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AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is discussed, including its stance of compulsory and the need for everyone to have access to its teachings. The speaker emphasizes the need for in depth knowledge and passionate pursuit of the Hadith, as it is crucial for personal growth and achieving spiritual success. The importance of learning to serve and serve humanity is also emphasized, along with the use of history and the brain-blowing of people to see the way in which the world is changing. The speaker also discusses the importance of pursuing knowledge and learning from the fruit of Islam to make it beneficial for one.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Milena Viva La Mulana be Avada Avada Amati Willa Kitab Avada kitabi wala Shariat Avada

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Avada for the wilhemina Shivani rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Cora Miss Mira beacon lady Holla Holla Collinson. I mean Allah, Cara bucola Crum and Lily I live.

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I live in Santa mala Mia, Allah, sort of Allah who knows him. Respected Allah, elders, brothers, sisters, and beloved students.

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We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah subhanahu wa taala has given us a Deen and a religion in which he has made knowledge. not an option. But a compulsion.

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We send salutations upon our beloved navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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for all what he has taught us and we bear witness that according to the Quranic ayah, which Allah subhanho wa Taala

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had commanded our beloved Nabil Yeah, you are a soul

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believer. madonsela aleikum Arabic hora Sol, propagate what Allah has revealed unto you. We bear witness that our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had fulfilled his responsibility is Allah tala had commanded him

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brothers I recited a verse in the football, which is a camera we are all aware that this is the first verse that was revealed upon how our beloved Navy aquariums Allahu alayhi wa sallam and was such a great gathering of students. He I think it's also an appropriate topic that my colleague has asked me to speak on. You see the greatest

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amount of time that was between revelations

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was a time between Isa Li Salatu was Salam. And nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah tala in the Holy Quran has made mention of it as a Samana effort fitrah affected that it is a time in which worrying for a period of time was suspended. There was no revelation from Allah to the people of the world for some over 650 years. Now after 650 years, the verse that comes down from Allah to humanity, it is not about Salah, Zakat Hajj, not that these are not important. They are all important. But it is to do with knowledge.

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it tells us about reading. It tells us about the importance of reading. It tells us about the importance of knowledge. And because of this, they were such

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a great pursuit of knowledge

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in Islam amongst Muslim in the earliest stages

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of our history, that it defies belief. How did our former

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Allah and scholars How did they pursue knowledge that we give you one example.

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You know, I said before, it was someone who was a student who wanted to learn knowledge. So he came to the famed and a very great scholar by the name of Mr. Mohammed, thorough study of Imam Shafi Rasul Allah. And he came to me and said, I want to learn from you something. So Mr. Mohammed said, my entire day has been given out I don't have the necessary time, every time of my day is occupied. But he said, I want to learn something from you. I'm enthusiastic to learn something from you. So Mr. Mohammed then thought and said, looked at his schedule and said, when I get up for tahajjud prayers, there is no one with me at that time.

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You come with whatever you want to learn.

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We'll teach you whatever you want to learn little bit at a time. I said before that says, I used to remain awake whole night, so that I don't miss those few moments that I could gain knowledge from him and Muhammad Ali.

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Now that was the enthusiasm they had for knowledge.

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Our beloved nemea Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, tabula

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for either to Nanakuli Muslim,

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the acquiring of Allah is full of it is compulsory, upon each and every Muslim.

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It's not an option, it is compulsory. So if anyone were to say, an ignorant Muslim, it's a misnomer. It cannot happen. It cannot transpire because lm is not a knowledge is not something that has been made optional. So if anyone tells you an ignorant Muslim, it's not supposed to exist in our terminology, because lm has been made compulsory.

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When one question does arise, what is compulsory? What knowledge is compulsory, some people might say, I got a PhD in

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chemistry, I got a PhD in accounting. Surely by me having a master or PhD in a field. I have completed what Allah has made compulsory upon me.

