Yasir Qadhi – Realities Of Injustices Within The Family

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The goal of Islam is to establish peace and equity among all life, but controversial ideas like theanning of theuriyity of beforehand have caused problems. Open conversations about divorce and the negative impact of divorce on psychological well-being are also discussed. The importance of avoiding double events and strong sense of empathy is emphasized, along with the need for a strong sense of compassion and empathy in addressing issues.
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Alhamdulillah Hila the Halacha sama wa T was autodoc was your adult Voluma T one Newlaw sama Latina Kufa. rubeola Bohemia I didn't own law your see either in the army Hill dune wala you at the shoe Krahula moto him May June well yeah boohoo mother Obama to * was the phone. Bye dear Osama wa T will order the either call or Amara and for in your call Lula who can for your goon washer do Allah Allah illallah wa Artel credo Allah Allah shahada, Tamil, Telugu shahada de Word to call the medulla yes thank you for Andreeva dirty wash Hello ana Muhammadan ibid Hua Rasulullah Amin our sada hola who to Allah al holiday edge marine be the sun in our lobby and movie in Bella rissalah. What Adele

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Amana one also had OMA will cache FL OMA wotja had a visa vie de la Hilmar shrieking were Alba Dora who had a whole year thing for Salah Allahu alayhi wa ala it hit by you being up for hitting why the US Halaby him winter Hubin why them and Sarada Nigeria him was Salah Kataria Camila Yomi Dini from bad Brothers and Sisters in Islam, one of the main goals of why Allah sent the prophets one of the main goals of why there is a direct communication between Allah and mankind is the goal of establishing justice on Earth. The goal of establishing fairness and equity amongst all of mankind. Allah says in surah Al Hadid what are called the RSL, now Roussillon build the unity. We have sent

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our prophets with clear signs, one Zelner Muhammad Kitab Well, Mia Zan, and we have revealed the books and we have sent down the scales why Leah Kuma nurse will be pissed so that mankind can establish justice amongst themselves. And then Allah says and we also sent Iran down as well. So that this two establishes justice. Now this is a deep versus is not the purpose of today's hooked up. But what Allah is saying the Quran and Irin established justice, how does the Quran and Iran establish justice? The Quran establishes justice by making us feel a conscience Eman taqwa, we start to think about living our lives with fairness and equity. And if we don't have a conscience, and we

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act with injustice than Iren, meaning punishment, meaning warfare, meaning prison, meaning the courts and justice are going to establish justice in this earth. So internally, Iman establishes justice, and externally Law and Society and order and the courts and the jails establish justice to things established justice, the Quran, the prophetic message, and then externally society. But the movement doesn't need external society. The movement establishes justice in his or her life. Today's hug but dear brothers and sisters is one aspect of justice. One important reminder of an area where unfortunately too much injustice takes place. And that is the injustice that we see amongst family

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members, the injustice we see between people who are related by blood, people who are married people who have a special bond, you would think that they would be the most in terms of being just with one another. But the sad reality is that one of the main areas where injustice is seen over and over again, one of the main areas where the rights are not cared about where the who cook are trampled over where loom and buggy and fitna and facade takes place is between members of one family. Dear brothers and sisters injustice is evil when it takes place between strangers. What then do you think of injustice when it takes place between husband wife, between mother and son, between siblings?

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What will be the injustice within families? Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us of the consequences of injustice generically when he says, What type seven Allahu Allah feelin I'm Yama lowvolume moon, do not ever think that Allah is unaware of what the volume is doing what the unjust person is doing. Allah is fully aware and Allah is only delaying them until the Day of Judgment. Allah subhana wa Tada reminds us in the Quran, Allah Allah Allah to Allah here I love all the mean. Allah's curse is upon the one who does injustice. This is very rare. The Curse of Allah is the worst punishment of Allah there is nothing that is more painful and harmful than Allah

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I was cursed because Allah's curse means he shall never show mercy. And when Allah never shows mercy, you will never get mercy. And Allah mentions one of the categories that he has cursed is the volume, the one who takes the rights of other people, the one who you SERPs, the one who uses his or her power to take the rights of other people. Allah says Allah Allah, Allah to Allah here and avoid him in our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a person shall remain at ease on the Day of Judgment, as long as he hasn't done venom to others by shedding their blood or taking the rights when a person does does gloom than the Day of Judgment, there will be no ease. A person will always

