Ebrahim Bham – Purification Of The Heart #3

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The culture of Islam is associated with harms and signs that bring about negative behavior. Improvements in people's behavior are essential for achieving fame and gaining recognition, and individuals should avoid giving things for the sake of others. rewarding people with good deeds is crucial, and cautioning people about their behavior is important. The speaker uses examples of people who have done things for their own people and have gained rewards, as well as the importance of not giving things for the sake of others.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Mulana via via

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a mavado folder. wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Kula Helena buco minox Arena Amada and levena de la une fille hayati dunia. omya savona and Naomi RC known as hoonah. Set a colloquialism respected viewers and listeners. We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala who has given us such a beautiful Deen which he has chosen for humanity. salutation we upon our beloved maybe a creme de la jolla was sent him through whom we have received the beautiful Dean continuing with our program, purification of the heart. Yesterday we did and we said that many of them were had they seen they started off the compiler nation. With the Hadith enamel armor will be

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near speaking about the aspect of Islam and doing things solely for the sake of Allah. Our Allah and our predecessors were very, very concerned. And they showed this in practicality. It is narrated about a very famous scholar that one day he spoke to 1000s of people. And then as he was leaving the masjid, he saw a person who came running and on his face were etched disappointment. And he said, I came from so far, hoping to hear your talk, and be inspired by it. And I must out and the scholar said never mind. He went back into the masjid and the way he spoke to 1000s of people with the same passion. In the same time he spoke to this one person when his handlers or his married or his

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students started objecting and said, You took so much time for one person. What an amazing reply he gave, he said, the first time it was also for one the first time whether it was 4000. Or for one person, I rendered the talk for the one Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the converse with regard to it, the negative is to do things what we had said for Ria was temptation to do it for other than Allah subhanho wa Taala for worldly benefit, or for the sake of doing it to gain praise from other people. That is real, it is one of the greatest spiritual calamity. And it is amazing to what degree people will expend the energy and do good deeds for the sake of gaining name and fame or to gain a place in

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the hearts of others and to gain a place in them in the hearts of others. It is something that has its peaks and valleys its ebbs and flows to a people today, they will speak good about a person and tomorrow they will criticize the very same person whom they were speaking good about. Are you going to be doing good deeds for the sake of their particular people? It's something for us to realize and in this particular regard, there are three things I would like to make mention. One is the harms, the signs and the cure. With regard to the harms, it brings doing things for Ria brings about the displeasure and the curse of Almighty Allah says Allah in the Holy Quran for a lil mousseline and

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Latina woman, Salah teamster would Allah de Nomura.

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wale is the curse in the displeasure of Almighty Allah. One duration says it is a very in janam that even the jahannam seeks protection from that valley. Such is the lot of those people who perform Salat leisurely, or for the sake of your own, to be known for the sake of name and fame. And Latella then goes on to say in another place in the Holy Quran in surah Kahf. Have you seen those have not bill Campbell of Serena mala? Are you aware of those people who are the greatest losers in terms of the deeds and Medina de la une fille hayati, dunya, omya Simona, unknown la semana sutra, those who spend a lot of time and energy in doing something but they are losers, right? It is to do with those

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people who do things for the sake of name and fame, but they will get no reward, no benefit, where it matters most in the court of Almighty Allah. Allah has given this example although yesterday we also narrated a hadith in this particular regard, either juiciness will be family him that those when the day when our deeds have been weighed Allah subhanho wa Taala will tell those who did things for you, either Habu Isla Latina contura own co to those people whom you did it for, and go and get reward. Allah gave this example. They say a person who constructed and did a course

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struction work for a person by the name of Musa. After he did it he went to Isa and said he said give me money for the work I've done. He said would say Who did you do the work for? And the builder and constructor will say it for Moosa. So he said, we'll say if you did it for Moosa, why are you coming to me pass for him and remuneration go to Moosa, for whom you attended. In a similar manner, Allah subhanho wa Taala, will be entitled to tell the people who did it for name and fame, where are you coming to me for reward? Go to the one for whom we have done this reward, and what for whom we have done the good deed? Why are you coming to me for reward, and our Allah have given signs with

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regard to area and the reason why they gave it is for us, because of the spiritual calamity, to stay away from Ria, for example, or some of the signs and this is not even a complete list just for us to understand that Allah ma have written that when a person is lazy, and his lack of action, when he is alone, and all of a sudden, he does it with great enthusiasm, when he is amongst people. And that is one of the signs that we have to be careful with regard to it. This does not take away from the aspect of being inspired when you are in a Masjid, when you are amongst people. And when there is an environment of good as was the example in the case of Hazzard Ancelotti, Allahu anhu, who told me I

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am I feel inspired in your presence and at home I don't feel that same inspiration, but this is one of the signs that we have to be careful about. Similarly, our our What am I have said, to do things more when praised and become lethargic when not praised. Again, we do not deny the speck of subtle encouragement when people do good deeds, especially when you are in authority, who cream sauce lamb used to do it. Parents are supposed to do it with regard to our children. But again, it tells us about the signs. Some of the allama have made mentioned with regard to some of the signs, excessive worry about safeguarding one's reputation, putting oneself in a pedestal, I see this thing as such

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and such. So giving importance with regard to your opinion, furnishing humanity. The way has no morality allowed to know one day slow person who was walking with excessive humility and O'Meara villatoro said there are people who are more pious than you Why are you funding humanity? So these are some of the signs what it does tell us that human beings can believe us are always very careful with regard to staying away from Maria because of its harms. These are some of the signs they have made mentioned. Tomorrow inshallah we will make mention of some of the cure and prevention. May Allah tala prevent and keep us away from Leah, wash Rhoda Juana and in Hungary

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