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Because I got a PhD. Well, not necessarily so and I think this is a very important point for us to understand what is compulsory, Allah sent us in this world, when Allah sent us in this world. Allah wants us to live a life according to what he has sent us for. Now we have to know what Allah wants from us in any given situation.

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That is compulsory.

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compulsory is to be unable to carry out Alice commands, the allamah have written that was every for us, with every compulsory act of religion comes another for us to know what Allah subhanho wa Taala has made for us upon you. If Salat is compulsory upon you with a time you come in at age when you are supposed to perform Salah you must know how to perform it. You must know about boo if you are going for Hajj it's compulsory for you to know the basic aspects of Hajj if you're opening a business, it is not optional, it is compulsory for you to know at least, those guidelines how I'm supposed to conduct business. So this is not an option. It is compulsory to know that much to me and

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to be able to carry out last command is a compulsion. It is for us. And therefore it's very important. You know the answer person came to a scholar and he asked a scholar and said, you know make dua that Allah makes my son and Ali a scholar a half is. So the scholar made why and said I make dua that Allah make your son, an obedient servant of Allah.

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The scholar was born on masuleh sobre la, he said I make dua that Allah makes you a son, an obedient servant. So he said, Why are you making the dua? Then I'm asking make me make my son an alima Hafiz. So he said to become an alum, a very scholar who knows the in depth aspect of knowledge is not compulsory. But for you to be obedient to Allah is compulsory.

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And to have in depth knowledge, the Quran tells us that falola forum in Polish hirakata men whom for Leah de facto fifth Dean, will Yun de Roma O'Meara Raja whoa la him, that they should be in every community, a group of people listen to the words Lita *a, houfy Dean who have in depth knowledge of the deen that is a forest fire. It is a forest upon the community that they must have an AMA and scholars who will guide them on the details of Deen but to know how to L how to lead every aspect of your life according to OSHA as it is for us for design compulsory upon you, but to have in depth knowledge, that is forest fire. So we are we must understand this Sometimes a person can be a PhD

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but he has not been able to fulfill what Allah has made compulsory upon him in terms of and this is where, what we know the maktabah are the primary Islamic education

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becomes so important, because it teaches us how to carry out our religious obligation. And that is compulsory it is for us to be able to know how to perform Salah to be able to know how to keep the rosary Zakat Hodge, that is compulsory. And in the primary Islamic education that is what is taught, that is extremely important. After understanding that, to go beyond that, to go into the in depth aspect of knowledge in in Islam, and in what today we call secular knowledge, which I will go on to explain, I will go and just to give us an example, and say what Islam has taught us with regard to education. Now, this aspect of getting in depth knowledge, it must be the pursuit and enthusiasm of

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every believer. There was a time you know, Java for the ultra, you know, was a companion. He came to know that there is someone in Damascus who knows the Hadith. He knew the text of the Hadith, the text of the Hadith was known to him. The meaning of the Hadith was known to him. But the person who had that Hadith in Damascus, he had that particular Hadith

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with a narrator less than the narration that he had received, and the chain of narrators that he had received. So he travels from Medina to Damascus, he comes at the house of the Sahabi he looks and he said Who are you? He said, I'm Java, Java, from where Java from Medina, whatever brought to you from Medina, I have come to listen to the Hadith that you know, from your chain of narrators. He listens to the Hadith from that particular sahami who knew the chain of narrators, the same identity knew but one narrator less and of course, if there is one narrator less the chances of it being wrong, it lessons. So he listens to the Hadith and immediately after listening to the Hadith, he turns his

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camera around and goes back to Medina. The other person from the masculine said you have come from Medina at least come and have something. He said I've only come to listen to this one Hadith from you. And I've traveled from Medina to Damascus to listen to this one Hadith. Do we have even any iota of that enthusiasm within us to listen to the works of the scholars to listen to the scenes of our beloved Nivea cream sauce? to study the Quran to study the Hadith. This was the enthusiasm because of which today we have the rich legacy and, and heritage of Islamic education in front of us because of the pioneering efforts of those great scholars. Then, of course, we come to what today is

