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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of learning from experiences and experiences to help us understand ourselves is emphasized. The "hasn't been spoken of" situation is complex and could lead to negative consequences. Jesus Tala's interactions with people and his actions and words are discussed, including his "hasn't been spoken of" and the potential for negative consequences. The importance of finding one's "hasn't been spoken of" in finding one's "hasn't been spoken of" in finding one's "hasn't been spoken of" is also emphasized.
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah your

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pasta that was salam ala Mala.

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Mala Mala maybe about a month about the almighty Ivana Kitab Kitabi. What are Sharia Tabata Shariati, Aman formula Jimenez shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, la caja Khan and a comfy Rasulullah he also worked on Hassan sadaqa. Allah will ask him, Maria respected scholars or ama elders and brothers. We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Sending salutations upon our beloved maybe a Kareem Serravalle wa salam. In the verse which I've recited Allah Allah says, Verily, in the prophet of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. You have an excellent example of how to lead your life. In the VA Kareem salsa, you have an excellent persuader Hassan the best of examples

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for those who believe in Allah and will believe in the Day of Judgment. There is no doubt whatsoever that the example of Nivea cream salsa I mean, every aspect of our life is the best of all examples, the best way to adopt and the Syrah of nebbia. Cream salsa is such that it is not dependent on any time. It is not only dependent upon the time of our beloved Kareem Sal serves the Sierra and the lessons from Libya, Kareem Systems Life is like a continuous stream that will always produce gems and wisdom for humanity till the day of Tiamat we would always benefit from the sale of our beloved Nivea cream, sallallahu alayhi, wasallam. And Allah Tala therefore, has put nebbia cream sauce serum

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through different stages, through different conditions, through different type of conditions in his life. So we found we find that maybe a cream sauce serum was born as an orphan, as an orphan, you gain and you become independent, you are not dependent. Or you don't have people who cater for your every one, the way you are when you are with your parents. So in orphanage, when often there is a certain degree of being independent, that we are Kareem Salah while you were set up also grew up in the desert. Now when he grew up in the desert away from the formality of urban life, so that the simplicity of the desert life came through our beloved maybe a cream sauce. On one occasion later on

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in the life of the vehicle himself. Selam you know, a person came in he was in oil in front of nebbia cream sauce. And then we saw some put him at ease and said, Why are you at all, I'm a person who grew up in the desert, you know, and I used to have very simple food, you know, when I when I was when I was young. So because of being in the desert, there was a degree of simplicity that came in the life of our beloved, maybe a cream saucer when he was young, maybe a cream sauce from establish his credentials as a person of trustworthiness and highest of morality. The title of Amin that maybe acronym sastra, I've got the one who is most trustworthy, the via cream sauce from God

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that in the peak of his youth.

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So in and then the mere cream sauce element is youth also witness the Civil War, that the herbal food jar that was during the between the Arabian tribes, and it had a very great impact on our beloved nivia cream sauce, Adams message and teachings. And he's taught in a similar manner. The via Kareem saw Selim when he grew up, then got married when he got married. He got married to someone who was senior than him in age. First, the first marriage, the afternoon via cream sauce them got married for a different woman with different wives. They are the mothers of the faithful. And what is amazing about that is that we are cream sauce slim got married to a woman of different

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temperaments, different backgrounds, there is not going to be as if we are going to get married to a woman of different backgrounds. But what it does mean is that if in case your woman is of a particular temperament, how did maybe a cream sauce Salam deal with deal with a woman who had the temperament? So maybe occurring? So Salam dealt with as I shatter the Allahu Tirana, who was young and enthusiastic, and who was so willing to learn, and she was, you know, great in her intellect and maybe a cream sauce lamb dealt with appropriately. He did not stunt her intellectual development. You know, he nebbia Kareem saw some encourager, intellect. He he How did he deal with it? Whatever

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the Allahu Tirana, who was more senior than him in age, how did he deal with her? How did he deal

