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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva la vida de vida kita Baba kitabi what ashlea Tabata Shariati. amalga dofollow Villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rama T was the articulation he set up along with

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my dear respected elders and brothers.

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We are aware that today is the last Friday of this Ramadan.

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And obviously,

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at the end of Ramadan, the last Friday, there is a tinge of regret. There is a tinge of sorrow. And the reason for that is especially this year, the Ramadan in South Africa has been, I think people would agree, has been a tremendous Ramadan. Alhamdulillah everything seemed to have gone so well. There were no disputes, no arguments, the weather was so favorable. The roses were short, only Allah subhana wa Taala has grace. So yes, there is an aspect of sorrow, regret, but also remember that it is the wisdom of Almighty Allah, that Allah has kept Ramadan for a certain specific period of time. And Allah tala says in the Holy Quran, a Yama Madhu that I have kept Ramzan for a specific length of

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time. Allah did not make Ramadan so short, that we don't feel some effort that we don't feel some sort of burden, some sort of difficulty maybe burden is not the right word. So Allah has kept it not so short. Sometimes you have people who have eight hours Rosa for the whole year, certain certain faiths, Allah is not kept it so short, that we don't we don't inculcate the lessons and now wants to bring within asking Ramadan and neither is Allah Allah keep it for so long, that it becomes burdensome upon us. As much as we would like that then Taya yummy Ramadan, we would not be able to bear it. Therefore natella says a Yama Madhu that I have kept it for a certain specific time and

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natalka hickmott a caravan cific maniacally to hersa taka glms set mo they can hear me Hekmati, Allah tala Allah tala Ramadan quit nakum neroca casemiro Amazon kiss a sub oscillator Sokka or Allah tala Allah.

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So Allah tala has kept it for the right length of time and this is the hickmott and the wisdom of Almighty Allah, which we submit to and that is why the day of eat is not a day of mourning. The day of eat is not a day of sadness. The day of eat is a day of happiness, the Khushi Cadena and we show our happiness that Allah has given us the opportunity to comply with the commands of Allah tala in Ramadan. So while the last Juba naturally there is a certain degree of a tinge of regret sadness, but yet at the same time, we need to look at it at this perspective. It is the wisdom of Allah that Ramadan be for this length of time. The second aspect that I would like to also speak on in this

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Friday of Ramadan. You see Allah tala. Is is the authority over us. Our relationship with Allah tala is supposed to be a very unique relationship. And there are two aspects of Allah Allah. Allah tala guduchi has

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one aspect of Allah is Allah is the King of all kings. He is the ruler of all rulers. karela homological mulk He is the King of all kings total Moodle. Come on Tasha, what turns you on will come in man Tasha. He gives kingdom to whomsoever He wishes. He takes Kingdom away from Forever he wishes to resume and Tasha he gives respect to whomsoever He wishes. And he takes away respect from whomsoever He wishes or who will call you for a body. He is in full control over you. nothing that you can do. It is except what Allah tala has permission. If Allah does not give permission, you cannot do anything. Now that is Allah tala is one aspect. That aspect of Allah demands that you and

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I will come before Almighty Allah in complete humility, in complete humility, in salad, for example.

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That it. It is a manifestation of this relationship. Allah is the king of kings. Allah is the ruler of all rulers. Allah is the all powerful and lies kahar Allah is jabaal Allah is all powerful Almighty, all majestic, and we are his

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lover lowly servants, and we appear before mighty Allah in utmost humility. Allah tala k Jia Jia to Yeah. Okay well bachao kabocha or Hmong Edna Graham, who's kata Casa? Yeah, hum Allah tala Casa addressee Casa de peche is a salon. So that is one aspect of Allah and he's not the only aspect of Allah. There is another aspect of Allah. One aspect of Allah is all the qualities that evoke admiration. That can evoke love. We love people because of the beauty. We love. People love people, we are people because of the elegance. We love people because of the favors upon us. All the qualities that evoke the feeling of love