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also known as knowledge. People use it worldly sciences, secular sciences. I don't like the word and definition secular. Because the word secular comes from the Greek words sexual arrows, which gives an impression I don't believe in something that is beyond the metaphysical which I can't see. And we do not. We believe in things that we cannot see. In fact, the very first verse among the first verses of the Quran, Allah Xena, Ray, we believe in the unseen. But however, let me say that what we learned today in our schools and in our universities, what do we say with regard to that knowledge? Now, it will, it will may be to a great degree surprise us that our alumni have addressed it. Mr.

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Masako Talalay in his famous in his magnum opus, that he held on a deal, he had said any knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind, without which the community and the Ummah will be prejudiced, it is for a sacrifice to acquire that knowledge. Then he said, that table well hisab like medicine and accounting, human rights, that if we do not acquire acknowledges and oma, we will become prejudiced. We will we will decline then for us to acquire that knowledge as an oma is for us.

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Not to waste where do people say that it is? Far from it when we say that according to our owners, it is perfectly fine. If we as an offer to not complete it. And we do not acquire that knowledge, we would be blameworthy in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In today in the last two three centuries, one of the tragedies of the Muslim world has been this that we have fallen behind in this and it has harmed the Muslim ummah. And that is why when we look at our history, we will find that Muslims have been in the forefront of these knowledge. Jabari Monahan is known as the father of chemistry. And we find that algebra you know, is a form came from an Arabic word, the first person who had drawn a

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world map you know, was

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idrisi who was commissioned by the ruler of Sicily to draw first a world map and he did it. So, we what we are saying is in this particular aspects, we must also in many of our students are here, I would advise them in whatever you do, whatever profession you take up, whatever study you pursue, you do it with a passion and you do it not only as a patient because of my worldly objectives, but you do it because it is Allah subhanho wa Taala command for you to achieve success and to achieve goodness and to achieve distinction in what you are doing. And I will give you an example, one of our great scholars, you know, you know, there are one or shirahama Ganga Talalay person one day came

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to him while he was teaching could be put piece of book on mantic logic and he came to me and said, one of my dear family members have passed on I want you to make a salary. So, I want you to make something that you can give the reward of it to this person and this is person for my family who has passed on while teaching logic, while teaching logic he said I give over the reward of this lesson to your deceased relative, I give the reward of this particular logic lesson to your deceased relative. However, in this particular regard, we must be just few conditions. We are not saying we are we are we have become unfortunately not understanding the broadness. And the vast aspect, I

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spoke about what is compulsory for our knowledge, which is for us to be able to enable us to know what Allah tala demands from us, and to be able to practice upon it. But even in this type of knowledge, we must not take it for granted. You must be enthusiastic. You know, one day the teacher told, you know, they were they were twins, and they were two brothers in one class. So the teacher told the students, you know, write an essay, write a composition, about the pet that you have at home, the animal pet that you have at home. So both of these brothers who are twins, they came with a same essay, the same composition, and everything was written in the same way. So the teacher

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looked upon it and said, two essays, two compositions, exactly the same. And he said, You people have been copying you people have been copying in your class. This is something that is not right, is unethical. So the two brothers turned on and said, We come from the same house, we are speaking about the same bet. Therefore we have the same essay.

