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The speaker discusses the concept of "slack consciousness" in the context of Islam. They describe the concept as a "haste to be mindful of" and a "haste to be mindful of" in the context of God consciousness. The speaker then discusses the concept of "slack consciousness" and the importance of recognizing and controlling one's consciousness.

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters day two, it's about 44 days now to Ramadan. And as we're taking steps closer to get to Lala contesta going to get to a state of consciousness. I'd like to define Taqwa. Today for the rest of our conversation, we realized that we're going to have a component of fear in the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala, a major component of hope in the love of Allah subhanaw taala in His mercy, hope and trust in God Himself. And the final component to Taqwa is God consciousness. And that becomes really generic. If I say God consciousness, you say, okay, pray and be nice. I'm talking about a level of mindfulness, where

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Allah subhanaw taala is, as he is described in the hadith of a Buddha would follow the law, be mindful of God, and you will find him next to you in another in the next part of this hadith. Be mindful of God, and you will find him in front of you. If you highlight the word SABR patience, what is patience, truly, it's a time when you have to wait. And you force yourself to think to control yourself. Now, if you could turn SABR patience into mindfulness of Allah subhanho wa taala, would you not then be thinking of Allah subhanaw taala at all time. So let's conclude here. Mindfulness for the rest of our discussion is going to be Taqwa. And God consciousness is going to be

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mindfulness. So let's work together to bring our fast to a place where we come into the month of Ramadan being aware of several activities. So I'd like to in the next few days, let's say about three, the next three videos, I'd like to do one activity at a time. If we do one activity at a time to bring our consciousness to our breathing, our consciousness to walking, or our consciousness to every time we see a plant, or every time we see a tree, we acknowledge the fact that I own it, carbon monoxide, and they emit oxygen. Without these creatures around me, I would not have the ability to live, mindfulness doesn't have to lead or end up with ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada. Mindfulness

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begins with you. So let's start together. Lala kumta Takuan and today I'll leave you with a question. If we had to put Allah on a clock and you had to try to understand when your Lord was, I asked you the question today in our path to refocusing for Ramadan. When is Allah subhanho wa Taala to you was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.