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and hungry Allah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam wa salam ala Libya bada Allameh Lana, your mother whatever whatever the Almighty he wanna Kitab about the Kitabi wala Sharia Kabbalah Shariati, a MOBA do for one minute in a shape on what do you mean Bismillah you're working on Iraqi, under the name of a poor F is a rah rah workers he mean always want to have in and so the caller will ask him my dear respected elders and brothers last week we spoke about the importance of good conduct and good character. And one of the definitions of good conduct and good character is to adorn yourself with good habits and attributes and to stay away from harmful attributes and habits. One of the most

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of attributes is death of anger. And today I want to discuss this particular aspect the harmful aspects of anger. What is the right definition? The right balance and the solution to controlling our anger? Peacefully halftime there are flack about me by nkia Jessica hassle yet yet again. A cheer ourselves up near Rasta, calm or resign or Buddha added to see apne hub kudu Ratna dismiss a

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shy debacle warhead WUSA disco for asthma Inshallah, Baron Congre Inshallah, Allah says, anger is a natural attribute, it is something which comes within human being Allah Allah has created different emotions in people, different instincts and people. Some instincts and some emotions are positive, some are natural, some are harmful. So Allah Allah has created something like hunger hunger is natural. Sometimes Allah Tala has created certain instincts which are beneficial kindness, compassion, and certain things that Allah has created, which is harmful to Allah Tala a year Johanna Pula mandalika que Gusa a cheesehead or Allah Tala Anna in Sonoma just back to the Sasser chi was

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out in San copernic ei G's message and SSR SL to hospital jaaneman fi and one of them which is Mumfie where was some? Now the main aspect with regard tweeted because anger is a natural attribute. It is a natural inclination. Allah Tala doesn't say we must not get angry. Allah Tala came accept me Islam come accept me. Kinky activities have kept BUSA now

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is Anna Maqsood nee imala Matsuda. What is meant is Allah Allah doesn't want that you don't get angry. But Allah Tala wants that you control your anger. This is what it is Almora Tamil hamdulillah Delica is Allah Matsuda imala want to name that your is Allah Maqsood nahi Mallamma Sudha Hoosac it Azim Karnataka here. We have to adorn and we have to control and we have to regulate the anger in the correct manner. And no one could have given us a better example that I will be nervous, maybe a cream sauce. Because if you don't control anger, who's carbonara care if you don't control anger, it is one of the most harmful attributes that can be with regard to a human being. In a matter of

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moments, in a matter of a minute. A person can destroy his entire life. What he has built up in his entire life, in a matter of moments, in a matter of a minute. He can destroy it. He can destroy his entire marriage in a matter of minutes. interlocutor, Jacob, he doesn't control his anger he gives three tracks. One atomic a pass a person came in, he said I gave my wife Tamil divorce in anger. Is it valid? Is it valid? Tamati. Machiavelli says, No one gives divorce in love. Mahabharata needed biblical math is you only give the UK in England. So therefore it is but what happens 2030 years of marriage can be broken up in one minute, sometimes years of rigidity, years of relationship. One

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word, you break that relationship, years of friendship if you're not careful with regard to your hanger, you will see something you break friendship. So this is something that is that is very very important that we can

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Therefore will Amanda Lika que aadmi, kisi cheese keeper one Ekata Wasserman Schultz donkey Hartney Corona Benja. So it is very important that we get the right tenants with regard to it. Will Amanda decry the greatest example is our beloved maybe a Teamster Allahu alayhi wa sallam, maybe a crimson Allah while he was wa sallam Kibera medica it is written that maybe a cream salsa never got angry for his own personal reasons. Never got angry for his own personal reason. I'm pleased that Killian Nebia cream sauce them copy Hussin Informatica kabhi Hussin a for my cup it was sunny water, because his own reasons can be Johanna Shariat wonky salmon, Sharia tequila, which is gonna be a cream sauce

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and Musa Parramatta. So sometimes when the dean of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala used to be compromised. Libya, Karim saw Salam used to get angry Sahaba used to say that whenever a cream sauce Salam used to get angry then the veins of the saucer and between the two eyes used to procure it used to come out. Then the Sahaba knew that maybe a creamy sauce was angry. They used to be a vein that used to come out from procured between the two eyes of our beloved Nebia cream saucer, but on his own personal things he never got angry. Now look at our situation we are the exact opposite. You don't we never ever get angry for the sake of the deen of Almighty Allah someone sways us we get

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angry someone to do something against us we get angry, the exact opposite. So this is very important that we have the right balance with regard to it.

