Ebrahim Bham – Virtue and What to do in Ramadhaan

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The blessedness of Shabbat, which is the season of fasting, is emphasized in Islam, where fasting is viewed as essential for achieving spiritual spirituality. The importance of body and soul, particularly in relation to one's health and joy, is also discussed. The holy month is highlighted as the season of fasting, with emphasis on physical pleasures and dedication to one's health. The use of alcohol and other foods, as well as avoiding giving charity, is also emphasized. The Bible is discussed, including its introduction, use of charity, and announcement of the Quran.
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Alhamdulillah Allah

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Allah Hafiz we bought a

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poster that was

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even more serene.

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He was happy was seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, Sha Ravana, lovey lovey

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Middle Buddha

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respected elders and brothers Alhamdulillah we are on the dawn of the most blessed month in the year and inshallah, depending upon the sighting of the moon tonight could see the beginning of the Mubarak and blessed month of Ramadan

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said money fallacy the Allahu taala who narrates a hadith

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and he makes mentioned and he said fatahna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Theosophy yomim in shaba that Nivea cream sauce addressed us on the last day of Shaban and Alhamdulillah we could be on that particular day. So we following that sooner that may be occurring saw Salaam address the Sahaba on the last day of Shabbat and what did you tell them? Yeah, you and ask? Allah comb shahana zeeman shahara Mubarak. Oh people they come upon you a very great month. Great, not in terms of physical aspects, but great in terms of spirituality. Great in terms of blessedness from Allah subhana wa Taala shahara Mubarak comes upon you a very blessed month. So manifest tsilivi Allahu Allahu

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Allahu wa sallam. Now Siobhan keyaki Tara cuando se was for Maya or for Maya Tamara

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bought Bara or Mubarak era. So Allah via cream sauce, try to bring our attention to the blessedness and the greatness of this month, pronounce the word Ramadan, comes from the Arabic root word Rama via Moodle, which means the intense heat of the sun on scorched land. That is an actual linguistic meaning of Ramadan, the intense heat on a scorched the intense heat of the sun, which comes upon the sun and the ground. And the reason why it is known as such our What am I have said, because of the sensations of a parched throat of a fasting person, or perhaps even more appropriate, because it's gorgeous, the sun's the way the intensity of the Sun scorches the earth, the way the intensity of

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the Sun scorches the earth, in a similar manner, Ramadan, the intensity of a Natal as mercy and forgiveness, it scorches the sins of humankind, and I escaped many, many great benefits in this month. Amongst the, the, in this audience, which has generated via Korean sauce from said, Whoever does one four of the act in Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala multiplies it 70 times. So that's why many people although it is not compulsory, that many times people give Zakat in this month because you are fulfilling for us. And through that Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you 70 times more reward. Then if you do an act of nefarious, an egg that is not obligatory. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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gives you the reward of a forest. A forest, it was a scepter Guna zyada or roughly ibaadat cassava, Joshua wolf for us, Kibera Allah Subhana Allah, how merciful is Allah subhanho wa Taala and when am I have made mention mentioned that this

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month compared to the other months, we cannot compare the blessedness That is why Allah tala says in the Quran Furman shahida min como shahara folly assume that this is an ayat in the Holy Quran in the second the second juice Surah Baqarah whoever finds this month, let him fast Allah has kept this month to fulfill the forest and obligation of fasting. But whether you fast or not sometimes super novella trees and fruit fasting the monster remains blessing but Allah has kept this particular month for the first year of fasting and they such a great link between the two that machete delfy family Rama Polly has mentioned that if a person misses a fast in Ramadan, even if your father's day

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after for the rest of his life, he will not be able to make the blessedness that he has that he first in the month of Ramadan. So this is very amazing. In some way someone has given a very beautiful example. You know, very, very beautiful has a Serato Salaam had 12 sons, like we all know that Yusuf alayhi salatu salam was one of the sentence. Other 11 sons we all know what they did. They buried Yusuf alayhi salatu salam, they sold him into slavery, but because of Yusuf alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, the one brother, Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive the leaven brothers, because of Yusuf alayhi salatu salam, Allah tala forgive the other 11 Brothers, whole long incident or am I

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have made mentioned inshallah, in a similar way, that this one month is like Yusuf alayhi salatu salam, it will wipe away the Guna and the sins of the other 11 months of the year is mahina ko Doosan meno Cynthia's Issa Jessa Yusuf alayhi salatu was salam o biomater Jessa Yusuf alayhi salaatu wa Salaam apne biochim biochemist

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he citra Allah tala from zangpo gra minocqua katajanokka carbonara. We are not Allah had made Yusuf Alayhi salat wa salam, the means of forgiveness of the lemon brothers, we make dua that Allah tala make this month, the means of forgiveness of our 11 months of shortcomings. Now few things that I would like to say we can talk about the blessedness I'm going to point what we should do. For others one aspect is start concentrating on ibaadat. There's a very loose thing that we make mention of but we are a combination of body and soul, physical and spiritual level months of the year we are only giving attention to the body

