Can A Pharmacist Sell Emergency Contraceptives Over The Counter

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni discusses

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As a pharmacist, is it helpful for me to offer the emergency contraception service, which is legal service that and pharmacy

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that we can provide for those who want to prevent the pregnancy.

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As generally speaking, contraceptions are methods different methods, generally speaking, most of them are allowed to be used as long as the doctor thinks that it's safe. And now no contraception methods are available a market especially in most of developed country, unless it has been approved by FDA approved by no Institute to make sure that it is safe for the person to use, like held the bills pills or that

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UD or any shot whatever methods that people will use. So yes, it is allowed for you to sell this kind of consumption methods. If you ask about the morning after pill, which is used to prevent pregnancy from taking place after having intimacy with your spouse, or with the spouse in the night and most likely there is pregnancy can happen. I do believe it is allowed for it to be used because there's no pregnancy yet confirm and it is considered my opinion one of the methods to be used. So it is a lot for you to sell out as well. Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to get the rest of the videos I don't know what some will be here, there, whatever whatnot

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