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with Miss Selma, when we are Kareem Sawsan and got married to Miss Selma and proposed she said yeah Rasulullah I got certain you know apprehensions certain conditions. One of the conditions was there are so I'm very sensitive how I'm going to live with a woman of other you know who are with you also in marriage? Maybe so some said you are sensitive I'll deal with your sensitivity. If you're a woman and your wife is sensitive, learn from our acronyms Aslam dealt with has an I have some of the Allahu Tirana was the daughter of humara the ultimo. She hits it in streets of her father. How could it not be a cream sauce? Let him deal with her. And every one you will find how did Nivea creme

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam deal with his wives will be an example for us to deal with our wives. How do we deal nebbia cream sosna dealt with his wives most appropriately even if they came from different backgrounds and different temperaments. Then we academe sallallahu alayhi wa salam, you know, how did nivia Karim saw Salam deal, for example, with his with Allah subhanho wa taala. So I'm just giving an example of the different condition that came upon maybe saucer image in the life of an American himself in his bedroom, sometimes it was victory. Sometimes there was victory with such odds. That seemed unfavorable, but maybe occurring so slim turn those odds around and gain victory,

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the Battle of button. Sometimes there were situations where initially there was victory, then it turned into a setback, the Battle of ohada. Sometimes, initially, there was big Suntech, and then it turned into a victory, the Battle of Udine. How could it not be a cream so slim 10 conditions around that in a six year after Hijiri he signed a peace treaty and after two years, he couldn't conquer maca.

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So different situations came upon maybe saucer victory setback, sometimes initially victory then a setback sometimes vice versa. Why did all of these conditions come upon the peace Awesome, so that it can be an example for us no matter what your situation be in life.

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Even with regard to as I mentioned, with regard to dealing with live training, we make jokes with regard to it. They always say amongst the jokes that we say that the wife always has the last say in any argument, whatever the husband says thereafter is the beginning of another argument.

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And the only time that has when is the last day is when he said I'm sorry, I apologize. But I mean what I'm saying this is how to be a cream sauce to them showed us in this conditions came about and we saw slim for him to be an example for us. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala has also showed through our beloved Nebia cream sauce tell him how to deal in internet and have relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. As it more I will assume that we will have to learn a great scholar has written a book very amazingly, Nabil Karim saw Salam in the mirror of his dua in the mirror of his supplication. And there he speaks about how Nebia can himself slim may duart Almighty Allah subhanho

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wa Taala and he writes in he says, It's a miracle of our beloved maybe a dream so awesome. That he addressed Allah Tala in such a way and he may do unto Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in such a way that it is beyond anyone's eloquence. It can only emanate from a nibio of Almighty Allah, He made dua with such words, he made dua with such meaningful words that can only emanate from an embryo of Almighty Allah in rights Mara will have a net week that was of Libya, Karim saw Salam is a miracle on his own, which establishes the credentials and the greatness and the prophethood of our beloved via Kareem sorceress. Look at how he addressed and he made dua to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala

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on the plains of Hereford. Allahumma indicata smoke salami, what Rama carne now your five acre show you mean Amory and Alba is sort of a theory of mysteries and what you know Bush fit oil material military forbidden me, full of humanity. Oh Allah, you know me, you know my ins and outs. You know where I stay, you know, what is in my heart. I am someone who is in need of your mercy and I'm begging for your forgiveness and your mercy.

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He showed us and how many, many tours of the Vietnam sources are just full of wisdom. It's a topic on its own one day we will address it inshallah. Then one day Nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam told Abdullah is named Massoud who have been married for me the Quran. So believe in Him also said Yara Sula, am I gonna read it to you or Alikum and see that it has been revealed to you How can I read it to you? So he said three I'm in the mood of listening. So I believe in Masuda Viola to know read from Surah to Nyssa. And he came to the ayat fortify Anam and Coolio Murthy. Misha, he'd be Carla How would I show you that? Which was about Nebia Karim Salado Selim bearing witness in

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testimony on behalf of the Gambia it was salat wa salam of the past. You know, maybe a creme Salah when he was salam started crying. His beard was wet with tears.

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beard was wet with tears and he put his hand on the mouth of a blind nameless hood and say, Ah, Abdullah has book idea, Abdullah enough or good enough, and I believe it was good said I went to see him and he saw some, His beard was full of tears out of the out of the Tilawat Avila Massoud was making. He showed us the humility that we are supposed to have, when we approach Almighty Allah subhanaw taala whether it be in dua, whether it be in our Ibaadat they're also one of the things that I would like to concentrate on today's goodbye and talk is how did he interact with human beings.

