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The history of Muslims in Spain, including notable incidents, is discussed, including the deaths of woman inlynna and the rise of Islam in the region of Afghanistan. The decline of the Western civilization caused by op TRAS and loss of cities, leading to a culture of "land independence" and a desire to bring back history and knowledge to Canada. The region of gallery fell off the French Lake and is now part of a nationalist-arian community, with a desire to bring back history and knowledge to Canada.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam, ala Mulana Viva La Mulana ba, ba,

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when I started

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to fill out the forms, okay, if I can

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set up a lot of laws in

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respected elders and brothers, I have just returned from a trip abroad where I had gone to Spain for the intention of seeing the Islamic sights of Islamic history behind what had happened in Spain. In fact, I've just come from the airport. And maybe there was nothing else that I could speak on. didn't prepare anything. So I thought, let me just speak on the trip.

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And this is a very interesting and a very great lesson of history.

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I lesson that you and I can take much much benefit from if we adhere

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to the lessons that we can see from what had happened in Spain. Muslims, let me start off from the beginning. Muslims came into Spain, firstly, at the behest

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of the local people, it is not as if they conquered Spain. They came there because they were requested to do so. And there was one incident in particular that happened. And that was Spain, was ruled by the PC graphics, those who are regarded to be maybe Christians, and the Roman part of the Roman Empire. And the Roman Empire also had a presence in North Africa. Now, what actually used to happen was that the governors used to send the daughters and the children to the local Capitol to be educated.

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So the governor of the Romans, and the governor of the Romans in North Africa, was a person by the name of Julian, also known in Arabic Castilian,

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and he sent his daughter to Toledo, the capital of the Romans in Spain at that time, she was abused and she was raped by the governor of Spain. Very angry this he came to the Muslims who also had a presence in North Africa. And he came to Musab in Macedo and he said he helped me What has happened to me and look at the injustice, the oppression and what is happening there helped me take over that country and bring about their justice and bring about a situation where people can live peacefully.

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Maybe brb Atlanta airport or Hawaii, Spain kissa for Serbia, who cha cha cha, Qatari, orthorexia, Johannesburg, assoluta Aki somni bianco, Musa mandana Atlas Salta, kwaku Kumar key or musalman Murakami logo Kiko Doris for Spain I drop nahoko cammarano k Sumatra shattered or na in se septum educated now when they came in, you know, this whole particular thing is Muslims came in as saviors. And it's amazing that at that time, Muslims were regarded to be saviors. They not only help Muslims away from oppression and injustice, they came to help and they help people who are oppressed from other nations and other religions. Today our weaknesses such that we can't even help our own

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bellezza man in a Jo Muslim Okay, he might kill your mother kill a Muslim man pancetta cha hello hello.

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Hello Yes, Thea can upload up to anadromous Luma key Maya Tameka. orem Kamala Nickerson. So Muslims came in on that particular situation. They gave him on that particular pretext. And who came in Tarik bin Zayed Rama Kalani, the great Muslim conqueror came in and he came in first, at a place called Gibraltar. It is Gibraltar is actually Jebel atomic. That's a place where terribly Ziad came in. And of course, he's a very famous incident with some historians who have, you know, cast doubt with regard to his authenticity, the interrogans yard leather in Spain. He told his army and he burned all his ships, and he told his army you got no other way out. Now either fight.

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Death again victory. That particular incident. there is doubt with regard to its authenticity, although it is very famous in history. And now my band has also made mention with regard to it, that this is what Tarik did. And they fought tooth and nail, and they fought in Gibraltar. They came into the land of Spain. And then eventually they fought in Cordoba, and they fought in Toledo, Toledo, that time was the capital. And in Arabic, it is known as Terra Tila. They fought and they overcame the rulers of the time, and they gain victory. And they set themselves up and they set up an empire. They set up a civilization. They set up a rule of law, that today even up to this day, not only

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Muslims, non Muslims it all with regard to the civilization and with regard to the presence and with regard to the justice that Muslims had brought to the tail end. They came in poker and created such a great civilization this civilization, muscle man muscle manone wahaca Murakami logo key gozar is Perla pika? Or Islam? Key battery Mujahideen. Tariq bin Zayed Rahmatullah LA, Nikki Harto, Spain photography. Now, when they came, what did they create? We say they created such a great civilization. They created a civilized civilization, which had at least initially was built on taqwa was built on Jihad was built on justice was built on tolerance was built on worldly progress, and

