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AI: Summary © The importance of practicing Islam in relation to sex and privacy is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to have a first step in achieving privacy and stability in the world. Compulsion in sharia is required for all Muslims, and personal responsibility and learning to act with a proper intention are emphasized. Personal responsibility and freedom are also emphasized, along with the need for students to say no to "has been seen." The importance of learning to act with a proper intention and avoiding taking risks with one's own knowledge is emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh nama lucidly wanna send him Allah soliel karimabad favela shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in Nova Scotia Mohammed a body in one ama. Kala tala Kula yesterday Latina Allah moon Valentina Allah Allah mon sakalava nauseum

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respected and honorable students and friends, brothers and sisters, we begin by praising Almighty Allah. Instead of nations be upon our beloved nivia Kareem said Allah Allah wa sallam who is better and who has propagated the last message, and is the is a perfect example.

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In this program, I don't like to give a very long talk, I would like to keep it short, so that we have time for interaction.

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I would start off my talk by saying we all have heard about the importance of knowledge in Islam. The first word that came down upon our beloved nebia Kareem Salah Salem was Accra. This is the first communication

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that was between Allah and humanity after time, which is known as the time of suspension of what he felt right away. So the first one he that came came after almost 600 years spoke about a car reading, but he spoke about Accra In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is very important. And of course, we are also aware with regard to the virtue of knowledge.

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I had it have never occurred himself Islam reads mansilla Kataria meltemi Sufi Hema sahana Lola authentically lagenda he will seeks a path in search of knowledge Allah isms his path can wait towards gender. So hon Allah He will seeks a path in search of knowledge. Allah tala opens and easons his way towards gender. The one aspect that people will always ask that what type of knowledge is referred to in Accra, what type of knowledge is referred to in the Hadith that we have narrated our autumn I have made mentioned that there are two types of knowledge for design for occupier knowledge which is compulsory upon each and every human being tabula hilmi for either to

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Allah Cooley Muslim, acquiring of knowledge is a compulsion not an option upon every Muslim. So if anyone tells you and ever a person says, an ignorant Muslim, it's a must know might not supposed to exist. If Islam is compulsory, so for you to say there is an ignorant Muslim is not supposed to exist, because knowledge is compulsory. But having said that, another type of question that comes up, I have a PhD in humanities, I have a PhD and MA MA in different fields. Surely I have been able to say I got enough knowledge, which the Hadith says is compulsory upon me to acquire, someone might say the Hadith says knowledge is compulsory upon each and every believer, I got a PhD. So I have

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that knowledge which Allah has made compulsory. Now remember this not necessarily so.

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Not a person might have a PhD in whatever he has chemistry, medicine, etc. But he might not know what Allah requires from him in a particular situation.

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Thus, the alumni have said for every for us, and compulsion in religion, comes another forest for you to know that compulsion. So the de salud becomes compulsory upon you. It is compulsory for you to know how to read select. It is compulsory for you to know how to make Wazoo to perform select the day you are going to get married. It's not optional. It is compulsory for both the husband and the wife to know what Allah wants them to do in that marriage. The day you're going for Hajj, it is compulsory for you to know how you are supposed to perform Hajj. If there are situations that arise in hajj, which are complex, then that for example, might not be compulsory upon you to know that you

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can go and refer to an alum or you can go refer to a Mufti but how to perform your Hajj when you're waiting for Hajj. It is compulsory for you to know that

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there is

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resign compulsory upon each and every believer. Then you have the forest, forest fire. First a fire means it's compulsory upon the entire community

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to become an alum, well researched and knowing the minor details of Sharia is not compulsory upon each and every believer. Remember what I'm saying? To know the in depth details of Quran and Hadith is not compulsory upon every Muslim, for all an frm equally forgotten minimum.

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Let there be in every community is someone who is well researched indeed, that's everyone in the community, the entire let a peer group in every community that means if someone

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as Advil got more than for a second via the gardena volumes here, but if for example, in any community in a rural community, there must be someone that the community can refer to for in depth knowledge of Deen, that's a first tackifier compulsory not upon an individual compulsory upon the entire community.

