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The Owner of the two Gardens

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The segment discusses various stories of the Islamic universe, including the stories of the pleasant rooms, the man of two houses, and the coworker's death. The concept of a culture where people are the same as the western world is discussed, as well as the use of "by" to describe situations and people. The segment also touches on the importance of avoiding negative feedback and teaching the consequences of a shift in behavior. The transcript describes a garden that has been damaged and destroyed, and emphasizes the importance of teaching the consequences of a shift in behavior and providing support to individuals and families.

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Level federal him have the land open alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He also

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offers and things belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon the seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows were Jani continuing and Charlotte to enter the soul of the care of the world after finishing the first story up to the second one, and this is the story called The COSATU Sahib agenda. The story of the man or the person of the two gardens, the one who earned the two gardens before begin with his story, just so you can understand the placement of this story where it's going. There are actually four stories in sola together. And you notice something really incredible spotlighting the pattern, that the

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first story, the story of the people of the cave. In that story, we found that the believers were in a weak position. The believers which were the people in the cave, were in a weak position, and the disbelievers the king, and those that were with him were in a higher and upper position. So they have the authority and the upper hand. In the second story, now you're going to see that the disbeliever and the believer equal with each other, no one has power over another. And then there is the story of muscle. And then the love story is the story of them. kernighan and Invoker nine story you find that the believer who is complaining the army has, they have power, they have authority,

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and the disbelievers are the weak ones. And the only the ones that are in the weak position in that story. So it says those hammer you see this this gradual increase that the first story believe is a weak disbelievers are strong. second story. They're both equal the disbelieve at the believer. And then the last story, the story of vokalia the believer now is the strongest and the weakest is the is the disbeliever in that part, and Luca and the story of muscle how that came just before that, and it was about the knowledge to teach that any the more knowledge one has the more dominance and authority and power he has against his enemy. That was the second last story that came which will be

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our next week. We'll start with more subtle Hubbard story of his the left where with the story of sahab, and Jonathan the the owner of the two gardens, and just before we begin with this story, we need to understand its placement. So what's the air before it just before a loss and hopefully blah methodology really, just before Allah gave us the story of these two people? He said, a very incredible air that would give you an understanding as to what is what is coming about what is about to come from the story of the man of the two Gods before that allows Oh God said in the Lavina ama noir I'm inside their head in their head or Where are you from? And I said I'm gonna have words

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allows origin was speaking about those who believe that did righteous good deeds? What about them? What would Allah give them? He says Who the

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hell no, no fear when I said Well, I mean that he said that people like this would end up in the paradise. And for them is gardens in the paradise underneath which rivers flow and then not only this, it gets better for them. He said you're alone a VM in a server I mean that they are given to wear bracelets of gold and your halona they call this the passive tense. In other words, someone comes and puts on the the bracelets for you. So it's like they're sitting down, and the servants are coming and putting the bracelets have gold for them. These are the people of Paradise, that not only this way, as soon as the album Oberon minson Doosan was stolen, and they're wearing any garments,

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green garment, thick, green garment, of silk, thick silk and light silk that's Esteban cotechino. Fear Allah Allah. This is like as luxurious as he's getting as he gets. And then he says they reclining on recliners, couches that recliner, they sit on them custom made for them. Number three, are hustlers. Mata, Mata vaca, what an excellent reward that a lot of so again, let's set up for him. And what an awesome place to remain in there and reside permanently. That was the air before the deployment methodology. And in other words, in this ama described the paradise of the believer, he described the agenda of the believer in the paradise and that it's permanent, and this is it.

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Now, the story comes, and the story begins by describing the gender of a disbeliever in this life, and how awesome can Asian of a disbeliever get in this life? So the story is about a rich man and a poor man. And a lot of Zoysia would dedicate the first two as he imagined to have the four and I specify just to tell us about this guy's property about the rich man and what did he own and what did a lot of Zoysia give him of property and wealth and the

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Description a model given to an ad. That's how that's as good as it gets for a disbeliever as Asian, not gender of a disbeliever on this earth. So before it was the gender of the believer in the Hereafter, and this one now is going to speak about the gender of the disbeliever in this life, and you know the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in where he says a dunia seasonal movement, that the the dunya this life is like the prison of a believer. While you're not too careful, it is the paradise of a disbeliever. Just exactly what does that mean jedna to Kevin, we're about to find out into a solo. So you're now begins, he says, Oh bla bla, home method, module eight

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strike for them the example of two men. Now this word what blip it comes from the word Baba, which means to strike the hit something. And you know, when I suddenly strike something really loud and powerful, what it does is it grabs the attention of the listener. So let's say we're sitting and we're just sitting, we're sitting and we're speaking. And we heard a really massive banner, a huge accident, outside, all of a sudden, all the attention and the focus would go to where the sound came from, you'd lose where I'm at, and you'd go all the way towards the cell. That's natural. So normal effect. So when Alonzo, again begins the IRC, what do they strike for them, it's as though that

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effect has been created. It's like something has been struck. And your attention and your focus has gone right away the sound is, and this is what a lot of is about to see. So this is a means in our mouths, grabs attention, and grabs focus and concentration of the listener will Blip. Now all of a sudden, all the listener is focused in total wants to see. Now he says what he wants to say, oh, bla, bla, bla, mythological. A stripe for them. The example of two men of words what is about to come is really heavy. It's serious. It's a conversation that happened a long time ago. Who are these two people? Where did they live?

