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The importance of giving Z prep in Islam is discussed, including providing Z prep to individuals and others, purifying wealth and protecting it, and being a means of charity. The speaker emphasizes the benefits of Z attending events like Z attending for charity and being a means to help people avoid poverty. The importance of charity is emphasized, along with providing Z prep in a spirit of mutual avoiding and being selfless. The speaker also offers suggestions for helping the poor and rewarding those who give charity.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he Allah healed me he bothered me. Well Allah if we bought a quadrat he was Salatu was salam wa Salem be even more serene? Who Allah? He was Javi was seldom at the Sleeman Cathy Ron Kathy ROM. I'm about to fall the villa humanness. shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Massaro larina unifi poonawalla woofie Sabir Illa commissary hubbardton unbuttered savasana bill fee Kohli sambal sumati Mia to Hubba Sara Kala who has him.

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Respected listeners We begin by placing Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved navia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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In our Deen just says we have physical responsibility responsibility that we have to fulfill from our Deen with our physical self with our body, like for example, Surat etc. We also have financial responsibility. We also have the responsibility of utilizing our wealth to comply with the commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. In this regard, we are aware that the greatest responsibility in the financial sphere for the believer is the giving of Zakat, or people salat wa to Sokka. Establish solid and give Zakat is a constant theme and a constantly repeated injunction in the Holy Quran. And of course, we are aware that Zakat is compulsory and the details with regard to it have

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been made mentioned by the fuqaha and the jurists. And it is extremely important that everyone they inquire from the AMA with regard to the fulfillment of this for us, in terms of the financial responsibility of the believer, and there are many benefits with regard to it, with regard to giving of Zakat, and of course, we are also aware that at the time of Ramadan people normally take all these akot fuqaha and the jurists they tell us that it is not compulsory for you to give in Ramadan. Whenever the card becomes compulsory upon you when one year passes by, when you have the threshold which makes the card compulsory whenever that particular year completes, circuit is compulsory upon

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you, but you can adapt it to be able to give in Ramadan and to give in Ramadan does have its benefits because maybe a cream sauce limited. We have a fulfills a for us act in Ramadan, it is multiplied 70 times so there is some benefit in giving in Ramadan, but it should not be only confined. As a scheffel Hadith has said Manasa Korea supplemental Allah has mentioned that sometimes you must give Zakat even before it becomes compulsory In this sense, gives a cat make a note of it and then you count as the day in which you are supposed to calculate your zakat. And you then adapt it according to what we have given given either give more, or if you have given more already in you

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think Allah subhanho wa Taala with regard to the Zakat it has been already given, and there are many wisdoms with regard to giving Zakat amongst them via Karim sauce limited in the tamama Islamic momento de sakata. Monaco that your Islam becomes complete by you giving zakat. So by giving Zakat we are not doing anyone a favor you are doing and fulfilling your responsibilities. Amongst the benefits of Zakat is it purifies the remainder of your wealth? Will larina yakni soon as the Hubba wolf is a well I even feel Kona Hafiz Seville Illa Allah tala says those who accumulate and hoard the wealth when Latina yakni una de abajo. When I even FICO, Nafisa Bella, who do not spend in the

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path of Allah, Allah tala wants them have a severe chastisement and other Mufasa renier writes the deer that chastisement is for those who do not give zakat. In one Hadith, maybe a cream sauce limited man cassava, even as a woman who Zakat said he whose earnings are pure, then by failure to give Zakat it taints his entire wealth. Just imagine what a great warning that you have an halaal but you're not giving the cut, it taints your entire wealth. So the first wisdom amongst many others is that Zakat purifies the remainder of your wealth for you to utilize the aspect The second aspect socket is a means of protection of your wealth has seen what Amala can protect your wealth through

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the means of charity martela family feed bill Viola Nivea cream sauce limited

