonobo atena and we see this in the dramas of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam there are so many doors I don't have time for all of them but they are following this motif that asking Allah for guidance of them in Sahih Muslim our Prophet system he said how often I would hear and make this drop frequently. He would make this drop Yama. Sorry for the sorry for Luminato it. Oh, you who changes the hearts fluctuates the hearts make sure my heart is fluctuated towards

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the truth. hearts go up and down. Hearts change here and there. Oh you who changes the hearts. I don't want my heart to be changed from the truth. This is the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam another door he would make it to her. That along the Indian rupee Exotica La ilaha illa Anta and to the lynnie O Allah I asked you about your Islam I seek refuge in your honor and your glory. There is no god other than you I seek refuge in You Oh Allah from being misguided. Subhana Allah if anybody doesn't have to worry about misguidance It is our Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam but he is making dua to Allah I seek refuge in your is Allah that I am

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Ever misguided and another famous of his he would say reported incident and his salary alone homogeneous Lucas Tabata Phil armour was Luca azima tavush Allah, I asked you to be firm in this matter of Islam, I want I want you to make me firm in this matter of Islam. I don't want you to make me wishy washy. So hello once again our Prophet system making dua to Allah a sebata says, I want to be firm in Islam when azima to Allah rush and what my intention to be strong in guidance, I wouldn't want to be misguided. I want to be rightly guided and I want to have my intention strong when I'm rightly guided. These are the doors of our Profit System following from the dawn of the Quran that

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Allah taught us He is literally teaching in Sudan and Milan as for those who believe they say, Rob banner, Oh our Lord that Robin Allah to Zoo buena vida de terre do not cause our hearts to be misguided after we have been guided. So this is a frequent drop of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it should be our frequent drop as well. Never, ever, ever forget that the best blessing that I have and you have is the blessing of hidayah. Once we've tasted it, then we should always be eager never to lose it. Even Ibrahim the father of all prophets while building the Kaaba, he said, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from ever worshipping an idol. One of the great scholars of the past

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said if Ibrahim was scared of idolatry, then how can we feel safe? If Ibrahim was scared he might fall back into idolatry then How can any of us feel safe we will not be guided after we have been guided. We're always eager. We're always wanting to protect our emotion. And one of the ways we do that is this rock band to zil una vida de tener will have an ability on karma in the country will have and we will continue tomorrow was set on widecombe Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi talks about a Du’a that can be used to ask Allah, to keep you firm. 

“Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower.”
[Surah Ale Imran , Verse 8]

This dua is very important to be forever and firmly guided and not to be misguided once we have achieved Hidayah.

The Prophet (SAW) always made Dua to Allah to never be misguided and to stand firm on the path of Hidayah. So our stand should be even firmer on this Dua.


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