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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the need for premarital counseling for couples experiencing issues with their romantic desire. They emphasize the importance of understanding the dynamics of relationships and avoiding sexual embarrassment. They also stress the need for privacy and a culture of love and respect in society, and emphasize the need for everyone to promote the institution of marriage. They also mention the importance of happiness and not just thanking people, and highlight the need for a culture of love and respect in society.
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Salam aleikum, viewers at home welcome back. I'm sure you had a very refreshing break. Now we're going to be tapping into marriage counseling. What is it about? Do we need it? How do you know when you need it? Well, we have a special guest. Idris camisa, who will be helping us answer or rather best answer our questions regarding marriage and marriage counseling As Salam aleikum Idris Welcome to prime line, while he comes Salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Now, you know, for marriage counseling to happen, you know, there's this notion that you need to be married first. Is that true? No. In fact, I would argue, and we have written a book on premarital counseling, I think people

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normally have a romantic notion of marriage, they do not understand the prosaic reality, that you're gonna go through tensions. And it's about

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disagreeing without being disagreeable. It's about understanding the dynamics of relationships, to know people come from diverse backgrounds. And it's so critical in the initial years, to understand each other, what makes her laugh, what makes her cry, what motivates her or him, and the ability to talk, and to listen with empathy. So I would argue that we need to have premarital counseling, I feel it should be mandatory. In fact, I've told scholars that they must not perform in the car until the couples have gone through that process. But you find today, young people say Daddy, no, I want to marry her. I'm in love Daddy, I'm in love this my bed bear your name. Say all those things. And,

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and parents, you know, through coercion or whatever they given to that and the same couple within three months. Say, Daddy, I should have listened to you, you know, and it is something that we need to look at. So I would argue that premarital counseling should is a must. And in fact, one of the things that I do is the fact when couples want to get married, again, them 100 questions, you need to ask each other. Now you may say 100 questions, perhaps you look at those 100 questions and say, You know what? For me, I think there's 90 questions I can compromise. But these 10 It is fundamental. My wife and I or my future husband and I need to be like minded. Otherwise, you're

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going to have issues you know. Now, as a marriage counselor, probably you've dealt with probably at this point, I can mention three phases, a phase where somebody is able to come for premarital counseling, a phase where somebody found themselves married, decades down the line in the on the brink of a divorce. And it's like, now they're going into marriage counseling. And then you get others who feel like okay, it's not always that you have to wait for like, you know, treat something rather treat like something sometimes find that, like, find a cure without the need of being diagnosed with something you get those with those mentalities. In your experience? How have you

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dealt with those three phases? One is someone who comes for pre marital marriage counseling, the one who's on the brink of divorce, and others who feel like you know what, just because it's good doesn't mean doesn't need fixing. In fact, when people come to me for premarital counseling,

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the question I asked them is, before I talk to you, what is your biggest concern about your future partner? What is it? And that is very revealing. Sometimes suddenly, they say, You know what, I'm concerned about the temperament of this person. They have anger issues. I say, Listen, that needs to be sorted out before you marry. Because anger is a very dangerous weapon. In the words could hurt. There could be snarling words or petty words, right? They could damage you forever. Right? And the person might say, You know what, I'm only anxious about marriage. I think he and I, we have this chemistry. I said, anxiety is okay. It's not an issue. And what I would do, then I would meet the

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mum and dad of the respective couples, I'll share with them what my observation is, in fact, not Zana just wrote a book is called pre marital conversations and beyond. People have found it quite didactic and instructive, right. So that's the first write. The second is when people have issues. One recommendation I always make you do not go to a counselor when you begin to despise each other. When you have become so toxic, and that is problematic. It's very difficult, not impossible, to turn it around to transform that. In fact, I argue that when couples come to you, we should not put a lesser plus, we need to look at the underlying reasons why this has happened. You know, the four bed

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signs in a marriage is when there is contempt, disdain, stonewalling, you know and defensiveness. That's a very

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At bedtime, right? So I would recommend one of the things that I would recommend, from the earliest time of your marriage, I say to you and the person I said, you know, what, have a romantic dinner at least once a week and talk about what went well celebrate that. And also share, what is some of your concerns. And that way, what happens? It can be cathartic, but it's healing, but you are rectifying things as you're going along. But if you leave it, and you ignore it, if you sweep it under the carpet, the same issues could be a recurring nightmare. And because we're self made separation, right. The other issue is, you know, in terms of those couples who feel, sometimes you know what, I

