Ebrahim Bham – The Hajj #01

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of hedging the informal discussion during hedge the, citing examples such as women with angry luggage and loss of possessions. They emphasize the need for proper preparation and avoiding complaining about difficulties. The segment also touches on the challenges of traveling to Iran and the importance of shaping one's behavior with proper clothing and proper recording. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for coffee and a drink.
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gonna do one Sunday on Saturday my dad was telling my mother

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over the last minute she told the regime Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Arafat in federal kulula in Del Mar Sherrill haram, where the Kuru hakama Hidalgo, when confirmed in Kabul, the 11 of the abroad in South Africa who

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I respect their elders, brothers, brothers and sisters, we begin by placing Almighty Allah ascending salutations upon our beloved nivia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And Hamdulillah lehtera has brought us here

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for Hajj, and Natalia except inshallah I always like to say and I think something for us to to ponder.

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No one comes here, because they have well,

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no one comes here, because they are pious.

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No one comes here, because they are worth him.

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We always we come here for Hajj because Allah subhanahu wa taala has called us

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there are people who are much wealthier than many of us who are here who have come and feeling that maybe Allah has given us the wealth, we have come. And there is no doubt that having the means is one of the conditions of coming for Hajj, you don't have the means which is not for us.

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And on this, I recall a very interesting incident in our history. A person desirous of Hajj went to the famous Abbas said Khalifa mature and said I want to go for Hajj.

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He didn't have the means. So Mansoor told him that go, the road is open, and then hamdulillah because of the Muslim ruler there the road is safe.

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So he said I don't have the means. So when Sue said it is not compulsory upon you. So he said I didn't come to ask you for a masala You are the king. I came father

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gave me money to go for it.

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Sometimes there are people who are wealthier than us who can go sometimes there are people who are better than us. We will come for hedge Saladino up Rama Talalay his whole life during perform Hajj.

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And that was because of his passion in liberating Majid xi, he didn't get time to perform hygiene.

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So he didn't perform hygiene. So it is it is something for us to ponder about that Allah has chosen us to come watch.

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So when you think about that, it just gives you another dimension for you to to value the time that you are in and make the best. In the past few days we've had some motivation today I'm trying to cover the motivation and together with it also tried to make mention of the step by step. Now because it will be a little different from the motivation really, even if there is a need for anyone during the course of the step by step saying that we don't understand this please immediately just stop let us sit and it's not a formal letter, this is a informal discussion like like a class and the madressa class only I don't have the sticky

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bike or this anyway, to all of us will remember that. So anyway, this is an informal discussion one to one. So we have discussed in our previous lectures that wisdoms of hedge the motivation of hedge then we did the Hajj of our beloved Nivea cream sauce them in fact we didn't even complete it because it took us almost an hour to discuss after Arafat and then we we stopped and now yesterday I spoke because of Arafat and we saw some made no dua for a couple of hours on his on his Camelback, you know and I mean, sometimes you think what was the dua for beloved via Kareem sorcerer. So dua for beloved Maria Kareem saw slim was of concern for the entire dua was basically the woman. We were

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the recipients that that was of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. And here's how one Alim says very beautifully and something for us to consider. He says that anyone for whom Nebia Karim saw Salam made dua is not worthless.

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Maybe a cream sauce that made dua for every Ummah T and anyone who may be a cream seltzer make dua for is not worthless is not is not without value. If only we can understand that in the South African context, South Africa we got very judgmental everyone is Kaffir everyone is going Africa everyone is fudgier. Anyone who may be occurring salsa make dua for is not he's not insignificant. Nevertheless, because of that we dwelve the etiquettes of dua, if you get a chance, whenever you get a chance to go through that it might gives us motivation. Now we have we have performed our Omega and the Omega is part

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of tomato tomahto we are performing tomato I don't think anyone else is performing any other type of hygiene. Now yesterday I made mention one of the days I made mentioned you know sometimes if the leftover material they still half of the Almighty's Ramat animasi so maybe a cream sauce to the miscarriage and maybe a cream sauce and when he is Whoa, he's tawaf. I mean where were ways O'Meara from Zurich Khalifa in Medina and I made mentioned nebbia cream sauce from stopped eight places.