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So some that we mustn't take these things for granted. And I'm saying we must achieve distinction, and we must be good in this. However, three important conditions in this regard. But we will say the acquired knowledge, the worldly knowledge, what we are supposed to do. First thing I will say is, we acquire these knowledge, not with the intention to earn

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this particular aspect that we have got is not an Islamic concept. It's not an Islamic objective. You don't learn to earn

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Allah is the one who grants you risk amam in the button, fill out the Illa Allah here is not a living creature lives in this world. But Allah tala gives him risk. Where have we got this notion that I must earn? I must learn I must go to university because it will give me risk. nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sought and last protection Allahu

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Akbar Amina

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Amina, Allah do not make this material world The reason why I gain knowledge, this aspect, and this parents are also guilty. Students are also guilty when they start choosing their profession, what they're going to do after metric, what do they say, choose this, you get a lot of money and you

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choose this you get a lot of money. Choose this, you will have a very good house very soon. We don't learn to earn. Allah will grant you risk. We learn to serve and to become better human beings. We learn to become better human beings. I asked you a question. A person is a PhD in whatever he is. And you asked him, Do you believe in Allah? He said, I'm an agnostic. I don't believe in anything which I can see. I asked you the question, that person who cannot believe in the greatest truth, he cannot believe in his creator? He cannot believe in Allah. Can he be knowledgeable? Can you call him a person who is knowledgeable.

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In other words, we can call him at most an Informed Electorate.

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He is an Informed Electorate. So don't acquire knowledge to earn money, acquire knowledge to serve humanity and to become a better human being. They then what we will do is that whatever profession you choose, you will become passionate about

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Because you want to serve humanity, and you want to become a better human being, well as if there is nothing better that knowledge makes what is the use of knowledge if it doesn't make you a better human being sees a lie in the Holy Quran in sha Allah Hi, everybody, hello Hola. The learners are those who serve and who fear Allah, the learner, you will never get a better definition of Islam and knowledge in any other scripture in any other teaching. The learners are those who fear Allah. If you don't feel that way, how can you call yourself learner? That's the first thing. The second thing which I will say is with regard to others knowledge is this, that we must see what we are learning,

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we must see what we are learning.

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Many people who know what they say, we study history, and you know history, we take it for granted. But in reality, history can change your mind it can brainwash you. Therefore, you know, the disadvantaged people in in in, in America, when they used to say history, they used to say, is not history. The history that has been taught to us through the means of established schooling structures is his story. It is not my story is his story. He is teaching us that history, which is according to his worldview.

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And history has been the way in means of brainwashing people. We don't know history, we don't even know own history.

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So I'm just giving an example we must know what we are learning. So someone can ask you who discovered America, nearly every one of us. By and large, you will see Christopher Columbus and some bright student will even tell you and say that Christopher Columbus found people in America when he came, and he thought he had reached India. Therefore he thought and that's why we call the people read Indians. So the question that you ask yourself is that how can you discover a land which is already populated?

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How do you discover land which is already populated? But everyone by and large, it has become like gospel who discovered America, Christopher Columbus, we have to see what we are learning Is it right? Is it correct? Is it something that has been taught taught to us through the means of brainwashing or a certain reason? Why is it been taught to us sees a lie in the Holy Quran? Okay, you mean I attend

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your morona a a woman hub, how many other signs of Allah that you pass by and yet you are neglectful of Allah? How many other signs of Allah to pass by a new neglectful of Allah. Now anyone who teaches signs anyone who teaches medicine anyone who acquires the knowledge, he will be able to see a lot of impotence in the world, he should be able to see Allah subhanho wa Taala his existence in the human body sunnery him hi Athena Phil Alfa Wolfie and foresee him.

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I will show you my signs in the horizon. And I will show you my signs in your own self in your own body until you are convinced that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the truth. Have we ever through the means of medicine? Say that I'm going to do medicine and see Allah subhanaw taala has greatness in the way he has treated me the way Allah says in the Quran.