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Another type of sacrifice. Another reason why I'm making mention of this is I would like you to I'm going to read read out the exact Arabic saying of Imam ghazali Rahmatullah Li

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ama forcible keyfile for malaria, Stephanie on houfy kiwami Mauritania katiba

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its first sacrifice for the Muslim Ummah to have knowledge

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of such education that is necessary for the stability of this world and necessary for your remaining in this world like medicine, right. Let me continue what he said. He is who was Yuri unifi Hi, JT bata in abdon. Because it is compulsory for the preservation of your body and your health worker

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and first certifier his for you and Omar to have the knowledge of accounting.

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In fact, if we go on to say, you know, he goes on to say it's even for as a key fire called fella hottie will hire Kathy wasa City Ballet Tamati will theatre is first a key fire for the oma to have people to sew the clothes. So if there is no Taylor in as Advil the entire community of us Advil is blamed with this is the words of

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now the reason why I've made mention of this is

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I don't want people to go into the university. With this mindset, we are going to acquire something that is against Sharia.

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No, no, where did you get this particular notion from?

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It's not against the Sharia for you to go and acquire the knowledge that you're going to go to university for.

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In fact, according to this, which I've read for you, it can be even for a second.

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And the fact is that in the world today, because we have been left behind in this, the Muslim Ummah have become prejudiced, because these aspects are led by people who do not have human, whether it be medicine, whether it be nuclear energy, whether it be all other aspects with great detriment to the Muslim ummah.

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And that is on a broader scale that I'm saying even on a more micro scheme, I want to say to you that take it out of your mind that you are going to university to study dunya you are going to study something that is not permissible or it is haram. Because if you go into the university with that type of mindset, you are going to go with a wrong footing. So therefore people who go there, sometimes

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they behavior does not come according to OSHA because they got this mindset. I'm not supposed to be here. I'm doing dunya we things I'm doing something that is not right.

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Change that particular perception. Make it into Dean because it has been Dean. The Muslim oma regarded as Dean javelina was the father of chemistry go and read and go into a Google search with regard to articles and education by Holly big. He goes on to quote that, I think it was January Mariano one of those who was doing and of course we know we all know by now, you know algebra comes from the Arabic word algebra. He quotes the Muslim who was

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very proficient.

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In that he starts off his book with the praises of Almighty Allah in such a way that you would think that he's starting a book on Deen

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100 Rashid Ahmed Ganga is one of our great scholars. One day someone came and told him and said,

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someone has passed away from my family, I want you to make a salad. I want you to do something to give him some love for the person who has passed away molana at that time was teaching logic.

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And he told them, I am dedicating the reward of this lesson of logic

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to the reward of your diseased deer relative

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the reward of what you would say but the reward of Hadith and Quran I can understand, what are you saying that did Mana rasheeda Mocambo? He says the reward of my logic class? Yes. He said May the reward of this logic class be this award and the reward for your decision?

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So you see, when you go into university with a wrong notion that I'm going to study something that is wrong, you're gonna go with a wrong mindset. Go with a correct mindset. I want to do this for the sake of Dean. And when you go throughout history, you will find Muslims have been in the forefront. You know, and I don't like to go and say too much about it because we know we like to bask in the glory of our past. But there's one or two things, and Al Haytham passed away in 1039 of the common error, wrote 200 books 47 on myths 58 on engineering, illiteracy passed away in 1160 66, was appointed by the ruler of Sicily to the first updated world map was done by a Muslim you know, so we

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can go on to make mention no raises known as Razzie ever sinner, Ebony Sina

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ever rose up niroshan. All of these were Muslims who had acquired expertise in that, in fact, many Western philosophers, they had taken from Muslim scholars and presented it as their own human because Alhamdulillah has been quoted many times discard, right the European philosopher has used many of his philosophies and presented his own, and he gained recognition in debt. But if you look deeply into it, it was the work of Mr. Hassan Talalay. Now, what I'm saying is use go into that when you go into something with the wrong intention and with the wrong notion. It has an it has an impact upon you. So when you go there, don't go with the intention. I'm going to do something Haram, you

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are going to do something which is according to the deen so go in with a proper intention. One aspect I will say however, is that don't go there with the intention which has become very commonplace that we go there with the intention that we are going to acquire risk through the means of our knowledge. That is one colossal mistake. Muslims throughout the world are making. We don't learn to earn Allah, Allah gives us risk. When mom and dad Putin fill out the Illa Allah there is not a creature on the surface but upon Allah is his risk. We don't learn to earn we learn to serve, go and take a profession that you are passionate about, do it that it makes you a better human being