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And the places where he stopped are also amazing. And I made mention to the people who were there that day that in the process nebbia Kareem saw some tour Abubakar to look after his luggage. So Abu Bakr the Allow time ahead a servant and a slave who used to look after the luggage of Nivea cream sauce. So they made a special camera that was there for the luggage of Namibia crimson Salem and his family in Houma and Abu Bakr, the Ultra, the camel got lost. So when they came to a place I think it was in orange or Isata one of the two stops the cabin of the luggage didn't come. So Abu Bakr got extremely angry with a seven I gave you the responsibility to look after Libya crimson Allahu alayhi

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wa sallam is a luggage and you lost it. You know? So sometimes your luggage get lost. And sometimes you get difficulty there can even be a cream sauce. Maybe a cream sauce and luggage got lost. And then Sahaba came to nebbia cream sauce them and they all brought food and possessions yeah the sooner your luggage got lost, your possessions got lost share with us share this with us Share, share, share, you know share this with our possessions. So we learned that if there is someone in difficulty and had something happens to him, he's sick his ill something get lost help and

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they came in they all brought things want to be a cream saucer eventually then the luggage came after a while. So sometimes we have these type of situations. Maybe a cream sauce him had he stayed in he stayed one night in Iowa and we're always waiting maybe a cream Salah when he was Salem's mother passed away.

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Maybe a Grimsel slim was four to six years of age coming back from Medina. They had gone there. And because the mother of the via Karim saw swims relatives and she was from Medina, and on the way back at Adwa Nebia Grimsel slums mother passed away. You can imagine a small child the father passed away, the mother on the journey passes away.

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And there was a woman who was with nebbia cream sauce Salam and the mother. She was amazed Amon. Also, her first name was romanza,

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Amon. And she was a woman from Africa. She was an African woman. We sometimes God racist tendencies, which unfortunately is within us must bear bear in mind that we owe a debt of gratitude to Africa, every Muslim

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Firstly, because the one who looked after an Obeah Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and took nebbia cut himself slim after the mother passed away, was an African woman. She then took nebbia Kareem salsa into the custody of the grandfather and Islam rich Africa. Before Medina, I'm gonna work

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it first rich Africa then again to Madina, Munawwara Nevertheless, this was some of the things that maybe a cream saw some head and we were just talking about some of the experiences. So sometimes they had these difficulties that happened in hutch, you know, it used to be we must not complain about it, we must take it in our stride. Try to rectify it. Obviously, we must never ever try to say that we must have unnecessary difficulties. Our preparation must be meticulous, that as far as possible, don't go you know, you're going out for the five days see that you prepare and you put your pay everything right, your medication you are supposed to take you take it with, they give you

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a small bag for a reason. So you take whatever you need to take. But I'm trying to say that there are these type of things sometimes after all the preparation things don't happen according to what you happen. That type of things. I was reading once a book of kidney Jubeir evening Jubeir was a very influential person from the Khilafat of in Spain, Muslims are preferred in Spain. So if New Japan came for Hajj.

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So if his heart was amazing, he went from Spain, across the Mediterranean, North Africa came right through to Egypt then took the ship to form the Red Sea came here Geeta, then finish Hajj and then he went to Syria. And from there he went. It's a very fantastic book. The travels of Indonesia were so in there, I read a very amazing thing. And I thought I really share it with you. He said that the ships that were taking us from Egypt far across the Red Sea. He said the way they picked up new ships. The way there were so many people on the ships more than one

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If the ships could bear, and they were charging double the price.

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So this was now eight centuries ago, eight centuries ago. So I said, eight centuries ago people were trained completely on the travel agent.

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He was saying they were putting so many people on the ship and they were charging double said, yeah, look at the 800 years ago they were complaining about this

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type of thing that happened. So the first thing now we have performed our ombre after we perform our Amara, now we make a separate

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need for Hajj. Right so Karen maybe a cream sauce from I said I made mentioned maybe a cream sauce from took eight days, maybe a cream sauce from when he was a haram.

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In rule oleva he said Allah had made it easy. And Allah has blessed us from now till the day of Tiamat

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and that blessing is that Allah has joined Umrah and Hajj. So in one in one journey, we have got the opportunity to make 20 Bandits

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O'Brien hatch that's why we make the term that we make on the tent is not a Kobani remember this very clearly, the animal that we slot on the 10th is a demo Shuka Adam and slaughtering an animal out of gratitude that we have to he Badatz in one journey.

