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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam. ala Milena be about a mavado for the villa human shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. colonna have seen the Eco mode. Whenever local missionary well Harry fitna, Wally Nataraja on set a colloquialism respected viewers and listeners We begin by placing Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved navia Kareem said a lot while he was silom continuing with our series on Hamas on the first plague in Islamic history, yesterday we spoke about why it is known as Hamas as an omen of the allow terrano coming to a place called Sarah, then being informed about the epidemic. And then the thought processes and the

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decision making process of whom are they allowed and why he left Medina Amano, well, I left to Madina munawwara and they after his letter to Abu Zubaydah, abney Jarrah who did not accede to allow Thanos request to come to Medina and when oma Aveda image era comes to Sham, he addresses the people and he gives advice to the people and among the advisors of obey de mujer de ultimo gives us the Oneness in the in the huddle would matambi come without an obeah come where Mota Sala Hina kubla Khan, who people this epidemic and display that has come upon you and this is such a great lesson at the end of the day. I have entitled this program lessons. I look at the beautiful words of advice.

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He told the people who are in Syria. I will go on to say what great amount of people and what great people this Kumar lost in this plague in this plague in Hamas, but what it tells them oh people, this plague is a mercy for the believers from Allah tala upon you. And it is the prediction of your nebbia that this will happen. And it is the means of the death of pious people. Previously, it has happened in the time of the Alamo, salat wa salam, and plagues has been the means of the death of pious people. So in this way, he was advising the people with regard to the plane. And then it so happens that have obeyed a major radi Allahu Turan who also gets caught up in the plague. And then

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when it becomes clear that he is moving towards his death signs are where he becomes sick, he becomes ill. And again he advises the people and he calls them and he tells them to remain steadfast upon Islam, to remain steadfast upon the prayers to remain steadfast upon Ramadan, and upon the remembrance of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is recorded in the books of history, his exact words. And then he tells the people, that even if you have to live for 1000 years, you have to leave this world one day and the same situation is going to come upon you. Even if you have to have a greater life. Then

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the position that is coming upon me now, the same position is going to come upon you couldn't have seen each and every one death will overtake him and he will have to take Steph and I will be able to Geraldo de la Toronto passes on. Let me very briefly tell you who was

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allowed on his deathbed. People asked him to nominate a halifa nominate your successor. So Maria Loughton, who said that if Vader was alive, I would have appointed a boveda and if allow would have asked me on the day of Ahmed Who did you appoint if I had appointed Aveda I would have said yeah Allah, I have appointed that person about whom you are never you said

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the Coolio Matina mean why me know how the hell oma Aveda Abuja each and every person and each and every woman has a special person known for his trust and is a man of daddy. And he isn't he's a trustee of the oma and the trustee of this home.

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He is the trustee of this oma. He is the one who maybe a cream sauce limit said he was known for his trust. And this simple VEDA, always devoted to Islam became a Muslim in the earliest stages of Islamic history, so devoted to Islam that in the Battle of butter, his father pursued him because he was on a side of the Quraysh and eventually there was a tussle and Aveda for the sake of Islam, for the sake of truth, please father, this was Abu bayda ijarah radi Allahu Allahu he was known as the amine of the oma. He was known as a trustee.

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And that particular quality of trust, it is something that is sorely lacking in our community today, if ever we need

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attribute and equality, it is this particular aspect of having trust and what is the quality of amanat Americans is not only the way you and I will sometimes be when someone gives you something, you have to return it No. monad is a very broad type of quality, a quality that tells us that you must fulfill your responsibility. A monad is that to start the student is a trust in the hands of the children our trust for the parents. Our deem is a trust in our Edna Amanita Alison our two will have the will Japan for a day in a wash function I mean our son Nevertheless, this is that quality that Abu Zubaydah image era the ultra who was mostly known for and he was the one liquido Mateen

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amin, amin who had in Omaha VEDA image era, he passed away in this plague. And when he passed away in the split, multi modality allowed him to perform his janaza Martini bubble then became the Emir of the Muslims, in Sham after his passing away in his janazah, as it was a mutuality allow Ron who made this remarks and said, well, law II, a person who has passed on that I have never seen a person more good hearted, a person who was more pure in heart in keeping away from medicine, jealousy, and always had well wishing and good wishing with regard to every person than the person who has passed on. And let me conclude for today's program, or hazard I shall be allowed and now when they asked me

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via cream sauce, lamb, yellow Sula, what is the reality of plagues in Libya, Kareem saw some said it is for the believers. It is a mercy for the believers. And indeed, it was a mercy for VEDA Matura who passed away in this plague was there one