Abu Bakr Zoud – The Story of the People of the A’raaf (The Mountain)

Abu Bakr Zoud
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you know who want to study he want to still feel but now also be learning in Thailand and fusina sejahtera Marina de la Vela mobile Allah, minute little fella had the Allah. Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah. Allah, Allah. Wa shadow no Mohammed Abu hora sudo

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su tipo de como la de la FC wahida. Allah amin has Oh jaha obas amin humeri. Jalan Kathy,

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tapa la la de de Luna v one or ham in LA haka and la cumbre de la

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la Vina Lavina Amano takala happy to party while at the moon a lava and two Muslim moon

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Johan Latina, mano de Palma de la pulu Poland de de

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la como uno de con la mejor para la hora Sula, who are frozen of Lima. From abajo phenol Staffan de kita, la, la la la, la la dee da Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we're in a short one more remote to her akula Desert in beta. We couldn't live without him. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah TMC now adjani La Jolla, camino Neri from

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all praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows my dear respected brothers in Islam, but I wanted to share with you today is a couple of as from salata out off, in where Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah mentions to us a story about the people of the art of perhaps your first time hear about them, the solar, it describes them in detail, the entire solar is named after their story, solar to our off, and in essence, a lot of is a mountain and it comes from the word of what it is this red thing that is on the chicken's head. And it was called as such

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because it comes right in the middle of the head, right in the middle of the chicken. So the people of the above are called the people of the above because they are the people of the middle. They don't end up in the paradise. They're not inside of the paradise and they're not in the hellfire. They stand right in the middle on a mountain known as an above. These are people in which they have said that and they say yet will equal they did not have enough housing to enter the paradise. And at the same time, they did not have enough say yet that would admit them into Johanna Manasa villa. So Allah subhanho wa Taala records their story in solid out of many lessons to learn many lessons to

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benefit from it in sha Allah Allah, this will be the hopper

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and we'll go through these items all of them are off in word Allah subhanahu wa tada states their story, my brothers in Islam, we need to first understand that the Day of Judgment is equal to 50,000 years. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says feel woman can

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hum Sina alpha Sunnah, the day of judgment, this one day is 50,000 years. What does that mean? It means that all the events that happen on the day of judgment will occur within these 50,000 years. So that the resurrection happens within the 50,000 years, and served the judgment before a lot within this time are still all within this time. Elisa within this time drinking from within this time, the story of the people of the Lord is also within these 50,000 years. 50,000 is at the end of it is when that's it. Finally the people of the paradise have entered and the people of Ghana have entered into Jannah machine and that's it. This is the end of the 50,000 years. Whenever I'm out of

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I'm home alone. Some of them mentioned that the longest thing and the longest event that happens on the 50,000 years. It is the story of the people of the hour off the stand on this mountain undecided are they ending up in the paradise or in the Hellfire they just stand there for almost 30,000 years plus some mentioned that their story takes about 30,000 years on a mountain they stand and they have no idea where they're going. Let's see the story a lot of Zoysia records this historic moment in the Quran. And he begins it by saying whenever the Hubble jannetty of heaven and now whenever the agenda that the people of the paradise all together. This is a historic conversation that is happening.

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It's taking place

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The entire people the inhabitants of the paradise are calling out the people of the hellfire. They say to them, God worship

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Allah Buddha hapa look at the people of the Hellfire, a lot of social allows this conversation to take place. And they say to them, we indeed found what Allah promised us to be the truth. We found the rivers in the paradise to be true. And we found the rain to be true. And we found the council's and the mansions in the paradise to be true. And we found the different kinds of food and enjoyments in the paradise to be true. And we found that Hillman the servants that are not promised us when we used to read the Quran in this life, there in front of us we see a True

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Buddha hopper. Then they asked him the question they say to them, for halacha two megawatt or bukem haka Did you find what Omar promised to be true?