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What kind of conversation happened that will mention any? Any what location What time did they exist, we have no ID. And really, that doesn't matter. Because this is a conversation. Even though it happened many, many years ago. It still happens until this day. It still happens until this day. The idea is to learn the lessons out of it. And what do I mean by it still happens until this day, that's what I'll clarify. And what Oracle is teaching in this lesson is really valuable, incredible. And that's what you're supposed to sort of adopt in your life after you hear this lesson, and in the story and what it contains of benefits and wisdom. So the story is going to be of a poor man and a

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rich man.

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And now the first era begins by explaining what the rich man had a loss it oh bla bla mythological a joke giannelli a hottie Hema Jen attainment honor, for one of the two. This is the rich guy we made for him Gen attain to gardens manana to gardens of grapevine, you got my suggestion that they not boustead a there's a difference between gender and

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age, gender is a garden in where there is actually no, there's no there's no, there's no bit of not not an inch of soil, you can see a gender, the entire thing is green. Not a pinch of dirt is on it, the entire thing is in use all of it. All of it, a lot

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of them to massive Gen methane. If you want to see them, you don't see a patch of dirt in the library. If you go to your backyard now maybe your front yard or wherever it is, you might see some patch of dirt somewhere, there's some missing grass, there's nothing being planted here. That's called the boustead. I should not the entire thing is supposed to be green. Fair. Yeah. And it's a parallel. That's the first thing Ally's telling us that he had two gardens of grapevine. So he added in the entire garden, there's just grapevine. The whole thing is grapevine. And you know that that already. So Pamela is something you cannot achieve in this life. Because if you own land in this

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life, let's say you purchased a land, you know, you can't use 100% of it. For example, if most of it in the areas you are to purchase a land and where you're going to build a house or something. Then Yani with the with it with development, there's something called easement, you're going to have to give some property, you're going to have to give some meters back to the council, like public space or something you cannot utilize and use the entire land to build on. Okay, let's say you bought a five acre land somewhere in the in the in the bush, where there's no regulation that even then if you wanted to use it, to plant your crop, whatever it is on it, you cannot use the entire thing,

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because let's say you had five acres, some of it might be swampland bad soil, you can't play anything on it. Some of it might be uneven land, and if you tried to even it'll cost too much. So you can't, but this guy here was gently suggesting nothing. The entire two gardens, not a single patch of dirt. Only the entire thing was utilized. And you know what that means? If it's all utilized, then there's a plant. There's a tree at each

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Part of the land and eventually at the end of the season, there's harvest and it's and therefore there's money so only the entire land put to use that means it's making more money for him

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what happens now who may have been awesome and we surrounded the two grapevine gardens with palm tree can only date pump. In other words, this is the one garden and there are there are in other words, there's this grapevine in the middle and around it on surrounding it, there's great there's they pump around it, why this acted as a security system. In other words, when there's really strong wind, you know, the grapevine is very delicate that could easily blow away with with the wind. So in order to avoid that there was date palm surrounding the grapevine and that would act as a shield as a hurricane proof as a cyclone proof so that it does that the strong windows in internet damages

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grapevine also had a lot yeah, and what this is something that we know of the the pantry is really strong. It withstands any category five hurricanes with stench the only the only tree you'll see is the is the palm tree or the coconut tree that's also from among the family. It just moves left and right. And then eventually once everything's over, it's still standing right there for this is an excellent strong system. So the setup he has is incredible. He's incredible to grapevine in the middle, and around each garden, the two gardens around each garden, they're surrounded with a date pump, okay? And then a lot of surgeon he said was you're under the you know who masala and between

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the two gallons in between Allah made for him. So I'm not massage Zavon. They call it a Muslim, a verbal noun. In other words, crop the actual crop growing. So you have all kinds of herbs, fruit trees, vegetables, whatever it is, it's just growing in between the two gardens. So 100% of his land is being utilized and 100% of it is being used not as a lot of not one and even 1% is gone toys. So in other words, he's making money. And at the same time, he's a gardener. And he's a farmer. he's a he's a, he's a gardener, which is design in the middle. And he's a farmer for the Tunisian, nothing that he has. You know, that means? In other words, you know, a farmer would make money once a

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season. And a gardener would make money different to the times that a farmer would make money. So if he's a farmer and a garden at the same time, then it means he's making money all year round. If he's not making money from the garden, he's making money from the farm. And if he's not making money from the farmer, he's making it from the garden. So this guy has got it all out set up. And it was about to get interesting now in the next outline explains even further. He says Killington agenda, Dini added Okuda, he said, both the two gardens gave off it's all good. He did not say at that Femara, even though that word tomato would be used later on, like what can allow firmado puppy family but he

