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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various political events and events occurring throughout history, including news updates, events like Hopeful Me digits, and a tour of a property. The speakers also touch upon the "fitness of the beast" and "fitness of the beast" that comes from actions like putting people on top of buildings and returning to family. They also discuss the "fitness of the beast" that comes from returning to a family and finding a newborn baby. The transcript describes various women and their dreams, including finding a new job and a social event happening at their home in Ghana.
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wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali. He was so happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Are you doing

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night number 26 and Subhan Allah the last week in the last Friday of just pasta, Ramadan, we hope that Allah blesses us with many more after this, and if we haven't woken up, Ramadan, we've been busy, whatever it might be. Remember, it's also enamel. enamel Amano will have a team, the proficiencies Allah also judges a in a life and action by the way you indeed. So it looks at the way you begin it if you began it sincerely. And well, even if it wasn't so good after that. Allah judges according to that, and also if we weren't so good at the beginning, although it looks at the end, somehow the man ended his life before he died before the end of Ramadan. Even though the beginning

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wasn't so good. Allah gives the waiting that he would towards the innocence of the rough man, the mercy of Allah. So let's Indonesia is behind Allah, let's indradyumna visa pseudonym, he would force Mondays and Thursdays Why? Because he would say that these are the days on which my the deeds are shown to Allah every week, Allah doesn't need to be shown he knows the deeds, but to end not just to end with fasting, but something high. This you know, really pushes you forward. So let's end on a high inshallah. And of course, if you were going to single out one night political quarter, may 27 night appears to be the night which pops up a lot. So tomorrow evening, anything left in the tank,

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use it tomorrow, for a better as much as you can. In a few announcements. We begin with some announcements first announcement, we make the app for uncle Aziz who lives in the corner. If you don't know that he was diagnosed with cancer and Subhanallah he had his first round of chemo. That's why we don't see a disease in the masjid. Otherwise, he's here every night. So we make throughout the last panel, a grandson Shiva, we know and the key as well his wife has also not not too well on both of them Shiva. And a big part of this community, you know, enables to the masjid May Allah bless them with many, many more years, return the health and then also on a positive note of us to

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make dua for sister Fatah. It's her birthday today. My lovely sir with long life affiliates with with goodness and height, made the best of today's lay ahead. Very interesting. My cousin also just gave birth today. So they share the same birthday my both of them, and I have a life filled with happiness enjoying this world. And of course, the success in Africa. I mean, Mubarak Tolkien for surviving this long.

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We continue with our story. So we completed we completed the story of never use of the Tafseer of surah Yusuf and because we finished a little earlier than expected, but hamdulillah we want to still continue with the story. And this really is the story of the children of Israel, the children of Yahoo, and the bunnies are really they have a long story. In fact, a lot of focus so much of them in the Quran. Most of the ambia that you know are from the bunnies are in Moosa Harun Dawood Sulaiman. Yes. Yeah, they all from the bunny, the children of Namibia, and therefore is the story of his children continue. And so we will continue the story we might begin. So if you want part two, it

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will Season Two of the children of bunnies are ill, and this is the next chapter of the bunnies are eat. And this is of course, the story of Musa al Salaam will only get to do a few episodes if we will have never Mussa. And if Allah grants it will be our series for next year. So this is really a preview of next year. So usually saddam brings his brothers and his father and his family is really Akuma his children are now settled in Egypt, and they have a high place within Egypt and abuse of under Islam and gives them you know, a place in society. And of course, they are foreigners. They are not really from Egypt, they are outsiders, and often abusive passes away, the children of nebbia

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who remain in the end, they were 12 sons, and so they had 12 families and they these became 12 tribes, and they multiplied and they became a big group, but they were always seen as outsiders, they were not really from original, you know, Egyptians and they and then of course, times change so many, many centuries of the use of we don't know how many Some say 300 years 400 years, many, many hundreds of years often to be Moosa the situation has changed. The is a new regime in town and the person in charge is called Pharaoh and Allah subhanaw taala. Now talks about them in sudo cos Allah paints a picture Allah says, Well to be legit on the regime net Lu la Kumi never imusa warfare owner