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have hope on the Day of Judgment. If the sins are between him and Allah, there is hope. But the minute the sins are between him and other people, the minute that he or she has usurped the rights of other people, well, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will allow people to be judges of each other. And when someone else whom you have harmed on the Day of Judgment will be told, take your right do you think they will forgive you? Do you think they will let you go so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us that oh people, absolve yourselves of any injustice is in this dunya that you have done? Or people get rid of any volume you have done? Get rid of it, meaning ask forgiveness,

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make up give some money, make up for any injustice you have done before the day when there will be no excuse. There will be no saying I'm sorry. And the only currency will be the currency of your good deeds, your good deeds will be given to other people. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us of the reality of injustice when he said, Do you know who is the bankrupt person in my Oma? They said, O Messenger of Allah, the brand corrupt person is the one he's taken more loans, and he doesn't have money to pay so he's bankrupt. The Prophet says Solar System said no, the bankrupt person is not the one who doesn't have loans and money in this world. The bankrupt person is the one

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who comes on the day of judgment. And his good deeds are like the mountains, his personal charity, his sunnah, his Zakah they're like the mountains, but he also comes having harmed other people, backed by 10 Other people taking the rights of other people. And so on the Day of Judgment, all of his good deeds will be challenged and Allah's court, every one will come and say, Yeah, Allah, he did this. Yeah, Allah she did that. And so his good deeds will absolve in front of his eyes, he will be left with nothing, he will become bankrupt when he has no good deeds to give their evil will be put onto his scales, because that is the day your Medina that is the day of justice. That is the

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real day of hisab. And that will be the bankrupt person he thought he had a lot. He thought he's coming with so much on the day of judgment, but he didn't care about how he treated other people. He didn't care about the rights of those closest to him, and so all of his good deeds will go away in front of his eyes, that is the bankrupt person. Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us in the Quran, of treating our extended family with justice, for example, the verse about orphans and in the in those days, the people who would take care of orphans they would be like the cousins are second cousins, the parents have died and so the extended family or uncle will take the orphans or a second cousin

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will take the orphans, even though their family Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, in the lady in coluna, Anwar Lilia Tamil Gouldman in kulula people turn to him now, anybody who eats the property of orphans unjustly even if you're a relative, or an uncle or an aunt, you take that orphans property that his parents left him and you take advantage of a child, Allah subhanho wa Taala says you can eat it in this dunya what you eat, it will become the fire of * on the Day of Judgment, you are eating the fire of * on the day of judgment, and indeed our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there is no sin, whose punishment is more hasty in this world before the next

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along with the next, then the sin of unjust of being unjust and the sin of breaking the ties of kinship, there is no sin, whose consequences you will face in this world and the next as swiftly and as quickly as the one who is unjust and the one who breaks the ties of kinship. What then do you think of combining injustice and breaking the ties of kinship? What do you think of the one who is unjust to his own family? The one who is unjust to his own sibling, the one who is unjust to his or her own spouse? How then do you think that person will face Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Judgment? Dear Muslims, now is the time to have a self inspection before it is too late to have a

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self inspection. Now is the time to consider where and what have I done to other people, especially those that are

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are closest to me, there are so many examples of blooms that come to us all the time. We don't have time to go over all of them. But some of the examples of the voting for example that parents do to their children is to not be fair amongst their children to have blatant preferential treatment of one over the other. And this is the height of injustice. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, do not give one child a gift that you don't give the other children. This is the type of injustice you're not allowed to show preferential treatment. Yes, in your heart. If it happens, it happens. But you have to be fair remember the story of Jacobian use of outwardly he was fair, and

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yet still the people that the children felt jealous that's on them. But yeah, hope did not do anything outwardly, to show his love of use of being extra of the ways that an injustice is shown as sometimes gender injustice, and no doubt girls and boys are not the same. But they're equally human. And they equally deserve love. No doubt the way you show protection to your girls is going to be different, understandably, but overall, to educate one gender and to leave the other gender backward and uneducated, that is injustice, to force one gender to get married, and to not care about the other gender. It is not allowed to force any child, any young man or woman to get married against

