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payment from the mean. So that was Ramallah shopping marine

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Marine, my beloved brothers and Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. sakala. Hey, thank you so much for joining us this episode 19 of our CDs the blizzard women around the messenger salado sell them. In our last episode, we had concluded with our discussion on the eyeshadow delana. And we'll begin today, the discussion and another half of your lifetime. Before we begin, a number of questions came through or confusions to clarify something. So we spoke about the demise the death of the Prophet is a lump. And people have said, but you only spoke about Khadija and soda and Ayesha and now the person has passed away. What about the other wives? So

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the way the series is structured is we mentioned the wives of the Prophet peace be upon him in order as to how he married them, the first marriage Khadija then he married soda, then you made it I shot and then you might have so and so on and so forth. And we'll talk about the life of each life individually. So we're actually going to jump forward and back in terms of a timeline as we go forward. This is just something to understand. So yes, we will, we've got many, many more personalities to get through before the end of the series inshallah. So just something to keep to keep track of, and this is a good thing, you know, every Muslim should really know this, our Prophet

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peace upon him. He lived for 63 years on the dunya, 63 years 53 of those years, he was in Makkah, the last 10 years of his life. He was in Medina, at the age of 14, he receives no boy becomes an OB. So for the first 40 years of his life, he was an ordinary man in inverted commas, the person was always extraordinary. But he was not a he was not commissioned as an IV, the professor might not yet received Prophethood so he was 14. Of course, we said, when he was 25 he medic, Khadija is 25, married to her deja vu 15 years they live together and hamdulillah and then 40 becomes an abbey, then for another 10 years. So 25 plus 10. He was with Khadija and only with Khadija the two of them

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at 25 years of marriage exclusively, then Hurriya passes away, and we say the Prophet peace be upon him from the age of 50, or the when you're 50 years old, up until 63 when he makes the hegira. Those were the difficult years of his life, those those last two three years in Makkah. Before he performs the migration to Medina, the Prophet peace was in a very deep, dark place. And our mother soda joins his household on Mother's soda mature woman. She comes in and she lifts his spirits and he was married to another soda. At the similar time. He was engaged and the car was concluded between him and Ayesha but they weren't living together. So only our mother sold out was married to the

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professor. He performs the hegira soda mother soda joins him in Medina and they live together. And then Ayesha joins our mother soda and the two of them are the CO wives of the Prophet SAW Selim. Once he reaches Medina, and we sit between soda and Ayesha there was, you know, maybe a 60 year gap in terms of age yet they were very, very close. They were very loving and there was no rivalry or competition between the two of them. They love each other very much. Now the professor lamb would marry another wife or mother have some other hafsa rhodiola on her and she Who is she? She is the daughter of Amara, Bob sadan are among the great companion. We said last in our last episode, that

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in ashes house there are three people buried we have some buried next to them as abubaker and next to her father abubaker and next to Abu Bakr Omar odilon. Who is this man oh my god Alon. He's the closest, most senior most beloved companion of all the companions of the Abu Bakr radi Allahu wa sallam. He was also the second Caleb of Islam. After the Prophet had died, singer Walker became the halifa. When he died, se nama became the Caliph and SubhanAllah. In his time as halifa he became the most powerful man on earth. In his time, the Persian Empire was conquered, the Middle East, North Africa was conquered, Palestine was liberated, so Sinaloa What a great Sahabi, one of the great, you

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know, the most senior most companion, the greatest companion, basically, of the Abu Bakr radiallahu. And of course, his daughter hafsa is also married to the person. So who's our mother have some, a mother have said earlier on her. She was about 3035 years younger than him. She was born a few years before then Abby became a prophet before he became a prophet she was born. And her name Huff's means a lioness, a lion. And in many ways, this is a good description of who she was. Our mother hafsa was very much like a father. And if we know woman, we know that say no mother likes a normal, she was a very confident, highly intelligent, highly educated, outspoken, strong, brave, little bit stubborn,

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a little bit hard headed, a little bit hot. And she had these qualities. She was basically like a father and these qualities at times, you know, she's great things

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It and at times as we can see, at times, he got a bit of trouble with a prophet sallallahu wasallam. She had grew, she had grown up in her father's house, she was blessed to be a Muslim. She grew up as a young Muslim. And, you know, when she was a young woman in her early teens, she was married to another young Muslim men of maca, who is a young Muslim man by the name of her nice that he was he was her husband before she would marry the Prophet Salim. She was previously married, like we said before, that Aisha would say of her great qualities is that all the wives of the Prophet of Allah had been previously married, but have sought but I was the only one who was never married before