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is found in Allah in the best possible way. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is the all perfect, Allah is Jamal. Allah is graceful, Allah is elegant. And we My dear respected brothers, we are the ones who are searching for the beloved, we are the one who was searching for the love of Allah, Who is the true Beloved, who is the beloved in the true sense. That is another dimension of Allah, which many times you and I, we tend to forget. Or do three Jihad Allah tala Yeah, he was a mom who associate drama para karneval Yo, what's up I love mo Judah, or hemangioma pocket Allah God, boba tea, or Muslim or more men to Allah tala Sasha de mohabbat Carnevale and we as believers, we have intense

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love for Allah. Allah says, When levena man who assured to

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those who are believers, they love a love most intensely. The problem is today when we talk of love, we only talk of love in one sense, love between male and female. We don't know any other dimension of love, what Allah says, the believers are intense in the love for Almighty Allah. So what am I have written that we have different relationship with another person with different people kissy kiss at all look at our data. There are four degrees of relationship with other people. One is you have an inclination towards someone with a start inclining towards someone. The second is where you start now desiring that person. So we'll see this when you love someone and you have a look at

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someone you have a great relationship with someone this happens first you incline towards him, then you start having a desire, then there is love. And the fourth stage is only for Allah where you put your forehead in front of Allah you make Sita so Allah Allah in the Holy Quran all these forward he stepped Amanda Raja Allah tala appneta ruffman sukiya Quran May Allah is referred to all of these stages to Allah tala. Were in e la la here are a boon to Allah should the believer be inclined towards if you want to be inclined towards someone be inclined to Allah.

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Allah tala says Thou fatale Boohwal mutlu, very weak are those people who desire anyone else besides Allah, make your desire Allah, second stage Taleb Allah, the third is mohabbat love when levena Armando shabu Bonilla, the believers are intense in the love Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if you want to love someone, the love in the true sense is for Allah subhanho wa Taala See, whoever you will love has been created by Allah. So why do you love those who are created love the one the true sense, who is the basis and the creator of everything that you can love? And then the next thing is that you go and bow down and you put your most honorable Place your forehead in front of Allah, the

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Arabic perverted said llama, llama, llama looby llama, llama, llama, La ilaha illa Allah. These are the fourth relationships rustburg inclination, desire mohabbat and ibaadat only for Allah subhanho wa Taala It is also part of Love My dear respected brothers, that when we love someone, we also want to, you know, see that person we will ever do.

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desire to meet a person how is how is the one whom you are loving? Who would like to meet your beloved? You know, and that Allah has kept his love in the heart of each and every human being, whether it be a believer or a disbeliever for us the power or the power to sell coffee or KDC iomega Decker for us. Wow, damn, oh, Judah, Fusco petani. I have come to see the heart of the disbeliever I found a nice game, but he doesn't know about it. He is indifferent with regard to it. imahara lolly was one day speaking to a atheist. And he said, Did you ever travel on the sea? He said, Yes, I travel in the sea, my ship, you know, sun and I was alone with a with a piece of luggage. So my wife

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said, How did you find yourself then? He said there was a power that was protecting me.

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There was a power that was protecting me, my wonderful rahula say, You are so unfortunate, that power is the power that you are denying. That is a power of Allah. So Allah escaped is loving each and every human being is for us to get that manifestation of love. Now part of love is you want to meet Allah and you want to see Allah now Allah is not kept the seeing of his here in this world

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with Rico

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you cannot see Allah in this world. inshallah Allah will grant us that type of seeing of Allah in the year after in accurate. What do we even who do we

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what do we even know? Lisa raffia Fijian nothing Alia Allah tala will swell show us his growly on the day of gamut. So that is where we will see and that is why there is an Arabic saying hello to Joe soon use your own Heavy Barrel heavy moth is a breach through which the leather meets the beloved. Right? So this is where we will see Allah how long that will last? Because Allah has made mention of it. I don't know the authenticity of it but I'm just making mentioned but because Allah Allah Allah has written the first time human being sees a law. The first time he sees a law, his gaze will last for 800,000 years at LAX Allah, Allah Allah

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that is Love My dear respected brothers.