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Allah says each of the two gardens gave off each focal organ comes from the word I can, I can mean something to eat. So in other words, added to CUDA means both of the two gardens gave off edible fruit. Yet, each and every single fruit that came off the tree was edible, nothing was thrown in the bin, nothing was running. And nowadays, maybe if you went to any store in the market or whatever, and you're buying tomatoes, or apples or whatever, there's, there's one you might look at, it doesn't look good, you put it back in, you put something back into the into the plastic bag. But if you went to this guy's farm and you were shopping at his farm, you wouldn't put anything back. It'll

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go in the plastic bag, and you'd buy everything because everything was edible. A tree it might have 100 oranges, 30 of them are rotten, you throw them and then seven out of them you'd eat. But this guy is orange tree, the entire thing. 100% was edible, nothing would throw the one nothing would go to the bin. So I have a lot to kill tangent, nothing added to cola edible fruit now, which is what I'm definitely minutiae. And it did not shortchange him or wrong him in any way. And in other words, there could be a possibility that a fruit might fall from the tree, and it rolls into his neighbor might if 100% is being used on his land, so it's really close to the fence to his neighbor. It could

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be a possibility that my fruit would come down and roll to his neighbor. Not only that, there could be the possibility of a like a monkey or a possum. It loves dates. It goes up to the tree takes one and runs off. That could happen. Almost said while I'm totally minutia. It did not shortchange him at all. In other words, that didn't happen. Danny everything that was harvested was for him and for his benefit and profit. That's it. No one else took anything and no and and the the fruit didn't go in a place where it wasn't supposed to go. I think it gets better and more serious. What I'm doubly minnow

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And anything at all, because there's the other possibility, which is that I that an animal comes, it doesn't take the entire fruit, it takes a bite from the fruit and goes even that didn't happen at all. Then he got a fruit fly, just lands on a peach and suck some of the juice that takes off. That didn't even happen she and I don't know how to look at this guy's got it all from beginning to end. And now there's one more problem. How is he going to irrigate all this farm, she's got a farm, he's got a garden, he's gonna keep an audit. A lot of soldiers took care of that. So long story short, he said, have a shop now in Omaha. And we cause a river to explode right in between it. So you have the

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two gardens here. And the salon is in the middle. And the river is going like this. It's crossing. It's crossing the first garden underneath the first garden in between the salon and underneath the next garden. And you know, when there's a river in the middle, the the two sides of the bank, this bank and this bank, they already irrigated, so he didn't even have to lift up the hose and water anything that's already done. What is your level manda? Hold on this is the agenda of the disbeliever in this life. Yeah, I mean, this is something like someone's got his business. It's good. It's running. Perfect. Just looking at it. Look at this, I don't even have to touch it. All I

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need to do is brings up Melania let's harvest the thing and move on business. Think of it whatever business you want to think of. Now massagin

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gives us the conversation that happened.

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The poor man nothing was mentioned for Danny it goes without say that what he added was insignificant there was nothing to really mention. So I love that and speak anything about what the poor man had in the know of anything. A lot of associate says orchid Allahu sama,

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the rich man, he had some of he had fruit. This could mean that it was a season of harvest. And he had just harvest the trees down and put them in the boxes and they were ready to go to the market and being sold well. Canada will farmer he's got a lot of fun in front of him.

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For call you saw maybe you are who your hair will be you know, his best friend. Remember us have a girlfriend what I told you in the world that this is not any normal friend. This is a like an intimate really close friend. For color levels like

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this, which man has a good close friend and his friend happens to be a poor man. And he loves him as a friend of sahibi.

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He passes by he's the poor man passes by the rich man. And he sees him shut our mouths everything well, how little is that a conversation you have? It all comes from the word how I hodl how a means for something to return back. So in other words, it's a conversation I talk to you. You respond. I talk back ask you a question. you respond. I asked another question. This is your little boy who suggests also that the rich man initiated the conversation he began. Why is this talking as he is conversing with him? He slips in something, and I follow him in command and asuna follow. I'm more than you when it comes to money. And I'm more than you when it comes to manpower. From the word as

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us authority, I have more authority. But look, look at the land I got. That means I have a lot of labor on laborers and a lot of workers on it. But now I need to understand this is very crucial here. It's going to lead to a lot of damage. And what we're going to say after this if

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it's any don't think of it like this, that the rich man comes to the poor man. You notice though, so I got By the way, did you notice that I'm richer than you? So he didn't say that? It didn't happen like this. It's as they're conversing. So in other words, it's like he's with him. So how's everything else live? It's all gone. Now you can't, you know they're going to school not yet goes out. They're responding. And then as he's speaking, he slips in something. He says to mark, by the way, and he mentioned our last panel last month, my daughter got married. And we booked out the Star City and the woman had to pay $120 ahead. It's cost us about 70,000. I heard her now he's talking to

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the poor man. I heard your your son got married last month. Where was the it was it was held at the masjid. All right. No, no, or is

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it just sort of slipped into make it a point to show that he's more wealthy at any. He didn't say the amount of money. He said. He's trying to prove the point that he has more money. So you just speak to him right? Macedonia speaking with him. And he'd say, this is a conversation that happens today among the people. So only 100 I moved out I was living somewhere but now I just pay $1,000 or rent a weekend something that maybe we were thinking of moving and getting something bigger and the way you're still at your mom's house.

