Purification Of The Heart #19

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The use of "has been assumption" in Islam is discussed, with the distinction between "has been assumption" and "has been assumption" used in various ways. It is important to avoid assumptions and rumors, and to take precautions when sharing negative comments. It is also emphasized the need to be careful in forming judgments based on rumors and negative comments, leading to negative consequences.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milan via a mavado photo Villa homina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Yeah, you Hilary Donahoe Kathy Romine has done in about a dozen

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sort of colonialism respected viewers and listeners. We begin by placing Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and we censor rotations upon our beloved nivia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Continuing with our series purification of the heart in this regard, I have recited an ayat of the Holy Quran in Surah Taha gerat in the 26th truth of the Holy Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, all believers stay away from much of suspicion, in bother zone if, For verily, some type of suspicion, or many types of suspicion is an act of sin. This is a command of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. What is the meaning of Zen stay away from zen, which normally is translated as suspicion, suspicion is defined as assumption on probable evidence, assumption on an assumption on probable evidence on rumors on something that is out there, which is not credible, which has not been

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ascertained and it has not been verified. Now, the word Zen has been used in the Sharia in various ways. The word Zen assumption on probable evidence, some of it, for example, is completely prohibited. For example, one of the prohibition with regard to them is to have a bad opinion. And a bad assumption about Allah subhanho wa Taala that they'll either be law, Allah Allah will not treat me fairly, and Allah subhana wa Taala will necessarily punish me. That is not the way we have a assumption of Allah subhanho wa Taala Anivia cream sauce came and said, Anna in the Zen Abdi I am according says a lie in the Hadith apathy I'm according to the assumption and the view and opinion

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of my bondsman. If he has a positive and Latella we'll deal with him positively inshallah. And therefore it comes in a hadith Edna Baker himself said, Leia matana hadoken Allahu, yeah, yeah, Susanna Bella, that no one of you should die, except that he has a good opinion of Allah subhanho wa Taala, who himself in one day came to a person who was on his deathbed and he said, How do you find yourself? He said, I'm worried about my son, but I have good expectation of Allah. The baker himself said What a beautiful attitude towards death, inshallah Allah will cure you and relieve you of your fear inshallah, Allah will forgive you a sense and Allah will give you what you expect. So, no one

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should die except having a good opinion of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. But normally the word xsm is used in terms of having an assumption and suspicion about people and this is where it is commonly used. Now firstly, let us start off, the Quran tells us that we are supposed to have a good opinion about our next Muslim brother or sister as far as possible. Nola is a semi auto whose main one while more Amina to be unfussy him higher up and let Allah in the incident of wear eyeshadow, viola altana was falsely accused. And even that under that vs which were revealed on that occasion, Allah says why didn't the believers when they heard this rumor, have a good opinion about themselves?

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respected listeners and viewers look at the method of conveying this message. It did not say have a good opinion about the second person or the other person, have a good opinion about yourself. To have a good opinion about your Muslim brother and sister is having a good opinion about yourself. We are not supposed to have suspicion which cast aspersions upon other people. And as far as possible, even if there is something that is doubtful, we are supposed to interpret the statement and the action is by as possible into a positive interpretation. Never take into account people what people tell you with regard to things that are based on suspicion and rumor. They said that whenever

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someone comes to you with any news, great go through a triple filter test. What is it? Is it true? Are you sure about it when someone comes in? Are you sure? No I heard about it. That's not good enough. Secondly, is it good? But no one spread good news. If anyone wants to come and tell you can you hear this normally is not something that is good. It is something which is based on rumor and the third

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Thing is, is it useful to me? Is it useful for me to know about someone's faults. So, when anyone comes in tell you something, you know you do with regard to the triple filter test. So avoid suspicion, then of course, it is a natural thing that when you hear something you take precaution. Now to take precaution on the basis of doubt is nothing wrong with it from the shery point of view, you can take precaution on the basis and if you something that is, you know, doubt with regard to someone you take certain precautions about it about in your dealings, you have come to hear that someone is not very forthright in his business dealings, you take precaution when you deal with him,

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there is nothing wrong, what is wrong, and it is a very different matter. When one is having doubts and taking precaution is very different from judging people negatively and making a positive judgment. That is something that is prohibiting our Sharia and that is what Allah Allah says, Yeah, you will live in harmony, oh believe, stay away from much of suspicion, because many times suspicion is Guna in sin. Now, why is it because

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Zen and suspicion is a serious matter. It makes a person lose confidence of others, it makes a person lose confidence of his own self. A person will never ever be satisfied with what other people are doing. It breaks trust, it breaks relationship. And of course, I can make mention of this in a humorous way. You know, a person, a wife one day told a son who informed your father something very urgent. The son came back and said, there is some there is some woman who is replying to father's phone. So when the father came back at home and the husband came the wife was very angry, and she said there is something wrong, you are doing something wrong, On what basis a woman answered your

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phone. So, the husband was worried the father was worried the husband said now what is it to call the son? He said who answered he said your phone was answered by a woman who said you know the number you have dialed the number that you have dialed in the person you have contacted is not available at the moment Please try again later. Can you imagine what type of suspicion happens? And therefore in this particular regard, two or three important conditions and commands in ahaadeeth into barani nebia cream sauce has made mentioned even when suspicion is aroused, do not pursue it. What are you going to gain by you know, going after suspicion? Second, firstly, the second thing is

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Nivea cream sauce women said stay away from suspicion finders and the admirable Hadith. Stay away from airing suspicion, it's enough for a person to be called a liar that he relates everything that he hears without verification. So stay away from airing suspicion. And of course, by and large because the commander of Allah tala is that stay away from suspicion. We must be very careful of forming judgments of people on the basis of rumor and suspicion. Stay away from it. It is against the command of Allah subhanaw taala. It is against the Sharia. It will bring us great peace and will bring greater harmony in our community and society. Well