Ebrahim Bham – The Virtue Of Earning A Pure (Halaal) Sustenance

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video game where a character earns reward based on his actions, but the reward is a culture of fear. A woman named Moe was found in a bar and killed by Rosie, later found in a bar and killed by the man again. Salatu was found to work for a warehouse and later found to work for a company called Kari, and eventually found to work for Amelie. The group discusses risk and working hard to earn money, emphasizing the need for effort and dedication to risk.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah NaVi Avada mavado follow Villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Yeah, you are Russolo called Amina Muhammad Ali have set up a love Nazim My dear respected elders and brothers.

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We all as human beings,

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we do strive to earn a livelihood

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it's a natural human thing every human being tries to earn a livelihood.

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However, in our Deen, there's one difference. The difference is that everyone does it as a human instinct. We are supposed to do it as a religious obligation. Therefore, to be a Kareem Salah while he was Selamat, settleable halali for either to model for either the acquiring of halaal risk is a religious obligation. It's a religious duty, but after the different other fundamental religious duty. It's a religious duty for either, but after Salat afters occurred after seeker after remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala Rosie Camana FET Hamelin manga hamara de mer, Baraka hecky egg Dini Frieda nebia Karim sallahu wa sallam the fermata allele for either basil for either ruzicka

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Camana or halaal C'mon se Rossini Alka mana. It must be for either a lake and basil for either, namaz seeker tilawat or Allah tala kya karna kebab and in this to acquire halaal risk, this is dignity. This is respect in that day's honor. Many times people feel that you know we are going to earn a risk. We are going to make Missouri we are going to earn we are going to toil we are going to strive, we are going to for example, go and work for someone or we are going to do a profession, or we are working on something. We feel that is this grace in that no there is no disgrace in that this grace is not to work. In Islam, this grace is not to work. There is no disgrace to go and work no

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matter what profession you use, unless it profession is haram. But any other profession. Don't ever look at any profession as minier Don't ever look at any professional detail. It is not something that is according to our status according to our honor. Real

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does Grace is for you not to work otherwise in honor and dignity and respect is for you to work. Therefore to be a Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, it is better for you to go to the forest, to when cut wood to bring that hood upon your shoulders and upon your neck and to come and sell it. Then for you to go and ask people whether they give you or not, they might give you a big amount. That is immaterial. But for you to carry wood on your shoulders is better than for you. Then Then for you to go and ask people it is more respectful, more dignified. For you to go and work there not to go work. Or Rosie Come on me or Hello Come on me. He see me he said Nubia. Kareem

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Maya kisi vicious kill you. You're better hair. Okay, we're lucky to catch

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up next time. But yeah, he said ky aadmi same manga. Chai was Coco de he or not nadiem he said better yam k Whoa.

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Hello, Jai wood block Rico Baker, comma is better for him to even go and earn Hello, then for him not to go. And

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so and then we look at it now via Kareem Salah when he was Salam has made mentioned that the MBR Li mu Salatu was Salam. They used to earn halaal risk through the efforts of the heads of Buddhahood Sharif key Hadith is a hadith in Barbuda, Sharif, ma ka hadwin. Tom Cotton hi Roman. Maria de there is no risk a person can earn better than the effort that he makes with his own hands, no risk, better than earning with his own hands.

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endowed la Salatu was Salam used to earn risk with his own hands with the effort. Today we find this whole situation people don't like to work here a jeep and they find it that it is there is there is this grace in working? Sometimes people I mean we see in our situation in South Africa, people filled with rather sit at home than working for a small amount. Buy whatever you can. It is dignity in working there is dignity and earning with your own hands. Maybe a cream sauce them said dowdy. Salatu was Salam used to make armor used to be an iron Smith. He used to make armor and used to sell as a cardiologist Salatu was salam, such a great nabee that looked after her said Miriam. Allah says

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in the Holy Quran was a carpenter

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nebia Karim salsola one day said and told us there is no nebby of Allah that did not look after sheep. Generally, the MBR was salatu wa Salaam used to look after his great wisdom in that because through the means of looking after sheep, you get humanity. You get humanity as a Jalaluddin Rumi Rahmatullah Allah has made mentioned that has said Mashallah salat wa salam used to look after sheep, you know, and one day there was some of it became apparent that one small sheep went away from the flock, and mousseline salat wa salam started running after me. And great amount went through Tor thorns, great grain, different types of situation until it caught hold of that small