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is like this is an item in cabana trying to prove a point right

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Someone would say, you know, I got my Mercedes last week. Well hum denotes the third one in a month, you don't still have this engine problem. I'm just, I'll get rid of it. I'll buy a new one. How's your bicycle?

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In Canada, and the idea of an actual minca man and will as uniform is to prove yourself off here than the other through this way like that, to show to make it as a point, I don't follow minca. Man, what

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am I this is very dangerous, the most dangerous and the most deadly, dangerous and disgusting of disease that could ever happen is the rich man imposing his lifestyle on the poor man. This is exactly what happens. The more the rich man talks like this, you know what happens as a result. It's like they, they now set the standard of what life is supposed to be for the poor man remains poor and feels pour until he reaches the standard of the rich. So I don't care I'll get into that I'll do this. I'll do that for my wedding. I'll do whatever it is, just so I can get to that standard that the rich man set up and he imposed his lifestyle on me. Very dangerous for Ghana, Laos origin is

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teaching us the corruption from the very beginning. Some have a lot him Did any say from politics or heavy? What kind of swipe is that? You know the story before look at the look at us habit. gov, how they were different to the slide now have a gavel together, taking care of each other, looking out after each other. Actually, as a matter of fact, when the plan introduced us the idea of so he told us that one side is always there with you if you feel like you saw it the toga allows the hell he says if you're cool you saw him he led that said in a manner when the province on the lower center. Well, what about the law? I know they indicate and then I'll look at who's worried or nervous I sell

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and he looks at our work into the system.

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So heavy he says to me his best friend. Don't worry. It's alright. It's all good. Don't be afraid in the law man, as your friend is supposed to do. Now this friend He is not doing that. He's actually his buddy Monty's worries and Monty's stress and his problems. So this poor man is insulted right now. He just insulted him. He said Hey, man, I follow him in cabana or as uniform. Okay, what is unless it's what? Metal enough See? The rich man finish the conversation. And he entered his agenda here was got a massive yonder he's got his business, he walked back into his business.

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Panama now describes the state that he entered in well, who have our legal NFC. He entered his garden while he had wronged himself, himself. I thought he just wronged his neighbor. Didn't he wrong? his neighbor. He insulted his neighbor. He said they might got more money when it comes to money I got more than you he wrongly. Why is a man saying that the rich man wronged himself? Well, because at the end of the day, he wrote no one but himself when he failed to ascribe the name of Tom law

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and when he boasted by saying, Anna, it's my wealth and I'm more than you that's when he wronged himself so as much as he wronged his friend and he hurt him really at the end of the day he wronged no one but himself and a lot of soldier listen to a who have on the model NFC. He failed. He failed to mention this is all from alone. He failed to do that. He used the word I know this is my business is my it's just it's about to get worse and what he's going to say right now. And you know, by the way, when you read the first two as you're not supposed to be thinking, oh Masha, Allah. This guy was really smart. He had it all set up. We weren't supposed to think like that. You're supposed to

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think Masha Allah, Allah really blessed this guy. Because the first is when Allah spoke about the skies property and asset a lot so we shouldn't use the plural. We refer to himself. He said john that we made for one of the two right now whom and we surrounded the two gallons with the pump with a sharp knife and we cause the river to explode a lot to credit in the first two I had for himself. I did all this work. And now he's saying this is all mine and I'd fall for this is where he wronged himself. This is where you stuffed up and where you got wrong.

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Now look what he said

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the other day, as he walks in,

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he says I don't think this will ever end and to be there they Abidal meaning for something to end. He looks at it and he says I don't think this is ever going to finish or this garden is ever going to come to an end. Look at it. Look at it. Look at the way it runs the way I've maintained the workers I got the the employees there the taxes, I got the accounts, everything is running. All good. Nothing's gonna happen to it. This is what I think of it as a as a as a garden. Think of it as a as another business you have whatever it is that attitude of walking into

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And seeing that I've got everything in place. And this can never ever end, not in my time. So that's why I'm going to train and I'm going to teach someone so that they can take over the business because my business is gonna go away. It's gonna always remain, it's gonna stay alive. malformed, on the other hand is very dangerous. Speaking of I got one guaranteed that it's going to remain I think he's getting worse in his attitude and how he's speaking. Now one not to be that the other the now look what he says. one of whom was sad.

