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AI: Summary © The importance of intentions in shaping one's life is highlighted in the Surah of Islam, where it is emphasized that every deed is for the sake of Islam and that every deed is for the sake of Islam. The speakers also discuss three important lessons from the book, including not record or publicly advertise deeds, not obtain a great experience, and not obtain a great relationship. The importance of avoiding negative impacts of past deeds and achieving success is emphasized.
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hamdu Lillah

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam wa Salaam

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wa rahmatullah wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. When I shall

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be Carnaby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in

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in Nevada

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okoma tadalis Salatu was Salam ala villas in

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my dear respected elders and brothers I've recited and I have the Holy Quran where Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded us to do everything solely for the sake of Almighty Allah. Then I have also recited and rendered before you a hadith of Nivea creme de la Hollywood Salaam, in which nebia Karim saucer limited enamel Hama rubinius. Our actions will be judged by the intentions we make for that action.

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And that is a very famous adage of our beloved Libya Korean cinema Hollywood cinema. In fact, he is one of the most famous scenes of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. It's the most beautiful saying a comprehensive saying which contains oceans of knowledge in this one same of navigating salsa, or am I have written that one third of deal is in this hadith. One third of deal is in this edition, and there is no exaggeration in therefore great scholars. Mr. Muhammad Ali Imam badami Sahara Muscat when they start off the compiler ation of Hadith. They put this hadith as the first in the compiler nation, first ad in America

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or in America lemare MANOVA amonkar De Pere him or herself score skinnier culture Malaga NaVi Kareem sallahu alayhi wasallam keyboard Moscow edition on America can it do it? Hi Hey, Otis McCoy,

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or Jerry Luca Rama Jessie Mambo Carrera Talalay, wasco apneas ahimaaz subset, Bella Hadid or apnon ki ki tavo ko is Elisa Xu Kai, they started the compiler nation with us. And this idea gives us many great lessons amongst the great lessons it gives us. One of the lessons that it gives us is

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that it shows us the importance of net the importance of intention. Now, brothers You and I, we are very weak with regard to forming and formulating intentions for our deeds. But without formulating intentions, we will not get the spiritual rewards with regard to our deeds. Nia is a very very important thing I can't overemphasize the importance of near the power of Nia is very great. Let me give you an example. There are so many great rewards which are attached to Wazoo for example, the via creme de la Hollywood cinema said whoever made buzu then all the minor sins that he did with his hands, it gets wiped away.

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But all of these benefits, the spiritual benefits and the rewards of Wazoo will only be attained if you make near for it. If before Mozu you did not make me it that I am making Wazoo for the sake of Allah for the sake of purifying myself. Then just washing the portions of the body that for that forms buzu will be good enough for you to perform Salah your salad will be valid, but you won't get the reward of

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vuca carvaka happening near neki

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husana Moscow's. percepta lickin moussaka, Joe sabia later, this shows you the importance with regard to net and the power of media It is so great that a man can transform his life because of

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a man can transform his entire life because of who

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you are doing things for the sake of dunya. You are doing normal things each and every one has to do certain things. We have to get up in the morning. We have to go for a job. We have to go for our huddle risk. We have to go in big

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So we have to go and make a shower. We have to win eat all of those things we do. But one meal before that will transform that entire app into a budget. So one is you going for the sake of your job, you're going to open your business. You're doing it because it's a normal pattern of your life a normal routine of your life. And one all of a sudden you're doing it because a nanika Elias told us to run halaal risk. Now that one year transforms your entire life into anybody. This is a power this is the power of that a man can use his near to transform his entire life. intention makes you a selfless human being right from the very beginning. This is an important milestone. monohydrate

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Murthy Rahmatullah Lee. He taught us a Muslim he wrote a commentary on rialzo Salah hidden or do not reissue Salah encounter

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or do my own speciality to smell one in a bath Ricky nignia t it Mr.

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Nate Lee a ticket Mr. Kelly Beretta. To make good intention is a separate could be

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different from all other good deeds. Make need for your deeds make intention for your deeds. You and I we don't make needs. We don't form formulate opinions. I mean, are not opinions we don't formulate intentions because of which we deprive ourselves of great amount of spiritual benefits. Can I show you can I show you what is the power of neot had escaped ketomac waka Lika is a hadith Gita is one beautiful incident that when nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam was going for the book, The aquarium so long while he was selling the book was an expedition. It was a Jihad It was a journey which had a lot of sacrifices, so many different sacrifices. Were to sacrifice your wealth where to

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sacrifice your time. It was in the in the peak of the summer months and people were finding it difficult to go. And then some of the people because of the long journey he couldn't make it they were in Medina and during the course of the journey nebia Kareem Sal Salim said masala Kataria kona huadian you to not cross any Valley you do not cross a mountaintop

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but there are people in Medina they will get the same reward you are getting

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Medina natural gas

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or both camonica sadara Medina mellow better where Whoa, whoa whoa, wait a minute.