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That wealth does not get destroyed in the ocean or inland but by people not giving charity and Zakat on that particular wealth. The second benefit of Zakat is it protects your wealth. The third aspect is we are all aware that in this particular regard there has been a worldwide concern with regard to narrowing the gap between the haves and the have nots. And this is one of the objectives of Islam. Allah in the Holy Quran says Kayla Hakuna do let them Beynon acne, I mean come Let not wealth only circulate amongst the wealthy people that did not only circulate let it have as much as possible distribution amongst the segments of the community and the society and Allah tala through the means

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of Zakat, what actually happens is where the wealthy gives a portion and percentage of the wealth to the poor, it makes it easy for the reduction of that inequality. So, these are some of the benefits and there are many more benefits Therefore, it is extremely important that each and every one upon whom Zakat is compulsory. He see to it that he calculates the cost accordingly and he gives it find out whatever is occurred is compulsory upon us. There has also be aware that Allah tala has made mentioned with regard to the categories of Zakat, we should see to it that as far as possible hours occurred and ours occurred goes to those people who are in need of it, it goes directly to the poor.

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Be careful with regard to our Zakat being used for administrative purposes. Then, also be aware that Zakat is the most the most minimum requirement with regard to charity you can stop aeds socket socket is the lowest limit of human sympathy from the material point of view, you can't go below that, but you have been encouraged and there is integration in the field Maliha consumer socket there are considerations upon your wealth other than the car you have to go beyond the car give Soraka give charity to the poor beyond the two and a half percent beyond what is compulsory from the from what is compulsory from a zacapa give to help the Dini causes noble causes right yes causes

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giving them massages given different causes because the cat is a very minimum and you cannot use the cut with regard to massage it etc. And this is something that has always been highly recommended and looked upon with favor in our Sharia lantana

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hatherton homie moto hipbone, you cannot achieve beer. There is a very high status Hata Tommy moto he born until you give of that which you love. Elliot will only say Romania the sofa, the hand that gives is better than the handed receives, be amongst those who are all the time giving, and not be amongst those who are receiving beer and strive to be amongst those who are giving. And Muhammad nihan one of our great scholars in the past said throughout history, it has always been something that those who have given charity have achieved honor and respect. They were looked upon with great respect and honor. So therefore we must try and strive to be amongst those who give Allah tala when

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he recommends for us to give charity and that Allah uses the amazing manner and methodology to

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encourage us to give me merasakan

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wha to me Molly la isla de Atacama key from the well that I have given you. I have given you I'm telling you to give an yet you are miserly you can give from what I have given you. What a beautiful enticement, what a beautiful way of telling us to give because Allah gives and Allah tala tells that what I have given you, you spend from there, I'm not asking you to spend from the wealth. You are the owner and creator of it. I am the creator and I'm telling you I've given it to you now utilize it in a correct manner. And amongst the benefits with regard to be to be charitable.

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It does not follow Bishop Peter Merton protects you from the fire of Jana. Grimshaw said, save yourself from the fire of janam even if it be to the extent of giving one date in silica in charity, you might not have lot but you've got liquid given liquid get into the the habit of giving charity because it is greatly liked by Allah subhanho wa Taala

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it brings Baraka into our wealth via cream sauce limited every morning. two angels come down and they make a do i mean Yo man you spell a bird fee Malika and what they say Alomar demon freakin holla lamotta monster

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cantilever. Those who give increase their wealth or law those who hoard over law destroy the wealth through the means of giving Allah subhanho wa Taala increases Baraka in our wealth. And therefore it is our responsibility to give Thirdly, when amongst the other aspects is that give when you I need don't only give charity in terms of when and put it in your was yet to be occurring So, Islam was as you said a catechism there are Sula which charity is the is the greatest, so, now via cream sauce himself and he said, when he when he when she duck shall * Matamoros a marina, when Adam Hill Hata Bella Calico, give when you I need, you are fearful fearful of poverty. You also want to

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increase your wealth, that's a time to give, don't wait at either bellaterra home that your life comes here to the neck to the throat and you about to die. And then you said Lee Fulani in Kerala folarin cara, give someone to this charity give so much to the charity, give when you are in need of wealth, don't only put it in your associate. So this is another aspect and then of course, there is great amount of reward with regard to giving wealth, these great amount and luckily in the Holy Quran says that every you know cent you give it is multiplied at least 700 times every cent that you give in charity, it is multiplied 700 times a law who you thought if we made Yasha and Allah