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their will. This is the height of injustice, how can you put your own daughter or your own son and forced them into a lifelong commitment when they don't want to do so this is a type of injustice. The flip side, children as well sometimes show injustice to their parents, when their parents most need them when their parents are elderly, and their children are healthy and they have wealth and they turn their backs on their parents, they don't care about their parents. This is indeed a type of injustice, one must take care of one's parents to the best of one's abilities. Also, a type of bloomin injustice that we see over and over again, is between spouses between couples that are

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married and Subhanallah to have a few arguments here and there. This is the reality of being married. But this should not allow us to show injustice to the other party. It should not allow us to take the rights that is not allowed for us to take brothers and sisters of the greatest sources and causes of injustice in the world around us is actually between married couples married partners, whether it is physical abuse, whether it is mental abuse, whether it is financial abuse, it is not allow to take advantage and each party is guilty in this in this reality, even though no doubt sometimes men are more guilty of the physical abuse. Women are more guilty of the emotional abuse.

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But still, sometimes we find that each way. Yes, it is true. Generally men are more physically abusive, but there are cases where the woman abuses and the man cannot fight back and does not want to fight back and there's physical and I've had to deal with these in ourselves in our own community. And there's cases of financial abuse as well. That a woman is deprived of a livelihood, a woman is deprived of a decent living because the man is perpetually angry at her. No matter what happens. No matter what our human takes place. You have to keep yourself in check every party here the husband and the wife. It is not to allow to go beyond the bounds here as well brothers and

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sisters, especially when divorce takes place. A divorce is always awkward. A divorce is always painful, but this is where once a month is tested. This is where one is truly shown. Are you a believer in Allah? Are you going to keep yourself in check? Or are you going to hurt your partner your ex partner as much as possible? Allah subhanho wa Taala especially reminds us of not doing volum in the case of divorce, and especially speaks to the men because each party is guilty of one thing more than the other. But generally speaking, men are guilty financially of trying to deprive women of their rights. So Allah says in the Quran, do not take their mouths back if you divorce

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them, if you decide to divorce, do not take their financial whatever a gift you have given whatever you have given unto them, do not take it back. And then Allah says what K for Tahuna? Who What are the battledome ala about how dare you do so when you are so intimate together you to live as a couple you two did what nobody else is supposed to do. That's a special bond, special intimacy. Allah references the act of love. Allah references the union and says what Kay for Tahuna Who Have you no shame Oh man, after what you have done after the lives you have lived now that sometimes divorce takes place. You don't have to be mean, you don't have to be nasty, and move on with your

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son. And the same goes for women as well, and the societies we live in. Sometimes it is the woman side who takes advantage of the laws here and wants to get more than her share of the Shediac. Now again, this is a deep topic brothers and sisters and unfortunately, this was not the time to get into it. And I'm one of the people who definitely is arguing very loudly and clearly. We have to have frank conversations about alimony about Prenuptial agreements about the rights of the husband and wife if they decide to divorce. Yes, we have the right to it.

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To have an agreement before marriage and I strongly encourage prenup tools. But this is not the time to get into the film. The reality is a lot of times in the world that we live in, what this these courts give is more than what the shitty I might give much more than what the Shetty I might give. And this is now up to the woman she should go to scholars, she should go to neutral family members and get a fair assessment what is fair because the Quran does have one time alimony, the Quran does have what is called Mutata Zawadzki, which is a one off gift that is given which I will tell you give it one time that for material Hoonah either moves through through Allah has told us in the

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Quran, when a divorce takes place, the husband should give a final amount to that wife, that final amount it is based on culture. And there's no question that given the realities that we live in, if a man has been married 20 years to a woman, and then he divorces her for no reason. And she has been a stay at home wife, there is no question that she deserves an amount that is commensurate to the time spent. And this is the job of the scholars to do so. But what that amount is this is something that she cannot decide she has to get a neutral party she has to get elders and seniors what is a reasonable amount to take. And once that decision is given, just because the law gives it doesn't

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mean she has the right to take it. And by the way, this is a two way street here. Sometimes the man is unjust. Sometimes the woman is unjust. The point is, both parties need to remember they have to answer to Allah. Both parties need to remember the courts and people will not decide Allah will decide. There's a very amazing Hadith brothers and sisters that really we should put in mind. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, You all come to me as a judge, and you present your cases to me. And sometimes one of you is more persuasive than the other. So I am convinced so I judge in his favor, but he knows he's wrong or he's lying. And then the prophets have said and he is the