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Majority of a great portion of our life deals with how we interact with human beings. And you see for everything there is an underlying quality that characterizes our interaction.

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The quality that is supposed to characterize our interaction with Allah Allah has made mention of it in the Quran that Africa has a Lavina office Sarah team has shown successful other believers that when they stand in Salah, they stand out of fear and humanity in front of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Our relationship with Allah Tala is one where they is supposed to be there do two aspects is a different matter. I'm gonna make mention of it. One of humility, one of devotion, one of coming in front of Almighty Allah that Allah is the King of kings. And also there's another dimension approaching Allah Tala with love one another in Amman worship to open the law. The believers have

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extreme love for Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. So our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala is characterized by these attributes that what is the quality that characterizes our interaction with human means the via cream sauce Sallam told us about that also and Allah Tala also bears testimony to it for the morality min Allah He Linden whom it is Allah's mercy that the prophet of Almighty Allah was kind and considerate to you. When the physician Elisa, LP then for the woman holding if the prophet of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala was harsh, vulgar, abusive, then you would not surround him with love the way you do, because of him been kind and compassionate towards

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you. It is Allah's mercy that the prophet of Almighty Allah was kind, considerate and compassionate to you. The overall attribute of Nabisco Saddam's interaction with people was one in which he showed kindness and consideration and compassion which Allah Tala based testimony to and Allah Tala further makes mention. It is because of those qualities that the people loved him and the people came close to him. And Allah Allah also warns us that if you don't have these qualities, if you are harsh, will open the length of domain holy people will not come close to you. You will divide people if you are harsh in abusive. kindness and compassion bring people together. harshness draws families apart.

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harshness draws communities apart. This is what Allah Ghana bears testimony to. That's one of your cream sauce from said either or other Bialy bait in higher and the hara Allah he will refer when Allah Tala wants to show mercy to a household. When Allah Tala wants to favor a household, he introduces kindness to that household. When you want to know whether Allah Tala is happy with your household, then see how is your interaction with your family, with your wife, with your spouse with your children. If it is characterized by kindness, it shows that Allah Tala is happy with that household. And if it is characterized with with disputes, arguing swearing one another abusive

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words, then is a sign that Allah Tala is not happy with it household

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and maybe a penny Mr Allahu alayhi wa sallam said oh people are a combi risk, adopt kindness and compassion because Allah Tala gifts for kindness and compassion, which he does not give meaning for harshness, the results that you will get, whether it be in any walk of life, with your employees, with your spouse, with your children, the qualities and the consequence you will get because of tightness, you will not get what harshness and abusive nature and then maybe a cream sauce. You know, Cassia years are actually one of our great scholars. And there are certain scholars that have always, you know, been people whom the whole Ummah has always had respectful. Cassia years is one of

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them. He wrote a beautiful book she found on our beloved Nebia cream sauce in there, he writes an amazing thing. He said, novator himself cinnamon, dealt with different communities, different people in his lifetime. And he says the way he addressed the Quraysh the way he addressed and sort of Medina, the way he addressed the people of Nigeria, the way he addressed the people of Hamden, he said, each and every one of those communities

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He addressed them with a proper usage of words. He addressed them with a proper background of the situation. And he addressed them in the most appropriate way that no one could find any fault in his approach and his appropriateness in dealing for that particular community. Any right, it's a miracle, how to be a cream sauce, chose the right attitude. And he chose the right words, to deal with different communities with different backgrounds.

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He dealt with people who were simple Xyrem in Haram,

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that person who came from the desert,

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he used to come to visit Nivea creams or syrup. And when he used to come to visit navigator himself center, he used to bring things that you find in the desert, you don't find it the city. And when the visitor himself said I'm used to means to depart, let me so seldom used to give him something that you get from the city you don't get in the desert. And then we'll sort of Salam used to say, he's my desert and I'm the city

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we will go much once upon a time we grew up used to get clappers we never used to get it in a city there was those days where he used to come the people who say bring that thing because you only get it in the in the in the rural areas. So that was a nice so one day he came in he was selling his wares in the in the marketplaces maybe a cream sauce and then came

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quarter from behind, put his hands on his, you know, blindfolded him for a while he was you know, disturbed Who is this? Then you realize his dreams.