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And you know, if you don't have angry days a defect in your character, there is a defect in your character because you can you can get angry for considerations of truth and justice you can protect your own personal interest. So if you don't have anger as a defect in your character, or husana hope to add key admin candle to Hannah walk which looks at to the vehicle himself through my battery for my cabinets that Killian Arabia cream sauce from cubby Jenna was sunny for months but in front of the vehicle himself Sarah went when there is something that was against the Sharia maybe a cream sauce led us to get angry both Samantha Beisa one day maybe entering source them so a person

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splitting in the direction of the

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splitting in the direction of the Qibla the media cream sauce slim

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cap Jana duplicator have to kill or budget under budget at a wage of general Sitka salmon or rust.

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Now treat is something that we find we don't even find it sometimes, you know, against etiquettes we just put wherever we are without any ethical without consideration. One day a person gave three collabs in the time of nebbia cream sauce from the interlock Jana de la Martinez de tinter Acadiana harangue LeKan Nafi to give three Tilex is haram is not right. And the reason why I chose this particular incident, because today by and large people think that the only way of giving the left is to give

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tinta Kadena haram. But according to the four Imams it is effective against Chihara American was to save didn't either add media to

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this brother.

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But if it is, if it is you give treat elapses again to Sharia but if you do do it, it is effective. So the mediator himself some came to know he said, Let me saw somebody angry mirror some Marimo to keep me in my present you are making a mockery of the heat of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. So what am I have written there are two things with regard to anger, the right occasion and to the right extent. So it is important that we have the right air the right extent and the right situation.

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Brothers I don't mind people coming in and reading the salad but if they use space, they're the white come right in front and read wherever you are.

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So this is two things with regard to enter that we read it to the right extent and the right place. So nebbia crimson, Allahu Allah was set up but even in that situation, it is important that we control we never allow ourselves to go beyond control. Imam Hassan

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said that a pious person a believer, never allows himself that Kusa and anger gets the better of him.

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A pious person never allows Woosah and anger to get the better of him. This is something that is written by the Obama he never allows India to get the better of him. Therefore Allah subhana wa Tada and our beloved to be a Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam his so donors emphasize upon us to control our anger. What am I have written? If a person controls his anger, he will be able to control anything else who set you

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up, you start to open up come up.

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Hi, I'm Sergio parama Kabu Carson to se overcab August to May be occurring saucer, Gaddy said Lisa Sharon will be surah in a machete will let him lick whenever.

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He is not a strong person who wrestles others who beat others who overcomes others in wrestling, in the machete jewelry em Liko NAFSA, who in the heart of the strong person is He who controls himself when he's angry?

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So we asked me when I was sick, he handed me a couple cards again. And that time the whole record has given the example and the qualities of pious people with our mouths are the Boo

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SubhanAllah. When I read this, I'm just absolutely amazed that the true believer, even when he is angry, he forgives, crusade your heart, maybe one after time. He's never in such a situation that he can't forgive at the time of anger, at the time of anger he forgives. This is the amazing aspect with regard to the commands of anger. And therefore it is said that the powerful men it is He who controls himself, not the one who can wrestle others and he could beat others himself. And in the Quran in the ayat which I recited before you, Allah subhanho wa Taala says will cause him in his control your anger will cause him in a race and man Kazama Haden, the word Kazama Raylan is made

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mentioned in the Hadith. Now the word Kasam is a very interesting Arabic word. And welcome Asimina risk control your anger and when am I have written Allama Lucy Baghdadi Rahmatullah ally in Romani has written what is the meaning of Casa he said Kasam is you get a leather bottle with put water bellezza mana Minnesota with Chmura K whoo Oh of bed water just may have been erected. And after when that particular leather container which had water became full, you took a stream on top of it and you tied that leather bottle up so that the water must not go out funny give energy to receive abandoned, then that receive that rope is

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what a beautiful example, that rope that you use to tie the leather bottle to the water must not come out that is custom. And that is a medium of custom control your anger because the more use of that into January to learning yesterday I was reading his was sacrilege, you know, so he said, control yourself, control yourself up not just just back your power. That is the quality of the people who have piety. And he gave an example of Aruna Rashid waka Lika. Very amazing, amazing incident. So I don't know that she is one of our great Greek philosophers. No to Harun Rashid now aequorea was a quanta Yaga. This incident is not to do with the topic but a very interesting

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incident. So I don't know Rasheed it's several wives. So one of the wives is was someone who was from the family from his own tribe. And that particular wives son was mahmudul rashi. And then he had another wife, right was from an outside tribe, and Haruna. She loved her more than the wife that was from his own tribe and own family. But as far as the children are concerned, he loved the child that was born from the wife of the traditional family more. So she complained. And she said, why you love that child more than my child. And that particular child's name was Emilio Rashid. And the child that was from that particular wife was from the same tribe. The same family was mahmudul.

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Rishi. So Rashid said that this particular child has got more minutes he's got more o'clock. So she said, No, my child has got

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one day I will show you so one day I don't know Rashid, called for the children. He had a set of Miss walks in his hands. He had many Miss walks in his head. So he asked Amina Rashid Maha, what is this in my head? So he said, How do you miss a week? This is Mary Miss wax. miswak is the creator of Misawa This is Miss wax. So he asked Barbuda, Rishi ma V, what is this? So my Munna Rashid thought for a moment, listen to this, how he showed respect to his father. So beside Messiah, which is nothing wrong, it is the plural of Miss works, but another meaning of Michel week which comes from the root word.

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Your it is your Eros up to Hermia. It is your MS. It is your mistakes. So my Buddha Rashid Nicaea has he he said do Maha cynic. This is the opposite of your good deeds. And the opposite of good deeds is my salary. So eternally even bring that word Messiah week in front of me

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Father, so how to receive to the wife we see why choose by Buddha Rashid. And of course he became the Khalifa Haftar Harun Rashid. So Harun Rashid, one day his son came to his presence, and he said X defying marking

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one particular soldier, one ordinary person saw me and saw my mother.

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So how do Rashid meet Mushara with the people is it McAfee magic? What should we do? So everyone said Sudan Hakuna oh one today, please tell him what you call the president's wife, the first lady. She is a person has insulted the First Lady. Someone said must be killed. Someone said there's the tongue must be must be cut off. Someone said must be put in jail. Someone said this particular type of you know, punishment, this particular type of punishment. She told his son after a while oh my oh my son, forgive the person by him saying whatever he said he has not been able to change the quality and the and the status of your mother going forgive him. It is worth your family like us that we

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forgive people who say such and such as Subhanallah who seem a workaholic I can one because look someone who was swearing him as he was going along. For gum gerada to general kura panna cotta was good Gallaudet and he was sweating. So he gave them the turtle his goal. When he came to his door he said they could Mariga My house is coming. You swore me enough. I'm about to go in my house or put together you want to say anything else say Whoa, now. I'm bringing rouse I won't be able to listen to you. So Maura makes mentioned with regard to this particular aspect to what?

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Not to be provoked. Anger is one word away from danger. Anger is one word today we use so much things, you know, road rage everage people in anger killing one another.

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To hating one another. What did what they do? Control yourself? Don't ever allow anger to get the better of you? Well, Amanda was covered because there are certain solutions. I'll just very briefly go through them without going into very great amount of details that they are exhaustive. So a person angry one day so now we are getting Salah while he was still upset. I know one sentence if he has to say, Allah will take away their anger and then the reoccurring sauce and said anger comes from Shaytan was Sasha Tantra Fatah. And she's done is made from fire shaytan XML or to Hannah, our propaganda cheesy funny. So what extinguishes fire water in every person gets angry little women who

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will do carnesi artmikado Certain so when when you get angry we'll make another beautiful example of a whatever is given is that whatever posture you have, you sit down, if you are standing you sit down, if you are sitting you lie down. Now what a beautiful example, what a beautiful solution. If you are sitting you can do more harm, you are setting you do less harm you are setting you can still do harm, you can take something even throwing but if you like that, you can do that amount of harm that you are setting, so maybe a dream. So some say change your posture. If you are standing sit down, you're sitting down right out. And one beautiful example I have given when you are angry, keep

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quiet. The best example when you are angry, keep quiet. To eight admin one, one woman, you know, she used to get very angry he or her husband used to fight so went to Montana, Montana, Travis.

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Travis kilowatthour. So he came to me so Montana said I'll give you a chance. But on one condition, every time you fight, you take that tabbies and you put it under your tongue. You put it under your tongue and you say nothing. There after four YTP Marana that Tavis was so effective, we never ever fought after that. Obviously, we never fought because you put it under your tongue you want to keep quiet.

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There was no fighting off today. So when you get angry, keep quiet. Nowadays the you know the men is to keep quiet. Previously, the woman used to keep quiet now you get you know, you get into an argument with your wife, take a drive go outside

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to sit by. And the last thing when I might have made mentioned I will complete with this. Think of the rewards. Think of the rewards Allah give you when you control your anger. Maybe you're getting so slim and said, Man kasama Reyes and we're we're just sending over yesterday or you know, to our Allahu Allahu siliconized. This particular reward your own light. And if you think about it, maybe it was cocaine or maybe a cream saw some said Whoever gets angry, and he has the ability to vent his anger, but he doesn't believe

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and now we'll call him on the day of karma. And now we'll call him subcut somebody who's harangue, and Allah will say, choose whichever way you want. So sublime

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Scalea moussaka, Hooper partners. Maybe a crimson awesome said Whoever has anger he

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You can give her a very tweet. He doesn't do so now we'll call him on the day of camera in front of the entire creation. Choose whatever who you want from Japan. So think about this May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to understand the harmful consequences and to control our exile person that one