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sheep. Any he hacked it, and he said, You didn't worry about your own difficulty. Nevermind worrying about your own difficulty. You didn't even worry about my difficulty. Would you have to keep the

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data? You don't worry about it. So musala Salatu was Salam. ala huhtala is made mention of this incident of musala salat wa salam. So the Amelie mu Salatu was salam, they also did this. And then there are many, many of our great alumni in the past the day head professions, so to have a profession does nothing wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong, in that. In reality, there is respect and there is dignity. And the Alamo Salatu was Salam Abner apnea hot Aki comm is a carterton nebia cream sauce kisi Nabi up near hataoka magnet cake Am I say better listener hc I am. Tao Li Salatu was Salam zerah bH carries commodity as it was Salaam Nigel but hater or mrip. himself

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sallahu alayhi wa sallam Chihuahua had a novia cream salesman said in a hadith I used to look after the shape of the people of Makkah for few copper coins. I used to look after the sheep of the people of Makkah. And in this particular way, has an Omar

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Nakula markkula fairly amazing statement of Monrovia lotano he says sometimes I look at a person and I became I become impressed by his physique. I become impressed by him that he told me Look at him he's such a great person. And then when I asked him Do you have any profession Are you working when I came to realize that he is not working I lose respect for him. I know more have respect for him as a woman he allowed me a kiss he heard me say my

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back at birth

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to Marion Nasser met was the quicker the

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quicker the minute I know more respect him because I find that he's not a person of profession. He doesn't do anything, how can I respect the person who doesn't do anything. So, my dear respected weathers these great respect and dignity and honor in this and we should keep this particular matter up, we should never have a thing that you know something has happened our shop said God looted, now what mine was we start again start again. Because there is no greater risk than earning with your own hands with your own effort. So in this particular way we do there is a very interesting incident may be occurring systems time a person young person was running in front of the server. So someone

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said you know Gosh, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Jihad me here, here, Joanna Abner appname Taka ko esta mal kata. So someone said, Oh, look at this youngster he is running. If only he could have used this particular effort to make risk. I mean, not risk he should repeat make this effort to be to to to make Jihad synovia Kareem salsa, I'm saying if this person is running to earn risk for his old parents, he's in a path of

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if this was a daily salary rain, if he is making effort in his running to look after his small children, he's in the path of Allah tala. If he's earning this list, because he wants to keep himself independent, that he must not ask of anyone. He's in the path of Allah. But he's running if he's running for the sake of competing with other people, to earn more wealth to become proud and arrogant. Then he's in the path of schita.

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looking after your children looking after your parents looking after your own independence, you're in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there are different ways of earning risk. Risk Amana came off the leaf, the letterhead

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One is through the means of through the means of labor through the means of effort, whether you work for someone, or you, for example, a plumber, you are a carpenter, whatever it is, you are someone who was written on a pump or struck when it was written on a plumber struck a very beautiful advert. We we repair what your husband's fixed,

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what your husband was doing, he couldn't do it right now we come into it. So this is a situation. So sometimes you do nebbia Kareem sallallahu wasallam one day, so a person who has whose hands was rough with manual labor. So the vehicle himself said, What do you do? He said, Yes, when I pick up, you know, I pick up stones, either he was a miner, or he was a person who used to work in the streets or whatever. So let me trim some sets of vanilla. Is that the reason why your hands have become rust? Maybe himself slim kissed his ends and said Alka sipo habibollah. The person who earns an effort through manual labor, Allah loves him. He is beloved to Allah subhana wa tada Subhana

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Allah can you imagine this whole particular test be halki both written and atella. comas do both person mehbooba Allah tala ke Ha. And then there is one way of earning which is through the means of risk

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to the means of trading. Now in our situation, the people from our indo Pak subcontinent everyone is from the indo Pak subcontinent. But there is those who love trading and we grew up with trading and these great amount of benefit in training. As Mr. Chairman attorney Ram tillery used to give us by attorneys who say even the day of Tiamat Allah tala was to ask the Gujarati or the Indian or Pakistani person where you want to go gentlemen, he said me there we I can make 10% profit. I can make 100% profit.

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So we are like yet, you know, but there is great maybe a Kareem saw some said 90% of risk Allah escaped in trade, let escape 90% therefore you find that the traders are the backbone of our society. traders are the the people who give to the massages and to give to the dark rooms and good causes. Mostly our traders, mostly our business people.

