Tom Facchine – Imprisoned, Naked and Chained To a Wall

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying and how it can lead to fulfilling one's spiritual goals. They use an example of a prisoner of war who was punished by the military for not doing their job properly, but they still prayed. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying and not becoming spooked into doing things.
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Muslim has to pray. Prayer is one of the most important things. It's the first pillar of our faith after you know the shahada after our belief, and we used to talk about these sorts of things in aquileia, in Medina, and the Islamic University about sort of, you know, everybody knows sort of conditions and the things that you have to do and etc, etc, you have to be clean, you have to face the Fibulae have to do that, right. But some people, they succumb to West SAS, or the shaytaan works against them, and the shaitan can get them so focused on the perfect prayer that it becomes actually a hindrance to them. And so I wanted to bring up an example of something that we used to talk about

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in class to show how important it is to pray. Right, regardless of everything else that's going on, we used to talk about, like an unfair, you know, we do this it's one style of learning fit where you think you've tried to push the principles by thinking of extreme situations. So one of our professors, you know, they introduced sort of a thought experiment, let's imagine a prisoner of war, okay, they're chained to a wall, they're not facing the Qibla. Okay, they don't have any clothes on, right? They're bleeding, they've been tortured. Now, they're even got their own, you know, sort of excrement on them, and stuff like that they can't leave to get down and to make wudu or to clean

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themselves. They can't make proper sudo. They can't make profitable. Cool. Does the person pray? The answer's yes, a person prays, right, the prayer, and especially praying on time is more important. That person is prevented from fulfilling the normal prerequisites of prayer that's preventing from he's prevented from facing that he's prevented from covering himself properly, he's prevented from cleaning himself properly. He's prevented from making although he's prevented from all these things out of his own control, but he still prays, even if he's only going to motion with his eyes, even if he's just only going to be able to move an inch this way or an inch that way. He's still praised

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because the Salah is your connection, right? It's your connection with the last panel to audit, you can't just abandon that connection, bad things are going to happen. So in extreme situations, it it kind of shows you the priorities, right. The priority is to pray, right to pray to pray, right and not to become sort of spooked into well, maybe I didn't do it perfectly, or maybe I can't do it perfectly at this time. Maybe I'll delay it or maybe I'll you know, do it late, or maybe I'll do it tomorrow or you should pray right? Do the absolute best you can. If you're prevented from fulfilling one of the prerequisites of the Salah, then you're prevented. It doesn't mean that you don't pray or

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it doesn't mean that you're excused from prayer. You always have to pray

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