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do it that you can serve humanity. So we don't learn to earn we learn to serve. So that's one aspect I will tell you go in with a proper design. The second aspect that very briefly, I will say that knowledge is a means

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and it is not an ideology in itself is a means towards an objective in the sense that it makes us better human beings. The other aspect is we all know that we come out of the Muslim schools we come out of our own particular type of educational systems, while we are in high school, in which there is a fair degree of supervision. All of a sudden you come into university where there is no supervision. Personal Responsibility becomes very important. Whether you study you don't study your teacher is not going to say that did you bring your homework or not? Now there brings you about an aspect of personal responsibility. And remember one thing led us to visit O'Hara no one will bear

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the burden of another person no one will be able to

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take credit for something someone else is doing. They you stand on your own two feet. And this brings us to another aspect with regard to the aspect of freedom. mana, Hafiz Shakeel so beautifully made mention with regard to it. Remember one thing Islam means submission to the will of Allah.

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And freedom to do whatever you want is the antithesis of submission to the will of Allah.

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Right. So either and this is a choice that you'd have when you go to university.

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I want to be free to do whatever I want. I want to be out of the yoke of my parents, constant nagging. I want to be away

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From what society

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demands, or expects from me, I want to be away. That's why I'm going to university is half is up is made mentioned with regard to it. Melinda is murasaki has made mention with regard to it. But remember one thing, one is freedom to do whatever you want. And one is submission to the will of Allah, these two things cannot coexist. So either you are free to do whatever you want, then you are not submitting to the word of Allah. So say treaty to Islam, then

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then say to the be spief be firm enough to say, I am free to do whatever I want. So if I'm not submitting to Allah, once you say I'm submitting to Allah, then you are not free to do whatever you want. You are not free to say whatever you want, you're not free to think whatever you want. Your thinking your action has to be within the submission of Allah.

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hetalia coonawarra talimogene to be, you cannot be a believer until you subject your desires to the teachings of nebia krimson longer cinema and in this in the submission, there's a great amount of soothing for us. You see, let me tell you something, an example from our common day experience. You have to learn to say no to be able to say yes.

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Until you don't learn to say no, you won't be able to say yes, to give me an example. Until when you are small when you are weaned off the breast of your mother. No one likes it at that time, big fuss. And anyone knows where they are children when they are when of the breasts, that mother's milk, how difficult it is how they cry for one two days. But until that child does not say no to the mother's milk, it cannot say yes to the entire delicacy will be eating for the rest of his life. Normally when I speak to elderly people, I say and tell you don't say no to the breast milk you can say yes to Biryani. And for students I say until you don't say no to the breast milk of the mother You can

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say yes to akaroa specials.

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So this is the reality until you don't learn to say no, you will not be able to say yes. Until you don't learn to say no to haram liaisons, you will not be able to say yes to a fulfilling marital relationship.

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You have to learn to say no to me, even with regard to thinking this whole particular aspect. I'm getting away from the yoke of my community I'm going to a university I'm going to be free you know in the words of some of our scholars don't become so open minded and so free thinking that the brains fall out of the head.

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So this aspect you got to keep in mind what is the meaning of freedom and etc. Another aspect very quickly I want to make mention with regard to it is identity. We all love to keep our identity and identity It is very important. Well as

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we all heard that the Hadith, Manta Shabaab is hoping for a woman whom he who imitates another nation becomes one of them. Right? It's a very clear cut, the moment you imitate another person or another nation, you will slowly but surely start regarding your own values and inferior in May Allah subhanho wa Taala forbid, that ever happens. And in regard to imitation, I think something that will appeal to youngsters is rather be a first rate version of yourself than being a second rate version of someone else. Be a first rate version of yourself. I am a Muslim, that's what I am, and be a first rate version of that and be a second rate version of imitating another culture. Because no

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matter how much you imitated, you will never ever be able to achieve that which you are trying to imitate and this leaving you with these three words and maybe inshallah through the means of our interaction. If there any questions that come out of our first year university or in our university life that has been able to interact with us.

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Talk with each other