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So he went to Ibaadat in one journey therefore we started so we got a bonus. And as I said, we Indians we like bonus. We like discounts, right freebies, will spend 15 and petrol to get them and discount. So this is something that we have now. So Allah has given us that in one journey we have to maybe a cream sauce me if we look at it, maybe sauce from left 26 Dogs will calm down via cream sauce from left for Hajj.

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Eight days in he came on the Fourth of July he came to Makkah then three, three days after that he spent so eight and 311 and the three days of Hajj. So Nebia Karim sosna was 14 days

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in in Iran.

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Now when we have two days and we complain and we find it very difficult I suppose maybe see we're not used to it is an unusual situation. But just Just bear this in mind that we are cream sauce in at 14 days. He was in in Iran

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and Libya Kareem Salah when you alayhi wa sallam made Quran Hajj. So we make them up to after we make our now we have made our our Amara we have come out of Iran now we are going to make a new

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need the need we will make on the eighth it is Musa that will make the need in the Kaaba and most of the Haram but it's very difficult because of the logistics. It is permissible to make the a haram and the Torah cards and make your need anywhere in the Haram and as easy as part of the Haram so you don't have to go to the haram to with my video tour cards and where you from. Sometimes logistically especially when that day you are the roads are clogged very, very difficult to get there. And he wasn't there while going there must the bus and then you find it difficult to get to the camps. So just bear these things in mind. Sometimes we become enthusiastic but we also have to look at

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sometimes pragmatism. So on that particular day on the eighth of refugia which will be on Monday, we will may read our Salah to do harm to a cut and then we will make Nia I always tell people that the Senate of Iran is not watching. He's not compulsory isn't. So there are certain times many people have asked me I remember someone recently asked him in one of the we we came in we only had 45 minutes transit

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when we were there and we didn't get a chance to read the tour cards rapa Rama said no. Okay to record Serato Haram is sunnah Tomas is not compulsory. The it's good to read it and you recall you will go through and improve Allah wa and they after you get into a ROM and you make the need and then we will recite the bake Allah wanna bake the big Luxury Collection a big in that handout when Mr. Tanaka will milk rashly color. Maybe for the sake of getting the enthusiasm that has led together one time the law

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should be

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more sturdy.

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Amazing. Is online prison as the prime minister that was Sarah Manipal the cover letter law says well as in fitness it will hardcore people for Hajj Subramani Surat wassalam Jana is no one here is a desert one want to call so Nicola told me Ibrahim you give me a call. I will. I will make that call go to him. So I wish so right Melissa that was salam said Hey Al Al Hajj, come for come for Hajj. Can we say Hey Anna, Sarah and

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Anyone who had the fortune who was going to come for Hajj they heard it even in the souls even if they were not even born. They heard it and they said Lubbock so this what we saying Lubbock is a call that oh Allah we are present. It's also part of our love for Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Now these two things are part of love you wearing clothes which are not normal, you will not go with these clothes to a wedding. That's the reality. Although this is a very blessed type of clothing, right you wearing it for Hajj, but who will go with a haram to a wedding? Who will go with a haram to us to a function, you will wear what other types of clothes but why are you wearing you wear it

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because the one for whom you are making how much he loves the screws that you have supposed to wear. He doesn't want you to come in an expensive, you know, quarter. He wants you to come in this particular approach because he loves and one of the aspects with regard to one of the greatest pets with regard to hatch it's a journey of love. We do this out of love for mighty Allah subhanho wa Taala This is a journey of love. You know you leave your home you come towards the Kaaba in the villa and you make the love Subhanallah why you come to the Kaaba is symbolic of Allah subhanho wa Taala the Arabic power they said in a Motorola DRBD Abu Laila will submit whose energy daddy whether

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I come to the house of my beloved, I kiss the house of my beloved. I don't kiss it because I love the house of my you know, beloved here it is used in a sense of, you know, the, you know, romantic type of things. I don't kiss the house because I love the house. I kiss the house because it houses my beloved. So we kiss the Kaaba and we go around the Kaaba because it is a symbolic house of Almighty Allah. I like to make mention on this incident, I made it mention that we previously we make mention of it again today, but Danny Rahmatullah was making tau one day and a woman was rendering poems, you know of love. So Junaid said, oh, you know, what are you doing in the cover?

