Rania Awaad – ‘Amra The Architects of Nations ICNA-MAS 2023

Rania Awaad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of social activism and how it is a part of one's life. They share their own experience of being a part of a society where women were not allowed to do things like protecting their identity and privacy. The speaker emphasizes the need for a role model for social activism.
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You want to know what social activism is, you want a good role model for social justice. All along.

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When you hear stories like this from the early generations, you start to understand how fully integrated on the border and a pious developers have a knowledge. They were from Bihar, they were also part of the governorship of the societies in which they live.

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You have an online impact analyses, for example, who had say that it was a great idea. And the student just sits in the office Shut up to level she's studying. How do you do so well? Was this an ASHA, who of course was they say that half of our literally half of the audience comes directly from say, Dodge County level.

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And her students

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was a wonderful Tabby it was

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a she was a really, really well respected person acknowledge so much so that when something happened to mention that one day, the judge of Medina, issued a fatwa, and said, at this particular office, when I was living in that society, that tiny bit of being stolen, something needed to harness and sever, when she heard that she sent her students and said, it will tell remind the judge, remind the judge, that you can't do that, if what you stole was under one voltage.

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And when the judge heard this, he said

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nobody questioned her. Nobody questions. Forex. Nobody said you're not knowledgeable, or excuse me now, what are you doing here? But are women often feel this way? If you don't look like a chef, the question is, do you hold Islamic authority?

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Our history is a noble legacy of both men and women scholars, both men and women being part and parcel of the society.

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And I'm telling you how when she was part of the Smith unit society that mentioned had a pulse on the community. She knew what was happening. She didn't get to get up and defend someone who wasn't even fun. But she didn't want a miscarriage of justice to happen.

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So she rose to the occasion.

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And she continued to teach him so she was 77 years old when she passed away.

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You want to know what social activism is? You want to get a role model for social justice. Follow on

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