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prophet of Allah. Just because I have just done his favor and he knows he is wrong, doesn't mean it is permissible to take the money that is assigned to him. Allah azza wa jal will account for that. And if he has taken it unjustly, lying, swearing, giving a false testimony, if he has given false evidence, then let him know even if I give him the judgment, it is in reality, he is eating a piece of the fire of *. This is a Hadith of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam judgments in this world are not the same as judgments in the hereafter. Just because a court you can convince a judge you can convince the jury and you know you're lying, you know, you're wrong. You have not exonerated

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yourself in the eyes of Allah. Therefore, husbands and wives who have to go through a divorce, first and foremost, pray to Allah for sincerity. Yes, you have to get your right from the other through court get what is due to you No problem. I'm not saying don't get what is not due to, but I am saying don't go beyond and this applies to both genders. Too many times, we see that each gender tries to take more than the other. It's not a question of one being guilty more, both are guilty and Wallahi worse than financial worse than money is when one of the parents brings in the children and uses the children as an emotional token to get rid of what is anger in their hearts. I do not

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understand as a parent, let me be very, very blunt here. I do not understand as a parent, what type of love a mother or a father has when they go through a divorce. And they're angry at their ex partner that they then use their own children as a token, and they deprive visitation from the other parent, they might construct a lie, or they might do or say something they know is unethical and wrong. Because they're angry at their ex partner. They deprive that partner the right to see their children the right to visit their children, I do not understand what type of love this is, you will harm your own children because of your own anger will Allah he this is not worthy of a mother nor is

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it worthy of a father, How dare a mother or father deprive their own sons and daughters of the rights of the other parent. Every study has shown every survey has shown that the psychological welfare of the children is increased when both parents are involved in the lives even if a divorce takes place. Even if there's angry between the two of you, okay, don't take the children and use them as tokens between this divorce, give the rights that is due to the other party give the rights that is you even if the other partner has done voting with you. If they haven't done boom on the children, why are you bringing the children in get your rights in the court between you and your

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spouse? No problem between you and your ex spouse, take your spouse to course get the financial duty, no problem, but to take it out on the children and to deprive the children of their mother or their father because you are angry at what he or she has done unto you. Wallahi not only is

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This immaturity it is harmful to the children and this is the height of boredom. You are showing volume to innocent children, you're potentially scarring and harming them and you will have to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of judgment and every parent should think long and hard. Every divorce partner should think long and hard. What will I say on the Day of Judgment when my ex partner and my children all complained to Allah and say because of my anger, I deprived the healthy relationship between son and children between father and children and between mother and children, dear brothers and sisters fear Allah subhana wa Tada and remember what Allah tells us in

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surah Taha, what Allah tells us in Surah Abba, yo maya, federal Maru man, he will owe me he will be he will saw Hey, buddy, he was funny he on the Day of Judgment, a person will run away from his blood brother, a person will see his parents and turn his back on them, a person will see his wife or wife will see her husband and they will run the other way. Now, in this dunya when we're in trouble, we run towards family in this dunya we had a bad day we come home, we hug our wife in this dunya no matter how bad the world is, when our children come, we feel love and comfort. Why on the Day of Judgment, when it is the most difficult day we see our own blood family. Why does Allah say

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we will run away from them, our scholars say because the rights of the family are the biggest rights and the one who has done boom to his own father mother, the one who has done boom to his own wife, the one who has done boom to his own children, he will be the most scared of them. Because on that day, nothing will protect him from the loom he himself has done against his own family members. So Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us in the Quran on that day, the person who is evil will run away from his own blood relatives. Contrast this with the believer with the movement who has done no injustice on Allah subhanho wa Taala says that on that day, when he gets his book in the right time,

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he will go to his al to his family and Sue, he will say to them, Look, I got my results. The loving family that is living upon justice, they will celebrate on the Day of Judgment together, the family that is living according to the Sharia, they will be happy in this world and they will be happy in the next. And as for the family that is not living in accordance with the Sharia. Not only will they live a miserable life in this world, but on a day of judgment as well. They will also face face to painful torment brothers and sisters, justice, justice, justice with your spouse's justice with your parents justice with your children. And remember, you know your own conscience you know what you

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have done that you should not have done, absolve yourself in this world. Get rid of any mis deeds that you have done in this dunya be careful you do not transgress the rights of other people because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said beware of injustice, it took a Volmer for enough volume of volume out on Yom Okayama beware of boom because bulan will cause you grief voom will cause you darkness on the Day of Judgment. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless me and You we turn through the Quran and may make us of those who is versus the understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness you as well ask Him for His love before and the ramen.