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Is it true the Soviet the hot water is a true and the pulse and the blood in the past that you're going to drink is a true? Have you seen it? The Hellfire the burning the burning of that flame in the fire? Have you seen it to be true? The train the chains and the prison in the cage in the Hellfire? Have you seen it to be true? How do you wash your mouth or bukem hopper so the people of the fire as a whole corlew plural they say follow nom as we see a true look at the fire. It's burning us look at the chains and the scorpions and the snakes and the different kinds of punishments and the HMI issues you the the boiling water that is brought close to their face. And as

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a result their face begins to know all of this is true as suffering and as you lose the skin. It's melting it's coming off en la is replacing it with other skin. All of this is true. Now I'm

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Xenomania home Atlanta to La Jolla Lavalle me in a COLA and this mo Houma la they see it's an angel, an angel calls up and he makes an announcement and he says, a learner to low volume in May a loss curse be upon the oppressor may loss curse be upon the wrongdoer at the angel calls it out, and he adds any increases in the anger and the rage of the disbelievers. They're already getting burned. They already being caused by loss aversion, but he adds it and he emphasizes on it and that increases the people of the fire in the rage. And it comforts the believers as they enjoying their time in the paradise and lava to La La volley mean, Latino Sedona and Sevilla weeaboo

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those who turn away from the path of Allah, Allah azza wa jal give us a Seville, Allah gave us a way to the paradise he gave us a path. These people they choose to do Nan Seville, honey Sabine, they turned away from the path of Allah and they turned others from the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there's something else they did with this abeles that Allah gave them, where

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they wanted to bend this path of Allah azza wa jal, they wanted to bend and crooked the path of a law straight and leave I was told that it is wrong. But these people they want to bend this law and say but it's allowed for the first house. The things that allow me clearly how long he did not settle with it.

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It was they wanted to bend the deen of Allah and take it according to their own desire. These are people from among the volume even from the people of the Hellfire, a lot of socialization, Lavina, Sedona and Sevilla, we have Luna

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erotica rune and when it comes to the Hereafter, and the belief in the Hereafter, they disbelieve in they deny and they totally ignored and neglected or humble authority can have your own. They have no preparation for this day. They did not look forward for this day. Every day that passed by that was a chance for them to repair and to believe and to reconsider this day and to increase their Eman in it. This never happened to them in their life won't will take care of your own. A lot of socialists will be you know who mash up. And between the people of the paradise and the people of the hellfire. There is a there's a barrier. Why this barrier because the people of the paradise in this life they

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made between themselves and the people of the fire a barrier as well. They did not associate with the disbelievers. They turned away from them and they made sure that they will recognize different to the people of the hellfire. So Allah subhanho wa Taala sets up a barrier between the disbelievers and the believers because that's how the believers used to live in this life. They used to disassociate themselves.

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From the disbelievers altogether, what they you know, whom

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shall Yari foon akula, Mishima, whom these barriers are mountains, and on these mountains are people known as a lot of a lot of social he says, while I have on this mountain region on Yachty food akula Mishima, whom there are men that recognize both the people of the paradise and they also recognize people of the Hellfire through marks that a lot of socialists given them. So the people of the paradise that they're happy, they enjoying their time, you can see it on their face, there are very specific marks and effects of this happiness and bliss and the people of yanam the burning as well. And they can see that the people of the earth they can see they recognize certain people in the

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Hellfire, Yari funa, Kula Mishima, whom you can imagine the people of the out of this is, this is on the day of judgment when Allah subhanahu wa tada ends the judgment with the people, some are given their book in their right hand. This is the people of the paradise. Some are given their book in the left hand. These are the people of Ghana, and some walk out with no book in the left or the right. undecided on mahalo what is happening to them. This is the people of the out of Nigeria this, you walk out and you go, there's a mountain stand on it.

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Garifuna embassy now, this is the problem that they recognized in the new people from the paradise and new people of the hellfire. These are people that made no decision in life. They made no decision in life to be either from this type, or from this type. They stood in the middle. Someone from

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the people of the believers they used to call them to do good brother. Let's go to a sauna. Let's pray together in the masjid. Let's attend the lesson together.

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Leave now as if and then someone from the disbelievers from the corrupt would call him come to a sin. Let's go drink together. Let's go clubbing together. Let's go gambling together. No, no, no, leave me I'm fine where I'm right in the middle. Because he was undecided in this life. One big lesson he learns on the Day of Judgment. He stands on a mountain of

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undecided where his fate is going to be. Why? Because this is how he lived in this faulty life. undecided never chose a path. If the people of God called him to do good, he stands and he's not interested.