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You're singing poetry of love. She said, You know, don't misunderstand me she must have been with Partha and you know don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying of love of human beings I'm talking about the love of the Creator of creations. Know Allah subhanaw taala and she said Junaid who's Tao for you making

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so Junaid said and there's nothing wrong in that answer making the half of the people are making out off of the cover and Baitullah. She lifted up her hands towards the heavens and said yeah, look at your creation.

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They leave you and they make the wife of a structure

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can you protect your fellow fetus

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and the consequences of this word that carbon Baitullah is there are certain landmarks and that Allah creates which reminds us of Allah Tala and there is no greater landmark than the Kaaba and Baitullah. So when we make this you must remember we are making Tawaf of the Kaaba because that is what we are supposed to do that is but the means is, we are honoring, and we are loving Allah subhanho wa Taala it's our, our, our very, you know, faintest expression of our love for material and we are all week, all week. All of us are with me more than others also, but in our hearts, there is a small spark that has left one that

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everyone has got some level of Allah in Israel. So that is why we have come here. So this is what we do in hutch, the love for Almighty Allah subhanaw taala and this particular The Haram is out of the love of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that we are cream sauce slim said on the Day of Arafah and let Anna boast about us in front of ages. Can you imagine we were so weak, Allah is boasting about us on the Day of Arafah on zoo Elijah worry, Beatty. Oh my oh my angels look at these people who have come to visit my house. Good Joanie shows and houbara they've come in their hand they are disheveled. Here, they haze disheveled, they're full of dust. They are full of the Haram is dirty.

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They are they're dirty. They haven't used you know, for South African that's a bigger system. I haven't brushed my teeth for two days. But we're doing it because Allah loves it. And Natalie doesn't want you to worry about formalities. You want you to worry about Allah subhanho wa Taala so first thing remember these things when we are walking around now mama Swain I think in the in older induction programs that shown you how to wear the hijab I don't think I'm gonna do that there. So once you wear your haram you make your need and the need is in need or it will hatch for yourself holy what a couple women. Oh Allah I seek and I make intention for Hatch except from me and make it

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easy for me. Then you say Lubbock Allahu Allah Baker big luxury color color. Bake in Alhambra.

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Now there are certain we all know the certain types of restrictions with regard to to

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Iran there will be no no decoration you can wear you can put perfume on either on your body not on the clothes. So you put those as a Sharia Latina put a plan based

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on the via cream saucer when he was wearing a haram it was known I think the Riera

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I bought one actor a plan based at their house so I'm gonna try and follow the Sunnah of the Vsauce it's a plan basically. So you know, they put so much that some of it was showing on the closure of the Haram of Libya cream saucer. So whenever you record himself put that particular you know before wearing haram after you Oh, this Arab days, no, you can you can comb your, your beard your hair, you can, you can wash your hands with perfume smells worse. So you can use any perfume. You can use any tooth toothpaste, which has a perfume, you have to be careful even with regard to your food. Right now I was reading that certain foods, the fragrance get cookin

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so the fragrance that get cooked in there is no there is no it's that's okay. But to put extra fragrance over the food, that's also problematic.

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So you just have bland food, you know, don't like foot fragrance type of things over the food. And I think that you'll you'll understand why the reason I made mention with regard to some I'm gonna go into that. So then these are the types of things that we have to keep in mind. And first, furthermore, you can't wear stitch clothes over you. So the clothes must not be stitched over the organs or parts of your body. If the Iran itself is stitch, it's permissible now you get certain types of Iran that they got with Velcro, or they got it stitched in the middle right or they've got a type of Iran nowadays that is a full towel without without any any opening. So many people who are

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a little bit worried with regard to the uncovering of it or they feel uncomfortable is something that you could click could pursue and they could consider is nothing wrong with it as long as it does not be stitched on to your body.

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So these are some of the restrictions you cannot kill any animal. So even if an animal comes around you're not supposed to kill a fly or a lion will not rise you won't get nowhere I mean mosquito at something you don't you don't kill any animal. So these are some of the restrictions with regard to haram everyone any other questions on this anything that comes up to anyone's mind with regard to the restrictions about Iran?