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was built on big giving people of the world at that time, a much better alternative than what they had. And let me give you an example. In 19 950, of the Common Era, Cordova became the seat of the Muslim, a philosopher in Spain. We know actually what actually happened was when the Muslims came in, they gained victory. And as is the bane of Muslim societies throughout the world, they started fighting amongst themselves. They started fighting for the spoils, tribes started fighting with one another. And this is something that is plagued the Muslims even up to this day, this particular aspect of fighting this unity, which has caused the downfall and the weakness of Muslims up to this

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day, they started doing that, in faraway Baghdad, there was an incident that happened a year to overtaken by the apostles, who's who slain and who killed all the remaining philosophers, and all the remaining rulers and the dynasty and the family. There was one person who came away from the unscathed, you know, in that unscathed in terms of the scars that he had the emotional scars that he had, but he saved his life. And he came in he was a man. Up to rock man came he was a part of the Romanians. He came first to Egypt. He was pursued by the passage, the passage in all domains, and then he came into more into North Africa. His mother was a Berber, they gave him refugee and then he

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came into Spain. And when he came into Spain, he is known as

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the man who came and entity to Spain. And he's also known as the Falcon of Spain, he created the philosopher and what amazing philosopher he created. And in every way as I said, taqwa justice tolerance, and why was this, you know, initial success? What was the reasons with regard to it? Let me give you an example of what was created in the year 950. In the year 950, of the Common Era, now we are in 2019, almost 1000 years back.

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Cordova was the most progressive, and the most technologically and progressive and advanced city in the world. There was a survey that was carried out at that particular time. In Cordova, there were 600,000 homes, just over half a million homes, a half a million people, right? out of that they were 50 hospitals

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92,700 small shops. Everyone was prosperous. Night. Can you imagine the ratio out of 600,000 people in homes, they were 92,700. Today, people the world talks about SMEs small and medium business enterprises, because it is the it is the hallmark and the basis of a prosperous society to get small business. You know, if we have multinationals, only few people benefit, the poor remain poor. in Cordoba out of 600,000 funeral homes, they were 92,700 shops, and they were 300 public baths. And then at a time when the people of Europe work in at that time in the propone plague because of filth, they used to throw the feces they used to throw the filter the

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crown and because of which people used to be sick. At that time, Muslims at 300 hamams in Cordova, private homes, there were 700 libraries, private homes in Cordova, had more books in the library. The personal library, then was in the entire libraries of Europe. There was three there was three lights for 10 miles outside Cordova, at a time when London and Paris only to see straight lights, many centuries thereafter, there was running water in Cordova. This was the progress that was happening with regard to and one of the reasons amongst the, as I said, taqwa justice, Jihad fighting in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. But specific outcomes, tolerance, Muslims

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were tolerant, and I always make mention with regard to it, that the strength of Muslims have always been that they were tolerant. And wherever great empires of Muslims were established, it was always based because of tolerance, you will find it, the umayyads will make property also in a very great empire. But because they were comparatively to the passage, more harsh, they hold particular philosophy that lasted 400 years, the Omega buses

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that came into pass that were more tolerant, more open to the outside world, they lasted for over 500 years. Go and look at the tolerance of the Muslims in Spain. Therefore, they lasted for 800 years, the Ottomans were even more tolerant, they lasted for 600 years. So together with jihad, there was tolerance and therefore you will find in Spain, many non Muslims it named a moon a moon It was a Jewish poet philosopher, you know, and he was among the one who had his greatest works under Muslim rule. You know what amazing thing he had said, make him a Moon Bay moon. He said, when was when Jewish civilization and Jews were protected by Muslims in Spain. It is the same evening mamoon

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who said that the greatest threat to Jews of Spain, the greatest threat to Jews of Spain is attraction and the beauty of Islam.

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The greatest threat to the to the continuation of Jews in Spain was the attraction, the beauty of Islam because Muslims at that time were among those who and one of the things that we also got to say was not only taqwa and justice, they were amongst those who are in the forefront with regard to the progress I made mentioned with regard to running water I made mention with regard to lights, something that you and I today we feel it's got nothing to do a deep, but every every successful civilization, every successful administration has to have worldly prosperity for the citizens has to have situation where the citizens or at least they want the needs and their immediate needs are met.