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And happy the way I am with my family and goodbye. And if the people of the parent the Hellfire called him to do good, he also doesn't go as well. Don't forget at the end of the day he has has an app, but not enough to get him into the paradise. And he has to yet but also not enough to admit him into the Hellfire because he lived this life and decided he lived half half. He didn't know he didn't make a choice. He ends up on this mountain of an hour of one big lesson he learns on the Day of Judgment. It is coming for him that you should have chosen a path in life. And my brother in law social has given us this blessed month of Ramadan. And he has allowed you to live to witness the

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last 10 days in which Lila is it's found in these days. And there are still people that are undecided whether they're going to make advantage of this time or not. They open their eyes at night. Should I get up now? Or maybe later, and no decision and he stays asleep and maybe some of my while he was when he was described by Chateau de la Juana. She said can I either calm in a lane? What's up? As soon as he opened his eyes he got up no no no no decision making Should I get up now later. As soon as he opened his wassup strength and power in the worship of Allah so again, Danny like today someone would open his eye and then need to take and relax a little bit by the time he

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gets up. But Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was up. You know when it comes to the decisions concerning your dean, you should not be making a decision. You should be going straight away for it. A lot of social cause you to the good, you rush to it for a lot, rush to the good or stereo lm and fill out the middle of Pico merger nothing

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to allow the kill Mottaki. Don't wait for someone to invite you to the good. Allah has invited you to the good long time ago. In this column that we're reading Allah has already invited us make a decision. Who are you from the people of what from the people of the paradise, then do the work and choose the path firmly and hold on to it and make a difference? show a difference between you and the people of the parent of the hellfire. Where are you from the other side will

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choose a path for yours.

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In this life, this is what the story of the art of teachers, it teaches us. Don't be undecided, to sit down and just wait for something. Do the good pick a path and rush towards Allah azza wa jal, he says while Allah Felicia Yari funa coolum, busy man whom you see the problem. They recognize people from the paradise, and they also recognize people from john them. They shouldn't have recognized people from john them, but they knew them. They knew from here they knew from me, they had friends from me and friends from me. And this is why they stayed always in their life undecided in the middle.

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Whenever there was have an agenda in the people of the earth, as they're standing on this mountain.

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They call out to the people of the paradise. Whenever those have an agenda. unsellable.

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They say to the people of the paradise, a salaam aleikum, the people of the paradise do not respond. They ignore them. Why? Because the people of the era of in this life used to ignore the people of the paradise, when they used to call them to come and do good. They used to ignore them. So now the people of the paradise are ignoring this and I'm all together. A lot of so shall he says

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that the people of the earth haven't entered the paradise yet. Well, who may have moon but they're full of hope, that eventually they'll end up in the paradise who is teaching us something very important that even the people of the above on the Day of Judgment, still did not lose hope in Allah. They still have hope in Allah, that he will admit them into the paradise. We'll see what happens at the end. Where does this hope take them? But this is teaching us that never once in your life give up hope in a loss mercy. If people on the Day of Judgment are still anticipating waiting for love mercy, the * do you give up on the mercy of Allah azza wa jal as you're still alive in

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this worldly life, the way you think about a lot of social is exactly what's going to happen. This is the month of mercy. This is the month of October, make advantage and take advantage of ask a lot of social to admit you into his mercy and to accept your deeds and ask him subhanho wa Taala that he keeps your hope in Him high and strong until the day you meet him. This is a worship, having hope in Allah azza wa jal is worship. And it is an obligation you're supposed to have that otherwise, whatever you think, and assume of a loss origin is exactly what will happen with such people won't make my own either. Sudafed absorbed till us happy now, as they standing on this mountain.

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They hear a sound from behind a really terrible sound the horrific sound from the Hellfire, which forces them to turn away around to see what is happening. linamar so gently says we're either sorry. Sorry for this in Arabic, they call it Rule number two, a passive verb. what that implies is that they forcefully they were forced to turn their heads around, you know, for example, were sitting he may allow social forbid, but let's say we heard a loud bang outside a huge accident. Automatically everyone will turn his face around automatic because you heard something. And it forced you to turn around to see what's happening. While slowly absorb all the people of the alpha standing. Law.