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And he brought his body closer to the vehicle himself.

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And then maybe Eclipse also realized that he knows who it is. And he said who will purchase this person from me.

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Enzyme said, you assume that we will purchase me I'm worthless. I got no worth. I'm a villager.

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And let me sell something said zero. Well Allah He didn't Allah He listed because he

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I take an oath by the hand in whose life my man whose hand is my life, in the eyes of Allah, you are not worthless.

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It made him feel important.

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The person who came from the village from the desert a bit too.

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And then there were people who came who are prominent and even Hatem came in the presence of Navy sorcerer,

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the son of itemtype,

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known amongst the entire Arabia and he gave him a long story. I'm just going to cut it short to give you a few examples how never dealt with people appropriately mighty respected brothers.

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And even Adam came and when he came, maybe saw some was gone out some white people from Medina said Adam Inhotim came out even Adam came because he was influential. Maybe a cream sauce alum came and did a walk with him and took him to his house on the way there were a few people who came to visit maybe saw Salam one someone came to complain about that when we go out for trade, the roads are not safe.

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And someone came to complain about poverty. So and even having said all along, I just came to Medina to know who is this person? Is he a key is your profit. So I'm still struggling with regard to what is easier King easier profit. He said when I came into into his room, you know, he took out he was only one cushion, he put a cushion and said it you stay and you put yourself comfortable with this cushion? And he said Andy, I know what you are thinking. You say you are thinking that you know, am I a king? Or am I a prophet? And you are thinking that if he is a king, then we are the people who are complaining to him about poverty, how can you be a king

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or or the the nebbia cream sauce Adam told him few things who already accept Islam, you will see certain things you will see, you saw a woman complaining about lack of safety, you will see a woman will travel from here or in Iraq. And she will come to Makkah and no one will harm her because of the safety that will come because of Islamic law. And Awadhi you are thinking that people are in poverty. One day, the treasures of the Persian and Roman Empire will be the husband.

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And Addy was shocked and added it became a Muslim and later on, he said everything that is awesome told me I saw the photos and I saw that the forecast came through. He dealt with people who are enemies. And he dealt with them in such a manner that he transformed the lives. He made arch enemies into Muslims. He made washi who killed his uncle who mutilated the body of his uncle. He was pleading with him to become a Muslim. And he wrote him letters. Oh, was she become a Muslim? Or was she become a Muslim and every time where she said what benefit am I going to get becoming a muslim? Everything that Islam told me not to do? I have done it

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And let me start Slim is pleading with him. I don't have the time but in hire to hire to Sahaba Maulana Yusuf Condell you're absolutely right the all the different is that we are cream saucer brought to him who already become a Muslim anyway to read this one if he said no this is tells me I must repent and I must do good deeds. I don't have repentance. I don't have good teeth. Let me sell some rights Mr. Daheia until when he comes in front of Nebia cream sauce. When he comes in front of me sauce lemon, Madina, Munawwara Sahaba take out the swords. Take out the swords. Jana Sula. Was she the one who killed your uncle and Allah to execute him? Leave him leave him while she comes

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here. Sit in front of me what she tells me how did you kill monka will nama say eight years or seven so many years passed before that incident. And then we saw some the wound is still fresh, but he's still pleading with that man to become a Muslim, while the wound is still fresh about the passing away of his uncle. And then he tells washy after accepting Islam or washing Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept your Eman and Allah Allah will wipe away all your evil deeds but don't come in front of me every time I'm going to see you. I'm going to be reminded of my uncle, a person who maybe a cream sauce them because of a particular reason did not you know could not see because it reminded him his

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uncle also worried about his diet. Worried about how it also tells us your personal emotions must not come in the way of proof must not come in the way of the benefit of Dean.

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This how to be a cream sauce girl. You know he could understand when someone had talent. How do I bring that talent to Islam?