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And you know, this thing, this sound this afterlife you keep talking about? I don't even think is gonna happen. Former Mossad about him? Why is he thinking like that? By the way, this is speaking to himself. There's no one with him. Why is he saying that? You know, so Pamela, with the the welfare someone is, the more junior and he has, if he's not careful, and he's awake. And if more of this jr enters his heart, the less he wants to talk about the hereafter. And then there's a natural effect. by those who love money and love the increase, you can have an increase in your pocket doesn't matter. But if that money eventually entered in the heart, even if it was $1, or whatever it is,

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what happens with wealthy people normally, if they're not conscious and awake, they begin to dislike the mention of death in the hereafter. You know why? Because that topic, it threatens their enjoyment with the goodness they have. Then I come and say, listen, let me remind you of the fella, my brother. Don't worry about it later. I don't want to talk about it. Now. Let me enjoy my time with what I have in your topic. We'll speak about a little bit on Friday enough one once a week, we'll hear about it right? This is an attitude. One of them massaged upon speaking to himself in his conscious, I don't even want to think about sir. He's got so much to enjoy. Why is he going to think

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thinking about the hour and death is going to threaten his enjoyment with what he has. And then look what he says show one comes in gives him an always but it says to him wanting to be that he doesn't know how to minimize.

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He says, Well wait, if this hour is something certain, and if I was eventually returned to my Lord, hey, then the Lord is gonna give me a much better than what I get if he do what he did. He assumed that what do you has in this dunya was a lost love for you. So he says if Allah loves me this much, and he's given me all this, like my neighbor has got nothing almost given me all this, then that means when I return if there's a possibility of going back to a long, he's gonna give me much better if he loves me this much and he gave me that much in dunya hamana me he's gonna surprise me within the hereafter. When I

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look at the arrogance in in the word odd. Usually when

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you return to Allah, Allah dito meaning if I was forced to return to Allah Yani In other words, if they pull me out of my grades get out, am I gonna come back? And if I'm forced back to a more commerce are we gonna return Yeah, and eventually then know that a lot. He's gonna give me better than what he's given me in this life with arrogance

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that he doesn't know how to meet him. And that's what he spoke. Now Allah says, All animals are Hebrew of all you have

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to be loving Hanukkah coming to LA. Now

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another conversation. Of course, the Sahaba is his friend best friend. So you meet up with him more than once a day maybe. So he sees him this time. And he speaks to him again. Now the poor man is going to give advice and not say how to the rich man. But I want you to think of this. When the rich man first spoke to the poor man, he insulted him right the first time when he said no problem in combat or as soon as he insulted him did the poor man speak anything back? He said

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but now when a lot is being spoken of in the wrong manner, the poor man is gonna get up and speak Yanni. In other words, what the poor man is teaching us humility is paranoia that if someone insults him, he I worry since open as much as you want, we'll talk about me as much as you was slammed me and put me down in front of everyone as much as you want. I'm not going to give it free Seville that doesn't matter. But if you're going to talk something bad or against the law, but I'm going to I'm going to get up and talk to you now. Now I'm going to give you an hour we learn a lot from the from the character of this poor man that ya know when he taught me he was insulted he didn't he swallowed

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it doesn't matter. insult me from now until whatever you want you because you only wronging yourself for volleyball enough See, he really did around me at the end of the day. But if you're going to speak and have some devious ideas about Allah as our is not gonna happen, and that this garden will never end and if you are forcefully returned, how dare you speak like

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Like this former soldier, I'm going to stand up and give you know say hi right now, so he gets somebody's sister I covered that. We love your Hanukkah coming to LA. Did you just believe? Like a photo also means a goofy name a ungrateful? Have you become ungrateful to the one who created you from from top from dust from dirt, food and

00:30:21--> 00:30:45

then from a fluid a drop of fluid that Yeah, and if it's on your quote, you're embarrassed to walk out with except that you wash it, motiva then on top of that the muscle whakaaro Shula then he made the internet you can even make yourself into your soup handler this man is very intelligent. Why does he say to him? Did you disbelieve? Do you just believe in the one who created you from the he didn't say thing?

00:30:46--> 00:31:11

Did you disbelieve in Allah didn't say that? He went all the way back to the origin. Did you extract any disbelieve in the one who created you from this day? And What's he trying to say that? He tried to say? Did you forget who you are when when you are this? No. But this this property and garden of yours? Where was it when you are this? When you are this? Where was it? When you are not fun? When you are that that filthy fluid?

00:31:12--> 00:31:24

What was all these properties? What was it? And then a moment in time and you can even make yourself and don't own but you can even go through the stages of life unless a lot of soldiers did that for you. When all of a sudden now.

00:31:26--> 00:32:10

Melvin Masada know, what kind of attitude is up? And the other thing he's trying to say to him is that you see this dirt? I mean, you're from the same getting into Did you think that your dirt was more expensive than mine? Or that that sperm cell you're created from was somehow more valuable than mine? Always same from the same origin? Somehow A lot of it is teaching you an incredible listening the words I love you Hanukkah coming to LA from moving north first and foremost and work on Oh God. Now he says, Let him know who Allah will be. However, a lot is my Lord. Well, I wish he could be there. And I don't associate any partners with Omar. But this is incredible. Firstly, he says like

00:32:10--> 00:32:11


00:32:12--> 00:32:17

This was lacking that essentially, it's lacking Anna.