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hill Wahidullah had a summit Alladhina mureed William EULA waldameer kula who and what I do,

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all Muslims have the greatest injustice is that one can do to oneself is to take one's own life and have the greatest voting that one can do to somebody else is to take his or her life. And the most sacred life is that of a child, ALLAH SubhanA which Allah says what he then muda to su Illa de them been quoting it when the child will be asked what sin was I killed for? Wala here it is awkward brothers and sisters, it is very awkward to mention these realities. But we are all reeling in light of the tragic incident that has taken place only a few miles away from our messages to one of our own, you know, a fat what to one of our own families of our own communities. We don't know what to

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say what to do. There is a whole World Wind of emotions. And when emotions come, it's difficult to think rationally. So let me try my best to summarize briefly. It is completely normal to feel this World Wind of emotions. Every one of these emotions is legitimate. It is a tragedy of the highest proportions. It makes us sad. It makes us confused. It makes us frustrated and yes, at some level it makes us angry as well. And each one of these emotions is legit and completely premise

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Sibyl, brothers and sisters, there's no question that first and foremost our empathy goes out to the family and the extended family. Indeed, our hearts are saddened by the tragic loss, we feel the loss of an unnecessary life, we feel a sense of ultimate confusion. Our do is go out to the extended family that has to deal with this double tragedy of murder and suicide Wallah when was done. But at the same time, brothers and sisters, let us also be frank and learn from these tragedies, there's nothing wrong with pointing out that every one of us needs to be extra careful about our own anger, our own losses about dealing with tragedy and our own personal life. No sadness in our lives should

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be the cause of another person's sadness. No tragedy in our personal lives should lead us to inflict tragedy on ourselves or other people. And to say this doesn't mean we don't have empathy with the people that have suffered, of course we do. But with that empathy, there also needs to be a frank, accounting, a frank assessment of ourselves to make sure this does not happen again. Suicide is a very, very awkward topic, because on the one hand, it is forbidden. On the one hand, without a doubt, it is a major sin. And yet on the other hand, we can't help but feel at the human level, a sense of empathy, a sense of pain, a sense of loss, and when that suicide is coupled with a suicide

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murder as has taken place. No doubt we're at a loss for words here and indeed, it is indeed an awkward topic. But you know, the Quran gives us such beauty and how it talks about suicide. Both of these emotions simultaneously are exactly what the Quran tells us. Allah says in the Quran, Wallah. Takatsu and forsaken. Don't kill yourselves in the Lucha conda become Rahima Allah is Ever Merciful. So you begin with empathy. You begin with compassion. You remind yourself Allah is Rahim Allah is Allah for no matter how bad life is, no matter what tragedy has happened, no matter whom you have lost, Allah loves you more than anyone else. And whatever tragedy you have been through, you shall

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come out of it. Insha Allah to Allah bigger, better, stronger with more Iman. And when you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala every pain that you've had, every suffering you've been inflicted with in sha Allah, you were patient, you will get so much reward, it will make that pain worth it. So Allah begins the verse, don't kill yourselves. Allah is Rahim with you. Allah is compassionate with you. And then Allah azza wa jal speaks in the third person, Woman Yeah, file VALIC. Allah doesn't speak to the one who has committed suicide. Right now Allah speaking to the one contemplating suicide first person, don't kill yourself. Allah says, I am merciful to you, then Allah switches to the

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third person. Whoever does that. Notice the change and pronoun. You don't speak to somebody or somebody's family directly in anger and hostility. You speak to them with empathy and compassion, but at the same time here on dismembered when we speak to the masses, we preach Allah's verdict, Woman Yeah, Father, Daddy got one and we'll Gouldman for soulfulness. Linaro whoever commit suicide, out of injustice, looting and out of animosity out of a reason that is not legit. Then Allah azza wa jal will punish them. So we threaten generically, but when we come across an individual person, we have nothing but sympathy for the family. We have nothing but compassion, there is no contradiction.