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Maybe a cream sorcerer and taught us all this trade management books you want to go and read concrete the secret of the resources. When he came to Macau once? He asked Well, he'd been relieved the brother of hunted you know when he wins your brother hunted when he's

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the one who caused the setback which led to the mutilation of the body of the uncle of nebbia cream saucer when he's asking his brother, Where is your brother?

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Where's your brother? Honey? Tell me where's your brother funny? He said he couldn't even see you in Makkah, he fled Makkah.

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And maybe a cream sauce Adam told when he quit and give a message to your brother. Tell him a talented person and intelligent person from him cannot be oblivious and ignorant of the beauty of Islam.

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Tell him to come to us. We will show him on a

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hot day in respect to a person who caused the defeat and the setback in your heart. Tell him to come to us we will show Him we will show him the beauty and we will show him respect and honor.

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what he'd been willing to call it where you got to Prophet of Allah was asking about you at Khalid media so maybe I can install serums you know, concern? He started thinking he saw a dream and he became a Muslim people who are enemies who have taken himself he transformed them.

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What are we doing people who are friends we making enemies?

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Those who are over making enemies? Where is the enemy of Allah made enemies into friends?

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And how did he deal with people who are who are his close people? How did he deal with them? Was it Niger, Bolivia Lautaro is very close to Libya crimson. Libya, crimson awesome said whom Bill halali Will haram was

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the one who knows most about haram Haram is MongoDB German. He told him a DUA

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and how did he teach him the DUA Yamaha in new hip book oh my god, I love you.

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I love you

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see after every namaz Allah Almighty Allah decreto Ashok Rika Hosni ability, Allah helped me in your remembrance, and in which being grateful to you and devoting and making a body to heal in the proper manner, was ineligible said after he taught me in such a manner I never, ever must dwell in my life.

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Because he taught him with such encouragement. We don't teach people with harshness, we teach them with encouragement that is a way of Libya cream sauce alone. We have we gotten lost in our interaction with people. Why is it that we feel that in abusiveness and in vulgarity, there is a way we must entail that was not the way of our beloved crimson Allah when he was salam. Even those who are neglectful, how did he treat when a person came to the vehicle himself and said, Yeah, Rasulullah allow me to commit Zina. I think about this.

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Allow me to commit Zina.

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What will we do if someone were to come to us with such a situation?

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When young people or even don't have that situation and we have already cast them aside? If someone were to come to us with such a situation, what will we

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they'll give

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me a cut himself. Someone calls him and said, you know, wherever you are going to commit, Zina is going to be perhaps the daughter, the wife, the sister of someone. Do you like someone to do the same with your wife, mother daughter? Don't like it? Why would you like to do the same with someone else? Maybe a cream sauce a little placed his hand on his chest, in the middle cream sauce to make dua for him. And that person who came to us and made such an outrageous question to the vehicle himself, cillum Allow me allow me to make dinner. That person Saba said we never saw a person who was more modest than that person they after. This is how you deal with people who are neglectful.

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That's how you deal with people who are sinful. This is a sunnah of our beloved and to be a crimson lawless president I can go on making mention of so many examples but the fact of the matter is that in every aspect of our beloved maybe a cream sauces life we have a perfect example. I just said the reason why the cannula confused because Allah Tala that's the reason why Allah Tala put our beloved maybe a cream sauce from through different stages and situations that in whatever situation we are, we will find an example in our beloved and we can install sounds like I made mentioned that how maybe a cream sauce serum showed devotion and humility in front of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala

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how our beloved maybe a cream sauce will interacted with different people, people from different backgrounds. He spoke to people according to the background according to the temperament with such a word with such attitude, which was the opportune an ideal way of dealing with such people. And then we gave examples of how he dealt with people who are simple. We give examples of how he dealt with people who are a little bit you know, respected in the community. We gave examples of how he dealt with people who is enemies and transform that we give examples of how he dealt with people who were neglectful and how he dealt with people who is old and how he encouraged them to further goodness.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala given atrophic of making amyloid and and taking our beloved Nivea cream sauce limbs example in every aspect of our life, and putting it into practice Allah who will see the benefit in every aspect of our life. Welcome Dhawan.

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