00:32:18--> 00:32:28

Essentially, that's how it is lacking Anna. But it's been merged together fused. And we came out with lacking. You know what that is? lacking

00:32:29--> 00:33:09

is a word that is longer. Yakima show. final words, Jenny. So Pamela, Where is he from his humility, when he's about to say a lot is his Lord, he reduced himself. Even the language is reduced. So the word is shortened. It's cut one letter. In other words, it's implying himself reducing and eliminating himself. When he's about to mention a loss of Hyderabad, different districts. His friend said, Anna, I'm in Canada. Here. He didn't even dare to say the word. He said, let me know. He knows that. So Allah, Who allowed to be well, I was gonna say Allah is my Lord, and I don't do *.

00:33:10--> 00:33:15

Why is he saying I didn't do *? Who asked him anyway? Wasn't he giving to his friend?

00:33:16--> 00:33:51

Why didn't he say to his friend don't do *. He's telling himself either to ship. This is called Ignacio how to live See, this here is called by giving advice to myself, before I give it to my friend, getting the one who's in need of this advice is is great. But he's saying about himself. What we're learning is when you give advice, any time the standard, the advice you're about to give to someone that is done wrong, you have to advise yourself, and you're in need of that advice more, or maybe an equal amount of the person that you're giving advice to,

00:33:52--> 00:33:57

like in Hola, hola. This guy, this poor man, he's never done in his life. And he's saying

00:33:59--> 00:34:11

he's giving himself advice before he gives it to his friend who's already fallen in ship. So I've had a lot where there are some people like that, you need to understand from this, that if you've never fallen into a ship, let's and I'll give you an example.

00:34:13--> 00:34:16

Someone you know, commit, as you know, and as someone you know,

00:34:18--> 00:34:19

to protect us.

00:34:20--> 00:34:22

So then you see that I need to give this kind of thing.

00:34:23--> 00:34:31

So you go as you want to go and I'll see how you keep in your mind that you are in need of this Messiah

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

in the exact amount as this guy needs, who may be you say from Xena who said that you'll never fall into it? Who gave you that immune certificate from it and you'll never fall into. So when you give someone knocklyon you've never fallen into that sin. Don't ever think that you'll ever not fall into it. So now that you're about to give someone is as important as it is to him to you as well. So he says like in the whole Obi Wan is my Lord and I didn't do * with a lot.

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

Okay, now he's in other words, what he's trying to say is giving us a hottie his friend, you just did chicken, you should not have done *. What kinda disappointed?

00:35:09--> 00:35:12

Me I can follow that. That's one thing, for sure is another thing.

00:35:14--> 00:35:18

You got to solve that. What shifted this rich man, do you have any

00:35:19--> 00:35:43

weapons when the when the rich man he spoke, he actually he said what I wrote it to allow me if I was returned to my Lord, he was an oceanic, he believed in one month, he wasn't emotionally, he didn't say if I was to return to my lord's, to my law. So where's he should, he should is, believe it or not some how to lie. This is a form in which a lot of people fall into his shift his shift config

00:35:44--> 00:35:50

shift in reliance upon a loss of paradigm. When did that happen? When he said

00:35:51--> 00:36:19

that I have more money, and I have more manpower, and this gathering will never end that it should compute output. he relied on his money. And he relied on his garden to the forum. He didn't rely on a lot of storage and soul. And this, a lot of people fall into a ship photography, ship photography is a ship that's a minor, and it doesn't make someone a gift. So for example, when you're going to sleep, if you think that your sleep is going to give you the rest should consider

00:36:20--> 00:36:39

if you think that the food you're going to eat is going to satisfy your hunger should fedorko that actually didn't happen that way. It is a more of the gave permission for your sleep to give you rest. The sleep was just the means. But at the end of the day, it was a laws permission for that sleep to give you rest. That's why you said was you

00:36:40--> 00:37:21

know, macam so bad that we made your sleep arrest look the sleep itself. Otherwise, look at it a fire I suppose the burn. It doesn't. It only burns by the permission of a lot. This is why I brought him on Instagram was when he was thrown in the fire. A knife is supposed to slaughter. That's what you think. But it only slowed us by the permission of Allah. This is why when Ibrahim ran it across this married Are you celebs Nick had no effect because a lot of them have given permission to slaughter when you sleep. It is a law that made the sleep give you a risk. This is why one hour could be enough. And sometimes people would sleep for 10 hours. And still you got no rest. This is

00:37:21--> 00:37:58

why a few morsels of food could be enough to satisfy your hunger. And then eating an entire plate and two and three. And still the guy gets up and he's still hungry, then a massage and didn't give permission for that food to satisfy that person's hunger. Say that also happening by the permission of Allah shift when fedorko avoided and understand that every single thing you do in this life is under the permission of Allah, that the money that is coming into your pocket. It's not because of your qualification, or because of your experience, or my connection, or my contacts. Or it's not because of all is because Allah willed it and chose it for you and didn't choose it for someone

00:37:58--> 00:38:25

else. That's it. That's as simple as it is. So now he teaches in that lesson, he says whatever should not be a habit. I'm not like you, I probably are gonna find something but I don't rely on it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, I'm relying on luck. I didn't guarantee my outcome. I'm like you have crazy what you didn't do that I wish I had. Now he says to him something. He says when older is the hunters are not giving him real serious advice concerning this rich man. He says to him,

00:38:26--> 00:38:45

I was not the case that every time you entered your garden, why didn't you just say measure a level afford a level it was simple, simple. How come? How come every time you didn't enter the garden? Why couldn't you just say measure among whatever Allah wills level at a level there is no power except with him.

