But What About The Muslims In France

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The West has always looked for examples that prove its own superiority.

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The West has always looked for examples in the Muslim world and the eastern world, wherever you want to call it, that prove its own superiority, meaning the West superiority. That's why when something happens in a Muslim country, in Africa, and Asia, anywhere outside of the West, that makes us look bad, even if it is bad, right? It might be bad, but it makes us look bad, you're going to see an asymmetry of attention, you're going to see an asymmetry of media coverage, all the sorts of issues that, for example, prove that the West for example, I'll give you a tiny example, a few years ago, there was some Saudi girl who fled her country fled her family, and then was given political asylum

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in Canada was a big media spectacle. And Allah knows best. Maybe she had an abusive relationship. Maybe it was really, really bad. But that's not the point. The point is look at the degree of media fanfare that she received. Why, because of what she symbolized she symbolized to the west, that the West is a place of tolerance and freedom and all these things. It was a narrative that the West can pat their back in and say, look at us, aren't we superior? Aren't we enlightened? Aren't we better than them? Right? Even if in other countries, maybe not in this particular case. But even if the West is the reason, the underlying reason for destabilizing places in Africa and Asia and messing

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and interfering in their elections and causing poverty and colonizing their lands and stealing their resources, right, or installing a corrupt dictator? Right? Then when the results happen, anything that makes it look bad, it's going to receive a lot of media attention, because it makes the West look good and feel superior. Right? Whereas when something similar happens in the West, and it does, let's talk about the sort of intolerance that we see in France towards religious practice or whatever. This is not something that's blasted on the the main media outlets, right, in addition to the fact that the media is based off of scandal and outrage, and these things make money. There's

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also something else here, a sort of idea about trying to get people people lose sight of the fact that the media doesn't just report on the news. It actually produces our sensibilities and our associations, right. It's a tool for influence, and so the media attempts to assert and reassert a sense of superiority, Western superiority over the rest of the world.