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Otherwise, how can you be a proper administration? How can you be a proper human? How can you be a proper government? And not only in that, you know, in the museum that we went, we saw, you know, that the surgical instrument of zahawi cases who would use instruments to conduct operations long before we regard you know, medical progress today to be part and parcel of the Western civilization, it was routed and started off by Muslims, the surgical instruments that he has used to conduct operations like the cataract and other operations have been used right after the First World War. In fact, today, surgical instruments differ very little from the instruments that were used by zahavi

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anarchists. Muslims were this particular way they had, and they remain like that for a very long period of time. They were different phases now 800 years, you know, I just mentioned What's that? What is 800 years, you know, what is 800 years of umatilla government in a particular place? To give you an example in contemporary times, we talk about the United States of America, United States of America is only in existence for 200 years, just over 200 years.

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Today, we talk America America, only over 200 years is in existence, Muslims were in Spain for over 800 years.

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Then, of course, they were this periods of glory and they were periods of decline. And in this whole aspect of glory, I wish I would like to relate There was also an aspect of decline in the the Muslim ruler at that time, you know, after Ramana Duffin, he is the term finisher then his son

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You know, he established Medina to Zara. So this is something to see we went to go and see the museum there. And he showed us what was Medina to Sahara. It was in terms of worldly terms, one of the greatest in terms of opulence you can't believe even today

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What has been discovered in Madeira to Zara is only 10% of the original. But even the 10% of the original strikes you with regard to oil in terms of opulence and you know in terms of worldly progress, what they had achieved, it was 12 kilometres away from Cordoba. But he was such a great tell us, you know, anytime we created it perhaps with the intention of creating or amongst the nations of the world, so in that particular way, he created something, he said, when a dignitary used to come to visit the Khalifa in Madeira to Zara for 12 kilometres used to come to Cordova. Cordova was the machine the greatest machine that you can see in Western Europe, what a beautiful

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machine. So they didn't trust us to come. They used to come from Cordova, or under swords. So they used to walk under swords, when they used to come and see the Philip halifa, the Khalifa had a room in which he had quick sale. So when you know your particular mercury and quick say that when a person was to sit in there, you know, the quick sale under the sun was to give the impression, as if the entire world is revolving, and after coming that used to come in from Rosa Khalifa. And the Filippo used to give him an agreement and says sign this particular agreement that you will be under the Muslim rule. And after seeing this entire, you know, scenes of greatness, and this whole scenes,

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you should assign that one particular agreement, but this very same type of opulence was the beginning of the decline. And do you know what was Medina to Sahara, there was 13,000, male servants and slaves in Medina to Sahara 6500, female slaves and servants that were looking after the early pioneers in storage. And this was now the beginning of the decline. So this one one way was all this whole particular progress. And after 800 years, Muslims started losing, you know, different cities. And how what actually happened was they started fighting amongst one another one of the greatest pains. And one of the greatest reasons for the losing of the Muslim presence in Spain was disunity

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and infighting. So whereas, after a while, when the Muslims are well settled, no one could actually think that they were going to be defeated because they were so powerful was a presence. Then they started fighting amongst one another. So instead of having one central philosophy, they started having city states. They used to call it 31st. So they used to be up to 30 different city states. And others would have let me just say a few things in the yard to Hannah

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Smith, taqwa. insaaf or Tamil or body, body, or

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muscle model, natural Santa Shan Sultanate. okuma ki sun no sofa Jasmine. Obama kotoba kuniaki subsys Yara Terra aftershave chele la que habla de mer cheer lakia buddy man, but just to hospital nowhere hazare says Jada Buchanan or team sources yada hamam or better in katakana

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or Johanna karate. Now in a particular way that started the decline. What was the reasons for the decline? One of it was opulence. The other reason was with regard to infighting, Muslims started fighting, and because of the infighting, the enemies took root, and they started defeating the Muslims, instead of coming under one central philosophy, instead of fighting for a common cause. Instead of cooperating with other Muslim for the betterment of the of the cause for the betterment of the deen each and every one had their own small, small kingdoms. They came a time the kingdoms were there

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was a famous Muslim traveler came to Spain and he said, I never ever saw so many Amira Romanians in one place.