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You can eat at

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the net was it they must be with you, but they couldn't go because of a reason. Because of that they will get the same reward you are getting. This is the importance of neot as kalamkari become condesa peloton near Khodro sneaker, is Cuba hammer Rouhani feitosa, maroubra jatai, Mohammed near code roster cap nippori Zindagi, Ki bada

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Nikita rusty in sample bear has been added here. And then our winner might have written there are four types of amahl. Now this is important, but we have to keep a perspective with regard to it. There are four types of deeds, good deeds, with good intention,

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good deeds, with evil intention,

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bad deeds, with good intention, and bad deeds with evil intention. Now all of that, besides the first one is praiseworthy. So a good deed was evil intention, no good. We don't believe we believe that the deed must also be good, the means also must be good.

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So your chart This is actually a chairman, Chairman, or achieving.

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Now all of that silver, silver,

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silver wine. That's the only one that is correct. And the reason is, you see you can we don't believe in having a good deed with wrong intention. That's also not good. And we don't even believe in doing a bad deed was good intention, like our Robin Hood, steal from the rich to give the poor to steal from the rich. So what we stealing from the rich and the poor, no, the only thing that will be good is a good deed with good intention. So the first thing My dear respective brothers is to for us to understand from this hadith is the importance of niet. In reality, this is supposed to be a ban on his own, but let us go to the next. The next portion is because me it is so important then

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Next point is now what you must do is, every deed of yours must be for the sake of Allah.

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every deed of yours must be for the sake of Allah because without sincerity, which is the soul of our deeds, the soul of our deeds. Without debt sincerity our deeds has no existence and no value. Now, our deeds should only be for the sake of Allah all of us. By we all of us, we like rewards.

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We all like rewards, and we all like free freebies is the same in buccellati muffet now, Marie Kondo Nadine has taken

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the free Murcia you get a free pepper you get you will never ever find it to be strong, but if you buy it to a company that is strong, so we all like freebies.

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Especially with me like if someone tells you this a freebie for five grand you take Twitter and Petro to get get five and

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we all like freebies. So Allah tala tells us because we like rewards. We will like rewards, who doesn't like reward. Allah says demand rewards and ask for rewards but don't as human being for rewards. ask Allah for rewards. Because only Allah can give you the best of rewards, human will will never give you reward. And if it gives you also the some Muslim behind it why he's giving you by enlarge is always something by and large. There are people who give also for the sake of Allah, Allah, and Allah has made mention of it. So Allah tala tells us when asked Allah for rewards, seek reward but as commander in the 19 superette is about five rules and all the mBiA who salat wa salam.

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They said the very same thing when they asked of Allah. Jaco NASA leukomalacia in Nigeria, in

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our tribe, we don't want anything from you, or our tribe. We want nothing from you. Our reward is with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Our reward so Allah tala says ask for rewards, but ask from Allah subhanho wa Taala don't ask from anyone else

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to get your new Yeti or to sip or near

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Tampa Florida

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yes last our mulki route or john hair who's kept their hair amalco dude Nana mumkin nahi her Amal parada to meet Sir Sir for silver Allah tala Sara came in San Jose.

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So this is an important point that we have to keep in mind ask Allah tala for rewards don't ask human being for rewards. You know when this ayah which I read in the football was revealed, you know, the serum hypnotherapy Rasul Allah says mama O'Meara Illa Leah Buddha law hopefully seen and

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when this ayat was revealed, he says that Heavens and Earth Stood Still

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the Heavens and Earth Stood Still

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aapko who come here to Joby ibaadat correct job in a compressive force if

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you have been commanded whatever you do, do it for the sake of Allah

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zamin or us man?

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Is the serum or is it what he would have never sent sentire Heavens and Earth Stood Still because of the implications upon human being that what is Allah asking them?

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This is has a tremendous impact upon our elders, that when they they monitored they x ruthlessly they check the deeds are we doing it for law sake are we doing it for the sake of Allah through this concern? They live became an entire different life to the life that you and I we make. I give you this example of Shy Smile.