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So from here, there will be a program only on the logistics. I think that will take place on Saturday night. Just one or two days, maybe Saturday or Sunday. Just before we go there will be a program with where you will get your bus etc. And all that the buses will come and the people will go to the camps will go to me now. And in Mina, it's soon not to spend five nights. I mean not five nights, five salads. So now we are Kareem saw slim Richmond morning. So Zara ASR Maghrib Isha and the next morning Fajr you know you you're going to read and we're going to spend in Mina. Mina is significant. Right? Now via cream sauce, salami the Majora fav maybe a cream sauce them told the

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Sahaba 70s 70 NBRs Namaaz in Nigeria 70 Ambia in Jami at Tirmidhi visa rewired it maybe a cream sauce from while in Hajj. He said I can I can. I can see as it Mussolini salatu salam saying Lubbock

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Musa Lee salat wa salam when pass roja the beer Aloha after Hooray for the second spot that nivia cream sauce Salam stopped at in hedgewars Roja is a biro had the will of Rohan. It got healing properties. And people who drink it they you know, they say you drink it, it gives you Shiva. So then the beer Iroha was where as Musa research was also passed by when he came for Hajj. So an MBR came to Mina. Mina is also the place where the famous incident of submission of as a primary salat wa salam took place. And that is why we spend most of our time in hygiene Mina.

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So in I mean, wherever Imani salat wa salam and and we will go it will we'll speak about it when we come to the Ramiro Jamara the stoning of the shaytan how he primally salat wa salam was stopped by shaytan and he felt a cheetah, right, and that became part of the rites of Hajj. So in Mina Nebia, Karim saw Salam spent five slots in MENA there is no specific type of Ibaadat that has to be done zikr UScar Read, read your, you know, your Kalama read your you know, certainly my fourth Kalama DeLucia Mustafa

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Quran your DUA books read as much as you can with regard to it. So they taper supper you know it seems it's a day where you spend, you know, resting, gaining your strength because the essence of Hodges the next day I'll have to offer hedges

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on that particular night of Arafat I mean Mina will municipality orphan was revealed upon the via cream sauce Surah Al Musa on the night of Mina just before the next morning the via crimson Allah while he was sort of made his way to Arafat maybe a cream sauce from came to Arafat mid morning.

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And he rested tells the world

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he rested tells the wall

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and mentioned is also made that it took a small shower or not a shower that we know that it threw some water over him to make himself fresh. So now we are crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam also, he also it all depends upon the circumstances. It's not like you know if you can take a little bit, put some water over you. You can take you can take a bath, you can take a shower, you can pour water over you as long as you don't use soap. So you can even for example, change your your Iran it's always a good idea to take an extra you know Iran with you. So, this is something that we we will do in a minute we finished Mina we come to Arafat. When we come to Arafah

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after the one maybe a crimson Allah will salam after the one you know came to Gemini Rama and maybe a cream sauce to them gave the Farewell Sermon and I made mention of Eurovision is Jana so I will make mention of it too long but one or two things that is still out. One is the resources themselves. Those who are present must give my message to those who are absent. So the entire message that we are carrying sort of slimtone the people that take my message and therefore all the Sahaba most of the Sahaba but it outside Mecca Medina.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:22

I went to the I went to bet the stack. As you know CUSUM been abuzz. The cousin of Nebia Kareem sorceress cover is in summer coding. Now can you look at it in today's time ways Maka Medina ways summer camp right beyond Afghanistan.

00:27:23 --> 00:28:01

And the cousin of Nivea cream sauce from his birthday he went away will propagate Islam and there was one rewired in one direction I sometimes I just amazing, because when I was there, this the thought about it, there is one relation there for people that went into a couple of nebbia cream salsa, and the last person to touch the body of nebbia cream salsa on this earth he said to be consumed in a bus. He was amongst those who went to go put maybe a cream sauce and body in the cupboard. So he's buried there in summer, because of this, that that means also it tells you that you have a responsibility after how much to change and to take a last message to your family and to

00:28:01 --> 00:28:02

other people.

