Ebrahim Bham – The rights of women in Islam and the bane of domestic violence

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the rights and virtue of women's in Islam, including the concept of Women's Day and the idea of "the days of ignorance." They also discuss the importance of equality and the need for men to act like men. The Holy wording in the holy Bible explains the need for men to act like men and the use of "has" and "has a" in religion. The treatment of women in various political situations, including war or political events, is also discussed, along with the negative impact of gender-based violence and domestic abuse on women, particularly in their religion. The speaker encourages people to be aware of the negative impact on their bodies and to be given respect and honor in their community.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam ala Mulana, Viva la Vida for the Villa humanus shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Hola, me through la de la hinda Bill maroof sakala Hola, Zim respective brothers and sisters.

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In this coming week in South Africa, we have

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a day in which we commemorate and it is known as Women's Day. Therefore, I felt it was appropriate that today we dedicate the talk on the rights and virtue of women in Islam, and also add a disturbing phenomenon that is not only in other communities, but also in our community. And that is with regard to gender based violence and domestic violence. We believe that Islam created a revolution in the rights of women. Previously, in the days before Islam, which was known as zamana, Jay Z at the time of ignorance, and in that, in all isms, and ideologies, and prevalent systems of the world, human were regarded as worthless.

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And even today, when we talk of the day of ignorance, what we call the days of Jah, heliot the days of ignorance, despite many evils prevalent, one evil that still sends shivers down our spine is that when we are the people used to party the daughters alive.

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It makes us shudder. Now, just keep in mind that what happened before Islam and after Islam before Islam, they used to bury their daughters alive after Islam nebia Kareem Salah will instead of whenever his daughter has at Fatima Viola Tirana used to come in the room. Maybe a Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to stand up in honor of his daughter has at Fatima Viola hotel and her and he used to kiss her on the forehead and then tell her to sit next to him.

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Even today, we regard the modern world and the Western world as the gold standard in terms of women's rights, it must be worth you have taken into consideration. In 1632, the English law declared declared that which I have husband has his own. And that which the wife possesses is not her possession. But it is a possession possession of the husband. In 1860s, a married English woman did not even exist as a legal person. Even today, prostitution thrives in the modern world. Under the guise of freedom of women, we must be clear anyone who condones it cannot be taken seriously in the claims

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to have humans rights and

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the benefit of women in the consideration. Today we also talk about the aspect of, you know, equality between male and female. Now equality is a very slick and a very catchy slogan. But what does equality actually mean? In mathematics?

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When we talk about equality, if two variables are equal, one can be substituted for the other without resulting

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in a change in any way whatsoever. For example, you say two plus two is four. So if you take this one too, and you put it in the other side,

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and you put it in the other side, it will not make any difference to the result in any way whatsoever. If men and women are equal in the sense, then it would mean that a woman can do anything a man can do and vice versa, you can substitute one for the other everywhere. And of course, this and such equality is absurd is manifest to anyone who knows the biological and psychological differences between men and women. For example, if this particular aspect of equality is taken into account, that means just as the woman bears children, and she becomes pregnant to bear children, the men will also be able to do the same thing. Such equality is absurd. And there are many articles

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that have been written in this particular regard. One article that I can refer people to is on the yaqeen Institute's website, human Islam examining five prevalent myths. So this is the

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aspect Now what does that if there is that particular type of equality, where both are equal in every particular aspect that we've one can do something the other will also be able to do the same. If that is not the way then what does Islam say? Allah tala in the Holy Quran says, when

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human shall have rights, similar to rights against them, according to what is equitable, what is important is equity rather than what we today known as equality per se. And in this particular regard, we can give an example. You see, you take flowers, we have different types of flowers, and you have the rose and you have the daffodil and you have the tulips, they are different, they look different, they have different colors, they have different fragrances, but never does anyone say because they are different, they are an equal to say they are equal despite the differences is an unnecessary complication of the matter to say men and woman, while equal they are different. You

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know, there is nothing wrong with that just to say like flowers, different types of flowers are different, but to say they are equal because they are different is unnecessary complication of the issue. In a similar manner, we believe that a lot Allah has created men and woman different and in this particular regard, Islam liberates women, from the modern tyranny, of having to behave like a men to gain dignity and respect in the world. That is what it is. So we might have to behave like men to be able to gain dignity and respect. know Allah tala has given a unique role, Allah has given a unique situation, Allah has given a unique type of virtue, and in that no one can in any way be