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This is the beauty of the Sharia generically, we threatened do not commit suicide, Allah azza wa jal will punish the one who commit suicide and to the person directly. We say, brother or sister don't contemplate suicide. Allah is merciful. Allah loves you. This is the reality of the Sharia. And this is exactly what we will preach brothers and sisters, a man committed suicide and the time of the Prophet sallallahu. I knew he was setting up because of a pain because of an injury. The injury was so much he couldn't bear the injury. And so he committed suicide and the Sahaba began talking this person Islam shall never enter Jannah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told them that he had

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in fact, enter Jannah because of his good deeds that Allah azza wa jal looked at his whole life and forgave him for that one action. This is the way we speak when a person does something irrationally, that person, the sahabi. He lost control of his senses. He couldn't bear the pain. And so he did whatever he did, at the specific individual level, empathy, generically suicide is haram. Suicide is a major sin, whoever does suicide has Allah's punishment that's generic, but specifics there is empathy, especially when the deed has been done. And somebody has already done this. We ask Allah's forgiveness. We don't know the sahabi. The Sahabi was overcome with a type of pain. We do not know

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how bad it was. And in that pain, he lost control of his rationality and he did something that he should not have done. The profitsystem himself said I ask Allah for forgiveness, and Allah forgave him. So when a person does this, it is done. We don't like this. We preach against it.

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but for the person that has done it, we make Allah's We ask Allah to do it because we don't know their state of mind. Maybe they lost their senses. And if you lose your senses, Allah will not punish you. If you're literally irrational. You have lost your senses. But we still preach generically. Dear Muslims, do not get into that state dear Muslims, if you're feeling these types of emotions, if you overcome, then speak to family and friends come to your local Shu. And yes, seek professional help. There is no stigma in getting professional help. We now know so much about mental therapy, about about psychoanalysis. We know so much about professionals who know how to counsel

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somebody in grief. We didn't know this before. There's nothing wrong Islamically In fact, it is obligatory if you're getting these types of thoughts and you have nowhere else to go. It is obligatory to get help. We don't want to see such tragedies again and again. Sadly, a few years ago, there was another incident in our extended Dallas community. Now we're having this incident as well. We need to speak out against it. Dear Muslims, if any of your extended family or friends is speaking in ways that trouble you is saying things that is bringing alarm bells do not remain silent, be a part of their lives, show them empathy, give them love and support and if need be, take them to

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professional therapists, take them to grief counselors, make sure that you do your best to prevent such tragedies. And if such a tragedy happens we'll law one was done that we ask Allah for forgiveness for those people. We ask Allah for forgiveness for those that have undergone that. And then we use this as a lesson for the rest of us. We don't want to see this ever again. Allahumma NIDA and for amino Allama data that it has to do with them and the love of Alta Walla HeMen Illa for Raja Wallah Dana Illa, Kobita. Whatever, Maria von Electra feta when I see Ron Illa you're sorta Allama fildena What is one AnnaLena Saba Puna Imani Walter Jaffe proven as Linda Linda Dina Amanu

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Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim, Allah Houma is an Islam old Muslim in Allah Houma. Adana are the Islam and Muslim in Ebisu in French renuvion FC, which attacked me in her feet at BT Jaco Aziz rebels Allah in Allah to Allah Amara BBFC within NaVi Malacca with a letter B nuneham. And Ginny here we're in for call the Assam accord and Idema in Allah Muhammad Khalil saloon either Nebby Yeah, you're Latina, Amanu Sallu either he was selling him with a steamer Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala microsurgical Mohamed Anwar the adios was a big marine about Allah in Allah to Allah Yeah, motivated Adley with ehsani weta Cordoba Wayan hylafax Sha one mon kirribilli, your Illumina Allah

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consider Quran the Quran Allah Haleema kurikulum Wash Kuru who yesterday what are the cruel light Allah Akbar Wa Artemis salah?

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me Mr. Heaton doll Seanie

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doesn't mean a lot of me want to fit

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at what

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to me my journey

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