00:28:03 --> 00:28:43

Those who are present take the message you are present now in Hereford, take take that message beer, a chain a positive change and be an influence of change. Don't be an influencer only of sharing recipes be an influencer to positive change. So this actually isn't a glamorous thing that is wrong. There are influencers we all know this right? But positive because and then the acronym saw Salam as the Sahaba when he was there, and he said Allah will ask you about whether I fulfill my responsibility or not what are you going to say? And everyone said that Bella for rissalah data man I want a second OMA and Oprah full of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala you fulfill your responsibility

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and you have you know the trust and data kept in you. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave you the trust we have fulfilled that trust we have not violated it in any way. So maybe a cream sauce Salam did that and then after maybe a cream sauce let me jump right and sell out of Zara acid, you know, was made with

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with one Amazon into E commerce. I think I made something previously I might have made mention of it separately. Right? Marie Benicia and Mustafa. We make what one Amazon and when you come here we make with one Amazon into E commerce. Now remember according to the Hanafi school of thought you only make jump into reading Namazi Namira under the appointed Imam. If you are reading salat on your own in your tents, which majority of us would be doing it all depends upon the placement where where you are placed the location where you are placed. So sometimes you might be near and Amira and you might I mean near Namira you might go and perform Solitaire. Sometimes to go and go up the mountain to

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Germany Rama is not is not a condition for for for Arafah. Sometimes people feel it. They have people from the Indo Pak sub continent they love to go up the Jebel era and you will see them and they spend a couple of hours there in the sun a little reward them, but it's not a it's not a it's not a

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A condition of Arafat for you to go up to Jamila if you get a chance to go to Namira Yes, you will be nice you will be fulfilling the Sunnah of the reoccurring sorcerer. There is a technicality in that in the sense that they read two records and according to him one parameter rally two records can only be read if you are a merciful to him read tarot cards because he was a massage. Now sometimes you do get them him. Someone who is among team someone who is in mankind he performs his or any restore cards for now, you know, I'm not gonna go into those technicalities,

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but it's something that you can just consider. So if you are reading in Namira you follow the Imam and if you're reading you attend we will read your news time and we will read a sermon this time and we will try and read us early because it gives us China chance to so what are you going to do in that particular day? The specific reference to read as much as possible the fourth, the fourth Kalama Lila Hill Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Tion eco lol molto. What will happen to your hero, you need to be at the table with a coalition read as much as possible. The fourth Karima the third Kalama is the fun. And you know, in the past, they've given you his will Awesome. Now his full hasm is an

00:31:10 --> 00:31:51

amazing book of Dwarves is perhaps not a dua that the author hasn't thought about every particular aspect of dua, but you know, you don't read the Arabic. And you take so much time in reading the Arabic that you forget the essence of dua to Allah is to our Mohali bothered Why is the essence of Ibadan but why is a communication between you and Allah subhanaw taala good to read the Arabic and perhaps spend some time of it take maybe just go through some maybe Mina when you got some chance, because you don't have any specific things to do in Milan go through those dua. So when you read it in Arafat, you read it with a certain degree of understanding and certain degree of feeling. So read

00:31:51 --> 00:32:16

those to us afterwards. In Wyckoff means to stand up. Now everyone can stand up the entire you know duration, but what you must do is especially after the coming closer towards after the time of asset, you get up, remember let allah and You cry in front of Allah, Hereford is ahead to Alpha hatches alpha and n the essence of RFI is to cry for yourself.

00:32:17 --> 00:32:52

Allah is waiting for us to cry, a letter is waiting for us to turn towards Him in repentance. And I said yesterday I made mentioned that the essence of Toba and repentance is to show regret is not to justify what we have done wrong. It's not to say what I have done wrong. I'm proud about it. I'm happy about it. Oh Allah, I've done these things. But I have not done it because it's my choice. I got caught up. In Sofia and authority, one of the great Imams made a very amazing observation. He said there is hope for a person who makes Ghana out of weakness.

00:32:53 --> 00:32:57

There is no hope for a person who makes Ghana out of arrogance.

00:32:58 --> 00:33:08

You may go now you say well, so what's wrong, man? I didn't. So what from about someone tells you this is wrong. What about it? That is arrogance. You don't do wrong

00:33:09 --> 00:33:22

out of arrogance that Allah Tala doesn't forgive for a person who doesn't show this regret over his grace. But Allah Tala shows repentance and mercy to the one who's who, who shows

00:33:24 --> 00:33:37

regret over the wrong that he has done. And that is that is the essence show regret. May ask Allah Allah Allah I'm not going to do it again. I'm going to try my utmost not to do the good answer. And then of course, if it happens, you ask a little again,

00:33:38 --> 00:34:04

I made mention of this yesterday, that you know so many times say we make we make some and then we make Toba then we'll make some again then we go. So nevermind. You go and ask Allah Tala shaytan doesn't get tired to mislead you. So you do wrong, then you do right shaytan must need you to do wrong again. You do right cheatin must lead you to do wrong again. If shaytan doesn't get tired to mislead you Why should you get tired to ask Allah for forgiveness?