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subhanho wa Taala if you want Allah subhanho wa Taala can even multiply more than 700 times if Allah once and therefore you have Nima Rama to lolly has made mentioned that the only grain that I know that can outweigh the amount of forehead is the grain that is given in charity for the for the pleasure of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we should be amongst those who are in the forefront with regard to giving and to be charitable because Allah subhanho wa Taala loves those who given the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in charity. Together with that there are only two important guidelines. The first is charity must be selfless. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala says where

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you came from Allah who would be those who feed people out of the love of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala they do not give for the sake of name and fame. They give it out to the love of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and they give it among the seven categories of people who will be under the shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala has thrown on the day of gamut will be that person who gives us his right hand, the left hand does anyone know what he has given? give charity selflessly, for the pleasure of Almighty Allah, not for the sake of name and fame. There is a consideration in the Quran to give openly to encourage other people into pusaka definitely my that give charity openly because there is

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some good in that also. But to give charity is better that you give it Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran says yeah you are Latina Amanullah to to sericata can be manly when other believers do not spoil the rewards of your charity by taunting and reminding the person whom you have given with regard to your favors, and athletics as a way to reward allatra takes away the reward implica theory so beautifully mentioned in his theory says the reward of charity is great, but the reward of charity is not so much that it wipes away the sin of taunting a person after you have given him money. So therefore when we give we always give openly and we give in a way that is selfless. That

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is why is amazing. Whenever Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about charity, Allah tala talks about it being a reward allatra talks about it being a purification Haldeman Mr. Lim said a cotton to your home. But the purification is never for the person who receives the purification is for the one who gives He is the one who has been purified, not the one who receives. So it is for your benefit. You are being you are being rewarded, you are benefiting so therefore don't don't people. Don't do it with the intention of name and fame. Don't do it with the intention of gaining recognition to its selflessly and certain times there are times that where there is a requirement for Soraka and

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charity that time and you give it it is greatly rewarded. Look at the situation with regard to COVID-19 at the moment. There is so many people who will be in difficulty. This is a time for us to step forward and to be able to be amongst those who increase our charitable acts. This is a time in the time of hora de la Toronto there was a famine in the armory mud and oh my god allow Toronto was amazing in this regard. What he did was he refused to eat any other than basic food he refused to eat anything that was you know what is regarded to be over and above

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What is necessary? One day he saw his son having melon, you know, at the time he kept it away from him saying, oh, some of

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the people do not have food to eat and you are indulging yourself in this. And then he used to eat so little that his stomach used to growl and used to address systemic cowl as much as you want, as long as the people of Medina don't have to eat, who are not going to get any thing other than dates or anything, that is just the bare minimum. So in this particular regard, this was

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the time of the amaura man he used to call people from the different parts of the Islamic empire to send to send produce for the sake of the poor and they used to be feeding in one rewired mix pension feeding for 40,000 people. And let me conclude with regard to one of the great sons of Islam. zainul Abilene Rahmatullah La Salle, Abilene Nakula actually has a great grandson of our beloved maybe a cream sauce and the son of as I was saying that he allowed, he used to go and, you know, be so charitable, that not only charitable one is to give charity, he used to carry the bags of flour and water. And he used to leave it at the door of the poor people. He used to leave it as a tour of the

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poor people. And then, after he passed away, there were two ways that people came to find out that it was a Abilene who used to leave this hampers, or this hour this necessities at our doorstep. One is they found marks on his body when they were given

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the time they realized that he was carrying heavy bags by sending it and leaving it to the poor, and he was going to deliver it to the poor. And then afterwards, the poor people realized that there was no more our essential that is our doorstep. Then they realize it was a rabbit in Rahmatullah Lee, who was giving us all this. So in this particular time, these are the times for us to be more charitable. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us an understanding of the most beautiful aspect of charity as explained to us in our Dean, Latella make us charitable, may our charity will be may work wonders for our self and for the benefit of humanity.