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hafsa had a marriage before she met the boxer before she married to him. She was married to the see this young companion who nice and the two of them lived in Makkah, they were practicing Muslims. And of course, they went through the persecution, like many of the other Muslims, and when things became so severe, they had no choice, but to leave Makkah, they had to leave Mecca, and they had to go to a senior or Ethiopia, like we said, the daughter of the Prophet himself Rukia and her husband was a man they also had to leave maca soda also had to leave Makkah, and they had to go to Ethiopia as a senior with a good practice the religion freely so the young couple, they alone in the strange land,

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and show nice and have saw, they together they building a life in Ethiopia and as a senior, very much in love, very connected

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to young youngsters, fighting for the dean when a hamdulillah Allah blessed the Muslims to have a state in Medina, so they leave ever seen it and they come to Medina and they part of the new Muslim community. As time goes by, we would know that the enemies of Islam were not happy that the Muslims had a stake on their own. So war began to ensue. The Qureshi attacked Medina and because of that, Allah subhana wa tada allowed for jihad, he allowed the Muslims to defend themselves with the sword. And therefore Jihad began. And when, when the Muslim army was being assembled, her husband who nice young, brave Muslim, he joins the army. So he's one of the warriors of Islam. We don't know too much

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about the Sahaba. were nice enough for that. We don't know too much about him. But we do know is that have sauce husband, her first husband was of those who fought in the Battle of either of those, vv privilege 313 317 men 14 better, the best of the best the cream of the crop, he was from amongst them. And he fought in butter with distinction. he survives, and he continues fighting the campaigns few months off the battle. There were other little conflicts. And during one of these skirmishes, he gets injured, and he comes home with this injury and have sought like a good wife, she seems seems looks after him. She does her best to heal him of this injury. But she realizes it's part of law,

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that this injury is mortal, that is going to cause him to die. There's no he's not going to be cured from this injury. And so as it would be Allah decreed that her husband who needs to die, so a young hustler, maybe 18 years old, 20 2030 years old, young woman, she becomes a widow, she loses the love of her life, basically. And she becomes from her personality, she becomes quiet. So we say she's outspoken, she's very confident, she's really the kind of woman and now she becomes introverted. And she spends her time patiently with sadness. So she doesn't show her sadness on the outside. But on the inside, she said, and she devotes herself to each other. She gives a sadness to Allah. She

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worships a love night and day fasts and recite Quran, to go through this hardship. As a young woman, she had lost us she had left a home for the sake of Allah, she had lost her husband now. So she's going through this very difficult period, and her father out of the line. He's a very proactive man, he's a man that if you see something, he wants to fix it. And he looks actively now who could be a suitable husband, for my daughter. And this is something that's vanilla, many of us today might find strange, how many of us would actively look for the good brothers around to marry our sisters, our daughters, who of us would go out and say, who can marry my daughter marry my sister, we might find

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this quite strange. But this was the sooner of the greatest of people. Because Subhanallah you want what's best for you, for your children, and nothing wrong for a woman to propose to a man. Nothing wrong for a father to propose to a man on behalf of his daughter and say no mother is a smart man. So he says, Well, I want the best for my daughter. I'm going to look for someone that will help so he sees how difficult How sad she is. And he wants her to move on and he wants to be happy. So he looks towards the Sahaba and SubhanAllah. And as it had been coincidentally, just as hafsa had lost her husband, a Sahabi had lost his wife, this Sahabi Orth man on the line who saved North man, he's

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the third that Caleb of Islam. He is the closest companion to the process of

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Double bucket no matter the alarm. So with man he had just lost his wife and who was his wife. We mentioned this before with man was married to nuclear, the daughter of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Rukia, the daughter of the Prophet peace upon had died. Now I pose for the second year, the professor sanlam, had seven kids, seven children, all of them, six of them had died except for one, the Prophet peace upon him buried six of his seven kids except for Fatima. Now, what can be more difficult than for a parent to lose a child, let alone to lose all your children, you know, just Fatima basically lived outlive the prophets of Salaam. When we talk about an abyssal Salaam, every

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kind of hardship that you can imagine, he went through every kind of sacrifice that had to be made, he made it. Now last talk, the night of the dead when we talked about the barossa after the talk, a number of parents came to me who had lost one child, one or two sisters, and they explained how difficult it was for them to move on from this, we know that Subhan Allah will be all paid. And this is the reality of life most of us, may Allah, you know, help us we will end up beating our mothers, our fathers, because this is how life goes. And we will recover from that we will miss them we will feel sad, but we will recover from that we might be a spouse or husband or wife will come from a

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friend. But it is unnatural, very difficult is not normal for a parent to bury a child. And you know, these parents told me how difficult it was they you know, they accept the decree of Allah. They are not you know, ungrateful to Allah. But it is very difficult. It's very sad. And that's normal. That's how it should be. And we have hadith of this way Allah basically promises the parents who lost the child and perseveres with that, with patience with with satisfaction with a decree of Allah. Who ever does that there is no replacing that there is no reward except Jana for that, because it's such a great difficulty to be. So the professor had lost his children. The first that