00:38:46--> 00:39:08

So how could he have said that? You know what, he's what measure more he doesn't get it don't understand that in the sense of you look at something nice. measure a mathematical meaning. Measure money means whatever Allah wills getting, in other words, instead of saying what did the rich man say? What was his poison? What did he say? What were the words he said?

00:39:09--> 00:39:13

What was the rich man what was that the words that he spoke that were wrong

00:39:14--> 00:39:31

in Canada, and that for me Canada was nofollow. That's the wrong thing he said. Now the poor man is telling him You should have replaced those two phrases with Masha Allah. In other words, don't say about following cabana replace that with mesh

00:39:32--> 00:39:51

mesh Armani's. What is that Allah wills? So in other words, every time you entered your garden, you should have said, a loved one for me to be rich and above world for my neighbor to report what hamdulillah that's Mashallah, you should have thought of it like that, that it's a low, medium rich, and it was a medium poll. And instead of saying,

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

I want more manpower, you should have said that four to 11 let there's no power except with the law. Not with your work.

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

Do you have to do with a lot? So you gave him a replacement don't say anantharaman camella mas and I thought replace it with Marsha level f4 de la. Then he said he thought another column in common and

00:40:12--> 00:40:47

if you look at my situation, I'm not denying it. I have lists when it comes to money anaka looming command and forego way less money. Okay, nothing. And then he said well what are that? Yeah, in other words Oh, now I'm so poor on the farmer that my kids working. Am I get up in the morning? Oh, you know I got my kids working. Yeah, in other words when you have your kids working What does that mean? You're really you're really doing a tough you couldn't even afford someone to come and work on your farm. You got your own kids working on the farm with you really really poor and he acknowledges it and why am I gonna shy away from it? This is what I love to me to be poor. Why not from moving

00:40:47--> 00:41:13

cabana and he mentioned that he says other apollomon cabana is proud of what a lot of soil is giving me even though I'm poor and I got way less than you and I got my kids workout I'm really struggling and tough and doing whatever doesn't matter. And I'm happy with that that's the situation that's what I was chosen for me. No worries, I'll make goodness out of it and below this situation enters me the paradise always sees a good side to it and I can live in command and own it now which is about to end.

00:41:15--> 00:41:21

So the poor man he says to the rich man he continues his talk with him he says faster obeying your DNA genetic

00:41:22--> 00:42:02

perhaps Allah gives me better than your gardens could happen. At the end of the day is a leveler. Cows with a lot could happen any day. Oh my God, give me better than your garden in Anniston. Second. What are we will see the other half was better medicine. It also could sit down a hearse band from the sky has been is a timely destruction. In other words alone could sit down a destruction from the sky in your garden. It's also possible. Why not? If I could do whatever he wants. He's just he's not making that against him because of the poor man. He's just telling him what I can do. Well, no one is hearing all this.

00:42:03--> 00:42:24

And he says to him all your experiment so to spell side and zelicah and if this destruction came down from the sky as a result, the next day, your farm could become so darn dead zanaco slippery, any could become a swampland muddy, you can't even put anything on it, it could happen. And then he says to hover over your Spanner.

00:42:25--> 00:42:41

By the way, you see that river that you keep talking about that river, a lot of soil could cause it to sink. Oh, you spent an hour hold on could just all of a sudden sink in the earth, financial slavery. And after that you will never ever be able to retrieve it and bring it back up could happen

00:42:43--> 00:42:44

outside and suppose

00:42:47--> 00:42:54

he did not make diet. He said a few words. With a injured heart. He's been insulted and been hurt.

00:42:56--> 00:43:05

And now loss Georgia has heard this guy's cry and things are just about to get serious for this rich man must sit well he'll probably throw money.

00:43:06--> 00:43:09

The rich man and the garden hat. Why not?

00:43:10--> 00:43:27

The garden was surrounded by the family he was surrounded surrounded by punishment and get a like a hurricane something that goes around. It's surrounded his entire garden. That which he put as hurricane proof which were the dates when the last punishment comes nothing is gonna stop it

00:43:28--> 00:43:38

for us by a spy meaning from the water supply the next morning he woke up. As usual. He loves to walk in his garden and admire woody as he woke up.