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A lot right in the Holy Quran says wha Haruna de buena fill RDF Tawana minffordd Lila

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Luna feasable illa Allah makes mention of those who travel for trade side by side and together with those your Catherine Murphy Sevilla, who travel for the sake of jihad. Allah makes mention of them together. Wha Haruna Tripura Filardi? Yep the horn I'm in for de la those who travel seeking risk and those who travel you caught it on the face of it. Those who travel in the path of Allah Allah Allah makes mention of them together in Surah Mozambique, Namibia, Karim salsa said a Telugu said we'll call amin mana begin was the deity. That honest trader will be the company of the Emilio Salatu was salam, the company of the city and the company of the Shahada, and my dear respected

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brothers, there is a very, very great, there is a very, very great link between risky halaal and doing good deeds, these vary greatly vary greatly illuminator

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it halaal and do righteous deeds, what am I saying? If you read Hello, you will find it easy to do righteous deeds and if you don't eat Hello, despite your effort, you will find it very difficult to do hallel deeds you will find it very difficult to do good deeds. If you don't eat if you're if your risk and your

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and your means of earning is haram despite in effort. You will find it very very difficult to do it as deeds. Chef Gilani, Rahmatullah used to say the way a person earns I know how he's going to spend the way he spends. I know how he has earned

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just raw Kamata

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or just

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how a person earns I know how he's going to spend. How many times say he came easy, it went easy. It does, what happens. The way he earns, I know how he's going to spend and the way he is spending. I know how he has earned his spending in casino perhaps he has earned it in that way. Therefore he's spending it in the casino. This is a staple of chef.

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So this is a very important one. He has a champion Abby wakasa Viola hutan who came to us via Kareem Sal Salaam, that oh jarocin Allah, Allah to Allah Ah, Mr. Jabba Dawa. Mate what Almighty Allah I must become a mustard.

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Whatever do I make? Allah has accepted nebia Karim saw some said he has had a tip matamata coolmuster Java Dawa also an halaal Allah will accept all your advice. And then it Neeraj Ambani has made mentioned people are serving happy workers with the ultimate one day Oh sad Why does a lie except your

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Why are you Mr. Jabu Dawa, sad Yohanan, novia corinthos incapacity anaka Musa

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Musa Musa

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Karim cells in makaha lol come out a lotta Akita mom do I

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take matava Samana Pooja How does Why are you Mr. Java? So he replied, I've never put a morsel to my, to my to my lips in my mouth until I know where it came from

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many Habibi it look man headed up Nemo man.

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I never put a morsel in my mouth until I know where it came from. Therefore he became Mr. Java downward. On the other hand, if you don't run Hello, Maria Kareem sallahu wa sallam he said in a hadith that a person goes and he is traveling. Right? And while he is traveling, he comes to a place he doesn't have any means he doesn't have any wealth. He's a stranger, and he's making dua

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and he wrote to him, he lifts up his hands into our head he's making dua, he's got all the qualities that allow access to us. He's a stranger, he is a muthana. He is a person is in difficulty he is in desperation. Allah normally accepts people's to us who are in desperation and who call out to Almighty Allah than the vehicle himself. Some said malba su haram but amoo haram Morocco Morocco Haram. Haram

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is eating his arm. What is wearing is from haram sources his drinking is haram he has been nourished from haram for under usage How can a little excerpt is to us

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and therefore one Hadith novia Kareem salsa limited stay away from from haram liar Hello john natella Alberta Minister kulula Alberta Minister for narrow olavi that the debt particular flesh will not go to Janet which has been nourished with her arm, that flesh which is nourished by her jahannam is more worthy of it. That flesh which is nourished by Haram, who said better said Jo haram aadmi haram con carta, toes burden Joe water Jana

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that is worth you have been in harm. So my dear respect of others we must make a great amount of effort for halal risk, there is going to be difficulty in one hour set up used to say many times ALLAH forgive sons for the trials and the difficulty in earning Hello risk Allah for his sons Joby appa Masekela

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who say and that Allah,

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Allah, Mr. fermata on a mandalika. So, my dear respect others make this particular effort. If there is any particular setback, if there is any difficulty there is any challenge continue because this great amount of Baraka and these great amount of benefit in that way.

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