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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam wa Rahmatullahi wa

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mavado fold Avila Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, wa yota bajo khumba are you HIPAA? hadoo komiya koala Murphy maita maten *ery two Mu circolo awesome, respected viewers and listeners we come back to our program, purification of the heart and in this regard we think Allah, Allah has given us the opportunity to speak about a very important point and part of his Deen the purification of the heart. We sensor rotations upon our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum, who in his own words, it said in a Marvel is totally ottima mockery Moloch I have been sent by Allah subhanho wa Taala to complete good conduct, which would include reading our heart and our inner self, from

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all types of attributes which are negative. Yesterday we spoke about backbiting, the definition, the seriousness the harms. And also, the important point is despite everyone speaking bad about it, recognizing it as something that is wrong, it is widely indulged in something that everyone in community and society by and large, gets involved in backbiting. And this defies common sense, when we do realize that it is something that is wrong. Yet we all get involved with regard to it. Now amongst the reasons why Islam has taken such a strong stance, and has given such a great warning. Are you a hippo I had a akula llama he made

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it to you like that you must eat the flesh of a dead human being which is repugnant and that is the example a letter Allah has given with regard to backbiting. Now, what are the reasons, among the reasons it is a person who begged bites, he hides his own imperfection and he looks for faults in others. It is an intent, it is an attempt of one incapable of doing good and he wants to slur the reputation of other people. Then another aspect is, we need to understand that Allah has not made you a guardian of people's faults. Allah has not made you a protector or guardian with regard to people's faults. If people are doing wrong, then it is their responsibility in front of Almighty

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Allah subhanho wa Taala allies and made you a guardian with regard to their faults and nebia Kareem saw Selim has made mentioned with regard to the false of your next brother, minnow Morocco movement, and what I mean is a murder to an ex Muslim brother or a sister to a sister, and that is the way a person sees his defects in a mirror. That is the way you know and the model shows him the defects without publicizing it. In a similar manner. We are supposed to guide rather than vilify people with regard to the faults and this is an important aspect. So Allah hasn't made you the guardian of other people's faults. And then another important thing Allah tala does not like the publicizing of evil

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in the Latino your hip bone and Tashi alpha he shadow fillerina hamano. The omega bone Ali says Alliance for those who love to publicize him morality for them is a severe chastisement and punishment in the after. And Allah mercy one of the reasons of publicizing immorality and evil deeds is it becomes ingrained and it becomes common amongst people. Therefore, in Islam, Allah doesn't like that you must publicize evil. If there is something that needs to go to the authorities go and go go to it. But don't talk about it in circles where nothing happens because Allah does not like the publicizing of evil. There is no doubt whatsoever backbiting and gossiping, tarnishes people's

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reputation and kills the dignity. It implants, seeds of hatred and grudge amongst people. It takes away the peace and harmony of the community and society. Instead of now concentrating on things that are positive. We are all the time concentrating on things that are negative, which has come about because of people gossiping and backbiting and instead of being positive, we are all the time perpetuating that particular type of myth and that legacy which is so so unfortunate. Yet despite this been unfortunate, despite you know intellectually and from the shery point of view people knowing the evil we still get involved with regard to it. There are certain exemptions, but these

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are exemptions rather than the rule. There are certain exemptions. Who am I have made mention of six or seven? Just to give an example

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With regard to it to go to complain to a judge or an authority with regard to a right of yours that has been usurped, you can go to authority, you can go to someone lay below will be so emotional called Hillerman zulum. And let us not love the publicizing of evil

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except the person who has been oppressed. So if he's oppressed, he can go to the red not not go make mention of it, you know, publicly go to the relevant authorities who can give him relief with regard to his usurping of rights or his oppression, to seek advice from a Muslim scholar with regard to the views of a particular person mushara someone comes and ask you mushara and consults with you, this person has proposed for my daughter, what do you know with regard to him? There the Hadith comes to play almost a shadow mataman if someone comes and ask you for something and consults with you with regard to something, then it is a thrust upon you to give him the best advice possible. Someone

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comes and asks you, this person wants to come into a partnership with me, what am I supposed to do with regard to it should I go into a partnership you have experience with regard to dealing with him, there only on that occasion only to that person, when it comes to ask of you, you can relate things. So there are certain exemptions, but bear in mind these are exemptions rather than the rule. And in the rule, we are supposed to realize the seriousness, Allah has told us with regard to rebirth to such an extent he said, it is like eating the flesh of a dead person which is so repugnant in a hadith in Abu Dhabi Sharif may occur himself Solomon, he went for me Raj nebia, Karim

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saucer, um, so a person who was scratching his face with nails that were put on him of copper, and he was forced to scratch his face with such in such a horrendous way, and maybe a cream sauce him as as a juvenile, who is this person? What is the punishment that he is getting this for? He said, He is the one who used to backbiting gossip about people, he used to take away that there is the reputation and honor of people by backbiting It is such a serious thing. Therefore, in conclusion, with regard to the to treatment, remember that no one is perfect. Our own imperfection must come to the fore when we sit and talk about the evils of others. Be very careful with regard to it. Look at

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the faults of other people with a finger of compassion, not to the finger of accusation. You find someone who doesn't make dua for him, look at him with compassion rather than a finger of pointing fingers and taking fun with regard to his, you know, his shortcomings. And you know, what am I have also said that a way of redeeming yourself is to make dua to make dua for the person. Aloma fiddly wonder who Allah forgive me and forgive the person who I've met by to make this to our constantly. And when the person came to a scholar, my last point, a person came to a scholar and said, I want to ask for forgiveness for backbiting. The scholar said tomorrow when you come tomorrow, cut a chicken,

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de feather the whole thing and come to me defend it and let the wind take it away and throw the feathers away. And then come to me and he came to him the scholar said, Go and fetch me those feathers. He said we aren't going to get those feathers. They've gone where and where we are going to get those feathers. They have been scattered. He said you asking me for to par for bed biting. Go and get it back from all the people where that which you had initiated had gone to can perhaps a little I will forgive you. Pet biting is very serious. Melanie was a topic of staying away from it while slow down and hungry.