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only model of the body only things that fulfill our desires all the time, look at the time that we give to you but in the other 11 months of the year. Almost negligent Ramadan is an opportunity for us to invest in the after. Ramadan is an opportunity for us to invest. It is a spring season for goodness hum Aurora just uncovered more hair. Yara made me up

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to date ahead is manetho

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Kalia what

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is meaningful Africa works for ice berker Natalie naturally we

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go beyond the fries go into aspects with regard to the butter. Brothers, when are we going to get the joy of demanded? For us we don't know the joy of ibaadat we only know the joy of physical pleasures. I wonder sometimes, if someone were to tell us that for every sister you make in taraweeh you will get 150 rarely Eaten Alive that Jaya will have such a great line. The reason is we haven't understood the joy and importance with regard to ibaadat. Although there is one Hadith that makes mentioned for every sister that you make in Ramadan, you get 1500 rewards, but we don't know that because we have only associated benefits with worldly benefits. And we'll let him as if the budget

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is there, which through the means of it. Our relationship with Allah tala find his most appropriate manifestation. It plays a vital role in the reformation of our entire life. In the salata, tahanan fascia will Mancha salad prevents you from even stupid the importance of ibadah through the means of 83 forms your entire life. It is a greatest way of earning Allah tala

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Pleasure, doesn't get happy with anything else the way he gets left happy and with regard to any budget he bothered to

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or who she

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And there is a vacuum in our life if we don't do a budget. If we don't do a budget one line, my dear respected, others will become depressed. That is why the people who don't remember Allah, little bit of difficulty they can't pay. If we don't do that, just as we regard the food and things as a requirement. It's time that we regard a body just as if not more important, say Ripley, Messiah. Brahma Talalay one day told his students listen to this 20 years I did not see the back of them on Sunday

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20 years I did not see the back of a person reading namaz because he was always in the first

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20 years he used to come to the masjid before

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so he always read Salah in the first step he never saw the back of a Muslim. Whenever you we going to get that particular time. Chef aku jacada Gilani rapala Lee used to say the pleasure, the contentment, the satisfaction we get in the body, if the kings of this world and the worldly people know that contentment we get by remembering Allah, they will send the army to come and get it, but they won't be able to get it. But where are we going to get that type of reward? Then when are we going to get that enjoyment? So dedicate yourself at least in this one month, to be able to take the pleasure of Salah zeker tilawat of the Holy Quran, Allah He we feed the soul with the nourishment of

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good deeds. Quranic recitation, recitation of the Quran surah Formica la swatara.

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Allah writes, with regard to Ramadan, I have seen my spiritual elders that they used to eat so little in Ramadan, they used to make so much in Ramadan, that one one day How could they actually live such a life of America with regard to it? That is a person one day was recipe to me one of the greatest reasons people read Dharavi or they must taraweeh Why buy bought kalya if

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too much to eat? One doesn't samosa sits kababs does their Pepsi's everything, then ways it will become able to insulin. So one person after eating as much as he could, as the plates were taken away, he started crying. He wrote a Why are you crying, all that work, that food is going back. All the food is going back. That's why he's crying. When are we going to bear have moderation and spend time not only worldly pleasures, there are start taking pleasure in him either perform it Allah subhana wa Taala. So that's the first thing I would like to make mention of. Second thing is, take a break from worldly pleasures, not worldly responsibilities. See worldly responsibilities is a

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to look after your wife to look after your children to see that there is food on the table. That is not only a worldly responsibility, he really bothered to adjust him. Right. But worldly pleasures, take a break with regard to it. Draw a pattern, draw a routine and keep to the routine. People who have the means for example, if you could take the rest in the afternoon to be able to remember that Allah in the evening, say that today because of Ramadan. I'm going to go earlier from my particular work. Those who are employers give employees a little bit of leeway. And you know with regard to the aspect of working

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through a routine and stick to the routine. For example, if we have a routine that you are going to read after or after fudger stick to that particular routine throughout the month. And keep in mind, take a break from worldly pleasures and try and keep the US Europe and investing in Africa in the fall. Do you know what is meaning of investing in Africa? Let me give an example. Today we don't know about investment in Astra brothers helado low commodity Jonathan punji caminada says Allah in the Quran, should I not show you a business and investment hamara investment annamma jV hear about investment? How many percent? How many percent? What a Latina says gee caminada p&l in such a t

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jarratt. Such a business will save you from the file Jana? Have you ever thought about that particular investment may occur in sastra. Monday comes home and many occurrence also very rarely used to eat meat very rarely. So maybe utrymme sauce them on that day. They were sheep that was cut. So it'll be

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So cinemas has an idea who Ayesha how much of the meat is left how much of the meat is left so I can eat that meat. So what happened was they gave all that meat away in charity to the poor people. So there was one piece of the shoulder so that I should have said one piece of the shoulder is left. One Piece of the shoulder is left

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unsaid, everything is left beside the shoulder.