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we showed them to die was this his daughter ruqayyah, the wife was man, Dr. hafsa so have lost their husband, or someone lost a wife or mother is looking to play matchmaker. So he this logically means one plus one is two, this is perfect. a match made in heaven. Right? So after half says it was done, and she was you know, going through this, the same goes to postman, and he says I recommend you already said you lost your wife. I have a suggestion for you. I have a daughter hafsa you know she she's a good girl. Mashallah, wonderful. Go? Why don't the two of you get married, you know, you both of you can help one another. And you can. Both of you can be happy. So with mango, Dylan and

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his personality, he's very shy. he's a he's a much softer than normal. And he was going through a lot of hard heartache. He really really loved the rupiah deeply. And, you know, for him recovering from this was hard. And he says to me, look, give me some time. Let me think about this. So he thought about it. A couple of days, he comes back to Oman. And he realizes Look, I'm not yet ready to remarry. I'm still basically thinking of Rukia. So he says to say normally, I'm not I'm not able to marry right now. Now, of course, no one likes to be rejected. And, of course, we can imagine. Didn't take this very nicely. But I mean, okay, the man said, No, no problem. So now he says, Who

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else can I ask? Ah, abubaker. My good friend, Abubakar, my close friend nabokovian, one of the best men. So hobby number one closest person that most of them the best of the best. If you speak to him and asked him, would you be interested in marrying my daughter? hafsa. So he goes to Albuquerque, Oman? And he says, which you may have saw? He knows she's a good girl. Would you be interested? And I will walk it looks at him. And abubaker of them does not respond. He doesn't say anything.

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What's going on? marry my daughter have some abubaker doesn't say anything? Not? Yes, not No. And this really not only hurts Ahmed it offensive is deeply offended by this. How can you do this to me? First off, man rejects me. And then you don't even answer me. Am I like not good enough? Is my family, my daughter? Not good enough, all of you. And he says I'm going to complain. I'm going to tell the professor look at the way you guys are treating me. So say number goes to the professor. And he says, Look the sort of man did he said no, you're not interested. And worker. He didn't even have the decency to say no, he just ignores me completely. The prophet SAW Selim, sister Alma.

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Jamar, don't you worry. hafsa is going to get a husband better than Earth man you wanted with man, but she's going to get someone better than Earth man and earth man. He's going to get someone better than half saw. Yeah, yeah. So what could you mean? Don't worry. That's what's gonna happen. Few days later on what is thinking? What What is the process I'm talking about? It's basically a knock on the doors. We say prophet Salam is the and the Prophet says to say North man to say Norma, I would like to marry your daughter hafsa. Would you allow me to marry her and say Norma is of course overjoyed. He's more than happy. I I never thought that, you know, I and my family are worthy of being

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Have the debate of being medical about Salah. So he's more than happy Of course hamdulillah he agrees and disagrees so the professor of Mary's have saw at the same time the professor goes to Earth man and he says Earth man, basically, you've deeply said you, you lost your wife Rukia my daughter you said I'm sad, but come on, man. It's time to move on. And you know what? I want you to marry my second daughter whom kulsoom Yeah, Allah. So seniors man is called the new rain the man with two lights. We the man basically the only man that we know who had married two daughters of a Navy of any profit. So the Prophet says to Earth man, just like you married my daughter Rukia I want

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you to be my son in law again, marry my second daughter, Uncle film and so I'm gonna say no, to the Prasanna so he married soon. So the Prophet marries hafsa with man marries Uncle Tom, and now Abubakar or Omar and his Yama. Maybe you were upset at me when I didn't respond to you when you asked me. I didn't say anything. So I was upset. You didn't even like say anything to me. So Abacuses, don't feel bad. Basically, before you came to me, the prophet and I saw Salah, we spoke about hafsa basically, look at these. They were buddies. They were friends and the prophets of Salaam like any guy, he goes to his basement and says, Look, what do you think of that girl? I'm

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thinking of marrying her. Do you What do you suggest? So the abacus is the Prophet had already mentioned to me that he was interested in half so I already knew he was interested in half so and because of that, I didn't want to say anything to you. I didn't want to say the Prophet is interested not interested. I didn't know what to say. So I just kept quiet and had he not married half so I would have married half saw so if we didn't go for I would have gone for so maybe this conversation we don't allow them promising Sister abubaker What do you think of hafsa Abubakar says, Well, she's a wonderful girls would go if you don't marry her, I'm gonna marry you. So the dilemma

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of course, he marries another half saw la de la unhappy. Now hafsa joins the household of the Prophet peace be upon him. And she now joins who's the soda and Ayesha we say between Ayesha and soda, no rivalry, no issues they carried on lovely hunky dory, between half sign Ayesha, there would be some fireworks, because both of them are young women I share is in a teens half size in early 20s, I shall say is that I would see half saw as arrival equal to me we both be competition for the affection and love of the purposes of love. And there is no way for me to, to describe the relationship of sign I shared was a little dysfunctional, some a little a little weird at times,

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because they would be the biggest rivals and they would compete to get one above the other. But when it came to a third wife, the two of them would stand together to to destroy another wife because there'll be other women that joins the household of the prophets of Allah. And when they were competing with each other. They were great rivals. But when it came to joining forces, they were joined forces against a common enemy, as we will come to see as we go through the series, just as a hustler gets married, and Subhanallah we look at the advice a normal and it gives you something of the personality of the man very strong man very, sometimes not the softness of me. I mean, he's his

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daughter is now married when hamdulillah he found that not just the husband, she got the best husband that they could possibly be. Now he gives his daughter, you know, he brings it back to Earth. And he gives advice he says have So listen, I want to advise you not to bother or disturb the professor in any way. He has honored you greatly by marrying you. You're the lucky one, not him. He could have anyone but he chose you. So understand who you are. Number two, know your place. If you need anything, don't bother him. Come to me. Don't ask him for anything I will provide for you. And also advise you, oh hafsa don't compete with Russia. Because you will not be like I shall not again

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I pose this is not the words of the professor and the province will never say Oh, you're not like Russia. I love Ayesha Mo. No, he never said that. Omar is saying this. As a father. He's saying you will not achieve you will not get to that level. Like I share the same way. I am not like her father, meaning I know he loves aboubaker more than me, I can never be abubaker so I'm I'm happy to be second base your second visit and you stay that way promises and didn't say that her father said that to her. But our mother hafsa. She's a woman of her own mind. And in spite of the best advice from her father, she would do things her own way. And she would compete with Ayesha many times I

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should get the beta. But sometimes she would get one above our mother eyeshadow. Let me end up with one very cute story that happened between Ayesha and hafsa. So as we said the Prophet peace upon him when you go on a journey, and all his journeys, when he traveled was basically for jihad. Even when he was out on jihad. He would take one of his wives or two always wives with him and the wives when they loved us go on outing even though it's Wolfie but they get to go out. So have sought an Asia was with the Prophet Solomon, one of these journeys and the Prophet peace be upon him. So what he would do is he would spend one day in one night with Russia.

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Then the next day the next night we'll have saw and he will alternate between the two of them. And no matter how busy schedule was, even if it was warfare, whatever it might be, he tried to make a point to spend quality time with his wives. So what you would do is you would take he would go riding with his wives, so about sunset time, they would go out for a ride and they will talk and we'll go for a stroll alone time. So yesterday, the Prophet peace upon him had gone out to have saw the two of them in writing. So now today is I should stand and I should be excited all day. She's excited. I'm going to go out to the prophets of Salaam prepays herself and she's excited. Before the

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government comes to Ayesha hafsa goes to Ayesha and hafsa says oh Ayesha, look, why don't we swap camels you take my camel, I take your camel. I said Why? Why would you want to do that? Because my camel is taller than your camel. So when you to go riding with the professor lamb, you get a nice view. Your camel is short you don't have a really nice you get to see more things. I show you how sweet What a lovely you know gesture you doing for me? Oh, haha. That's so nice of you. So they swap camels. Now she's waiting. The prophets of Salaam comes and now he's looking for Ayesha. He sees I shouldn't camel This is camel and he walks in. He writes towards I just came obviously on

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unconscious capital is not Asia, FAFSA. That's what he goes. And when he comes the he finds his have saw the two of them start talking. And the two of them go out of hiding. And Ayesha is sitting on a hofsas camel and she's watching as the prophets of Salaam and hafsa go off in the sunset together riding and I shall realizes this was not a mistake. This was a deliberate pick from hafsa. She had really she had deceived the cheetah. And they had swapped camels. And now our mother Ayesha, as I said, a very dramatic woman, a personality. So, you know, you know I love her drama. Because in the Hadees, she mentioned it herself tells us how when she saw the two of them riding off in the sunset,

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and there was nothing she could do. She had lost the opportunity to restrict. She basically put her foot and put it in a bush. And she says our la seen the scorpion or snake to bite me because I can't like I can't believe that I was so foolish. I was thinking perhaps I like this. How could this happen to me and there's nothing I can do except wait while the two of them go off riding into the sunset. We'll talk more about this lovely rivalry, this lovely relationship the professor had with his wives and the relationship they had with each other. We will continue in Sharla next week for any questions, concerns or comments with [email protected] Zack Allah Hi. Salaam Alaikum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh