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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three types of bad dreams that can result from certain things, including negative thoughts and negative feelings. These dreams can be from the mind or from the body, and they can be bad for one's well-being. The speaker advises individuals to be positive and stay positive while sleep, and suggests donating to a cause that benefits everyone.
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I haven't seen bad dreams for a month. Does that mean something?

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bad dreams can be a result of two things. Number one, it can be from the bond. And these are kind of dreams that don't carry any meaning or any feeling except to fear and terrifying you. The whole point is for the shavon to make you sad, depressed, terrified, scared. And this time of dreams in ob sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said as Hamid Qatada Buhari and others he said when you see something that you hate you dislike scare you. You say how do we live in a ship I know Jimmy asked a lot to protect you from the Shaitaan and the influence of the ship and and the whisper of the ship and and don't talk about it Don't mention it and none of the Hadith. The Hadith tells us that we blow up our

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left hand side three times and maybe even blow with a little bit of saliva which is yet fuel and that give me give you basically a meaning that it's nothing it's like it's the shaytani any ball away kind of don't even pay attention to it don't think about it. And one of us will have said that used to see some bad dreams it will make me sick for days and then the vicious on told him when you see this car the next origin and don't think about it don't make anything out of it. So for you to ask yourself Oh, that means something if there's a indication of something, no, it doesn't it just the sheer on playing with you. When you sleep doesn't want you to have a good sleep. That's all it

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means. And move on in your life. Don't talk about it the opposite. Even don't tell people about it. Why because if he talks about it, he tell people to stop thinking about it and that's what the individual salon doesn't want you to do.

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Also bad dreams could be bad thoughts that you know you worry about something and you thinking a lot about it and haunting you and your dreams. So this is headed nefs because Debbie's also told us that there's three types of dreams we see something from a man which is an angel Allah said to give you or to show you an image while you sleep. Obviously your soul see that or a shape on track to terrify you asleep or hide is enough something that you think about it. That's why you dream about it. And this third category if you've been seeing a lot of bad things because you think negative too much my advice to you. Yes there is something you can do here. Think in a very positive manners be positive.

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You know, read the car make sure before you go to sleep like Kim and Henrietta wherever they allow and that when you read item Kersey I will not come near you is upon a lot hamdulillah 33 times a lock or 34 times before you go to sleep some column of up to them to be called file in a hurry there are as many as you can

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say and two out you can say before you go to sleep. That will be my advice to you. And

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you know, just go to bed early after the prayer a shower your winter as well and take a good amount of sleep.

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inshallah you will be fine to Allah. Make it easy for everyone.

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