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So one way of seeing a law is enough you can see what will happen in jetnet inshallah Allah tala sub bodhidharma supermileage Allah tala on we have believed it and now when we have not seen him inshallah Allah will not deprive us of his glands towards him. When we see him we have believed him when we have not seen him but inshallah we will see him and that they are now will not deprive us of his grants in shadow is another type of meeting my dear respect of others and that meeting is where Allah tala come down to meet us. It doesn't happen that you see a love of Allah tala thumbs down and that is why is in the Hadith that Allah Allah comes down on certain nights, the night of Laila to

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cuddle every night before the time of God. Allah thumbs down and he makes this announcement.

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Oh, my Banda helped me Mr. Finn is the only one seeking forgiveness. I can forgive him. It comes in a hadith and that comes down on the first heaven. Some Allah says like the the roof. Allah tala comes down just near the near, although Allah Allah is everywhere. Allah is not dependent upon time and space. And that Allah comes down and said, Do you need anything? Do you need risk? I can grant you risk. Do you seek forgiveness? I can give you forgiveness? Is there anything you need? I can give you a letter a thumbs down and on a night of power. You see many times when people want to meet when delegation meet governments meet governments. What do they do? They send the envoy. The

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Minister of Foreign Affairs is going why he's going to pave the way for the for the prime minister to go hide. You see this happening. I look at what Natasha says in the Quran. xS jurmala iica were roofie ha bikini Robbie him. Ming Li amor Sara moon here Hata mattala infigen part of Laila tirupattur a la sundowns His angels Allah sent down his angels. Allah sends down chipra Hill to come and meet us Hi.

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Alice had doubts His angels to come and meet human being that

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they come not on their own be given to him they come with a permission of Allah and they come and they come say Salaam Salaam via port you from a na tell

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them the type of facility. They come from Allah tala side. This is the

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Monica coming down by the respective brothers. And when am I have also written? Why does America come down? When am I have written a lot of sales? That when natella treated human being, then angels they call the objective, attach alpha male to female as people demand that are you going to create people who make corruption and they shed blood? So Allah tells the Malaika Oh, my Malaika go and see those people

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because of whom you are objective. You are objecting to the creation go and see them they are now remembering.

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The question I asked. And everyone knows this a quandary. Tomorrow night. When Allah sends down his, his representative, where will you be?

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I don't want to make judgments, and even those who for whatever reason, maybe it happens very few times in the life. So they feel that they have to, but at the end of the day, what is right, we don't make judgment judgments, those who want to do whatever, we don't make judgment, even if someone gets tempted, we don't make judgment. But just keep this in mind. Allah is sending down His representative to meet you, where will you be

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able melodica tomorrow, believe me, Robin, where will you be? So this is earnest appeal, not not a call to make any judgments. So this is an another aspect with regard to that when we do our ibaadat when we do our worship, let it be something that is, you know, covered in love for Allah. We don't do it because of fear. Bender de se hamato Muslim Hamza Jana kozma kipnis Awad, milta is called a sub genre.

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We want to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. We want to make a budget because we love of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala how much rewards Allah has kept in every deeds. There is a place for that just American Ramadan Allah says in the Quran, but how much rewards we do it beyond that we want the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So let our ibadah be colored in the love of Almighty Allah, and then of course, towards the end of Ramadan. The third thing that I would like to say is, we always end Ramadan Badal Kofi word Raja, between fear and hope. And there is no doubt that there is this aspect of fear. We don't know whether Allah will accept or not, it is in the hands of Allah because

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we don't know we can do our man. Sometimes there is a mild is no Capulet sometimes there is d there is no acceptance can be amahl a Boolean need to escape or just you have to we have to feel so we have to plead with Allah have been attackable Minda will not accept from us. You are in the Qantas me. You are the only hearing in the all knowing but yet at the same time we also have expectations. We have the expectations of Allah's mercy and the reality is this my dear respected brothers that unlucky Rama Bahama duty