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Social allows them to hear something of the punishment, which forces them to look back and to see where the sound is coming from. And they see

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other places and they see the people burning and suffering and torch being tortured. So they make it and they say you're a better

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man call me volley mean, Allah. Save us. Don't make us from among the wrongdoers. Kenny don't admit this into the alpha save us from it. We're happy where we are. Even though we're standing there is no name but at least it's better than being in the punishment of the Fire.

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Alarm alchemy volley mean

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala he says whenever I was terrible at Shannon, Yari funa, whom Mishima whom, then Allah so shall he says that the people of the out of

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the call out to people of Shannon, that they recognized in the new through their marks.

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And the people of the people of the hour off. They look towards the hellfire. And they recognize people and they call them out. And they want to ask them a question. So they say to them

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now, now Hang

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I see this question, huge question. They see to the people of the Hellfire

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everything that you gathered in this life of materialistic gatherings of your world of whatever it is that you gathered in this life now.

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How did it help you? How does it How is it going to free you of your needs today? How is it going to free you from Jana?

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Welcome. Welcome to the second rune, what's it gonna do for you today? In other words, they're saying to them in a while so jelly tells us in sort of La Milan, that if the disbeliever was to give an entire world of gold, and another one like it, only two worlds of gold, if he was to give it to ransom himself on the day of judgment from janam man to whom it will not be accepted from him. Today, your five senses accepted. Two Worlds of gold is not accepted from the disbelievers to bring them up from Ghana, now of Morocco.

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Alone, and this arrogance, what for? How does it How did it help you being arrogant in this life, against the last commandments and against the creation of Allah? How did it help you today? Do we don't see it lessening the punishment. And we don't see it bringing it out for bringing you out from January 2001. I couldn't understand the rule. So the people of the fire, they said, Look, you people have the honor of a standing on this mountain. Law, social

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is not going to have mercy upon you. And you're going to remain where you are.

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We're just going to remain here. No mercy, and you're just gonna stand here and suffer. For loss of Hannah who Watada. He says after this a her

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and Lavina oxen lay in a room Allahu Allah, Allah azza wa jal now responds to the claim, and the statement made by the people of the fire. He says to them, these people on the earth are these the people that you took an oath, that Allah will not include him, include them in his mercy,

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to whom Allah will be Rama, who does that? who tries to kick someone out from the Lord's mercy, who tries to close the door of the mercy of Allah upon someone else, because the people of the fire made that statement to the people of the earth. And they said to them, you won't be encompassed and included in the laws mercy, as a result of law, social tells the people of the earth, or the whole agenda.

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Enter the paradise. There is

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no fear upon you, what humi as anyone, and there is nothing to worry and grieve about the law, the end of the people of the earth is that they enter the Paradise by the mercy of a law. You see, when they were on the mountain.

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They still had high hopes

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that he would admit them into the paradise, that hope work for them. It worked for them towards the end,

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admits them into the paradise when hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. But my brothers in Islam, why you shouldn't be from these people. When we clearly understand the note that if you chose a path in life, and you ascribed yourself to the people of the paradise, then be evening lead from the people of the paradise one go. And if you remain undecided in this life, then

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it is up to you and what Allah subhanho wa Taala intends to do with such people. We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to make us from this horrible gender. We asked him subhanho wa Taala to keep us away from the people of the Hellfire and the people of the earth. And we asked him subhanahu wa taala to accept our deeds during this mustard month. And we asked him subhanho wa Taala to make us people of the blind people who benefit from the reminders of the Quran akula Holy

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moly, welcome

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and hamdu Lillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Milena v

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has also lucidly, Mala Mala, but he was convinced Uriah, Mohammed and even Abdullah so he will hold your Shiva Amala como la

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vida de VFC la calle Musa.

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Wanna What have you come upon a housewarming party in la hora

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de mucho lunarlon. avi. Yeah. Yuval Levin, Amano. Salalah he was a limo. Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad can also later on a follow him on earlier below him in naka hamidou machine or Derrick Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Allah Allah below him in NACA hamidah Majid la Marina haka con una de la bella Bella noche de Neva for Bella Taco Bell Mina in Kansas me rollin Paulina in Naka.

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Enter Robert Rahim under the law in the law his moral ideal So anyway, he thought he then went

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on to the cone. Let's go to law, school or school

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or law

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