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Sounds familiar. Everyone is amenable meaning everyone is a chef, everyone has got his own particular you know situation, everyone got his own fiefdom. So that the same thing happened. So then they started slowly. This the Christians what they call Reconquista, they started picking up slowly on one one city. So Toledo fell, and then all the others fell. Then Seville fell and Algeria fell Valencia fell, Zaragoza fell, and then Cordova fell in the year 12 158. Muslims came in 711 1238 all the entire speed was conquered besides one place known as Garner, Granada, there was another philosopher that came and that philosopher brought back memories of the glory of Islam.

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Today, Uncle hamre well as in my respect for others, you will be happy and you will be feel proud and you will try. Such great such great architecture, such great beauty, such great aesthetics. It gives us an

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achievement trials you said How was it last night Muslims had such great therapy and such great progress. How do they lose all this? You will Yunus sit in amazement in all with regard to the beauty that is in Granada for 250 years, the Muslims that we have all the other cities fell 1492 Granada fell. And when the Muslims were there, the United once again. So they were even talking now that we are going to get all the cities back together.

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But then again, the very same thing that caused the downfall of the other cities. The same thing happened in Granada. There were two brothers, one in Malaga, and one in Granada, very close to another 100 kilometres. They were holding the hill after they started fighting when they started fighting, Granada also fell. And uptil Abu Abdullah was the one who said assign the Treaty of surrender to Ferdinand and Isabella, and Muslims last Spain. And when, you know, he read the whole agreement, the agreement was that Muslims will be allowed to stay in Spain, they will be allowed to keep their massages, they will be allowed to do this and that. And today the western civilization

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talks a lot about tolerance, what actually they did, they went against all of those agreements, and they started killing Muslims. And they started persecuting Muslims, the Muslims came to be known as moriscos. They used to keep initially they Islam outwardly. And you know, outwardly, they used to be Christians inside they used to be human, but that also was not sufficient. And then they slowly started looking for any signs of you being a Muslims. And then he either baptize you forcibly they made you into Christians, or if you didn't want to become a Christian, they kill you. When Abu Abdullah surrendered, and he saw they were not keeping the agreements, he also then fled to North

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Africa. And when he came out of Grenada, you know, there is a place which even know up till now it is kept on a hill known as a side of the woods. You know, you know, of course, there's a sense of pride also waiting there, there's a sense of regret, also, there's a sense of sadness. And there that particular Hill when you looked at Granada, and he realized what he had lost, he started crying.

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And when he cried, his mother told him, he said, Oh, my son, what is the use of crying like a baby, when you couldn't protect it like a man?

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What is the use of crying like a baby when you put in protective

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and because of this, Muslims lost that whole particular region, Allah knows in the earth, Allah, you refer me or show me a buddy, Allah says the herd belongs to Allah, He gives it to whomsoever He wishes, when you are worth he gave it to you, when you are not worth it.

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And that clearly says, that belongs to Almighty Allah. So these were just some of the aspects, we can't give an entire, you know, history of the region in just 15 minutes. But just the terms with regard to that we end up by signal umbrella, there are certain signs that are, you know, of great hope. Today, there are 2 million Muslims in Spain. But out of that 10% 200,000 are local Spanish people,

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locals, Spanish people who have become Muslims, that particular ratio we don't even have in South Africa.

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Let me repeat that, that ratio of 10% local people becoming Muslims, we don't even have in South Africa.

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And we have we went to one particular home, we have Dr. Spanish Dr. realize the truth and he became a Muslim, he made his whole family Muslims, that particular family are living on the outskirts of Granada and we went to have a meal with them, it was so reassuring and so, you know, hopeful to see that this whole Spanish Muslims are becoming many, many of them are realizing that this is what actually was our our heritage. There was one person one guy told us he said that I I know of a family and this particular family remembers that they great great grandmother told them and they have passed it on over the generations. It we are children of worse we are children of Muslims, go

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and find out what are our friends and go and search the truth.

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One man one person made mention and told us one of the sides told us he said that when once we know one person one family became a Muslim some you know some time that and you know they used to get up early hours of wanting to make buzu when they started making Hulu, the great grandmother who was still alive, came and saw them

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and said my great grandmother used to do this.

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So we don't know my dear respected brothers when we become worthy Allah subhanaw taala will give people again hope Omar Abdullah Swami, shall we anybody? Let me conclude as I will see Rufus says Allah in the Holy Quran, traveling the earth funds okay for Canada to lead him in family and come to realize what was the consequences of the people of the past? What was the rise, why they rose, and what were the reasons of the decline and why they decline. Give us a copy of understanding these lessons and bring it into our life.