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Shy Smile she

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fought against the British. And he used to give talks in the Jamia Masjid in Delhi. They used to be 1000s of people that used to attend his talks. One day he gave us the buy up to 1000s of people. After giving the ban for 1000s of people he was walking out and he saw a person typing on the steps of the janome budget running towards him has that I came from so far to listen to your piano. I came from so far to listen to your talk. I got late and I must do a talk. I am feeling very disappointed. Because that said Nevermind. Come inside he went into the masjid and he gave us one person the very same talk that he gave 2000 people

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so his hobbies the people who are serving Him as you are so tired. You got such a hectic schedule for this one person. You gave the entire same bionda today 2000 people. So what did he reply? He said the first time also was for one

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the first time was also for one

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The first time was not 4000 people The first time was

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the first time was not fun. So this is the way that what am I had done the everything

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we do for the sake of Allah tamada up Myskina we are people we assume they do even a feed, they feed for the sake of Allah tala, they don't feed for the sake of human beings. There was a person by the name of Abdul Rahman Nawaz he, he said we were fighting the Romans. And when we were fighting the Romans, we saw one person covered in complete his car covered his face completely. And he, he tore into the enemies. He can, he was shown a tremendous amount of bravery. And he killed many of the competence in the jihad. And I said, I'm gonna follow Him Who is this person? I went behind him and I followed him and I followed him. He went in one particular corner, and then he only opened his

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face. And I saw who it was, it was a

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great scholar. And when he saw me taking out my scarf, he said, Are you going to defame me by publicizing my act? Are you going to defame me by publicizing neck? Are you going to disgrace me by telling people it was me who are so brave today? What will they say? Are you going to defame me by not telling people who I was?

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Are you going to defend me by by publicizing my act Subhanallah This is the way they did things solely for the sake of Allah.

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So this is a very important as it may be occurring, saw slum tourism was when he was sending him to Yamaha Yamaha athletes didn't pick up kilometer locally, Omaha's do things solely for Allah sake, the little bit of goodies will suffice for you will become a means of amalco ifla sakuragi totori, Amal for coffee.

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And the third type of lesson we learned in the last lesson, my dear respect to others, what a great lesson. And that is do not contaminate your need for name and fame. The third lesson of many other lessons, I will give you three lessons from this hadith. The third lesson is don't contaminate your need and your intention for good deeds, and for even more bad deeds, permissible deeds for the sake of name and fame. Because if you do so, there is a possibility that all your deeds would be wiped away all your deeds and all your and all your reward will be takeaway.

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Should I tell you who is the greatest loser in terms of decency Allah, in Surah, Kahf alladhina Walesa, you

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the one who is Muslim with regard to his good deeds, and he thinks he's doing very good, great deeds, he will get no reward. Therefore, in

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amongst the first three people who will go into janam Well, the people whom you admire regard to be doing excellent good deeds, but they did it for the sake of name and fame. And because they did it for the sake of name and fame, and now we'll put them in tandem, one will be an alum, one will be a generous person who gives such generous generosity and he gives Seneca and one will be a Mujahideen fighting the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah would say put them in jahannam. The physician will say Allah why he said they did. They did propagate but they did it to people must call them an island.

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They should they gave a lot of charity, but they did it because people must say, boss,

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very good, very generous person. He showed bravery in the brain in the in the battlefield, but he did it. Because people might say,

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what a great person what great Machado he did. He didn't do it for the sake of Allah.

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May Allah Allah

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give this example. It gives you a proper example of this particular artist. Now you will realize why Allah won't give such people a good deed. He say must do. The person went to go and do something for a person even to just say he went to will put up something, or even to go and fix up something for a person by the name of Musa moussaka, Yolanda, Missouri, to moussaieff Kalia, Missouri QC back to Hannibal ssfs among Nickelodeon, so he went to Isa to go and fish oil money. He did it for Musa and he went to Isa. So he said, I will tell him by Who did you do the work for? and say I did it for Moosa. So what will what when you Sakhalin booty Formosa when asked Musa for money when you come to

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ask me for money? moussaka Musashi Miyamoto Musashi.

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Check up soccer moto. If you did it for masa coonass Musa for money. Why are you asking me for money? alone The day of karma will tell people the same thing.

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You did it for the sake of people when asked them to give you You gave it You did it for people must say you are very pious. You did it because people will say you are such a great speaker. You did it because people must see

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So sorry, you are so generous. You didn't say this person made so much money. You did it for them. Why do you ask me for money? Why are you asking me for rewarding people for

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the reionization and the consequences of that are so great. They happen to be a criminal law while he was still on one day telling the Sahaba he said the greatest thing I feel for you is sugar coffee, a minor form of sugar and when I didn't know this awesome said it is a great trial that given the trial of the journal,

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the grater trial that actually said what your asuna What is a greater trial intercell. You doing things for the sake of name and fame not for the sake of Allah? Allah give us a trophy of understanding the importance of this Hadith, my dear respect of others. What did we say in the mallamma robinia. three important lessons amongst many other lessons, the importance of niet near can change our life, the power of need. The second thing is your need becomes important by sincerity doing it for the sake of Allah. It's very great for Muhammad Ali Abu Lama.

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And the third thing is don't contaminate your armor. If you contaminate your armor, to entire ditch and wiped away, man that was a topic of understanding wash