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equal to her in that particular regard. And for her to say that she must become like a man to be able to gain respect and dignity is a tyranny that has become prevalent in the modern world. And woman. According to our beloved Nivea cream saucer, Amina Hadith, in Abu douchery, human are equal partners to men. Islam has granted woman human dignity has given her a cow same accountability in front of Almighty Allah. It is not as if she is going to have to behave differently to gain success, or she will be accounted for differently in the year after, and that Allah has given her the Equal Opportunity to achieve spiritual progress. homie Amina solly had him in the Korean

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War who may not follow no here no higher than Eva, whoever does righteous deeds male or female. Allah Allah says male or female, Allah Allah will grant them a beautiful life in this world. And Allah will grant them reward in the after. In al muslimeen. Our Muslim Ah, well me Nina well, Mina, well, cardi Tina well, Anita was the Athena wasabi. Wasabi Rena wasabi Allah Allah tala makes mentioned with regard to the various beautiful qualities of the believers by making mention of the male and the female. Allah tala has granted her

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equal opportunity to achieve spiritual progress. Allah has granted her the right to contract enterprise dispose of her property, the right to ratify her marriage, it is not proper to get her married without her informed consent. Her property is a sacred if not more sacred, than that of a male. Her life is more sacred than that of a male in this particular regard that nivia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Muslim rulers in the, in the earlier eras used to make specific mention that when you go out in the war, to not kill women and children only kill those who are combatants. This is the way that Islam is looked upon with regard to the woman. Islam further takes

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woman, her emotions, her physique, into account, when allotting a role to her with regard to her rights, and granting her role and granting her rights which is suitable to her temperament. In this particular regard, we must make mention that Islam looks upon women and emphasizes kindness, affection, protection, emotional and spiritual nourishment, of women. Islam considers woman to be amongst the categories that are vulnerable that they are prone to abuse. They are prone that they can be exploited and even today, we

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When we look at situation, when we look at wars when we look at a situation that happened when there is a specific mention made, the woman and children were also abused, the woman and children are also killed. The woman and children were also treated violently. And these are amongst the two categories that are beloved Nivea creams are Allahu alayhi wa sallam had mentioned Allahumma inni ahora

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de Fein ellia teeball Mara, Nivea cream sauce, Lim said, I emphasize upon you. And I am worried that you will not take into account the rights of two weak and vulnerable sectors of our community, the woman and the often. And in this particular regard is the most beautiful example.

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Maybe a Kareem Salah when he was still on one day was going on an expedition. So then the people used to ride in camels that time. So they used to be someone by the name of Angelica. And Joshua was a very, he was a person who used to take the camels and he used to ride the camels and he used to lead the camels. And he used to sing poetry in a very melodious way, because of which the camels used to get excited. And in that excitement, they used to run even more faster.

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And one day, maybe a cream sauce film so under shadowing that leading the camels of the women, and he was singing this poetry in a melodious way. And the camels were getting excited and running more faster. And Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Wait, how can you and Joshua, where you Hakka and Joshua? Oh, oh, I'm Joshua. Be careful. Oh and Joshua, be careful. Drive slowly. You have class vessels on board. Subhan Allah What a beautiful description. You know, when you take a verse, which is made of expensive crystal, how do you deal with it? You deal with it sensitively. There is one oh Bella Tamiya cream sauce and said we Hakka Angelica Oh, I'm Joshua, be careful. You have class and

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very expensive pestles on board. You know, the closest woman to to a male person, or three are the mother, the wife and the daughter. And look at what Islam has made mention. With regard to the mother, maybe aquariums Allahu Allah wa sallam and Islamic ethics and Islamic teachings teachers agenda to tag their medical journal lies under the feet of your mother, you know, my grandpa used to say, under the feet of the mother is gentleman under the feet of the father is a jumper, who is a shoe there is not that particular type of regard. Let me occur himself. So masasa, who is the greatest height of kindness towards that a person must show and display towards to be according

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seldom said your mother. Again you asked you said your mother. Again he was asked he said your mother the fourth time he said your father. Today we have beautiful sayings in the English language. We say if we educator of men who indicated individual if you educate a woman, you educate our entire civilization, an entire community, the Hand That Rocks the Cradle rules the world that is what we say. But where do you find in today's world, because of career orientation of women, Pregnancy many times is looked upon as a burden, as many intellectual even within the Western world. Chess chasteness has written with regard to this, right? But in Islam, particular motherhood is looked

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upon as a means of Jenna, semolina, this particular regard. If you look at the wife, Nivea creams, Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a Hadith, meaning a man and Arsenal homolka are here to come here, homeliness him. The greatest person in terms of is a man is he whose conduct is perfect. And the best amongst you are those who are the best towards your wife's, and then they'll be a creme de la Hollywood celebrated, that one of the barometers of piety, the barometers of piety is for you to be kind to your wife. With regard to the daughters, maybe a cream sauce limited. masala jharia teeny Hata boo ha cha Yama, Yama, whoever looks after two daughters until they become matured. He looks

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after them in every sense. He cares for them. He provides every type of nourishment for them. He will come on the day of kiama when he and me said our beloved Nivea cream saucer will be so close in Jana and Nivea cream sauce Lim put his two fingers together. This is how Islam is looked upon it. Today, we must however, also make mention there is an unfortunate aspect. This is despite the aspect of kind treatment to woman which has been so emphasized so much so that nebia cream sauce lamb did not even forget them in the celebrated farewell sermon, when he said for tabula rasa for Hinako Maha tomonaga Manila was tomb furuya

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Wouldn't be Cali Mattila de creme de la vida Sallam said that fear Allah with regard to your womenfolk fear Allah with regard to your wives, they have been clear coming to your nikka with a word of Almighty Allah with the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala they have been made halaal for you with the Allah Allah His name was a lotta has permission. Now take a look at Allah into account in dealing with them an unfortunate phenomenon and an increasing phenomena in that today is that of gender based violence and domestic violence. This is unacceptable in our teachings, especially how today domestic violence and abuse is understood. Islam has got nothing to do with it. Islam has

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correctly warned us in this particular regard, there is a saying which has been narrated by Ebony asaka also has a saying of our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum, some allama have said that it is not a Hadith, but it's a very famous saying among the scholars of our Deen and the scholars of our religion. It is only an honorable man who treats human with respect and honor. And it is a despicable man who deals with woman in an unseemly and inappropriate manner. He is a despicable men nebbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said that in one had a Navy aquarium Solomon said in Abu Dawood, do not strike the female servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala do not strike and do not

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beat up the female servants of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. It would be noteworthy for us to remember that our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never ever lifted his hands upon any child, any slave, any server, any women and those who like to say that we would like to follow the son of our beloved Nivea cream saucer and it is worth mentioning, worthy of remembering that this was the son of our beloved and to be according to the law.

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How dare do people they then say we want to follow the Sunnah of nebia Karim salsola and they want to beat the wives and the women folk. When they occur himself. Islam never ever lifted his hand to strike women, or to strike children or to strike his slaves or servants. This is the ideal for which we should aspire towards. And one day our beloved Nivea creme de la jolla wa sallam, as his maid mentioned by Chela lutein sooty, Rama to lolly, that when he came to know of certain people, who were beating up the wives navia Karim, Allah Allah wa sallam said, these are not the better people in our community. These are the worst people in our community community sharara Come, let me use the

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word and said, theists are the worst of people in our community. How dare then we as a community will give respect and honor towards those who have never cream sauce, thumb said they are the worst in our community. How do we give respect and honor to those who dare lift up their hands and beat and strike the women folk? This is something that we have to take very seriously. And of course, it is such a beautiful aspect, something that we should always keep in mind that what our beloved nebia creme de la jolla was celebrated eurocom eurocom Lisa him the best amongst you are those people who are the kindness towards the women folk. It is because of this, that we find that women were given

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such a great role, and such great virtue, and such great kindness. That woman in the time of nebia Kareem saw cillum earlier errors, they rose to such great positions of honor and eminence in every field, even in eylem even in knowledge. Let me give you an example and conclude Amara Binti Abdul Rahman was among the greatest of the female successes that the Tabby and that came after the Hawaii crumby one hula talaash married. She was a scholar, a jurist, and a specialist in the hadith of our beloved nebia cream sauce from the great halifa Omar bin Abdulaziz McClellan used to say if you want to learn how to code to I'm Robin Abdurahman him I'm sorry, who is credited with compiling the first

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systematically edited compiled version of Hadoop, I would recommend recommend. Go to Amara. She is a vast ocean of knowledge in Hadith of the beloved cream sauce alum. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us a topic of understanding and making our way through that awana Anil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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