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will Hachiko me You mean, we will tell you will recite to you from the news from the happenings of Nabi Musa, and of Iran will Huck with truth likoma You mean for people who believe why with truth? You know how the how the movie begins based on a true story. So let's behind the scenes, this is a true story. This isn't something this is these aren't fables. This is reality. This is something that happened and we know Savonarola, there is no person mentioned more in the Quran, the NaVi Musa, no one's name is mentioned often Allah subhana wa tada moreso than Abu Musab Islam. He

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Story appears throughout the Quran and something very important for us to learn the most mentioned Nabil of Allah and he has very many, many speciality is going to be very specific to him. So Allah says this is true story of Musa and fit our own Salah begins with the villain of the story, in your own other film out for your own exalted himself Allah like high he made himself lofty big in the land, he looked down on everyone else and he felt himself superior, so superior, that he didn't even think of himself as a king. He thought of himself as God. He says, hon, Allah, He says, I am your God, you worship me, he believed it, fill out

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a sheet. And he divided his society up into groups, you know, different races, different colors, divide and conquer, we have we seen this before apartheid, he basically had the system of apartheid. Yesterday football, if I were to meet him, you would have been

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nice enough kind of minimal CD. So if Iran exalted himself in the land, and he divided the people of his land into different groups, and one particular group, he abused them the most, he harmed them the most. And this is the bunnies are in the children of the who are now at the bottom of society. How bad Did you do it to a level where he even and there's not one fear out of the pharaohs, many of them, yet at times, they would even when they saw the population of bunnies are growing, then they would take the sons and kill the sons of Israel, snatching the babies and kill them and they would leave the daughters to remain in who can immunostaining Allah says he was an extremely corrupt evil

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person. So this is one we need to

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fill out when Allah

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so Allah says we wanted to we basically we have decided Allah decreed that those who we were going to give our favor, we were going to assist those who are being oppressed, those being oppressed by you, we will rise them up, fill out when Adam and we will make them leaders. And we will give them a very soon they will inherit meaning someone else is going to lose, and they will take over the power. When makina Come and fill out and we were gonna give them establishment in the land will make them strong in the land. One new da da da, da, ma can and we were going to show Alesis we will show fit our own and Harmon who's Harmon. Harmon is ferons right hand man, the Minister, the Prime

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Minister, the guy who's working with Iran, Solis is going to show you around in Harmon, and the armies will come to show them that which they feared the most. So inside while they are places while they were on top, they were very, very scared. It was something they were scared that these people that they were placing, and this is the nature of the tyrant. He looks strong and powerful. But the only reason why he needs bodyguards and soldiers and armies and tanks. Why? Because he skied, he knows that if things rise up and the people turn upside, he turns him over, then he's going to be at the bottom. So unless we were going to bring his worst fears to reality, we'll take these people

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right at the bottom, and we'll put them on top. So that paints the picture like that. Now you can imagine Egypt at that time, the most powerful country in the world, the wealthiest country in the world, built on the policies of abusively Islam. So you have the Nile, with these massive monuments, put them in sand palaces, and of course, as as engender the dunya, the same Allah there's something in us that has committed remained from, from the time we created in general, something that we as lived with us, we are the prime properties, the most expensive houses in Cape Town away. Clifton, right. By the waterside by the river, on the beachfront, this is something in us because that's how

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general looks. Your palaces are on the river. In fact, the river flows through your houses, may Allah grant us this, I mean, so it only has these palaces on the Nile. And then you have this massive refugee squatter camp way inside of it, or all the offspring of Namibia who are the descendants of an abusive and his brothers being oppressed in the the women, the children, living the slaves, unable to move if they can't move in or out. So Allah says I would make these people rise up and bring your own worst fears to reality. So now Allah goes puts us inside the squatter camp, in a small house, we see a lady with a small baby, she just gave birth to a child. And this is

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the year it was this year that we decided we're going to do population control all the newborn sons of bunnies or give them to us, we are going to murder them this year. You can't have any children. If you have a boy, bring him here. And they this lady gives birth to a son. She doesn't know what to do. So Allah says well, hyena Illa Musa, and he so Allah says we owe hayner. Remember, we see this type of analysis we inspired in her we gave her this internal instinct in our own the mother of Moosa, and he breastfeed him cycle him for either HIV to

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me, what are the hafi what are the honey in LA Khawaja Illumina mousseline so Allah put in her heart that she should keep him? bass feed him but when the time came when the soldiers got near and she was scared, scared for him,

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Put him in a basket and throw him into the river which river the river now and do not be scared. Don't worry, and do not grieve, Don't feel sad. Indeed Allah says we will return him to you. She had this feeling of love will bring him back to you. And Allah says, and we will make him eventually, one of the mercy of the this, you will get that new Booyah of his forefathers of Ibrahim and his hack in Yahoo News, you will get to inherit this new book. Now it's been 300 400 years since my knees are illiterate. And Avi, and Allah says this one alone is going to rise up as nav, bell taco who only akuna who are the one who has an interference in our hermanos you know, document can Hatim

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so in sort of in different parts of the Quran, Allah mentions how he moves, his mom put him in a basket, and she puts this basket in the Nile. And she makes the Nile take him not knowing where he would go. And she tells she tells her daughter go and watch with a basket is going as it flows down the river. So who has an older sister, in fact, he has an older brother and an older sister, and his sister is running along the river, watching this basket move, and of all places to go, it goes down the Nile into the house of Iran, the one place it's not supposed to go. So Allah says, and so the family meaning the wife of fear, own, she was in denial, washing, swimming, and the this basket eats

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into basically, so the family of film picked him out to open this basket and he finds a newborn baby. And so unless we did that, so that he will become to them and enemy and he will Allah put him in the house of Iran, because he will ultimately defeat Freetown. And indeed, Pharaoh and Harmon and his soldiers were deliberate sinners because they will send us

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so this lady will call it similar to Pharaoh. And and, and remember we said this before, when you find wife, so which verses

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in the Quran, we say that it is always this love this connection. Allah says, and the woman of your own meaning his wife, but the something missing between the two of them, this woman is the wife of your own. A lot of the prophecies for women achieve the highest level of perfection. to in the past and to in this room. The two of the past were Asya, the wife of Iran, Islam, she's mentioned in the Quran as well. And Maria, the mother of the mother of Isa Islam, and to women of this woman that achieved perfection is hadiza and Fatima, Mohamed Salah Salem, so the wife fulfill her own. She picks up this baby, and she now brings this child to fit on a film. She knows she knows her husband,

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but he murders children, but he kills he not there's nothing that he does. There's no limits for this man. So she says good rotini. So she says he makes me this, this child makes me so happy. That kurata it means the coolest of my eyes. This child I love him so much. Please let me have him. Now dorama mentioned Yes, as bad as Phil was, and he will and he is really the worst of the worst human beings. As far as in the lowest fee. I said the ladder Allah says Pharaoh will go to the worst of places and gentlemen, this man is pure evil, yet even him. He couldn't say no to his wife. His wife comes in he says this childhood. He makes me so happy. Lee Wallach and for you will also make you

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happy, you'll bring up happiness to you. That took too long don't kill him. She's keeping him as is Please don't kill him as a founder and the owner tequila, why didn't

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we see the salon before. So she says, Don't kill him. Let him he can either maybe he'll grow up and we can benefit from him. You can be a servant to a slave or something. Or even maybe we'll take him even as a son will adopt him as a son. And Allah says we're homeless. They didn't know what they were doing. We see this verse before.

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And there is a parallel between the use of every measure that we use was thrown in a well is taken out to the slave, a big powerful person finds him as his takes him to the wife and he says look off him, perhaps we will benefit from him. Or we can even take him as a son. Exactly the same words that Allah subhanaw taala uses for the two of Mr. Murder between the two, the one, the one we see a big relationship between his father, a boy and a father. We know nothing about the mother year we see a relationship between a mother and a son. We don't hear about the Father. We can see brothers at home the brother, brothers at home the one in a B and another brother who's going to be the best brother

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to enemies. Vanilla is similar the similarity between the B moves and abuse one story, the opposite side of the story.

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So now Alice was

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again, we had a father that became depressed deeply because he lost a son. Yeah, we have a mother Alexis and the heart of mooses mother became empty meaning the highest level of sadness is we are just numb. You can't feel anything. So she became totally empty. Our heart became empty inside and she had reached such a point of sadness because the sun was gone in Acadia, tubidy v Lola and Rob Robert nada caloocan via the coolant minimum,

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nominal meaning So Alex is the hot mooses mother became empty completely. She was about to even disclose what is

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was about to run to Pharaoh and say, that's my son, I want my son back. And then also had we not bound foster heart that she should become of the belief meaning had we not assisted. We made her strong that you have Eman. Allah will return your son to her. She was almost about to tell Pharaoh and it's my son, and you wish to introduce record that he could see me V and you know being long lived alone. And she said to the sister never moves his older sister follow Him and watch him from a distance. While they don't know. So now this baby is in the palace of their own. And nobody moves around. His wife is so happy about this child. But now the child is beginning to cry because he's

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hungry. And so she calls all the ladies that could base feed, come and feed this boy because she herself could not breastfeed. She didn't have a child. But Allah says we're gonna lie there. We made her home for him, any suckling from any woman. This baby doesn't want to drink from anyone any screaming his head off, and she knows what's behind all of it and can just take so much before he's going to do something that she needs to do something. This child doesn't want to drink from any of these women, men called

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So then the, the sister of Navy Moosa, remember, she followed the basket. And when she gets to the palace, she gets to hear him saying he this child is screaming, and there's no one here that can basically this child, so she tells the gods, I know of someone that can feed him I know of a mother that has milk to feed in which mother, her mother, and so they call nobody moves his mother and pay her to breastfeed. So Allah says for that now, Mickey the color inua and salticid like that. We put him back in the lap of Navy mooses mother, we returned him to his mother, that she might be happy that her eyes take a color I know her that he again brought the happiness upon Allah, Allah, there's

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a lot of love full of emotion, the Quran, Allah says he brought the coolness of the eyes to us here he was the apple of AI. And he's the apple of the eye of an abusive mother has an older sadness disappeared, while Italian Nevada law headquartered in Accra, Ghana,

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slushy and as we can know, when Allah makes a promise, it will always come through a promise that he will come back to you and it will be safe. And so I brought him back to you, and these beautiful words, and now Musashi will grow up and we'll talk about his youth in the petals of the round, something amazing about him, and this is no nebby Allah mentioned something like this no nebby in the Quran, does Allah say something like this old system removes many, many years later?

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It doesn't even know that all of this is a plan Solar System many years later, that we knew were in Pharaoh's house. How come you weren't killed? How come nothing happened to

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him I mean, he went to Santa Clara County that I pulled over you at college to throw basically I pulled over you might have been my love on you as a baby that anyone who came near you just instinctively fell in love with you even if you don't and I loved I built you up I raised you up under my eye even though you were in the house of your own. I raise you up under my I will continue inshallah a little bit tomorrow. And then on Sunday and Monday insha Allah yesterday's question

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and I've got a spot price as well for a question on this question. So he said which animal is not mentioned in the surah the sheep right so we was the camel we was the camel in the studio never use a camera load will bring the goods right the camel note we will the cows in the studio and abusive like the seven cows eating the seventh and thin was eating the fat can no sheep in the story. And the wolf right they said the wolf ate never use of there was another type of animal mentioned in the spot price raising someone quickly is another animal mentioned in the sutra. The bird the birds we were the birds mentioned the dream of the one whose breed was being eaten by the bird. So if you're

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paying attention, tonight's question, what was the name of Ron's wife? Asya Khadija Fatima Maria easy question right insha Allah then of course Salatu Lail also reminder that something new Ito fitter, we will have it will Vittoria in the masjid from basically will invite eight o'clock 815 to such a shock that we will start at 715 Hooda 740 eat Salah five to eight by 10 plus eight will be done with eat Sala then by 830. We inshallah will all go and join the India as well because we support the India so we'll do that as well. So please if you are you've been with us this month. I know some of you are from fall, please join us for it as well. You've made the binder with us it's

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only right that you enjoy the pattern with us as well. Sugar so much Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh