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walakum salam rahmatullah wa barakato Manasa mon Serbian Assalamu alaikum to all the listeners of radio Islam, normally we do come on a regular basis, although this particular program may be regarded to be somewhat different in terms of its importance and relevance, and maybe even in terms of listeners curiosity, I suppose one, could I continue with just a small overview.

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Without I'm just going to give you not so much about giusta, just about the COVID especially, and I think you have put it very, very beautifully incessantly, in terms of how when this virus and pandemic hit the world, no one could have predicted what would transpire. Nevermind, you know, years back, I mean, as recent as maybe end of February, early March, if someone would have suggested that we are going to go into a lockdown, there will be completely No, no international travel, or airlines would have almost come to a complete standstill. No one would have actually believed him and someone would have said, you know, you're really talking something that defies common sense. And

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there is no doubt whatsoever, it is uncharted territory, the lockdown brought about uncharted territory, it required people making some extremely difficult decisions. And of course decision sometimes that at least in the beginning, were not very easy to understand. But these decision decisions needed to be made. Keeping in mind the welfare of the Muslim community against the backdrop of a pandemic, that has today claimed more than half a million lives.

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COVID-19 However, in South African situation, who must say, seems to have brought out the best and the most negative of human behavior. And this is maybe very sad, because one would have thought that given the situation with regard to COVID, that it would have brought people together when you face difficulties and challenges. Many times it brings people together, it brings about their resolve and determination to work together. And the unfortunate part has been that in many parts of the world, it has been so that people have gathered together to to face the pandemic. And it has brought out the best in humanity, people have been able to cooperate. But somewhere along the line in our South

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African Muslim community for various reasons, I don't I can't pinpoint the exact reasons. It has brought out certain negative aspects of human behavior. It has resulted in social media being abuzz with abuse, with people becoming experts, people starting to call and label other people with whom they had different views. And this has been an unfortunate aspect with regard to the whole entire aspect of the pandemic. It is also brought out the best and I must and I think that I would rather like to concentrate today, not so much on the negative but some of the positive aspects. Some of the charitable endeavors within our Muslim community have to be commended. May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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reward all of those who have been in the forefront. In recent weeks I have interacted with Muslims from humanity, I have interacted with Forsberg, Muslim youth organizations and other different organizations who have been in the forefront in terms of providing relief in support and doing excellent charitable work in this particular regard. Our own Gemma talana mom have been in the forefront. speaking today to the people who have been in this particular regard, I was quite astounded by some of the relief that had been provided by the Jamia through an AMA almost close to 30,000 grocery hampers 88,000 iftaar in cook meals 10 tons of dates. 3000 hygiene items have been

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provided by the gem metal automa South Africa in relief during COVID-19. Just to unpack some of the above figures.

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The Jimmy Salama took care of to homeless centers in the eastern end and provided meals for a substantial period of time. cook meals were distributed in around Johannesburg, lenasia and as Advil and surrounds, sometimes almost 15 digs a day. hampus consisting of different items were given in different areas including Bella Bella, moda Mola, Kimberly ekurhuleni, Citibank, Mahalia city, Western Impa, Malanga, etc. hygiene items were distributed to massage clinics, hospitals and homeless centers, over 2.2 million ran

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was spent for the above projects. So this is some of the best of humanity coming to the fore. And then in the forefront, we know that there have been people who have been in the forefront genital Allah, South Africa, just as early as late as yesterday, acknowledged that people who have been in the frontline workers, and I will also include the Imams and the undermine that those who have been in the medical field, and we had acknowledged them in a in a poster by saying the most beloved of creation to allow those who are most beneficial to beneficent, beneficial to his family. And your efforts by being in the front line, are not in vain, neither in this world nor in the next. Remember

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that for every service rendered, you are on the path to becoming the most beloved creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So in this particular regard, it is something that we acknowledge it has brought out the best and sometimes Unfortunately, it is brought out the negative. Sometimes we tend to look more at the negative rather than the positive mononym am I still am I clear? I can carry on. Now in terms of the uncharted territory, because it was uncharted territory. It was natural for there to be different approaches and opinions. And in this particular regard, gem melanoma, South Africa is not apologetic with regard to the stances that it has taken. It believes that the stances that juicer

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had taken was according to the Sharia, as our move to move to Korea Pandora, Pandora will go on to explain. And it has been for the welfare of the Muslim community and the South African community. Yes, there has been different approaches. We are not up. We are unapologetic with regard to our stance, we are apologetic with regard to our individual situation and since but that is something that we will come in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala we will ask Allah Allah for forgiveness. And fortunately in our religion, there is no confession that has to be made to anyone, even if some people would like that to happen. So because it is uncharted territory, Allah tala has ordained

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differences between humans, Allah tala hits a woman iottie halsema what you will call synaptic komaneka and literacy is among the signs of Allah tala. He is the Creator and creation of the heavens and earth, the different languages, the different colors amongst people, the different opinions that will people will have, none of the beauties of this world would have been manifests and would have been so beautiful, if things were the same. And in this particular regard, there is no doubt whatsoever, even just as different colors lend beauty to the landscape, different opinions lend beauty to our intellectual horizon, it lends beauty in terms of finding solutions, if there was

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only one view, then that particular viewpoint might not have been the correct solution. If there are different viewpoints, which come to the fore, which manifests, maybe you would be able to find the solution with regard to the difficulties that are facing humanity. However, in this particular regard, we must say that while there will be different opinions, there will be different methodologies, there will be different ways of dealing with it. There are etiquettes in this

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in this while difference of opinion is acceptable. What is not acceptable is fitna corruption and disunity. In this difference of opinion there should be no this unity in unity lies blessings, and let us help you do law Hello Gemma allas assistance is with the United lat. For nl Baraka tamale Gemma, Allah His blessing is with the United lot. So, in this particular regard, somewhere along the line maybe we might not have been able to achieve this and no less an authority than as a chef who has had one as a career lolly has written whenever there is difference of opinion and it is kept within its limits. There will never be fitna and corruption.

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Whenever there is difference of opinion and it is kept within its limits. There will never ever be fitna and corruption. If people perceive it as fitna and it is regarded as fitna in the general public the way we have manifested our difference of opinion, then it shows we have not been able to maintain the balance. Because God says when there is difference of opinion and is kept within its limits. There will not be fitna if there is fitna it means that we have not been able to maintain the balance. So in this particular regard, there will be difference of opinion. And as we will go on to explain during the course of the program with regard to the views and the methodology and the

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stances that you will be taken by the Jamaica holla

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I'm sure they will move to Korea will give more details with regard to that in terms of the stances, but it will also just say one or two small important points before I conclude this overview, there was a time especially initially, when we the the numbers were no people were bending around conspiracy theories, people were throwing doubts with regard to the situation, that is it as serious as what it is. And people were even amongst us they were denialist. Now, the situation is such that we cannot deny there is no one within the community who does not know family, who does not know relatives, who does not know friends, some who have passed on, and I will pay a tribute to them who

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have passed on later on in the program. And also those who are sick, I will make a special mention with regard to them. During the course of the program. This is just an overview. However, let me say this is not a time to gloat with regard to the sickness or anyone testing positive. From what we would regard to be someone who had a difference of opinion with us. This is not a time for us to go through that with everyone. One who become sick in our community requires our dollars in support. There is not a time for us to grow with regard to someone sickness, each and every one who attains and becomes sick. He is worthy of our support and our do us and also, now is not a time that people

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can deny it. How can people deny what they are seeing with their own eyes? How can people now you will those who are denialist, they have been perhaps, maybe they might have read or rethought what they had initially said they cannot deny because people are seeing it with their own eyes. I have a one important point that we need to bring in our conclude my overview on this. What we really need in this particular regard is sometimes humanity. And in this particular regard, you know, I read some time back a statement in one of the Mauer is and one of the sayings and one of the books of karate observer I'm actually in recently in one of the chat groups, someone posted that particular

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saying once again that incident, and I would like to, you know, really make everyone think about this one great alum, one great scholar went to go and visit another scholar who was sick.

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And when he went to go and visit him when he was sick, he said and he notice that despite him being extremely ill, he was saying Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah praise me praise

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this alum said and told him this is not the time for you to say

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this is a time for you to adopt humility in front of Allah. Make Ah, Oh Allah have mercy upon me. Who Allah have mercy upon me. Don't show your pride. And don't show your taqwa in front of Allah Allah at this stage. And how much is our taqwa in front of the greatness of Almighty Allah? Allah Allah have written, even if you were to go and sit for 24 hours a day,

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you still would not be able to do justice to the greatness of Allah, which is our taqwa. Even if you were 24 hours a day in Syria, you will not be able to do justice.

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And nine he told him, he said, This is not the time for you to sit humbly law. Now is a time for you to say Allah, your harmony, have mercy upon me. Let us adopt that humility when we are dealing with this particular pandemic, the sickness, I will conclude with these few words in terms of the overview