00:34:06 --> 00:34:10

That would kill Rumi Rahmatullah is one of the most amazing Persian

00:34:12 --> 00:35:00

poems, bizarre, bizarre, rochestie bizarre, their catalogue number of good policybazaar St. Bernard Toba Sharkey Steve BUZZA. Set Barragan Klobuchar Christie Baza Oh stay away, come come to Allah subhanho wa Taala come to Allah subhana wa Tada basil basil Raja has the cafiero governor of good policy buzzer you make Cooper come to you. We're gonna come to Allah. You made the worst type of sins come to Atlanta. This is not a caravan and this is not a place of despondency. This is a place of hope. Set bar Agatha Christie to prove the towbarless times come again to Allah Allah. You broke your top 100 times come to a letter. This is one of the amazing poems of Imam Jaya.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

doesn't give room around too large and roomy was rooming.

00:35:04 --> 00:35:49

For three people read Rumi for the wrong reasons. Rumi had some beautiful poems of love. Rumi made mention of love of Allah Tala. He didn't make mention of love between men and women. And you know, between you and your beloved everyone today I read in 2013 Rumi was the most wide what the greatest read author in America but no one read it because of his, you know, beautiful aspects of love towards Allah Tala. They all use it though, you know, stuffing and listening to one another with regard to sometimes relationships that are not even right. So Rumi was Ruby. So Rumi is this beautiful poem of him who was you know, this is an opportunity to go to Konya, the grave of Imam

00:35:49 --> 00:36:27

Roumier and philology leveraging rubrum today nevertheless this is this is our of our ask of Allah Tala and then the last you know is we South Africans we like to sometimes know that the ally must make a collective dua for us now it's true okay, you make the collective dua maybe it helps you that maybe points in those aspects that you did not know it comes to your it comes to to your attention let me I suppose to make this dwell so the morning I made it, maybe I must think about it, but really take our time just to go in complete solitude and ask Allah whatever you want. Let me a cream sauce and said even if your shoe laces break down ask Allah Tara.

00:36:28 --> 00:37:04

Even if your shoe laces break mid May ask Allah Tala. I made mention of it yesterday. Let me make mention over again. The fact of the matter is if Allah Tala doesn't make even things that you and I take for granted, then what's going to happen if things we take for granted if Allah Tala doesn't make it come to fulfillment in what happened yesterday made mention of the incident the person went to the neurologist because he couldn't pass water he couldn't urinate. So when he went there after the operation, the doctor sent the bill so he started crying. Notice when you get the doctors but you won't cry.

00:37:06 --> 00:37:06

The doctors

00:37:15 --> 00:37:38

so you said a crane. So the doctor said I know you for so long what you're getting excited about I mean, I'm your family doctor. Pay when you want to pay a payable in April and even you don't pay who am I? What are you worried I'm crying over the bullies talked, I'm not crying. Because of the birth. I'm crying for 6070 years I used to go to the toilet. I used to urinate not one day Allah sent me a pill.

00:37:39 --> 00:37:43

And one day I couldn't go to the toilet and you put a catheter you send me such a big but

00:37:44 --> 00:37:52

the point is that you do things if an attorney takes away the aspect of your water coming out of your body, what will happen?

00:37:53 --> 00:38:01

This is so everything is in the control of Allah subhanho wa Taala So learn that everything we must make dua to Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:15

So make dua and make dua for our children yeah Allah make dua make dua for our Guna. And since the miracle himself said, I never saw any day in which shaytan was more abased and more humiliated than the Day of Arafah

00:38:16 --> 00:38:53

other than the day of Buddha, the deal but then he was very very disgrace because he saw temporarily salat wa salam, bringing a letter as assistance and how a letter granted week rather than the day of butter I never see shaytan more humiliated in disgrace in the Day of Arafah. Because of Allah Tala has someone went to I think it was Malik bin dinars, the greatest scholar is at Full Sail when I was one of the great Sufis. And in that time, there was about six 600,000 people for Hajj. So he asked Brazil or you know, there's some some conversation like this was in can you imagine 600,000 People go to go to a king.