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secret the secret kitchen katraj he seek in Adama Allah tala caparison Cusco bajada binaca Allah tala magnet for Maya, Allah tala Rama is looking for excuses to forgive us. It comes in as a hadith that Nivea cream sauce said one businessman will come on the day of the oven

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and allow and ask him what did you bring? And he would say

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I got no good teach. But I used to be lenient upon the people who I did business with. Anyone couldn't pay me I gave them time. I told him what I pay me next month when people came upon me I was lenient in the way I dealt with him the way I bought from them the way I purchased from them and natella will say you want to be more merciful than me. You showed mercy to my creation it is more appropriate that I show mercy to you go I have forgiven you go I have forgiven you. Allah is looking there is one Hadith in Sahih Muslim that nobody saw Salaam to people with this time to Jana and let's go to Johanna one started running

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straight to janam the other one when slowly look down look better every now and then looking back and not call them back. You running Why did you run our whole life I never followed your command. Now I said you told me to go judge me but if it is journalism, I'm going straight to john and the other one Why are you looking back? You're looking at perhaps you change your decision. Allah says go both of you are forgiven.

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So Allah is looking, is it boustani Rama to lolly? Let me conclude with this bias. It was tamarama to lolly appeared before mighty alight his book written in the books. And Allah tala asked him.

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What did you bring? So by us, it said, whatever Amala did, I can present it before my theological

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mocha, mocha lightning, maybe better capisco to heat.

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I O Allah, I believe in you. I have tauheed so Allah Allah said amata, Kuru Laila.

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Don't you remember the night of the milk? And what was the water was this bias? It was Tommy Lee had a stomach ache, and he referred it to the milk that he drank. So he said the milk gave me stomach ache to a letter that says, Don't you remember that you referred your stomach ache to the milk and not to allow what to eat? Are you talking about?

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What are you talking about? So bias, it was coming down. He said,

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he and I brought

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he alive.

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So when I say bias,

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I have forgiven you.

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On what one day you were sitting, and there was a get

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that was dying, and it was cold. And you took that kit and you granted protection.

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Go by Is it

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because of the act of compassion I have forgiven you?

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So we have expectations. And when we have these expectations? You know, there is this incident of shift sorry,

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the type of expectation and this expectation brothers must be that we turn towards Almighty Allah, we have expectation from Allah. We say, well, not only you can accept. We don't have anything. Yeah, not only you can expect. She excited Rahmatullah. Whether it is an incident, truthful or hypothetical, Allah knows. But it is a great lesson in this a person who's to make the habit for 30 years. After 30 years, one day he's making boo after 30 years, and years and unseen voice saying, Allah hasn't accepted for 30 years have

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you made salatu salam was not correct. your intention was not correct. You didn't do it correctly. So he continued making boo. So he went and he continued second day, he heard the same voice. Third day, he had the same voice, which had not been accepted. So the person who was pouring the water said, has read, if Allah didn't accept your ballot for 30 years, why are you wasting your time go and sleep?

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Go and sleep Why must you waste your time and

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go into something else? So he said,

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Show me another door I can go to to do good deeds. Show me another deal. Budo I can go to make dua even if Allah rejects, I will continue coming to the same door for there is no door to turn but the door of Allah.

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Then, she actually says in the Persian language, cumulus carrucha Hunan estar juice ma eagerness that today although you're about it was not worth you have been accepted. But today the statement of yours thing is no protection. There is no acceptance, there is no door to turn, but they do offer law because of the supplies accepted to

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the restaurant towards your mighty Allah was mohabbat an expectation May Allah Allah grant us acceptance in Ramadan Allah tala you know save us from the fire of Jana Allah, Allah notify Sharia Ramadan and Latin America among those who gain forgiveness in the month of Ramadan and Allah tala except the little bit that we have done. We have to do that one and

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there is also an obligation that is still left and that is set a couple feet or whoever should do we have not been able to do so please try and do it. They will also inshallah be a collection for soccer fitter after the dough masala