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Now why, why is that, that we do these aspects, and we only do it because we want to become someone who can earn money, and we will be able to have a beautiful kind of beautiful home. But why are we learning this if we don't learn science, to see the imprint of Allah, if we don't learn medicine to see the imprint and greatness of Allah, which Allah has created us with, then we are not acquiring this knowledge with a true objectives for which it has been envisaged in Islam. And then, of course, if we don't do these aspects correctly,

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if we don't learn that knowledge correctly,

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in the right objective, then we will see what is happening in much of the Islamic world today. What is happening in much of the Islamic world today is because of the result of our educational mindset, or because of the way we understand knowledge, not the way Islam is one three, but because we did the way we do, why is Islam regarded to be a small, inconsequential part of our life. Why Why do we don't say that Islam is supposed to cover every aspect of our life, our business, our transaction, our relationship, our marriage? Why don't we look at Islam as a solution? Because that's precisely where our educational system is put Islam and religion in. that Islam is a private matter and

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religion is a private matter between you and Allah. It is not supposed to govern your public life. So what do you expect if we regard Islam to be an instance

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consequential aspect of our life. This is why is there no clock and conduct in much of what we teach, because a flock and conduct is not regarded to be part and parcel of, of education? Why is many a times we have given so much emphasis upon materialism in our life, that there has become the criteria to define success? Well, that is exactly where our educational system has put materialism. So what do you expect, and if we do not learn, and acquire knowledge, whether through objectives, that knowledge is to, not to earn but to serve. And we also do it because we want to become better human beings. We want to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. If we don't start

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acquiring knowledge, and we don't teach knowledge with us, and what will happen is today we find in the Muslim world, many of the people who oppress their own people who are the rulers of Muslim worlds, huh, those people who are the bureaucrats who assist in oppressing their own people, those journalists who sensationalize who bring about rise through the means of the journalism not generalizing, but many times, right. And then of course, those people who do all of these things, they are not only educated, but from the worldly point of view, they are very well educated.

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When seeded, you will see that they will have CDs, and you know, CDs, they will have all of that. But of course they didn't acquire the knowledge with a true objective. The objective was, I'm supposed to come closer towards Almighty Allah with the means of my knowledge. And if that objective is there in our education, amongst our beautiful students who are here amongst our teachers who are also here, amongst the parents who are also here, then you will see why the Navy of Allied said men Salah, Qatari Tommy Sufi, Elba Sahil Allahu Allahu ala Jana, he who seeks a path in search of knowledge, and law isn't his way towards agenda. Allah isn't his way towards Jenna. We have not made

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enemies and knowledge and obligation and inhibited the way it is supposed to be. It is in this beautiful understanding of education in Islam, that Islam has made the first the first way came down from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. It was about knowledge that we just sort of conclude and give us more you know, aspect with regard to a conclusion. The first one that came down from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala, after 650 years was about Islam, then maybe occur himself silhouettes in acquiring of Gollum is compulsory. This aspect of an ignorant Muslim is never supposed to be exist in existence, especially with Allah has made lm compulsory. Now what is compulsory with every

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religious obligation comes another obligation of one must must know what Allah has made obligatory upon me must be able to know what Allah wants from me in a given situation. Then together with that, we have made mentioned with regard to also pursuit of Dini knowledge and the knowledge of the Quran and Hadith I gave few examples with regard to it. We spoke about the acquired knowledge, we said it is not haram Far from it been Haram, it is permitted and sometimes can be made even before we go to the statement of Imam ghazali. I gave the example of one of Rashida Matangi, but there are certain objectives, one of the objectives is why do we acquire this knowledge, we do not acquire to earn we

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acquire to serve and to become better human beings to transform our life and to show us that we can prove that we are servants of Allah and we remain and we act like we are servants of Allah. We also see what we are learning we look at the objectives, I give the example of iron, okay, you mean Iron Fist sama what what are, we do not pass anything except that we see the imprint of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In that and and also we also keep in mind the objectives and their objective is supposed to make us come closer towards Almighty Allah because Allah Allah says, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah, May Allah give us a topic of acquiring proper knowledge. Hello, my name is Luca Hillman Nava knowledge it makes it beneficial for us and not only in this world, but also in the year after.

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And you continue to inspire, inform and motivate the owner for years to come.

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We've been requested to make up for unwell Magnus, three year old daughter, who was diagnosed with kidney cancer.