00:38:54 --> 00:39:06

They go to a king and they asked him for a paltry sum of money, which is not even valuable in the eyes of common people never mind the king. Would the king

00:39:08 --> 00:39:16

find it difficult to give it and when 600,000 People come and ask for something that is in the eyes of the king insignificant, who do you refuse it?

00:39:17 --> 00:39:21

Obviously will say obviously won't refuse it. So he said that

00:39:22 --> 00:39:32

Allah subhanaw taala is so many 3 billion people who ask a letter of forgiveness. What is it difficult for Allah to forgive the entire 3 million people in the entire movement because of the divorce of 3 million people?

00:39:34 --> 00:39:59

So we go with that view. You don't live Arafat, but with the conviction that Allah is accepted our viewers no one believes Arafat until he is now convinced I'm coming out of here pure and clean to start off a new page in my tech is what happens in alpha. When you come out of out of it like a new new dawn for us. It's a new news. New check

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

For us in our life, it must make a change for the better in our life in the life of our family members. We influence people after this. And then after you make the DUA, we don't read Mazuri pen Lucullus also submission to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala we don't read mercury in Arafat even is a time of mercury. And even if you come to miss Delhi fine they still time for Marie. We still don't it must have been mostly found time. This is also part of submission. You would think that on the holiest and the most blessed day in the year we are supposed to do there, you know? In the serata chronicle Amina Kitab a Makuta. Surat upon is appointed time is determined by Allah subhanho wa

00:40:38 --> 00:40:58

Taala you must make certain time in the blessed day the most blessed day or that day you don't read numbers on time. And ALLATRA tell us to remember one time we read numbers on type. Allah says that you don't read numbers on time we do it because Allah is command is supreme. submission to Allah Tala is supreme more than the command is a submission to Allah subhanaw taala

00:40:59 --> 00:41:17

so this is some of the aspects that we have to keep in mind. Then we'll come to most deliver, obviously, I mean everyone does. You see most Delphi is an amazing place. So you leave after after maghrib you come to Mustafa, you come to Mustafa you know we all know this five star hotel seven star hotel Mustafa is an all star hotel.

00:41:19 --> 00:41:35

You understand all the stars are under us. So it's a unique experience. I mean, let's face it every one of the greatest apprehension people have is a night of mystery. And for obvious reason. In Mina even when you are Kim, even if you do have problems in standing in the queue, there is bathrooms

00:41:37 --> 00:42:05

in Arafah these bathrooms but in Minato isn't that amount of facilities because it's once once a year people using their facility. You can expect them to put up big big games for one year in the entire in the entire year. So you have to make into and make let's let's help one another. Let's let's be sympathetic. Let's go through give another support at that particular night. Is a very very, very mobile at night. Was the device a very very mobile at night. In one way Why is it even more mobile than the night of later?

00:42:07 --> 00:42:48

Maybe a Kareem Salah while he was selling amazingly maybe a cream saw serum on that night. It is said that maybe a cream sauce him slept most of the night and the Allama say that maybe a cream sauce them was very very conscience of not giving the clip an inconvenience to the to the mud. That was awesome didn't did many things out of consideration for the woman in the resource the Buddha spent the entire night of Mozilla in Ibadan then you know Mark would say he was also spent all night with anybody. But then we saw some slept most of the night. Right? And and that was because they might come back from other fat they might be tired. If they sleep they mustn't feel guilty. Maybe

00:42:48 --> 00:42:49

also slept

00:42:50 --> 00:43:29

maybe also slept. So this is how we a cream sauce them was so compassionate. We also need to be compassionate. Maybe a cream sauce so they have to be worried Fajr early and after further we made the offer mostly for is watching according to our our traditions. So we will make work off and then we will come to Mina inshallah. I think we leave it at here so we did the first two days. Then inshallah with regard to Mina, we will start off and make mention of it tomorrow inshallah any questions that people have, by all means Inshallah, even if someone wants to, you know, WhatsApp me a question or something that anyone wants to ask, by all means we still anyone wants to ask any

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