Feiz Mohammad – Tafseer At Takathur 03

Feiz Mohammad
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So piano solo did a lot there anicet

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man's love of this life is known is shown in the way he greets people.

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A very, very important statement. man's life for the love of this world is known is shown in the way. he greets people. Example. What he means. You say a person is poor peasant,

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lives a life of poverty. But he loves Allah to Allah. He loves

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this person, the majority of people didn't want to sit with him, did not want to greet him, did not want to accompany him, did not want to even know about him. They consider him his fifth

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year in sort of Allah in natcromo, komenda lawyer.

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This person could be the highest status and in sort of all the time.

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They're so scared of meeting this person due to a fee of him passing poverty to them.

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The other side, I rich person,

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nice suit ties, cleanly shaven, and it's a couple houses in Africa, in Lebanon in Syria, a couple on the huge mountain on topic and see the whole world. He has a couple of aeroplanes beautiful Thai insert.

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towards him, the people are *.

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If he enters the room wasn't coming, they'll stand up for him. Big smiley faces, stand up straight away, be smiling faces and they'll compete against each other to greet him and shake his hand. And yet this person does not know what prayer meets.

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And he in the sight of Allah to Allah man, not even we're not might not be worth the winner of a mosquito.

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Get people elevating just like a person coming for the hand of a go in marriage to a lot of parents. Disease is a disease or a disease. When you go and seek a lady's hand, the first thing to look at the majority or is he a doctor? Is your professor has he got a business that Giannis employs? If yes, are you lying? on my head? I'll put you

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it's got nothing you know he does. He does it this, this postulate day and night. That's just life.

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She's too young. She's too young.

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Not ready. She's finished her university degree.

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The other one they'll take you out of six plus and marry off.

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Oh, it's gonna become rich out of it. Can't wait. It's a disease and disease.

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And disease will lie and epidemic

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is the reality that we are living in

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Kumamoto castle, the mutual raw view of calling up a vote it seems as though they concern that

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you have no more I do not know.

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How po is man. Help boy is man.

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If he's fee for Hellfire was as run or at a degree as his fear of poverty, he would enter Paradise.

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A great predecessor mentioned that be aware of the life of this world. Form D it's magic is more effective than that of hair. Ruth Obama wrote, for one day the two letter hydrothermal wrote, separate a man from his wife, while the love or the magic of this fold separates the man from his

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a power said

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sick nothing in this world except contentment, except contentment, side hamdulillah.

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Take nothing from this fold, except contentment

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for in the there in his the comfort and bliss for the body.

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Then he says, consider a man who possesses the whole world, the whole earth and all that it contains. Can he take in his grave within more than a shroud and cotton?

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Can you take into his grave with him? More than a shroud and cotton? He's I've heard a lot what a beautiful saying. This is a reality. No matter how much you possess. That's all you're taking with you in that grave. Your real home nothing but a shroud and cotton. That's all you're taking with you

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and those that have them

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Manny like the whole world it's hard for them to do I don't want a guy

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on their deathbeds or they're worried about their money. They're thinking oh I'm gonna leave just behind me.

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Below when he used to go down the pulpit on the mean bodies to say

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many of people

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saw the day, the beginning of it, but did not live to the end of it.

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Many expect to expect it to say morning, but they stepped in died.

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Young out no age limit.

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If only man you he says they're appointed time and how they will come to pass away from this world.

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He would have detested his material life or loving or nursing the love of the material life and went back to his creator.

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Because if we knew when we are going to die,

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or think of nothing but to increase our love towards Allah, and our beings towards Allah, but because man is hatless, the shaitan works and works and works. He makes them forget about the one that created him.

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