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don't think it helps go into someone else. It does help you know why. Because sometimes, if you're a dominating person in the marriage, your spouse may feel intimidated,

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may not express everything. And with the counselor with an objective voice, sometimes that person is comfortable. And that objective voice can give this people perspective. And you know what, I've learned one thing, you know, that when you're counseling, you got to counsel both people, it takes two people to make a happy home. It takes two people to make a sad home. And I really believe that the many divorces have taken place, they ought to have gone for intervention. And you know what, as I said, I'm not here to put a Leicester Plus, I'm here for them to celebrate and make the life ahead, the best years of their life, you know, speaking on divorce, I mean, if we were to speak

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stats, I think divorces are like rapidly occurring, where as you go to Africa, you'll hear Auntie's here on the side saying, well, let's see how long it lasts. That's the conversation that's normalized within communities. Now, when we speak of challenges in a marriage, is it there? Because now we're seeing these divorces? Is marriage a challenge or it's the people in this union that poses a challenge, ultimately resulting in divorces do in fact, you'll find that without, you know, being facetious, or making an indictment on young people, I really believe many young people because some of them grew up at the time of instant gratification, getting whatever they want, whenever they want

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to, did not know how to negotiate, how to persevere, to understand what is delayed gratification, to have a reciprocal understanding of the other, it's often about yourself, your self absorbed is me, myself, I write, there's one issue. The second issue is about communication. You find, you know, and I would recommend this, you know, you know, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a very romantic husband, in fact, on to write a book, a very romantic husband, he was expressive, and he was, you know, he showed affection. In fact, when couples come to me, and they say to me, please, you know, we're going to get married next week. Give me us give us advice. So I'll tell the man I

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want you to be as romantic as possible. Make your wife the senior share the epicenter of your life be romantic bakery says Happy right here and be excited, you know, we have become ready with is a cultural impediment or not become home, we are so preoccupied that you forget the person waiting for you, right. The second important thing that I always recommend is to understand the other to understand the other that we are perhaps different individuals. Now, the there are many, many reasons for divorces. Right? The critical thing for me is the lack of affection. The other aspect is the four major reasons that have been cited globally is the overzealousness of the in laws

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interfering in law. What did you cook today? My husband my son likes the food this way what Oh, right one, the other one is issue of money is also a very big issue. The third issue is infidelity. And the fourth issue is of course, you know issues of drugs, whatever. Now when it comes to infidelity now I'm to share with you a statistic that is quite revealing 75% of people who celebrate who separated because of infidelity regretted it. They said you know what? That was an aberration. He was gently a good person, he made a mistake. So forgiveness is important. The other important aspect is living consciously and with intentionality. Your home must not be a graveyard, is a place

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that there is love. There is affection, so, so the to the men, I would say, be romantic and loving to the woman what I would say to her, I said, give your man respect

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and respect his family, he'll die for you. You know, that's that one particular difference. The other important aspect reasons for divorce, of course, is, you know, besides infidelity issues or drugs, issues of pornographic addiction, the other important aspect is when a partner doesn't fulfill their responsibility. And sometimes you find, without passing judgment, lots of men are masculine, did you know they are normal, that that the man, you know, I mean, a person of courage, a person that is confident, a protector of the woman, you understand? So there are different dynamics, each one is unique in its own way, you know, now a lot of people speak on, you know, youth is a

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sense of that notion that we have options in terms of our social media access when we interact with opposite sex. And then you have the as you highlighted family, and then there's also financial obstacles, how does one then overcome them? Do you have to identify them for what it is to best overcome them, or there is a way of overcoming them? I think you see, an important thing is this, I say that the adults live in one world, and the youth. In another world, the youth live in a virtual world, they're more concerned about the likes from people that don't even know it's about image and image in a while. So it is important, but the critical thing is not your image is about who you are

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as an individual. So I think what is important is this, then say an apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, right? So it's very, very important for the mom and dad to be those role models. And to show Yes, Mommy and I can disagree, but we never rude to each other. We are respectful to each other, you understand. And she's I accept her point of view, right? The other important aspect is this, that we do not have enough conversations with our children, we do not understand the experiential world for our children. And therefore you find today, it's very, very sad. And I say it, you know, and without being a prophet of doom, that I say that the OMA is bleeding, our homes

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are become dysfunctional. Our youth, many of them are rudderless. Our fathers are no more the people of moral authority, as it were. And you write that there are so many divorces, in fact, unbeknown to people, when I go for a Nikka, and are often chosen as a guest speaker, they got good taste, they choose me, besides my looks and everything else, you know, I mean, they say camisa. So when I go there, I would shed a tear. Let's say Allah helped this marriage, you know, and you know, what, in the end, you know, it reminds me

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of a story yourself gathering the same image on the top right? For me, I don't need time required talent.