00:43:40--> 00:44:23

He will give Fiala an unfair kafir. He gets up and he begins to rub your hands together. Yeah, when someone does this, he's nervous. He's worried he's anxious. He's depressed. He said he's about to fail. While spiral kalibo Cafe Allah Africa via over the money and the effort and the time and the struggles and the pain he's put into this garden. All the sudden is gone. It's finished come Saturday. Well here we are to another OSHA and the garden has been twisted and turned over it sticks. Janya OSHA comes from the word ouch and ouch means the roof and in the top of the pantry became the lowest thing. The entire thing it just collapsed. Everything has gone. Well was Pamela

00:44:23--> 00:44:26

FOSS bangabandhu Cafe for coffee our

00:44:28--> 00:44:37

way of returning a cushy Villa be either one wealth of old presents. In other words, he kept crying and repeating over and over again. He had a teddy bear

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

had a monkey now he acknowledges he should know that while I'm on holiday divided into two opinions. Some of them said that he Stovall was accepted. Some said it wasn't because it wasn't since he only went to destroy it. Now he got up from his ship. But the only one the story has a good ending. Probably you can we can take that side that Yani

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

losing everything in this dunya.

00:45:03--> 00:45:15

To gain a loss origin is worth it. At the end of the day, it's worth it as long as you're still alive. Really, you didn't lose anything. If you gained a lot at the end of the day, he didn't lose anything. But she had a lot. What do we learn from this? You know?

00:45:17--> 00:46:00

What, as a Muslim woman as a community as a Muslim woman population all around the world Muslim Ummah owed so much we had so much right. Yeah, and the countries were under our authority. Spain Muslim was an Islamic country. We The old man who knows it all. So Pinilla how much the deal? No, no more than half we have so much that the level is just getting, since the profits are sometimes death up until just recently, Yeti slam was running perfect and fine. And we had so much. And you know what happened? In the last few decades and centuries, we just started losing everything, everything started going down. In other words, it's perhaps it's a time for people and the Muslim woman to wake

00:46:00--> 00:46:37

up and say a little bit harder. Because when the blessings are taken, and when What do you have is been taken away bit by bit from you. It's because of the shift that people do. But what's the biggest problem this is this is how we understand how important the topic of the hate is, and how important it is to teach of the dangers of shift. Even the minor ship could do that. All you need is a is a few Muslims that would commit this minor ship. That's all you need to record for everyone. All you need is a few people. That's it. And then I'm also panda what is punishment would come down until the people wake up and come out from the state they're in that Yanis have had a lot. You know,

00:46:37--> 00:47:16

he had a 13 I wish he got the holidays are very relevant. This is not only for the individual, you look at your case, if you had so much and you lost so much. Look at what happened in your life. What did you rely on the power to get away from me. And if I did that for you that that's a sign of a loss of power, Dinah's love that you replace along with everything you own. So Allah took it all away from you. So that you go back to a loss of Hannah Montana, right? The more attachment you have to something and a lot takes that away. There's goodness in that journey. It preoccupied your heart, you're sinking and drowning in it. And Allah saved you took it away from your life, so that your

00:47:16--> 00:47:55

heart could be refueled with a loss of 100,000. Don't lose that. Listen, when something is taken away. Some people think just increase in Google and the increase in rebellion against the law and increasing their disbelief against the law. But it should have the opposite effect. Now that your heart is free of everything you had, you should once again go back and turn to Allah subhana wa Tada. So yeah, the turning the wishek belavia hadda is a lesson you're supposed to implement daily in your life. No shift whatsoever from the minor, all the major the only 30 that we should go a bit harder. Mr. Social is one of the Columbia tsunami doula he had no men to help him besides a lot for

00:47:55--> 00:48:33

when you don't have a man on your side. We'll get the whole long nothing's gonna do anything for you guys, the garden is collapsing. There's no one that could really do anything for it. When I get home, in fact to tsunami doula, one that kind of autostrade melodic, Allah was never going to get any help right there. That wasn't gonna happen. Because of the state that easy. Then a lot of Zoysia conclusion says, and what a three legged Huck and wilayah meaning the help of a law is for those who own the truth that you the help of a man is for you see that? You see the poor man, he didn't make it right. But he said he was oppressed. The rich man oppressed him, he insulted him. He said a few

00:48:33--> 00:49:14

words. And a lot of help came straight for him. It's like he was satisfied he woke up. See, I told him, I told you that. I told you that say that. She said Michelle mollepata Nevada, help yourself. And when I have meaning on laws, aid and help and support is for those who are the truth. That's our law supportive. That's our most important that poor man. That's how we add men out there who are hold on forever and will hold on of that Allah subhanho wa Taala is hired is is the best when it comes to giving reward. And now you're thinking about the agenda that I mentioned before the story of the person of the two gods, for the believer, Allah zohydro and Allah is the best when it comes

00:49:14--> 00:49:20

to giving hand in other words, the best Allah would ever give the believer is in the hereafter not here,

00:49:21--> 00:49:37

forever or higher on the back. And the outcome with Allah is always good. In other words, as long as you're attached with a lot, the outcome is always going to be the best. Well hold on operates always going to be good. Nothing is going to be really bad. So when you're attached to a law,

00:49:38--> 00:49:55

whether your business remains with a dies out the next day, whether you have your family today, whether you lose them tomorrow, whether you have money today whether you lose it all tomorrow. If you're with a law, the outcome is always good. Well hold on offer are lovable animals will allow us to know about a gallon of you know how much water early or something