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Everything is left joselito put yahama investment what is left that is not for us it is mark in the Permian for the coma in the law. So keep that in mind. The third aspect connect to the Quran. Because this is a month in which the Quran was recited and revealed. Shadow Ramadan LED on Salafi report.

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It is a month of Ramadan that the Quran was revealed. So connect with a Quran. Someone has very beautifully said. If you want to engage Allah in communication, perform salah and if you want to speak to you read Quran

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Let me repeat it. Allah Allah subhanaw taala monitor to Quran Slotnick. Serato Serato, chata, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah azza wa jal if you want, if you want to speak to Allah, you read salah and if you want Allah tala to speak to you read the Quran.

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And brothers What a beautiful way. Solomon speech when I might have written a theological statement, that if you want to know your relationship with Allah, then see your relationship with the Quran. He if you want to see your relationship with Allah see your relationship with the Quran, the Quran kameena to buy other pans millet zyada la Jai tarawih Maria Quran kameena Chica moto is five minutes more in taraweeh For heaven's sake, don't complain. It's a month of the Quran What are you doing? You are listening to the Quran. If you are not going to be there, where are you going to be? You're going to be speaking to people why you can bear five minutes speaking to people, but you can bear

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five minutes extra to listen to the Quran. So I just hope that we don't get this people complaining about two minutes extra Domini jelajah chiamata

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tiama two minutes to the

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extra. This is a month to connect with the Holy Quran. The fourth thing My dear respect brothers give charity. So hello Libya Korean sauce when it comes in a hadith that Maria Teresa Allahu alayhi wa sallam was so generous in Ramadan, that you hear the words in the Hadith he was so generous. So hon Allah is a very strong wind and it's also nice to give charity. So give charity and Robin comes in at his feet the fasting person, you will get the same reward that he gets for keeping the fast you will get the same reward that he got for keeping first you will get it by feeding him feed him was one that would feed him was whatever you want to feed people brothers, I can understand

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sometimes let us have a ratio, the statistic a percentage. We will spend sometimes 510 1000 then over a weekend feeding our children in restaurants. But if we have to give you a monkey 200 grand, we feel we've done something very great. You can go to a restaurant and spend 1000s but if you give them 100 grand you feel that we have done someone a big favor. So Hannah Louisa ratio, everything is from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala but where is our, our balance our priorities, we can spend 99% of everything upon ourselves, but we can spend half a percent in a nutshell as we spend in good deeds lantana

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boon you cannot come closer towards Almighty Allah until you spend what you love. So give charity brothers. Then another aspect with regard to it is by adopt human rights, human rights NGOs if we have if we have done someone down if we have done that to someone when asked for forgiveness. The reason is, and that Allah has clearly made mentioned for the means of the adage I don't have the time. But there's a hadith today that our ibadah does not give us the award or a bad reward will be taken away if we have not fulfill our rights to someone else.

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We know the 430 former AtuNa man who flees Do you know who is a Papa Papa is one who despite having great amount of ibadah he has done someone wrong and because of that his reward of his divided will be taken to someone else. So by

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Complete that particular aspect of and then a very important aspect. I always make mentioned try and change one bad habit

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comma skim a periodic chore nakey poor ecosystem. Try you know, if you for example get up late trying Ramadan to inculcate to get up early.

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The one famous one which I tell people by commerce comm Ramadan is the best way to stay away from this evil habit stay away from cigarette smoking brothers going Finally, not one benefit. No, I put a bet for anyone who can give me one benefit with regard to smoking. If Ramadan will not smoking for the better part of the day, make it an ideal moment to be able to save yourself from this bad habit, but try to save yourself from one bad habit and surely we can do that. And then of course lastly I would say such an important point might be respect of others nicotine salts no one day was as advice so so the results from said selu selecting more than read every seller This is the last lap of your

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life. Now you know that this is my last salad how are you going to read this right now taking from that Hadith that reoccurring source from said read every salad This is your last Salah we take from there a similar thing by spending this Ramadan as if this could be your last

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spend the summer on that this could be your last ha ha ha well I would hisco pata Busan Milan amulet. Who knows whether we're gonna get that opportunity to get another Ramadan. So many of our muscles so many of our friends. Three weeks ago, one of our friends used with us three weeks ago he passed away just all of a sudden passed away. Where is he? Last year Amazon he was with us. He used to be with us today this is not with us. We don't know whether we will be able to see one another. So make us Ramadan as if this is your last Ramadan. Then inshallah you will see the Baraka. So these are the few advisors that have given with regard to the importance of blessedness in what to do. May

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Allah was a topic of understanding

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