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You know, in fact, this couple went to this fortune teller, and they asked her for this, listen, Carolina, you're gonna get married, right? She says, Well, that's good. Tell us how you see our future as well, for the first 30 years of your marriage, you're going to be unhappy. There. He says, What happens after that, he said, You get used to it. And that's the point. We have gotten use to toxic relationships. We need to assert ourselves, you know, we need to assert ourselves. And Gone are the days you cannot tell a woman or a man who is going through an oppressive relationship, to tell him, you know, forgive and be patient make supper, you got to give them solutions. You got to

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help them sometimes our parents, you know, sadly, we aid and abet our children to do the wrong things, you know, and, and it's important, you know, to listen to both perspectives, you know, now, Mr. camisa, you have a conference that we're going on on the fourth of December. Can you just tell us a bit about that, just that our viewers are more engaged and probably attend this conference in question. Let me give a little background about the conference. I've been involved with a number of these conferences, different parts of the world, right, Malaysia, Africa, in the UK, and twice in South Africa. And I was drawn to it when the organizer is a friend of mine sajit from the UK,

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invited me for the conferences and I had the good fortune of sharing the platform with Sheikh Omar Solomon and others. It was really a wow factor. When I saw how beautifully and professionally it was done, and I saw how dynamic it was done, that each speaker was given a brief right and you are so inspirational, how it brought the families together, there are different kinds of programs you also have sold seekers and people looking for partners in the relationship right. All of these things have taken place. And then you the question to be asked is who should attend. I say to everyone, even though you are happy, learn the other skill. So you could teach even if you're ahead

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RPC how you could up your game and continue to improve. And if you're a young person looking for a spouse, it's an opportunity for you to go there an opportunity to listen to dynamic speakers from different parts of the world who speak to you, not in a patronizing way, or pontificate in a way that is uplifting and right. And it's taking place December 4, at the convention center in Cape Town. And we are so excited. I've come here for three days to

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Johannesburg, and I'm so excited, you know why I'm so excited, I would like to control me.

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Oh, me, I'm so excited. Because I an ex prime, right you watching at the moment is going to be one of our partners. And I know, we're going to share with you all the promotional material. And I must commend both of you, I was watching both of your I like the ambience or like the synergy there. And you're doing great work. So my brothers and sisters, December the fourth,

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fourth, and you have an opportunity of transforming your marriage, just give you one little example, one of our speakers is going to be Maryam Lemo, from Nigeria, or she's brilliant, and hella bananas from America. And so hello, banana was telling me that when she was in South Africa, she was doing, she did a presentation. And after a presentation, a lady came to her and said, you know, sister, today was a day I was going to leave my husband, your talk touched my heart so much. It has rekindled my passion for him. And for the institution of marriage. You know what I'm saying? So it is not there just for for a function to you know, get the numbers is far from it. And if I was not

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involved in counseling, if I do not know, the condition of the community, I would not sacrifice my time. Right now I'm not getting paid for this right to promote these programs. And I have no doubt it will be transformational. Long as you come there with an open heart. You know, Mr. camisa, you a lot of things motivational speaker, you teach you you empower the youth as a marriage counselor on that note, what is your closing commentary? My closing commentary is this. I think as adults must promote the institution of marriage, we owe it to our children, we owe it to our youth. And also I think schools madrasahs need to speak about it. Need to speak about the joys of marriage do not

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allow the frightening statistics of divorces to impact on you. In fact, today companies have realize business companies, if my staff are happy at home, they're far more productive at all, you know, in the workplace. And I'll also say to people happiness is self inflicted and not created by this. If you're not a happy person, you cannot make someone else happy. If you'd not love yourself, you cannot love other people. Does that tell us so much for joining us. Inshallah we'll see you on the fourth of December inshallah. Next time, I'll send you autographed. Oh

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thank you so much. It was such a joy interacting with your guys. Okay, keep well, and you'll see me more often. And I don't want to be a recurring nightmare. But thanks, viewers at home that would that was it is camisa speaking on marriage Now you heard him. Now happiness is self inflicted. Don't wait for other people to create a version of what your happiness should be. On that note, we'll take an eight bit ad break. We'll be back just after this